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N'Zogbia Bid In? Milner Returning To Villa Park?

Vital Wigan have a nice exclusive!

Vital Wigan understands that Aston Villa have made an official bid to the Latics for attacking midfield man Charles N'Zogbia. All the details:

The Mirror say that Villa are set to bid 14million to bring James Milner 'home` !

McLeish is determined to get the right supply to striker Darren Bent and sees the England and Manchester City midfielder as a prime target.

Yes please..!

The Daily Mail say that Stewart Downing will have to hand in a transfer request if he wants out. The report says the new Villa boss Alex McLeish wanted him to stay but now sees it might be better to let him go and that he`d go for N`Zogbia as a replacement.

The Daily Mail also say McLeish wants goalie Ben Foster and defender Roger Johnson.

The paper says that Downing departure would leave fans reeling but our poll at the moment is at 73% for the option 'if he wants out, get shot`. What would, surely, leave fans reeling, is if the money on sales isn`t re-invested!?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 26 2011

Time: 9:52AM

Your Comments

Yes to Milner, yes to N'Zogbia. If Downing wants to go, then no point keeping a player if he is not fully committed.
This is actually a dream come true.
Just explain to me why Milner would want to come back ? Sorry lads its just the events of the past few weeks have made me ...well , realistic .
If Downing wants to really go then let him leave, but lets make sure we squeeze every penny out of Liverpool...fed up of not getting the best deals when it comes to our players, compared to everywhere else...N'Zogbia is a good player who I feel would do well at B6 & is was not far back he was looking at signing for McLeish at the Sty, so could be realistic...As for Milner, well go on then, he would come back & slot straight back in like he had never been away...not so sure this one is likely to happen though...!
Its that word 'Understands' again Fear...!
Milner over Young every day of the week going off Young's performance for the last 2 years. Young 15-17m sold, bring in Milner 14-15m, Downing sold 20m, bring in N.Zogbia 10m, If N.Zogbia improves off last season could be a very good buy. For me i see our team just as good as last season, Milner as the link man to Bent, N.Zogbia left and Albrighton right, bring in a couple of other class signings like that and we can actually start pushing for top 6 again.
Villa 4 Ever
City are going to sell Milner who is a regular in the first XI for 9 million less than we paid for him? Oh sorry it's the Mirror! Must be true then.
Milner will never happen, although I would absolutely love it if there was any truth in this story. N'zogbia wont be leaving for anything less than 15million. Is he really worth that price tag? If Downing hands in a transfer request it shows just the kind of man he is. It would be a disgrace after how much faith we showed him. If he wants out, get shot indeed!!!!!!
P.s I believe Bannan would do a solid job in place of Downing!!!
Timmsy i actually agreed with most of what you said until you posted your second one, Bannan is NOT a winger, don't care what anyone says about how he plays in Scotland.
Villa 4 Ever
Not fully committed! I'm getting sick of this crap, as a club we need to teach these players a lesson, even if we are the 1st to do this, we are being bent over and given a royal rogering every other day, and I know some will come on here and say we need to cash in and this is the way it is and this and that, but I've been brought up to not let people walk all over you and to treat people with the same respect as they treat you. Downing owes us big time, we pay this **** a lot of money; a *****in lot of money; and for that reason alone he should honour his contract whether that's playing for the 1st team or the reserves. We need to wake up and see what's happening to this club; we're quickly becoming the new Nottingham Forest. I can't stick these players like Downing who bemoan a club, any club not just ours, they say ' I want to move because the club have shown no commitment in the transfer market' not even recognising their own irony in that they were the ones brought in to change the fortunes of their club, stick him in the reserves and leave him there, jesus this is ASTON VILLA not Blackpool. Remember that!
yes, I do love how the 'understands' is used marcobavfc... lol... The Wigan ed is well connected though, he told me about Martinez before any press got it!
The Fear
why do I keep seeing on this site that Albrighton will step in to Youngs boots, and now Bannan will fill Downings, if thats the case why do clubs not buy them instead it's the cheaper option surely, no it's not it's because they're not in the same league as Young and Downing or we would have played them instead, *****in simple people.
wow, N'Zogbia AND Milner?! i would be ecstatic if that happened! As for Downing, if he hands in a transfer request, i'd be disgusted. After what he said about owing us for the faith we showed in him and the way we got his career back on track. Not long a go he was part of a relegated team with a broken foot and nobody wanted him, now he's playing for England again. What the hell is his problem, jesussssssss
Man City could be willing to listen to offers for Milner, he doesn't start that often, his starts for last season seem pretty alright but that's because they were all in the first half of the season just after they bought him, his starts seemed to be less often second half. They've got so many players that they need room for in the positions he can play, Silva, Yaya, De Jong, A Johnson, Barry, even Vieira! They all seem to be favoured over him a lot of the time. And they're even sometimes dropping Strikers to the wing, such as Balotelli, to give them game time. They also want Alexis Sanchez and reports today suggest they're making a 38million offer....i believe they may listen to offers for Milner.
LOL, last post well said eltoro. Bannan IS TOO ******** SMALL to fill anyone's boots. He can run around like a whippet all day but he will get muscled off the ball regardless of how many hollywood passes he needlessly sprays around.
that wud be great, and if downing wants to go he can fu*k off, electro i would rather sell him 4 decent money then let him rot in reserves & go 4 nothing, this is also a buisness remember
N'Zogbia would be a good buy (at the right price), but i think Milner may be a pipe dream. He is on a truck load of money at Citee, so why give that up?? i know he is a good honest lad who just wants to play football, but money still talks. I don't think we have the dosh to tempt him back, which is a real shame as i think he is one of the best English midfielders around.
If Milner came back I would have his children.
it's eltoro not electro! I'm aware of that but thats not my point, we can't keep going down this same road, if you want to keep buying and selling at that pace then buy a *****in market stall.
