Aston Villa - Form/Positives & Where Will Points Come From?
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Form/Positives & Where Will Points Come From?

Where will the 40 points come from? By Revua

As we know 40 points is nearly guaranteed to bring you safety so I've tried to realistically judge how we will fair in our remaining fixtures. Obviously we might make some great signings that turn our season round and all this is obviously guess work but I think it`s a fair prediction based on if we played each game tomorrow. I'm sure many I will have down for wins that we will lose and loses that we will win. I will be interested in how others think we will get on in these games.

Chelsea Away= Lose - 0

Sunderland Home - Draw - 1

Birmingham Away - Draw - 1

Many City Home - Lose - 0

Wigan Away - Draw - 1

Man Utd Away - Lose - 0

Fulham Home - Win - 3

Blackpool Away - Draw -1

Blackburn Home - Win -3

Bolton Away - Lose -0

Wolves Home - Draw -1

Everton Away - Lose -0

Newcastle Home - Draw -1

West Ham Away- Win -3

Stoke Home - Draw -1

West Brom Away - Lose -0

Wigan Home - Win -3

Arsenal Away - lose -0

Liverpool Home - Lose -0

Total 39 points

I think it shows the next three games we need to take 4 points to give us a chance. Surely its best to hold off any major transfer spending until after the blues game. I agree with getting this young French lad and any others that don't cost the world. If we have not had a win by the blues game we need to move on and back a new manager with transfer funds to get us out of this mess. Maybe we can win the next three game and the whole place will feel a lot different.

above by: Revua


Flipside and a bit of balance or positivity from WHTaylor: Dont panic...check out the fixtures!

Slightly less happy from DanH1980: Click Here League Table During Houllier's Tenure

Team Played GD Points
Man City 16 14 33
Man Utd 14 16 30
Arsenal 14 7 25
Tottenham 14 4 25
Bolton 15 7 23
Chelsea 15 2 22
Sunderland15 -1 21
Stoke 14 2 20
Everton 14 2 20
Blackburn 15 -4 20
Blackpool 13 -3 18
Liverpool 14 0 17
West Ham 15 -3 16
Wigan 15 -5 16
Newcastle 14 -5 15
West Brom 14 -5 15
Birmingham13 -2 13
Wolves 14 -10 13
Aston Villa 14 -11 13
Fulham 14 -5 12

And if all else fails, I am trying lads and lasses, honest...!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday December 31 2010

Time: 9:35AM

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Its a more competitive premiership this year, we will need 42/43 points to stay up. We are much better than this and are capable of still getting to 50 points with a swift change at the top.
jake findlay
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 09:38:00

Only 1 problem Revua - we sack the manager after the blues game - we then need a manager in in 24 hours (who?) then he has to evaluate who he needs and get them in and who should go and all that in a space of a couple of days - Jeez buying and selling and managing a club must be so easy - it just takes a couple of minutes to buy a player - get his medical - agree terms - sign him - put him in the team and bob's your uncle - instant success!
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 09:44:00

You guys are ******** nuts. We are not going to be anywhere near relegated and will finish top 8.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 09:48:00

I'm actually rather annoyed how literal people take this. Stop being so dramatic.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 09:49:00

You have us taking 4 points from the 4 following HOME games : Sunderland, Wolves, Newcastle, Stoke........way off in my opinion.....our home form since GH took over is 2W, 3D, 2L against stronger competition (CHE,UTD, MANU, ARS, BIRM, WBA, SPURS)! Our away form has been awful no doubt but we will end the year around 45-48 points.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:07:00

I'm sorry los angeles but your nuts have you seen the way we are playing? with wolves, fulham, west ham, all starting to pick up points the only way is down with frenchie in charge. we need to sack him after we get smashed by chelsea and get someone else in.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:11:00

revua i'm getting a bit shirty at your lack of confidence... I really feel that you should leave your pessimism at home. some of your predictions are flat out rubbish.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:17:00

Zarch we have 20 points from 19 games and to say that we will get another 20 points from our next 20 games is about right in my book. We have 4 points from the last 7 games and only 13 from the last 14 games since frenchie has been in charge. So where do you think the points are going to come from? The horrible truth is that we are in the poo and need a change and we need it now the players are not behind frenchie, most of the fans are not behind him either, his transfer record is pretty pants (going on about ronaldo what a load of rubbish). So if you think he is going to buy us out of trouble your deluded. And if he was given a load of cash in transfer window and we still went down then it could be a leeds all over again. GET RID NOW
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:51:00

