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Houllier Is The Only Man To Blame

Revua says: Houllier is the only Man to Blame!

I'm sorry if some may be sick of hearing 'Houllier out!' but I'm sick of hearing excuses after excuses for the guy. No matter what problems we have had the blame starts and stops with Houllier. This is the man we are paying to sort these things out and he is failing it everyway possible. Well I say its only Houllier fault but its also the clubs fault to appoint the man in the first place when so many Villa fans did not want him. Yes the club need to make business decisions but maybe next time they will take more note of the fans and if the majority approve of the decision.

I would say before we even knew Houllier may be in with a sniff of getting the job I would estimate 90% would have said no to him. As more links to him became apparent then I would say that fell to around 70% not in favour but still nowhere near to pleasing most fans. After he got the job I like many were not happy but could see his history at other clubs so rather than carry the negative vibe sat back and waited for him to prove us wrong. I could still see many flaws but what could we do but back him. I hoped I was wrong but have been proved right in more ways than I thought possible in such a short space of time.

I know some will say that you cant let the fans choose the manager and I will agree to a certain extent but what I said back then is being proved right now. I took some stick for criticizing the club for appointing a man that was old and most fans didn't want. I can under stand fellow fans concerns as they saw it as negative. One of my main gripes with appointing Houllier was that he would only succeed if he got instant success, age was not on his side, the fans were not on his side and unless we got off to a flyer with everything going the right way then fans would turn fast and there would be no way back. As it was unlikely we would get off to a flying start this partnership looked doomed before it has started. I mean for the club to have to come out and try to defend a manager before they have even let us know they are going to appoint him is just complete madness.

I would like to state at this point that I'm all for giving a manager time to prove himself and I think three years is fair. This is where Houllier's age became a problem for me again in that if he did any good after the three years he would probably be looking to retire and we would be starting all over again. The age thing aside the only reasons a manager should not be given the three years time period is if he loses the dressing room, looses the majority of the fans backing, disrespects the club or the club gets into such a bad situation that drastic action needs to be taken to save the club from relegation. Well for me he has for-filled not one but all four of the situations and there is no way back. No matter what happens from now on he has disappointed so many fans in things that he has done there will be no way back. Our losses need to be cut now and start again with a decent manager. Its not as if you can see any good things that he is doing that they out way the disastrous results.

He cant handle to press, He can't handle to players, He cant say the right things to the fans. W already know his track record in the transfer market is not great so what future do we have with him managing our club? He is the man that is meant to be able to manage all of these things, if he can't then we have no use for him. Many have blamed our senior players for not performing! is this not what we are paying Houllier to achieve? to get the best out of the senior and young players. If they are not performing for what ever reason then it only comes down to Houllier. Its his job to make sure they do and you could forgive one or two but its the majority that look lost.

The players see what the fans see, the whole way Houllier was appointed and KM was disregarded after been encouraged to go for the job. I'm not wanting a debate on whether KM should have been given the job as that is done and dealt with but how the players that wanted him as manager were effected. Most of the youth had a big bond with him and quite a few of the seniors came out and spoke out for support for him. I know the players are paid and they should perform no matter what blar blar blar but it does not work like that. If your not happy with your boss at work no matter what you are paid you will never give him 100%. We needed someone to come in and sort the dressing room out not fix one problem and cause many more. Again the evidence that this was going to happen was already there as Houllier had already had many public fallings out with his previous players.

Another excuse is injury's, I will not lay all blame with Houllier with this but we have obviously amounted many more injury's with players since MON has left. It could just be coincidental but it does make you wonder if new training systems have helped cause more injury's. I'm not saying MON training was perfect as we looked out of shape sometimes but maybe it was more than luck as to why we did quite well with injury's whiles MOH was manager. As I've said I don't blame Houllier for all our injury's but where the blame does lie is not changing tactics to support the players we do have. Not closing out games and man making good players out of the games. I think injury's is a poor excuse as the young players that have come in are looking to me better players than the seniors that are our injured. I just think the whole tactics and individual player motivation and instruction is all wrong. We are not playing as a solid unit and that comes down to the manager. I think the players feel the same as the fans and they have no respect for Houllier. They see what he did and said at Liverpool, they probably see a lot more that we don't hear about.

Another excuse is Houllier is changing the way we play! what a load of nonsense, Our play has been every bit as rubbish as under MON and I see no change in getting the ball down and making simple passes. At least under MON when we did play some nice attacking football we didn't leave quite so many gaping wholes at the back. Don't get me wrong I was quite glad that MON left in the end as he has many failings of his own but even they now look nothing compared to what we now have. Three wins we didn't deserve to win is a disastrous record for an experienced manager.