N'zogbia has been really good for Wigan - he if anything kept them up last year. He is still young at 25, it would be a fantastic signing. Milner I can't see happening. Would absolutely love it! But we have no europe football - can't see him taking quite a major step back. He did flop pretty hard at Man City though... If we get him back though I will kiss Randy and Mcleish! :)
Bannan are very good player be honest, he is idea in second striker and ACM roles where his skill and intel need, which are not size required, rather winger is not idea for winger but he "can" perform but not better as downing and CM where he too lightwight
Milner is in champs league now...not a chance.
milner? oh yes please!!!! but he will left us, cheap - not think so... he will prefer champion leagues or europa n'zogiba i would love, still not sure! i know he refuse, he prefer big team.... and champions leagues so bump! :( if downing left so get him UGENTLY! we still need goalkeeper!
Yep, would love both of them, but quite simply, it won't happen. if you think it will, you must be cloud cuckoo land......
Pride of Lions
Ok now if we got Milner back that would certainly smooth things over from losing ashley, and if we lose downing then we need to get nzogbia. Ryan shawcross would be excellent move as cwould fofana and gaga.
Funny, last year I thought that Albrighton made a better inpact than either of the other two wingers. He has the one thing that they dont have thats priceless, pace (ask any fullback). When was the last time you saw either Ash or Downing take on and go past a fullback on the outside. Attitudewise he's streets ahead of either. I bet Peter McParland, Harry Burrows and Tony Daley wish they were playing today if these two are worth big bucks. Milner isnt worth 14m, never mind the money we got for him he may or may not be one of the best English midfielders around but take off the blinkers, England dont have any good midfielders. How many of them are playing for Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. Premier League teams are full of foreign midfielders.
Think that Downing's pace is deceptive Oscararc and he's left footed which gives him an advantage. Still doesn't get stuck in enough/ever. As you say, the legend that is Tony Daley is what we need.
Calm down, Electro, Hahahaha.
srry ELTORO! lol, i understand what your saying (I would love to keep downing ) but he wants out,& IS replacable so why not sell 4 the right price ??
Would love if the N'Zogbia link is true, wouldn't be surprised at all, since McLeish bid for him while at the Blues (or was it the board?). Personally I think N'Zogbia is a better player than Young, we'd be getting an upgrade, yet they're same age. I just think he has a bit more about him. As for Milner, again wouldn't be surprised, aren't City once again chasing some hotshot winger? I mean, seriously, how many more players do they need? They're like a footballer harvester...
Stephen Jay Hawkings
If we could get N zogbia and Milner here to replace Young and Downing that would be great business especially as we would make a substantial profit on the deals... Of course I would have Jimmy in the middle as don't like him on the wing so he would actually be more of a replacement for Reo Coker...
Don't be daft people, Milner is not coming back. Why did he leave us? Because City offered him shedloads of money. We couldn't possibly afford his wages. Please start living in the real world.
chocolate teapot
N'Zogbia would be nice, Milner, playing-wise, has gone backwards at Man City, but i can't see him giving up a shed-load of money to come back to where he would be appreciated. As for Foster, Johnson and Dann, would their current employers do business? I'm not convinced.....
Milner coming back sounds nice but is totally unrealistic. To be fair, if any of us were offered six figures to sit around at work and do nothing, I don't think we'd be rushing to move to a job that pays you less and requires you to work. Why would they care about career progress and appreciation now? Ambition is just about being successful enough to get one of those precious transfers.
Surfer Dude
Oscararc, milner isnt worth 14m?! he has the potential to be as good as gerrard in my opinion and he absolutley ran our midfield! in the current market if it was true then 14m is an absolute bargain for a player of his ability. and ashley young is hardly slow is he, convincing ourselves that albrighton is in the same league as downing and young is pointless, because simply, he is not.
^^ not yet
Downing must be told he is going nowhere. The club have an opportunity to make a statement here, that players cannot dictate to the club, tell him he stays and plays or sits out for a season, contracts seem to be just a waste of time, these disloyal millionaires need to be reigned in.
avfcwills10, Milner cant get a regular place in the England set up and the England midfield is poor, ask anyone from Switzerland ( world class team...NOT ). Steven Gerrard, no, lets not go there except to wonder if he is so good why he isnt playing for Barca who are gagging for Fabregas. To get Milner may require 14m, but just because other clubs are paying stupid money for average players doesn't mean he is worth 14m.
James Milner is worth 14 million to us. We fell apart completely without him in our midfield. All those who say he isn't good enough for continental or international football, well, I disagree, but the point is we aren't there yet. Driving our midfield against the best England has to offer is good enough for me.
ljw-AVFC, I know what your saying is correct mate, we should sell players that don't want to be here, i love the villa with all my heart and it's just me being *****ed off that these players don't love being here as much as I do. and Rawlie LOL, thanks for the laugh mate.
Am I mistaken that Milner told Villa that he didnt want to leave? It was only the fact that we accepted the offer from city that he left?
that was what I was told capitalvilla, it was already in motion and he isn't the sort to pull out of deals or shaft anyone, he is a very decent guy (and before anyone says it, he didn't pull out of the initial move to Villa from Newcastle, Freddie Shepherd pulled the deal)
The Fear
im not sure about that one fear. so does this mean randy or mon wanted to sell our best player?
Think we are about to find out the truth black, Because the 40 mill that was being banded about before mcleish signed appers to have dissapeared,or at the very least made "conditional". Think the Milner story is hot air cant see him comming back buy sturridge good replacement for young.
The 40m being bandied about was press talk. Ask yourself, when the board don't talk to the press, how in Gods name woudl they know what the budget was? But we read it in the paper and the next minute it becomes gospel. Only way we will know how much they will spend this summer is when the transfer window closes!