Don't often agree with Revua, but on this occassion I don't think he's far wrong. Its impossible to look at fixtures in cold isolation and say who we will and won't beat. Leaving aside unexpected things like Champs league hangovers, teams resting players for cup ties, injuries, suspensions etc, you also have to factor in momentum. At present we have no momentum and as I said in an article pre xmas our next points could realistically be Fulham at home. However if the Sunderland team that turns up is the one that lost the other day and we beat them then that might be the lift we need to get a win at the sty and then five points from the next three games is possible giving us momentum as we hit a stretch of winnable games. If we lose against Sunderland or scrape a draw then it could be a measly 2or 3 points in the bag by the time we play fulham rather than 11. We need a catalyst and if we start winning games we should have enough in the tank to pull clear. If we reach Fulham with only another three points the rest of the season looks bleak.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:54:00

What I'd be interested to see is a league table starting from the the 4th or 5th game of the season, since GH took over. I imagine that we'd be bottom?
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 10:59:00

i hate to say this but i think this is a very negative article and always thought this was a page where we share views and thoughts on villa matters this article seems as if you have lost all hope in villa a have already wiped out our season and pretty much relagated villa. i agree with los angeles villan at least they still have faith as do many others. i will pretend this artical was never wrote and when we get into the top 8 with some cracking deals you will be singing GH praise
Ted 369
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:25:00

Call me deluded then. I keep changing my mind when it comes to gh but the one thing i realise is this... He's not gonna change.. for anyone. his attitude is clearly Shape up or ship out. I'm starting to wonder if its his ability to manage or the players attitude towards his ideals. MON gave them their own way on the proviso they did what HE wanted on the pitch. that stuff clearly doesn't fly with GH and fair enough! MON didn't get us into champs league and gave us quick exits in the europa league. La di Effing Da. to me its becoming a little clear that its the latter. Its time the players change their god damn tune. they might not like it but if they want that claret & blue shirt they gotta earn it and it's damn obvious why players like pires is always getting on the field.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:25:00

Being a natural born pessimist, and looking at the remaining fixtures, I can only see us picking up 13 points. Giving us a grand total of 33 and a place in the Championship next season if all things remain as they are, of course. Fingers crossed they don't.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:25:00

avbornandbred you say 'Its impossible to look at fixtures in cold isolation and say who we will and won't beat' There is some truth in what you say, but lets be honest it's the only thing you can do when your in the *****! don't tell me you've never done it when we've been in the top 6, if we win this draw that we could be in the champions league! we all have, so why any different now, 13 points in 14 games, any other team and you would be saying they're going down, we're not talking about a 2-3 game bad run, after the Chelsea game, which lets be honest we don't look like we'll get anything from, 53% of the season will have gone, and our run rate is 0.9 points a game for the last 47% we need to increase that to 1.4 points a game to get to 45 points thats a win every 2 games to be safe, and at the moment we have a 1 win in 3 ratio, and from where i'm stood that means we are in the ***** big style, but lets hope for all our sakes this time the statistics are wrong!
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:47:00

TED369, just a quick one, what are u basing your predictions of a top 8 place on! future events, how can you possibly have a go at someone for basing their predictions on past events! it dosen't add up ted.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:56:00