The whole Houllier appointment has been a complete farce by the club from start to finish. From having to defend him to fans before he was appointed as so many fans knew it was a bad decision. To encourage KM to go for the job he was not going to get knowing many of our players wanted him. To having a press conference before he had even signed or been released from his other job. To his whole public love for Liverpool. To the apology he made about Liverpool but then said he thought he had nothing to apologies about. To his public arguments with players. How can the guy have caused so much disruption and upset in such a short space of time? I just hope the club is big enough now to stand up and admit they got it wrong and put it right before its to late. Lets have a new year and new start!

Sorry but I can't help myself, I see the reserves are top of the league again even when they don't have the use of all the young talent that has moved up to the first team squad. Bet some wish they had stuck with KM for a while longer! I don't think he is right for us now as we don't have time to play with so we need someone that has the experience, respect and tactical brains to turn this ship around even if its someone just until the end of the season.

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The Journalist

Writer: Revua Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 30 2010

Time: 11:13AM

Your Comments

I'm stopped reading after you wrote take more note of the fan majority... only because what the fans want is always way over any sense of reasonability. No club owner in their right mind would do such a thing...
I agree that Houllier is too blame...but I think the main two problems initially were him trying to put a pre-season fitness regime in effect mid-season when games are coming thick and fast... this has (most probably) caused some of our injuries. Also, changing a reasonably successful playing system (the players we have were signed to play MON's style of football) toone the players we currently have can't cope with. He should have waited for this change until he had a core of his type of players in. Obviously he has now dug himself a hole from which I can't see him emerging!
the fan majority didn't like MON and look where that got us. I got a bit further but stopped reading after "I was quite glad that MON left." Anyone still suggesting letting O'Neill go was anything but a massive mistake is a proper mug.
Good article. Houllier and Co. definitely contributed to the vast majority of the injuries with their new regime . The new style of play doesn't work in this day and age where everyone is much bigger/stronger/quicker than when Houllier was last here and our senior players are as****ed off with the management as the French players were with theirs in the summer. Randy will look like an idiot if he lets him go now though, aswell as being hit in the wallet so will keep him to save face.
THIS IS BULL!!! It's all ridiculous!!! We act as Tho we were in fine fettle before Gerard came!!! U all forget the end of last season?? Why Martin o left??? Why jimmy jumped ship? Martin went because he knew he had built a team with a ceiling. He's reached it and without Milner he knew we would struggle. Gerard MUST change the tactics because he has to stamp his mark on this team. And get rid of all the players who can't adapt. If this means some bad displays so be it. I'd rather see the team rebuilt than keep on with what Martin built. A bunch of weak minded mid tablers. Get it into it thick fickle heads. Progress takes time, especially when u hav to clear out the rot before moving upwards! He hasn't even brought yet, all the old boys hav giv up, what can he do? Accept player pressure and become a yes man to martins old team? Stop this stupidity. No wonder managers never care for our fans. Were retarded.
Fine article, speaking the truth. We were in fine fettle last season, and MON wanted to strengthen again, but wasn't allowed to. The truth will out in the end.
Absolutly drives me mad hearing all the armchair managers spend all season contradicting themselves like idiots. Try to understand the game before commenting on the gaffers decisions. New managers always change the system. It's not GH fault that our players are unable to adapt. Typical British players with no intelligence. That is martins fault for buying everyones cast offs and making a team out of them. Stop blaming the cleaner. He's jtudying up.
We ended last season a mess mate! Jimmy walked Martin walked because they both knew they had gone as far as they could. Randy was right to refuse to give Martin any more cash, but as a result the whole system needs reshaping. Martin wasted too much, randy will spend we'll eventually be fine. stop blaming Gerard. It's mental.
I've seen better football this season from the boys than in te whole of martins reign, its just a shame that defensivly we hav fell apart, watching villa has always been pants until recently they youngsters play well, just need more technically/tactically gifted defenders and we'll be a decent team.
Astonvillionaire - This is not BULL at all. Remember that this is a team that finished 6th three seasons on the trot. It needed improvements in areas, granted - We all know that. It doesnt need wholesale changes FFS - Just quality to improve key areas. Jimmy jumped ship cos of the money and he is also a journeyman footballer. I am in agreement with Revua's comments about Houllier, although MON leaving when he did and Lerner making the wrong appt, also to blame. Houllier would have been better steading the ship instead of allowing the mutinity that has taken place and taken us to the brink of a major relgation dog fight!
What makes you the the expert villionaire???? From 6th place to 16th place is a big jump. Conceding TWICE as many goals is also a big jump. Being the 3rd lowest scorers in this league is pathetic. What YOU don't seem to realise (with your limited understanding ) is that most fans don't want this French fool to stamp his mark on our great team. He stamped his mark on the FFF and it makes you wonder if they weren't glad to see the back of him. Did he leave or was his time almost up ???? They were too weak to get rid of Domenech and had to wait for him to stand down even though EVERYONE wanted him out. Speak for yourself when you say retarded.