Mixed talk and rumour Black, think I'll avoid going there as I don't want any legal action for supposition! Not as straightforward as it appears though I think is safe to say. End of the day, whatever, we lost a good player and i'd love him back.
The Fear
Not heard that before Capital and Fear, this makes Faulkner and Randy look even worse for going for the monies and Ireland when our player of the season wanted to ******** stay. And some blame MON for walking?!?!?!?!
cheers Fear wondered whether the 40 mill came from club or press. Cant say much against randy lerner his splash on bent last season kept us up,and the club must owe him close on 50 mill.That explains big ecks statement that he must look after the future of the club,so its bargain basement which will be tough on the new manager still Clarke & Albrighton give us hope goal keeper required then !
and now we know why MON left!
or MON looks worse 444... depends on the rumour and as said, I'm not printing anything here... move along! You don't like the owners though, I get it!
The Fear
we do eltoro, because he was a .... no, sod it, not getting back into all that... lol
The Fear
And you DO like the owners for whatever reason . We all get it aswell ;-D. I know that I may sound like a broken record but when things are wrong etc. you can't sweep it under the carpet and carry on regardless. I know that a lot of your life revolves around AVFC mate and you know more than most. It's got to be hard to always take a balanced view which you do well but (with all due respect) you seem in denial about your praise for the board at the moment surely????
lets not go there mate..............LOL
If Mcleish can get milner back hed be my bloody hero, never thought i would ever be saying that lol.Have him back playing the way he was for us before he went to moneybags city,forget about holding player.

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