Thanks for the feedback guys and I'm sorry if I do come across negative a lot of the times. I'm really trying to look for positive outcome out of this. I just don't want us to leave this to late like some clubs have in the past. Some asked which manager I would replace him with and If still available it would be Martin Jol. He was the man we needed to steady the ship if KM was not given the chance for six months. I'm sure most fans and players would universally welcome Jol which would be a major start. He has experience of getting teams away from the relegation unlike Houllier. His win percentage is way above Houllier's. He has a very good transfer record. Some players I would not mind a villa now for the prices paid are Janie O'Hara 250k Dawson 3.5m Lennon 800k Huddlestone 2m Jenas 7m Murphy 2m Berbatov 10.9m Ekotto 3.5m Zakora 5.2m Bale 7.5m Bent 16.5m Kaboul 8.2m. Yes not every transfer he made worked out but most of those did not cost the earth or the money was recouped. I read an article the other day from a spurs fan listing his three worst transfer at spurs, they were in his opinion, Bent, Read(who they recovered their money) and Murphy. I wish they had been our three worst transfers ;-). For those that don't agree with my predictions please trying doing your own and see what you come up with. I only had us down for one home lose for the rest of the season which may be a bit optimistic. For those that also think Houllier will get us out of this please remember when he did ok at other clubs he had a very different back room staff and assistant manager. He does not have a good assistant mangers now and his failings are been shown up. Also remember he failed at the job he was brought to do at LIverpool. Yes he won a couple of league titles at Lyon but this was with a team so far ahead of anyone else they had won the league the four seasons before him. He also failed there as he was bought in to do well in Europe. The only record he has is keeping a teams where they were already. Looks like we are next on his list of failing what he was bought in to do. His record is not good if you read between the lines. Something else to remember is most of our points were gained when GH took over, the longer he is here the worst we get. I know some fixtures have got harder but these were games we were winning last season. Maybe his first few results were more accredited to MON or KM management training still being used by the players.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 12:58:00

Chelsea Away= win - 2 Sunderland Home - win - 1 Birmingham Away - win - 1 Many City Home - win - 1 Wigan Away - win - 1 Man Utd Away - win - 2 Fulham Home - Win - 3 Blackpool Away - win -1 Blackburn Home - Win -3 Bolton Away - win -2 Wolves Home - win -1 Everton Away - win 1 Newcastle Home - win 1 West Ham Away- Win 3 Stoke Home - win 1 West Brom Away - win 1 Wigan Home - Win 3 Arsenal Away - win 1 Liverpool Home - win 2
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 13:01:00

As we lose more games , confidence will worse and so the next half of the season in my opinion will be slightly worse...after watching the games recently, I'm struggling to see the name of a team we can beat...We need some top class signings and who the hell will want to come here ? I like Houllier as a man...he's a nice guy...but as our manager...enough's enough.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 13:15:00

I am sick to the back teeth of moaning fans. The negativity spreads like a disease and is the road to madness. We have a very simple job as football supporters. We support. That means you pays your money and you support the team and try to be the 12th man. If the fans give their all and the players give their all and it is poor then it is the right of the supporter to show this displeasure at the end of a game. I go to Villa Park to try and do my bit to encourage my team. Fortunately nobody anywhere near me boos during games because they know a swift right hook will be on their way. I go to Villa and it not to hear some gob*****e anywhere near me dragging the club down. Unfortunately we are club with more than our fair share of cucking focks who know how too moan but have no clue how to support. People keep referring back to the last 3 seasons and how good it was???? (with the money provided by Randy we seriously under achieved and have been left in a mess because of it). People say we came 6th 3 times and went to Wembley twice!!! If we were that good why wasn't the ground bursting at the seams. If it was that good why were season ticket sales down by 20% 5 days before the season started?? MON left us in the shoite. GH has come in late and had to meet more challenges than anticipated. At times he has messed up (even the most loyal will find it hard to forget Anfield this season) but his is making his mark and this will improve (hopefully) in coming months. Next season will be the time to see if we are moving forward, not now. Unfortunately the moaners and the sheep who follow the moaners may force GH before the end of January. This may lead to a temporary recovery . . . possibly. I feel that if we force this man out the likelihood is that Villa may take years to recover and have the potential to become the next Sheffield Wednesday. Give the man a break. Get to VP and sing your hearts out. It is at times like this that support is most needed. Or be weak. Be a sheep. And be part of the disgraceful lack of loyalty that could well bring down our great club.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 14:12:00

