Aston Villa - McLeish's Days Are Numbered! Are Randy's Too?
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McLeish's Days Are Numbered! Are Randy's Too?

McLeish's Days Are Numbered! Are Randy's Too?

We said we would give Alex a chance and he's had it. He's angered most and turned some away from Villa completely. It was a stupid managerial appointment.

I've tried to back him since the Spurs loss in November. I had a change of heart; I've tried convincing others to give him a chance. I convinced some, not many, but some. Now? I find it hard to convince myself to support him. McLeish is making basic management mistakes every week! After drawing with Everton McLeish said, 'I'm disappointed we didn't hold on.'

Wait, what? Hold on! What about finishing them off? We're 1-0 up at home and you want us to hold on?

What happened to 'I'm not a defensive manager?'

We could have won by more than one goal! Doesn't this send out a negative message?

We drew at home to Everton after conceding from a counter-attack. Petrov and Collins allowed Donovan to run a third of the pitch without standing him up or attempting a tackle, but McLeish singled out Albrighton for failing to keep up with Anichebe. Amazing! He set a rule on set pieces, fail to track your man and you're out! However, he forgot to add Hutton, Collins, Dunne, Warnock and Bent were excused from this. All have failed to track their man; none of them were dropped after each resulted in a goal. Good to have a manager stand by his principles! He also said we need to cut out silly mistakes. Well, Warnock handed Nathan Dyer a goal on a plate, nearly scored a header in the Everton game, in our own net. In the next home game against QPR, an exact copy of this play happened again with another header from Warnock, only this time he actually scored, oops! He then followed up his terrific form at Newcastle by giving away possession cheaply and making Obertan look like Messi.

Has McLeish dropped Warnock now? No, he drops N'Zogbia instead, blaming him for poor defending and brings on Heskey. Brilliant! What about Hutton? Has he been dropped for his poor defensive displays? Yes. Oh no, wait a minute, that was Ireland he took off for not preventing the cross today, not Hutton.

My mistake. What am I thinking of?

I didn't realise preventing crosses was the responsibility of the winger (not that Stevie is a winger). The responsibility of the full back must be to back off the attacker until you're in your own 6-yard box and move out of the way of the shot. Top stuff Hutton! Signs are appearing Alex is losing the dressing room: - After the Everton draw Bannan tweeted, 'Wat a cold boring day that was !!!' - Ireland back chats and swears at McLeish at Newcastle. - N'Zogbia tweets, 'First time in my life I'm not happy playing football!!!' The writing's on the wall, I don't want to hear 'He hasn't had time to bring in his own players' either, N'Zogbia & Hutton are his signings, aren't they?

I'll back him whilst he's here, but my God it's beyond difficult to back this muppet, ahem, manager.

A banner was up in the Holte End against QPR after 12 minutes aimed at McLeish (it was taken down within seconds), but another banner is going to be put in the North Stand next week against Man City. Before you ask, I'm not the one with the banner. Players and fans aren't happy, we're playing awful, conceding sloppy goals, out of the cups and haven't won a home game since 5th November 2011.

I can safely say my season ticket hasn't been value for money.

I want McLeish to do well but I've heard enough excuses and seen enough awful substitutions. Stop f****** hiding behind excuses and blaming others! I think you're out of your depth and Villa (we're not a BIG club anymore, but still this) is a club too big for you!

Randy's in for a lot of stick and although his intentions are good, he deserves what he gets! Giving O'Neill free reign, signing Houllier and now McLeish. I like Randy, he seems a nice guy, but he's proving he isn't capable of running Villa. My eyes are locked on you, Randy! And from what I've heard, McLeish isn't the only name on the banner being prepared for Sunday.


