Aston Villa - N'Zogbia Says He Is Not Happy
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N'Zogbia Says He Is Not Happy

Things seem to be going from bad to worse.

To start with we apparently (according to reporter Simon Bird) have Stephen Ireland telling McLeish to feck off...

Now this from Charles N`Zogbia, a McLeish signing in the summer saying on his twitter account:

"First time in my life im not happy playing football !!!'

What is going on?

Would rather be a player on those wages being unhappy than the unhappiness of the fans who PAY to be fair. They surely shouldn`t be posting this stuff? Then again it is a free world and if they are all really this unhappy under McLeish, they should (?) have the balls to stand up and say so?

Sorensen et al did all those years back v David O`Leary if you remember.

Unhappy times.!/CharlesNzo

I'm assured (but stand to be corrected) that this is the genuine twitter page of N'Zogbia.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 5 2012

Time: 6:19PM

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what a bizarre thing to put on twitter, regardless of whether that is his opinion or not. He's just asking for trouble.
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05/02/2012 18:23:00

Oh boo ******** hoo. Oohh im not happy playing football, cry me a river. Look in the mirror and pull your finger out for ***** sake. Probably down to the club or the manager or the tea lady. ***** me i give up with these footballers. Not happy? Take a look around the world and realise how lucky you are, you might then be happy about your situation.
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05/02/2012 18:37:00

He was ***** again today, I like the fact he likes to run with the ball but more often than not he gets tackled and sometimes you can't always run with it and the simple ball is the best option. The stats said that Downing going and N'zog coming was all in our favour both for personnell and for financial reasons, however in the back of my mind the fact he's a smaller fish in a bigger pond albeit at a club going nowhere I had doubts he'd be anything special but he's not even anything good.
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05/02/2012 18:42:00

He just posted again: "Football goes up and down, massive challenge for me. What doesn't kill u make u stronger !! I have learned from it!"!/CharlesNzo/status/166231719400321024
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05/02/2012 18:50:00

I'm with him....except its not the first time in my life i have been unhappy with football. We need a clean broom and McCleish is a toilet brush not the sort that we want or need. There are many more bad days to witness before good ones :-( Get rid.....Mcleish that is not Insomnia
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05/02/2012 18:52:00

Not sure why people are saying that he was ***** - it was his assist that got us back to 1-1.
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05/02/2012 18:52:00

Im sure most fans will be saying to 'sell him' now, and stick up for Mcleish. Cant blame the lad, fantastic "attacking" player who is in a ***** side. He was great against QPR and people forget he got the assist today...feel sorry for him, he's got my backing.
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05/02/2012 18:54:00

Ffs who would be happy he was subbed for Heskey, you can't get any lower, he did provide our only goal and to be honest there were another 6 or 7 players worse than him, he is only saying he didn't enjoy the game and I for one agree, I didn't enjoy it either
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05/02/2012 18:55:00

This really p***** me off. He should never have been subbed off but you can never treat our club like this. I have messaged him -(Shut up you moran. We can replace you in 5mins you mug. Don't ever disrespect our club in public. Take it up with AM not twitter)
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05/02/2012 19:20:00

Ahh subbed for heskey. Someone get this lad a hot chocy and nice warm blanket, Poor love.
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05/02/2012 19:21:00

Anyone who is replaced by Heskey deserves that lerner...Heskey gives us all hope that being a professional footballer is still possible, words cant describe how poor he is. N'Zogbia was wrong venting his frustrations on twitter, but if he is unhappy then so be it, the majority of the fans are unhappy and will vent it online so you can argue about whats the difference? Hope it doesn't affect his chances of starting, don't want that lump on the field anymore!!
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05/02/2012 19:26:00

I'm sorry but one half decent display and 1 goal assist doesn't cut it for me he has been poor since arrival and that goes for a lot of others. As so called professional players it is their duty to perform in front of people who earn less in 2 or 3 years than these inflated egos eearn per week it's totally unacceptable. Innormal walks of life a worker would be sacked for incompetence! But it does start to look like apart from lack of ideas Mcleish is starting to lose the dressing room. Beginning of the end?
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05/02/2012 19:29:00

If you refer to a club going nowhere, sadly Wigan don't have the finances the so-called big guns do and we try to play football the right way. N'Zogbia was class for the Latics and him going was the biggest mistake he made as he has been non-existent for Villa. However he has a rep for being a baby with a dummy at the best of times so you've got a lot to look forward to. Can't resist a dig at a team that at the very least tries to play football the right way and yes we may have low crowds etc. etc. but that record's just got boring now. We're sandwiched in between some of the best clubs in the world so obviously that makes attracting fans difficult. I have nothing against Villa personally - always had respect for them but the least that can be done is the same thing and yes, you know who you are!
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05/02/2012 19:30:00

I agree with imavillan. We need a total clean up at the club. Get rid of the useless C**** like what Pardew has done at Newcastle. Get some decent bodies in who want to play for us and start over.
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05/02/2012 19:35:00