well said voice!
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 14:19:00

I'm still confident Houllier will turn it round. My worry is all this pessimism is totally unhelpful, and I wish fans would be more patient and just suport the club. Time will tell, providing he is given it, and hopefully he will. He deserves it on his past record, AND on the basis of all the good things he has done so far in terms of bringing forward players. I am dissaponted that even the fantastic Fear has reached a conclusion. Of course he may be right - but there is a scenario that says he is still learning and working his way through the mess he was left in, and that's the one I am confidently running with until proved otherwise. That is that MON left a sinking ship, that the problems require a lot of sorting out, and that the obvious lack of goals and defensive competence will only come when GH has had time to address them. It is work in progress, and obviously results need to come soon, and I think they will. What I do not go along with is that the players have given up and not trying. The Man Utd game, coming back against Arsenal, dominating much of the Spurs game, the Albion win, the Blues defeat, are all part of a sequence of bad results, with some abject aspects to each of them. But a lack of effort and commitment was not evident at all to me - just the same old weaknesses letting us down. The two truly awful performances at Lpool and City should not be used as the barometer of where we are going. They were tough games anyway. Conceding early goals deflates a losing team. There was stilla bitof a resorative second h\lf at Anfild, led by the Fonz, but nothing at City. The error that GH made for me was understandable of trying to bring back players too soon (Alby at Anfield, Petrov and Reo at City). I don't go along with bringing back experienced players unless they justify it. Just stick to the best, most talented and fit players. If we can cut out the weaknesses at Left Back and up front, either via January transfer signings or via the return of Luke Young and The Fonz/ Gabby coming good - then we will easily get the points we need. Hopefully we can win the FA cup this year too! (I wish). Chelsea 2 Villa 0, Villa 2 Sunderland 1, Blues 0 Villa 1 - corner turned, and fingers crossed. Confidence and support can work their own wonders. Up the Villa!
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 14:21:00

I disagree Voice of the Holte... Yes I agree with singing your heart out at the games.. Something that could be improved greatly as atmosphere most of the time is pathetic at Villa Park with a little noise from the Upper Holte and the rest of the ground making no noise at all! However this so called negativity is based on facts and history of how this league goes... We are currently showing no desire, fight or commitment on the pitch... We also show no clue on how to defend and look toothless up front... This all from a team that last year had one of the best defensive records in the league... We now have the worst defensive record in the league, worst goal difference and are currently the worst team in the league (on form which by the way stretches back over 16 games, 14 points from last 16 games) These are all horrible FACTS of our season to date... The rot has set in and the confidence is at an all time low... Mark Lawrenson is describing our performance at Man City as THE WORST BY ANY SIDE THIS SEASON IN THE PREMIERSHIP... So that means it was even worse than Liverpool away and Newcastle away, teams who thrashed us and yet have both been beaten at home by Blackpool! We are in massive trouble and its no good saying this is doom talk.. I want something done about it before its too late... Houllier will take us to the Sheff Wed/Leeds land but someone like Martin Jol with a 45% win percentage in this league (better than MON) would have a far better chance of giving us a bright future..
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 14:34:00

voiceoftheholte - I agree negativity spreads like disease. The thing you fail to realise is most of the negativity has stemmed from Houllier in the first place. Having public slanging matches with established players, Singling out our youngsters with negative comments again in the media. The Whole Liverpool fiasco. All negativity that has come from the manager! Houllier has no record of over achieving, Houllier has no record of getting teams out of a relegation fight, Houllier has no record of spending well in the transfer market! Houllier has no record of getting a team playing well without a good assistant to do it for him. I back our players that give there all, I back the club to put this mess right but I will never back a man that publicly criticises the players I love and shows more affection for one of our rivals! He is also not sorting this mess out! he is making things worse and if you cant see it yet you soon will. Do you also not think the players see his negativity towards them? I will not be surprised if they will lose every game until he is sacked. How many players to you here saying how great Houllier is and that they like him????? Tells a big story for me if he does not have the backing of the players.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 15:03:00

Revua, so you love the players and its okay if they screw the club by losing every game until GH goes? GH has obviously been totally unreasonable, I mean asking players to turn up in the afternoons to train is out of order, requesting that they live a reasonable distance from the club is ridiculous and as for asking them to pass the ball to someone in the same colour strip rather than just hoofing it, well.. Totally understandable why they should be disgruntled, I mean on 20k a week they're just not paid enough to put up with that kind of nonesense. No point sacking GH (even though I don't rate him) because any half decent manager would ask for the same and get the same response from the muppets causing the problems
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 15:31:00

tell me if i'm wrong VOICE but isn't your post just one big moan about moaning, I'm confused. correct me if i'm wrong but is it not a human trait that we moan when things go wrong! and it's not about turning up and paying your hard earned money to the very people who already have more than we ever will, it's about paying your money and being entertained, I have always said we should pay on the way out!
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 19:08:00