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Writer: astvil123 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 6 2012

Time: 12:19PM

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sad times, have to agree McLeish has done himself no favours at all. He's best to admit this isn't the job for him and go, looks like the dressing isn't behind him and the majority of fans never have been and again, sadly, were never going to be - not unless he had got off to a stormer but even then, it would only have taken a few losses for fans to continue the dislike really. Gutted about this season.
the fear
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06/02/2012 12:22:00

Well no matter what side of the fence you siton as a villan times are hard for sure, yes Mcleish has made mistakes as manager this season, yes he shouldnever have been appointed, but what outstanding manager wanted the job let me remind you? and what outstanding manager will want the job this time around? we are not attractive to the top mangers anymore due to the finaancial cuts, and people talking about Lambert and Rodgers are not reading what they have said about the projects they are building at norwich and swansea? they have huge buyout clauses in there contracts also, we need to realise we have some poor players at villa so blaming Mcleish for every own goal, penalty we give away etc is not fair TBH, these players have been poor for18 months wetherwe keep Mcleish or not.
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06/02/2012 12:29:00

As for Randy's time being up LOL sorry i have to laugh as it is upi to him if or when he decides to sell us, he is never in the country so it will be a lot more difficult flying out to the USA to get your points accross, Randy has made many mistakes giving MoN an open cheque book, not putting a stop to the players he signed on an unsustainable level with an income like Villa's,appointing GH i can forgive but then this one Mcleish who i do not blame forVilla's woes as any manager taking over would have had the same problems he has, we have poor players and need a clearout and a fresh start but who in there right mind will pay money for Dunne Collins Warnock? and pay them wages aswe have?
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06/02/2012 12:34:00

I think none of would complain if the players looked like they gave a stuff...Richard Dunne hardly moved faster than walking pace the whole game...he was wandering around as if he just didn't want to be there. As regards Warnock, I wouldn't question the effort the guy puts in, but how long can we suffer him in this team, he's hopeless, he is just not good enough, it's not lack of form, it's not lack of effort, he's just not good enough. Hutton looks reasonable going forward but hopeless in defence. Bannan is a great passer of the ball but a useless tackler. As I say, if players were really getting stuck in, trying their utmost we'd have no complaints, well, I wouldn't anyway, but they look like they just dont want the ball. Our passing is awful, and noone except Robbie Keane wants to shoot ! Is it the manager ? Is it the players ? I don't know, but this is just not good enough.
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06/02/2012 12:35:00

and who the hell voted for Warnock in the man of the match column FFS !
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06/02/2012 12:37:00

To be honest Clive, when when you see, Bent, Keane, N'Zog, Ireland, Given, Petrov, and the the youngsters Gardener, Clark, we were well capable of beating an average Newcastle team yesterday, and if MON was still here, I can say honestly we would not have lost yesterday, the players are there, it's just the manager isn't upto it sadly, and I've said it for a long time now, neither is Lerner.
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06/02/2012 12:41:00

we never look in control of games . when was the last time we played well and never looked like we could draw or lose . no players are playing with a smile on there face .but i cant see villa sacking him because they would look like fools for giving him the job in the first place after all the fans said NOOO and he looks to proud to just leave and admit he was never up to the job i wish we had gone for some one like simon grayson who was sacked by leeds but they was still in with a shot of the play offs and they was selling his best players and not letting him bring in quality
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06/02/2012 12:44:00

'eltoro' has said it ... the squad that Villa has is not at all a bad one and should be up in the top-8 i.m.o. A replacement manager does not have to be a "top" manager - he mainly needs to have commonsense and good tactical nous, like Brendon Rogers. A replacement manager should also have had something in common with Houllier as regards method - players cannot just swap from one system to another in periods of months.
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06/02/2012 12:58:00

But the appointment of AM is down to RL/PF. A very bad decision - again.
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06/02/2012 13:00:00

McLeish definitely isn't the manager for Villa but surely we will not get anyone better unless a load of money is poured into the club. Why would anyone decent come to a club that has no money to spend? We have some good kids but half of the team need replacing. We need two FBs, at least one CB and at least one creative CM. Depressing days.
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06/02/2012 13:00:00

Mason, my vote went to Stevie Ireland but I do think Warnock has just become a scapegoat. He puts in ten times as much effort as some in claret and blue and I'm actually convinced now that half of his gaffs are as a result of trying too hard and of putting himself ina position to make howlers ( he always shows for the ball in attack when others like to hide, he is often the last man covering at the back). He is now in a position of damned if he does and damned if he doesn't and if it can go wrong for him it will as every mistake earns derision. We have some very average players at Villa and a decidedly below average manager, but if all of the players put in half of the effort that Warnock does and showed for the ball anywhere near as often we would be in a much healthier position.
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06/02/2012 13:03:00