Unfortunately N'Zog is a square peg in a round hole. He needs 1 v 1's reguarly but with the way we play he rarely gets that situation. Almost every time he had the ball today he was doubled up on. Combined with how Warnock wasn't allowed to cross the half way line today, he ended up completely isolated. Not to mention the amount of hoofball we played... No wonder Heskey fit in well today - 90% of our possession was hit long! At one stage I would bet Given had the most touches in the game and that was with only one save! Stupid tactics gave Newcastle the match.
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05/02/2012 20:02:00

Why the frig we don't ban our players from using twitter I will never know. This just backs it up. Obvious from performance he was not happy. Why feel the need to tell everyone so publicly. If it was last month it could have been to engineer a move, but now? What's the point other than to unsettle an already wobbly ship.....
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05/02/2012 20:08:00

I don't care if he did play well against qpr and create the goal, nobody can say he hasn't been a disappointment since he arrived. He runs into trouble and is so selfish it's unbelievable. Hes on a whopping great contract and cost a lot of money. Some will blame mcleish but I'm sorry he's the one out on the pitch not performing and to post something like that to the public is just down right disrespectful. Don't air your dirty laundry out in public! Pull your finger out Charlie and take some responsibility! P.s. can we ban this bloody twitter nonsense??!!
Lion Heart
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05/02/2012 20:08:00

I think this is a case of 'lost in translation' surely...must just mean he's upset at the result today. I reckon.
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05/02/2012 20:09:00

He hasn't slagged anyone off. He just said that he's unhappy playing football to all those Eck brownnosers. I'm not happy watching football at the moment and I'm sure that I'm not the only Villan that can say that. At least he wants to play and isn't content to sit on the bench and pick up his wages!!!!!
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05/02/2012 20:14:00

Agree with Astriel too, the hoof to heskey as a plan B is under8s football. Eck out
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05/02/2012 20:17:00

Must say him posting it is well out of order. Think about your lives and what you do for a living? Think about some of those on here with real health concerns and live worried or mundane lives because of it. Think what he does for a living? Think what money he is paid to do it? Grow up Zoggy.
The Fear
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05/02/2012 20:18:00

and on the flipside... ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!
The Fear
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05/02/2012 20:19:00

I agree with you JP, on one level anyway. He surely can't complain about his lot in life compared to most people. As our Wigan cousins have told us, he has a bit of a petulant streak as well. However posting this is symptomatic of what we can all probably guess - that the team playing under McLeish is not a happy one. No surprises there I guess.
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05/02/2012 20:45:00

robin, the club going nowhere is us! sad but true. I wasn't even that disappointed that we lost, as I expect nothing from this team under Mcleish. I have never felt such apathy in my 22 years watching the Villa (my first match was when I was 9). I just hope we manage to stay in the division until he is eventually gone.
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05/02/2012 20:48:00

He shouldn't really be posting things like that for all to see. Kind of thing you keep to yourself, or at least take up with Mcleish privately or something. But regardless, i'm a big fan of N'Zogbia, I know he hasn't been amazing for us yet, but we all know what he's capable of. If he starts putting in performances like he did for Wigan he could easily become a fan favourite
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05/02/2012 20:50:00

Nzogbia has been c**p from day one and was poor again today. The fact that Mcleish is completely effin clueless isn't a reason for pretending the some of the players are better than they are.
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05/02/2012 21:10:00

Fair play antvillan. can't see villa going down anytime soon. I think when you lost key personnel its got slightly downhill for Villa and O'Neill going didn't help. McLeish ain't in his league and when the vultures circle, it can impact a club badly. Villa will do OK and will be a top to mid table team for some while yet. They just need a bit more to maybe return to their recent glory days.
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05/02/2012 21:15:00

by all accounts asso-ekotu hates playing football also. We all have bad days!
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05/02/2012 21:27:00

But he wasn't very happy playing football at Newcastle either, maybe he means first time he is unhappy this month
Report Abuse
05/02/2012 21:40:00

You're not on your one Zoggy, the majority of us haven't been happy all season!
Pride of Lions
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06/02/2012 00:05:00

Errrr hope that this is more a translation problem than anything else. As for the player i believe the poll on here backed signing him to about 95%. Truthfully a good player will produce in any team, even with carrot tops poor tactics.Must admit if i was subbed for Heskey i wouldnt be happy either.
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06/02/2012 08:37:00

We're unhappy with Mcleish.... ECK OUT!
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06/02/2012 10:45:00

I think ppl are missing the point here, he didn't say he is unhappy with his life he said FOOTBALL so I don't think its fair to anaylise his life and say he should be happy, he obviously wants to play football and he is/can be a brilliant player but he likes to play football by playing 1-2s and getting 1 on 1s which he will never get under ECK, I say fair play for making it public as hopefully its 1 step closer to getting McClueless out, no footballer would want to play for this Idiot, and the fans saying ECK needs to get his own players in?? its the player he brought in that is complaining what does that say about him? we will go nowhere with this muppet except down...
Report Abuse
06/02/2012 18:45:00

Well said Kerry, it's not like he's talking about suicide. He just said that he's not happy. People want comments on twitter (***** knows why)and he just obliged his followers or t@tterers or whatever they're called?? Its all relative anyway. He's played in the past in exciting teams for good managers and things aren't as good as they have been. It's like being a bloonose, they don't know any better so they were chuffed with Eck last year, but they don't know any better.
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06/02/2012 19:14:00


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