AvBornandbred - Why do you try and turn around what I said? I didn't say it was ok or right what they players do but then none of us know what the players are doing or what Houllier's is doing exactly. What I do know is Gerrard Houller comes across very badly by having public arguments in the press with our players or criticising them. He does look very good at man management. This tells me it looks like Houllier is the problem not the players and as the players did not kick up a fuss before or when at other clubs about training then why is it all of a sudden the players fault? The only thing that changed was the Manager! Again I'm not saying its right but it is fact which you will never stop happening that humans will be put out if they don't like someone no matter what money they are earning. Its up to Houllier in implement new things in the way the players will accept and agree with. Not say there you go like it or lump it as no one will respond to that. Again I don't even know if Houllier has done that but what I do know that he has upset a lot of players and no players are coming out saying how great he is! A lot of the things I say are based on Fact (yes some presuming) The Houllier supporting party seem to base everything on what they presume and hope is happening.
Report Abuse
31/12/2010 21:47:00

You forget fortress VP - try this after you have stopped booing! Chelsea Away= Lose - 0 - ok give you that one - just! Sunderland Home - 3 Birmingham Away - 3 Many City Home - 1 Wigan Away - 3 Man Utd Away - 1 Fulham Home - Win - 3 Blackpool Away - 3 Blackburn Home - Win -3 Bolton Away - 3 Wolves Home - 3 Everton Away - 1 Newcastle Home - 3 West Ham Away- Win -3 Stoke Home - 3 West Brom Away - 3 Wigan Home - Win -3 Arsenal Away - -1 Liverpool Home - 3 I make that 46 more points giving us about 66 in total. Must be sad living in the expectation that you fail all the time. Up the villa -unless you lot are positive, no one else will be.
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 00:34:00

lads... ALL WINS!! CARN THE VILLA! It's a new year!!! carn you mighty villans! screw the press... screw the jibes... screw everyone! time to show em Hou's Boss!!!
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 00:59:00

Spot on eltoro...totally agree..
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 09:57:00

always the fans fault with you voiceoftheholte as you know, I don't really get it. With you re: booing but how was Man City 'our' fault? The stay away fans, yes, that is a problem, they aren't all as mad as us going to anything though, especially in these hard economic times. The players and manager (don't care which one) owe us as well surely? As Lawro said (yeah, yeah, you'll all say you don't care what he says, but he is a former player and watches more games than most due to his job) "Aston Villa's 'display' against Manchester City on Tuesday was the most woeful I have seen from a team in the Premier League this year. It was embarrassing."
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 13:46:00

Great that we've got so many positive fans, but I've no idea why so many are saying that they are still confident that Houllier will turn this around. There is no basis for this blind optimism atall. His record in the Prem is 6 years old and is very poor post illness. Several were banging on about the new Viera coming to change everything (who never even came despite claims it was a done deal,) and along with Houllier's other mastercaptures (via his vast network of French connections ahem,) they would take us up to 8th. I want to be proved wrong as much as the optimists are clinging onto vague hopes of what they have read or witnessed 7 odd years ago, BUT Houllier has shown NO sign of this whatsoever (bar 45 mins against Man U, which was only the case because Fergie had never seen half our players before, and as soon as he worked them out, they came back to draw.) There is no game plan to beat the said team on the day and it is just aimless passing around. Any decent manager or team with a bit of confidence will find it easy to beat us. Unless there is major changes very soon, we will be lucky to pick up any points. Seriously can anyone see us getting another clean sheet this season?? People have also said that we've only played the decent teams recently!!! We've played everyone except Wigan I think and the table doesn't lie.
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 18:19:00

Revua, I'm not twisting what you say, it is exactly how your post reads. Then above you claim the GH supporting brigade are speculating but you yourself are basing most of what you quote as fact on what is written in the tabloids and the rest ie "maybe the players deliberately threw away the win against Man Ure" is the work of your own imagination. We all have our opinions and all of us use exactly the same sources of information. How we interpret that information is the only difference. In this case you choose to blame the manager, whilst I choose to apportion most of the blame to some of the players. Time will tell who is right. Lets just hope that we are still in the prem.
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 22:58:00

Villain444- I'm no GH fan but judging his transfers on the strength of one rumour on the first day of the jan window is a bit harsh.
Report Abuse
01/01/2011 23:00:00


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