It's all wasted energy. He's going nowhere! The players need to knuckle down and be accountable instead of running off to TWEET their grievances. FFS. He needs time. He's not had much cash to use, while the best players have all been cherry picked by the top teams. I thought we looked good yesterday. Lets hope the improvement continues. UP THE VILLA.
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06/02/2012 13:07:00

The fact of the matter is, our squad is not poor it's actually pretty good when you compare if to newcastle, stoke and everton the teams who are above us. There is no excuse for us to be in the position we are in, we play well for about 30mins per game, and need 3 goals to win a's just not good enough. Sacking Mcleish now would be too risky, come summer we need a new manager and a clear out and start over just like newcastle did.
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06/02/2012 13:14:00

unfortunately astvil, I fear that you may be incorrect in your assertions. My guess is that Mcleish will be in post until at least the middle of next season despite the fact that he is one of the worst managers in premier league history (of any team)
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06/02/2012 13:21:00

I'm sorry but I too feel frstrated, not by McLeish but by the constant sound of fans believing that they know best. I know we all have a right to our opinion but McLeish has never been given a chance and never will be. Nothing the man does will ever be good enough for most Villa fans, why? Because of where he came from. Not big enough for our club? He managed Rangers and Scotland. Lambert and Rodgers? Both have had time to develop their teams. McLeish was given a load of over paid over ego inflated players and no cash. Yes blame Lerner for giving too much cash to previous managers and for spending £millions on paying them off, but why we had to pay so much to one who walked out and the other who was ill has totally passed me by! Maybe its best for McLeish to go, not because he is unable to do the job, but because he will never be accepted. Then just wait for another less well qualified manager to be appointed. Graham Turner anyone?
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06/02/2012 13:30:00

Its not all down to the manager people. Did AMc head that into his own net last week? Did AMc fail to hold the ball up ala Bent for most of yesterday. We had all this last season under GH who took very harsh stick from fans for the failings of the players, these same players who are again making mistake after mistake to cost us games. Its also not the managers fault that on the bench yesterday we had kids and Heskey to change a game when legs are tired or things are not working. That is down to injuries and the board leaving us with a thin squad. You cannot blame the manager for taking this job, you also cannot be expecting him to be turning this level of player into world beaters. Yes we will get the Norwich and Swanse arguments but they are players brought by Lambert and Rogers to play in a particular way over the last few years, not some magic wand they have waved after 6 months in the job. I hate the way things are at the minute but to pile the whole episode on the manager is wrong. Its time for the players to stop sulking like they did last season and grow some balls and take responsibility for their own performances. Until we have a bare minimum of effort of 100% from these players we will continue to struggle and be inconsistant. Its time for a clear out. Whether RL will provide the funds to do so however remains to be seen
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06/02/2012 13:30:00

I voted for Warnock. It's called irony. You're welcome.
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06/02/2012 13:34:00

Is our team really as good as we think they are? Have any of the current players stepped up to fill the gaps left by Barry, Milner, Downing, Young and most importantly Martin Laursen? Yes when i look at the league i admit that i cant believe some of the teams are above us but do their players make errors the way ours do? As for the manager, yes i want him out but again the question is who takes over or more importantly who would even want to? We will have to pay another load of compensation to eck and to whichever club we get the next bloke from, meaning our transfer kitty is empty. This club has had absolutely no stability and the whole club is awashed with negativity and disillusionment. Reminds me of the Newcastle that got relegated by our good selves. As for Randy, he will go if and when he wants to, i doubt protests will matter as hes never here to take notice but again where would we find an owner to replace him?
Lion Heart
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06/02/2012 13:49:00

I agree with Lion Heart, I think we are left with worse players than we think with our claret and blue eyes! I think we are playing better now than we were and results will come when we play worse sides as long as we dont lose confidence. My main concern though is that Robbie Keane is the one pulling the strings and linking things up, without him we wont create much at all as we have no one else like him in the squad! Our back 4 are brilliant for 95% of the games but my god when they mess up they do it in style and pretty much all at the same time. Hopefully we can get through this season, trim off the fat from the wage bill and start building (starting with 2 CB's or 1 to partner Clark!!)
Chelt Villan
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06/02/2012 14:05:00

Speaking with a colleague of mine, he thinks it may be a case of us having to pull a Newcastle - hit rock bottom by getting relegated, getting rid of the ridiculously high earners and build with youngsters and signings who want to play for us. I personally am on the fence with this idea. Have to say clivethevillain makes a fair point...who on earth would want this job at the moment?! No money, little patience from the fans and a group of players who seem as though they can't be bothered, both under GH and now Big Eck. Worrying times.
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06/02/2012 14:07:00

gordonsleftboot - you are simply missing the point about McMuppet. You justify him because he managed Scotland and Rangers and say that he hasn't had the time to build a squad like Lambert and Rogers. And that we don't like him because he managed Small Heath. Will you stop spouting this nonsence? We like McMuppet BECAUSE he managed Small Heath. He took them down - TWICE - and for that we cannot fail to like him. In four years at Rangers he took somebody elses team to win some silverware in the annual two horse race. He then built his own team and went on their longest winless streak in their history (10 games without a win in Scotland FFS) and was chased out of Glasgow before they hung him. In his final season, with the team he built, he came third in the annual two horse race. He managed Scotland and acheived the luckiest win in years (1 - 0 at France with a 30 yard feak goal after a hoof up front from the keeper) they never had another shot. Unfortunately he has tried to bring this mentality to Villa. Rogers took Swansea up at the first time of asking. Lambert took over Norwich after they started the season with a 7 goal thrashing against the mighty Colchester. He has had consecutive promotions. Neither Rogers nor Lambert have spent the £20m that has so far been spent by McMuppet since his arrival. McMuppet has had time, but he was never going to work out at Villa. Not because he was at Small Heath, but because he has a record of failure. Can you imagine Liverpool, Arsenal, ManUre taking on the manager of Everton, Spuds or ManCiteh after relegating them . . . . . twice? No I thought not. And clivethevillan we are not demanding a big name manager. Rogers and Lambert were not big name managers, nor was Wenger before arriving at Arsenal, nor was Pardew at Newcastle. The skill is in finding the right man who goes on to become a big name. McMuppet is never going to be that man. Let the protests begin. Get out your banners, even if they just say 'Eck Out' on a sheet of paper. Your club needs you to unite and get this muppet out of Villa Park immediately. Up the Villa. McMuppet out!!!!
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06/02/2012 14:08:00

We should be careful what we wish for, so many complained about MON's tactics. People complain about Lerner, but who knows who would buy us, another Venky's? We used to moan about Ellis! We moaned about Houllier, and now Eck. As Graham Taylor once said, (paraphrased) the fans can always critisise the manager but the fans' imaginary team choice will never lose because it will never have to play the other side. No one wanted to manage us after Houllier because of the financial situation. Eck took us on, he's had to scrape through this season. I think performances are not bad considering, despite some poor results. I think if we finish around midtable he deserves some funds (not too much!) to try and put out his side. Replace some of the defence. Given was a solid signing, Nzog seemed rational at the time, Keane was astute, Hutton a folly. We always like a rant when we lose a few, Eck and Lerner are the usual scapegoats, but I believe they still deserve our support. Ultimately we all want the same thing of course.
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06/02/2012 14:21:00

I hear a lot of fans moaning about our defence. 'We need to get rid of useless players like Dunne, Collins, Warnock' etc. Remember that these players are essentially the same defence that played so well in O'Neils last season. Why have they changed? - One reason - THE MANAGER!! McDefend sets the defance up and gives them their tactics. He's also responsible for motivating his team too. Players don't become crap overnight!! This manager has to go ASAP or we're in for more long-term pain.
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06/02/2012 14:22:00

It pains me to say this but i am with VOTH on this one..... F'Eck off McMuppet!
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06/02/2012 14:26:00

Gutted... I thought Fear had written this ! ;-) Good post though, shame you never saw McLeish for the ***** he was worth right from when he was I did.
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06/02/2012 14:29:00

thorpy - players don't become crud overnight, but Dunney is 32 now, the same as Petrov. Time is ticking. As for Collins, warnock sometimes players need a fresh start. There is a lot to say for young and hungry players, or just hungry players, I'm not sure some of these lads have got the appetite. Maybe MON was good at making those players get their hunger back though, so its partly a player, part manager responsibility.
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06/02/2012 14:53:00

All the banner will do is make our club look petty and ridiculous in the press yet again ....... if you want to do something then arrange a mass walkout 20 mins into the game and empty the stadium and then maybe Lerner will realise. It would show unity of all Villa fans not just a few with a large bed sheet. UTV
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06/02/2012 15:16:00

You know - I'm past caring - Eck is NOT going anywhere - for the remainder I am going to back the team and manager - although I am not happy with Eck and his appointment. People want Randy out - how about giving him a bit more time - I go back to it - but we gave Doug 25 years - as well as 3 odd relegations and faliures to invest whilst on the up! But yes things are not right. Not a happy bunny but willing to see the season out with total support until we can TRY and do something about it.
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06/02/2012 15:28:00

oh! and forgot - we had sh**te managers in McNeil and Turner too!
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06/02/2012 15:34:00

good post! randy lerner and his lapdog faulkner both deserve derision for appointing this clown after we so obviously did not want him here. However for the players to show dissent toward the manager is disrespectful to the club and the fans who pay their hard earned money so these prima-donna's can enjoy such a lavish lifestyle. I happen to also agree that mcginger should be sacked. I'm not having it that no decent manager would take this job. I'm sure there are some pretty average ones that would come in and do a better job with this group of players than the fool we have now. And whoever it is the players should do as they're bloody well told. I said the same thing last year when Houllier had to deal with unruly employees.
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06/02/2012 15:42:00

It doesn't feel quite as bad as the O'Leary era. That was truly dreadful.
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06/02/2012 15:58:00

I wish I was as optimistic as you are about McLeish's days being numbered, for one, he has a thicker skin than a rhino with a Kevlar vest, so no chance of resignation. Randy keeps hinting that McLeish is part of his long term strategy, which means he has no intention of sacking him in the foreseeable future. Things are deteriorating slowly, but not enough for a radical shake up that we all crave for. We need to loose at least 5 games on the bounce, and take a few decent hidings in between, before any shake up will begin to happen. with these 2-1's and 2-2's it gives McLeish just enough material to put some sort of positive spin on things. We need more fans to boycott games until the owner and board start to notice how p***ed off we are. I know it could harm the club I love, but we have to make some sacrifices to try and get things fixed. Talking of attracting top managers, I really think we should be looking for an up and coming manager, rather than another of the so called 'Top managers' as it would probably be one of 6 names who constantly seem to be recycled by premier league clubs over and over again. Lets try and break this cycle and get someone who can do enough to stick around for a few years, play some decent football and finish in the top 10, and generally look like they know what they are doing, Id take this over the crap we have had the past 18 months.
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06/02/2012 16:03:00

'Players dont lose it overnight' - I would say after Dunnes amazing 1st season he has been very error prone, Warnock and Collins are error prone too. Heskey should have gone a long time ago and there is a reason we couldnt shift Beye. A lot of our high earners have been panic buys or buys to appease the fans after a big name has gone. I know everyone else blames the manager but we have all seen these players can do it when they want to. Also as fans maybe its partly our responsibility why the teamare rubbish at home and why the board go out and sign players to show us ambition when really they should just throw in a kid on 1/10th the salary but the fans want the big names... Like January - so many said lets sign a midfielder. I think we should just let Gards play and watch him develop...
Chelt Villan
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06/02/2012 16:08:00

Thanks for reminding me 'thekentvillan' back in October it felt like it was not quite as bad as DOL, but I'd say at this point in time, McLeish is there are thereabouts..
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06/02/2012 16:11:00

Apologies, copied from other thread: Right, I haven't posted a comment for months regarding McLeish because I wanted to give him a fair crack rather than judging on a few games. Firstly, I have to state that this is the lowest I have felt about our club since this joining this site about five years ago. I was watching the match with my father in law (ex FA official and a mind of information and experience) and between us we grinned ferverishly at our opening attacking play and many shots. We also, winced at the awful League 1 defending abilities of Warnock. Anyway, at half time we were well happy and coversing on the possibilites of Keane staying and how different and potent a team we are with him; could we buy him out of the LA contract? THEN the second half started WITHOUT Ireland and we were half the team - the Hyde half? Ask Eck...he made us change. For the worse. So then we lost. Gardner should have been on instead of Bannan in the first instance and in any case Ireland was fit enough - I didn't see any tackles from Obertan so McLeish's excuse doesn't wash. I would have hoped that Bannan would have been told to keep the ball on the ground instead of worldy passes and no back tracking. Taking Nzo off was appaling too - we just sat back and invited their fit and hungry strikers to have a go - and they did. Now this is my problem with McLeish. He regularly looks at tiny errors and picks up on them and punishes the players mercilessly; there's two things wrong with that, 1) He's not my wife and 2) He keeps using these pearls of wisdom and expose himself as tactically naive and morale sapping. Hence, we lost! We are now a team with immense attacking talent and a nervy manager who can't go for it and ALWAYS settles for a point which invariably turns into no points. He is not changing this. We are getting worse. He has lost the dressing room and the supporters faith. We are well aware of the budget restrictions but we still have a squad strong enough to defend and defend well - yet they can't even dop that. I'm fed up of being the team that players know they can score a 'worldy' against because we have no real men in midfield. That's no disrespect to Petrov and co but we have needed a proper hard player in their for years now so what do we do? We put kids (defenders!!!!) and an ageing Petrov in there and when that doesn't work we sub the skilfull players creating space and then blame the bloody striker for not netting! Krul aside - stop singling out players! Accept the blame yourself - even Wenger does that and he sees F all. Have some humility and listen. I think it's too late for McLeish to go but we have to get another guy in next season. Whether it's Lambert, Pulis, Hodgson or another proven guy - it has to happen. We must change this. Lerner must act and show some management steel. I am a true advocate of Lerner - he has changed this club for the better but got seriously mugged off by an indulgent MoN who went stale and should've been shown the door - it'll happen at Sunderland - the recipe is simple - get your wingers to attack and the midfielders to have a swing and let the strikers stay up top and do the rest - it worked here but he didn't evolve it and got bloody minded. McLeish hasn't even got the nouse to let us attack! I'm with you VOTH.
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06/02/2012 16:23:00

If anyone knows Gordon's home address please can they send the men with the white coats round. You cannot be serious mate, every week you make more Eckscuses than the master himself and getting better ???? Please!!!! a game goes on for 90 mins. Even if we play well for 10 mins, Eck has his half-time teamtalk and they come out playing 10 times as bad. We are absolutely awful. Lambert and Rogers et co. have all built entire squads on less than Bent's combined fee. AND Clive, please make up your mind, you don't sit on the fence, you are either for or against but change every week. Sorry for moaning at fellow fans but ECK must go and we can't have people making excuses for him. We must unite to get him out. The 16-20 lads in and around the 1st squad are capable of competing with everyone in this league on their day. It's just that Eck very very very rarely gives them their day. And before anyone makes excuses about injuries or anything else, it's the same for every team and you're just prolonging the pain and lying to yourself. THEM MANAGER IS THE PROBLEM
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06/02/2012 16:29:00

It seems midfield players job is to protect our defenders. But why is it equally not defenders jobs to start building from the back with creative football. Both are clearly the ideal, but to punish Alby and Ireland for not defending, when our defenders can't defend themselves is hypocritical madness. To be consistent, Collins, and Dunne should be dropped for lacking creativity. All this about a weak bench is also unfair on our youth. My frustration is we have a strong bench (i.e the kids , who are not kids - but ready to do a better job). Gardner on the pitch from the beginning might have beaten Newcastle. Lichaj for Hutton. Old hand Cuellar too at least is now on the pitch, but will he stay there when Collins is fit.
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06/02/2012 16:30:00

Didn't read VOTH's post as was so incensed as to tripe being written elsewhere but^^^ What he said.....
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06/02/2012 16:40:00

Heskey was responsible for the 2nd goal.
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06/02/2012 17:00:00

hey koolbill Keane has already said he loves it in the US and thinks it is a good place to bring his kids up in and isn't looking to return permanently.

LOL @ 1) he isn't my wife!

Feel the same as you though, very low. Wanted to give him a chance (my first comment when he was rumoured was 'he does a better job for the Blues... no thanks' I wanted that to be proved wrong. It hasn't been!
the fear
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06/02/2012 17:39:00

lets face it it seems that the club see this as a transitional season, I know we've seen a few, but dont see that any BIG descisions will be made untill deep into next year. It is frustrating as we look good in places, very good a bit, and laughable in the rest! I am resigned to him being here for a bit, a loss at weekend vs citeh then Wigan, Blackburn and Fulham got to be points there people or all the above comments i will endorse completely. Just out of interest if he resigned tonight who would you think we could/should get? Ive got work in the morning so am officially ruling myself out of the running.
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06/02/2012 18:12:00

We are in rapid decline, Mcleish is a total idiot, Lerner is never here, and then we have Faulkner who knows nothing of the game. With all three we are totally doooooomed. Up the VFC I say. I know fear still has the protest bandwagon in his loft!!!!!!!!!!
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06/02/2012 18:18:00

there is only one way that mcleish will be shown the door quickly. that is when the gates fall below 20.000. so if you want him out, stay away. those of you who keep going because you have to support the team, are keeping him in a job. if you keep going, mcleish will still be there in 2014. anyway i am not sure he is doing that bad a job in the circumstances.sorry bout the small case dodgy keyboard.
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06/02/2012 18:34:00

Randy Lerner is the best thing to happen to Villa FACT
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06/02/2012 18:51:00

I agree with the majority about Mcleish being out of his depth. But the situation we find ourselves in can only be blamed on one man & one man alone, Mr Randy " i don't have a clue how to run a football club" Lerner. Sell up & feck off you useless *****, then you can give 100% of your time to ruining the Cleveland Browns.
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06/02/2012 18:55:00

He's not even here to run us into the ground Benny!!! If he must stay, he needs to admit his mistakes and get rid of Eck and Fulcker and appoint a director of football to run everything as he clearly isn't capable
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06/02/2012 19:32:00

Good stuff you wrote there. Enjoyed reading that
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06/02/2012 19:48:00

My bro who doesnt support villa has always maintained mcleish only knows route one football... he done it at rangers he done it at birmingham and hes doing it at villa... I lost all faith in him since watching them against spuds... the only i wud disagree with is the randy with houllier... Houllier made a few mistakes but he would have changed many things you're complaining about.. warnock, dunne and collins would be shown the door, we would be playing a good passing game and demba ba would be partnering darren bent up top...
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06/02/2012 21:19:00

Green Villan
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06/02/2012 21:49:00

good luck with the banners sunday though i feel you will barely get them out the boot of your car and then be told to put them away !! got a funny feeling will get something sunday !!
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06/02/2012 23:29:00

Pass me some of that you're smoking marshy lol
Green Villan
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07/02/2012 00:32:00

AMC is a lose lose for us. If things continue as they are we lose (obviously) but if he has a good run and we finish in the top half, in my opinion its slightly worse!!! Over the next 5 years is AMC the man to help close the gap? The evidence to date , and im not talking about his half a season with us, all the evidence would suggest this isnt the kind of guy to help us close the gap. So we either suck hard and the board eat humble pie, or he finished strong and gets another season, of which we are fed mediocre crap. Its a nightmare...
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07/02/2012 00:34:00

Excellent astvil123. I think you've covered everything the vast majority of us thinking and saying. It's about time we saw some banners up! Lets get both the Chuckle Brothers out and get some people in with money and a manager who knows what he's doing!
Pride of Lions
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07/02/2012 01:41:00

Eck picks the team and akes the subs so it is most definately his doing! I feel he has lost some of the team already and that we will be lucky to escape a relegation scrap. Maybe that is what we need to get rid of him. Nice guy but not good enough for us! Nowt will happen though as RL isn't ruthless enough.
holte ender 1969
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07/02/2012 05:23:00

holte ender 1969
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07/02/2012 06:51:00

McLeish = Complete rubbish. Never wanted him, never liked him, never liked his style of play, the way he talks or motivates (or doesn't), never ever wanted him and never ever will. Yes Randy has stopped spending blah blah blah but any half decent manager would have us much higher and playing much better. Does Randy even know where we are coming on the ladder?? Where is he?? One lame pre written letter or rubbish did nothing for me. He's meant to be the leader but where is he?? Personally I think he's over it.
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07/02/2012 07:48:00

yeah, lets get everyone out. We can then take our pick from the que of Ancellotti, Mourinho, Fergie, Wenger, Lambert, Rogers et al 'cos they're all just behind the que of arab sheikhs and russian oligiarchs waiting to buy us. It's easy when all you have to do is sit behind a keyboard and pronounce how bad everyone and everything is, the real world is a slightly more difficult place. I can't stand Mcleish and agree with changing him when we can, but who exactly is out there to come in? and as for the owner I'm sure if he could get someone to buy us he would as he's not really getting a great return on his investment right now.
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07/02/2012 08:37:00

McLeish is out of his depth. The players are not pulling their weight, collectively. We didn't replace the quality players we let go, or who decided they'd had enough treatment at Villa's expense and wanted to go to Liverpool.. the end result is a predictable downward spiral to what we have now. The thing is, it can't get any worse. Can it ? Do you want to find out how much worse it can get ? Then by all means continue making excuses for a lame manager and the effect he is having on the team. And Randy Lerner - after the honeymoon period of getting shot of Doug, investming in the team and facilities, etc - what's going on now ?
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07/02/2012 09:22:00

pheew not much point me writing anything critcal of Mcleish its all been said. BUT would mention this taken from bbc gossip today. Mcleish has ordered all the players to go to our fans after a game after many left the field against newcastle without acknowledging them. His tactics are crap but at least hes aware who pays his wages unlike some of the ******* we have playing for us. We arent talking about a trip round the corner this was a bloody long journey and cost a packet the least our players can do is acknowledge us win lose or draw it shouldnt need a manager to remind them. My comment on Mcleish ? Do not care where he came from but I am concerned who he might buy should he be given the cash if Hutton is an example @ 4 mill. quid.
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07/02/2012 09:45:00

When I say I never liked him, mean in footballing terms. He's probably a nice guy to have a glass of red with and have a chat. Which is how he got the job in the first place but he's a rubbish manager and there is much better out there, even in the lower leagues that would jump at the chance to manage Villa.
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07/02/2012 10:08:00

What we need is a former player as manager - Dean Saunders, Martin Laursen spring to mind - even maybe Southgate! At least they would have passion for the club, and the fans would back them from the off...
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07/02/2012 12:44:00

Curbishly perhaps? before the summer I wouldn't have entertained him, but given that even second rate managers don't want to come here, might have to be a realist. Deano's a legend, but not doing amazingly well as a manager. Southgate is a traitor who bad-mouthed us and should never be forgiven. Laursen could be a good shout, but hell of a gamble.
Report Abuse
07/02/2012 14:50:00

@Fear. Cheers mate, bad times. @Thorpyuk. Southgate. Never. Concerned only with cash and looking like the offspring between a pony and er a blinky annoying bloke. No way would I have him at Villa. He's not proven and not welcome. Pizza loving tw@. ;-)
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07/02/2012 18:36:00

Can I just remind ANYONE who seems to think their were no other options managerially speaking other then to appoint MCliesh that Quique Sanchez Flores wanted the job. This guy won a UEFA cup and came runners up in the copa del ray. Not bad ey? Much ******** better than Mcleish's horribly depressing credentials!
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08/02/2012 11:12:00


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