"I've seen better football this season from the boys than in te whole of martins reign". You can ponce about with the ball on the halfway line but it doesn't get you any points. There is NO end product however fancy it looks. MON had an end product, real shame that he couldn't develop it further.
Chelsea 7 Villa 1. Things were great under MON and so, so different! Newcastle 6 Villa 0 K Mac. Sorry this is about being able to write an article rather than seeking the truth. How many times last season did we see the ball bobble about in our penalty area and not go in? This year it has. The last thing we need is fans panicking, the board panicking - no investment, and more of the same. Look at some other facts: Carew missed a days training at home and said he is not fit to play! Ireland has never looked interested under KMac or GH, Dunne has thrown his dummy out, Beye has never played a decent game, even MON wouldn't play some of the others and he signed them. We have the laziest and most under motivated players it has ever been my misfortune to watch in over 40 years of following the Villa. Whose fault is that? GH? Or Randy and Co. for giving complete autonomy to a man with no money sense and little thought about players' characters.
Thank goodness for your comments astonvillionaire, i was starting to lose the will to live on here. I agree mate -I can't believe this witch hunt after 3 months when alot was wrong before he arrived. I suppose the moaners wanted pardew or curbs then? We were littered with options afterall....or KMac was had dnne by and overlooked - when in fact he missed his chance by lamely commenting that he'd talk to his girlfriend as it was a big decision....what flannel that was....."So then Kevin would you like the job?.....Erm, well i need to think about that for a month...." Hou dropped a clanger at Liverpool, absolutely and a fair few times before that with hsi constant references to L'pool, but other than that not a great deal wrong under the circumstances. I'm not happy about where we are in the table or the defenzive record but the same is happening at Fulham, and L'pool where their managers have been at the helm less than 4 months and the knives are's madness!
I stopped reading after "all the problems we have had the blame starts and stops at Houllier". So Mon walk out like the coward he was throwing his toys out the pram is GH fault. Albrighton getting appendicitus is GH fault. Milner going is GH fault. Gabby getting a virus is his fault. Heck my bus back from manchester to wigan was late - I'll blame GH. I lost patience with GH after Tuesday but now that he is here to stay (no action from the board to get rid) so we have to support him. Funny how we get two/three different paper stories - one says we have 30 mill one says nothing and the other says that there will be some money but we have to sell to buy. Guess which one everyone believes (because it suits their artgument) - yes the one that says sell to buy. But we are near completing a signing of a player and most are poo pooing it because it's not a "world class" signing. We have players who are half hearted - because the training (be it double or whatever) is encroaching on their golfing time or their visit to the lapdancing club or whatever. just because these precious little fragile ego'd nuggets can't be ars'ed to put in a decent shift - lets blame GH. Get behind the team and we now have to get behind the manager no matter what our feelings (I don't particularly like him now) but will give him and the players and club 100% backing.
brilliant comments gordonsleftboot, couldn't have put it better myself.
Better football under GH!! LOL, You have to laugh don't you!
I once heard the term... Fickle
Villa 4 Ever
I agree excellent comment Gordonleftboot.
Villa 4 Ever
Villianaire... what was needed was EVOLUTION not one said the playing style didn't need to change, but by making wholesale changes so early he has sacrificed points and got us embroiled in a relegation battle we could easily have avoided. If you know the players can't play continental football don't ask them too, Houllier should be experienced enough to be able to work within the players limitations
Sorry to say this but I am getting well and truly peeeed off with all these Anti GH threads popping up everytime a story breaks - Jeez I heard Gabby f a r ted in training that caused a stink in bodymoor heath. lets start a thread about GH and why Gabby finds the need to fart and is it because GH cannot motivate him to fart quietly or away from the pitch. We think we have problems - Liverpool lost last night are only 2 points above us and 3 points off relegation - and we have fans slitting wrists cos we are at the bottom. Just spoke to a pool fan who says that the pool team is the worst he has seen in a long while - Ithink they got good players in it but the manager seems to be havoing problems (the very same manager some on here were wanting and if he is having problems then I think he'd have more with us as our players are overpaid big ego'ed F***nuggets (at tleast the ones who should know better). At least the young guns are a breath of fresh air at the moment. We will NOT go down. We will survive just please no more Houllier threads 1000 are enough to keep us going till the next poor sod comes in and gets the same treatment if he doesn't bring instant performances and results.
Naz...this isn't fickleness...most of us were wary of the GH appointment in the first place and have waited a (short) while before getting agitated. Anyone that thinks we have nothing to worry about atm needs to go to specsavers!
I already do - I wear their brand of specs and contacts (ha! ha!). Look mate - I been a fan 49 years and have seen much worse than this and it's not just us in the mix - but Liverpool, Newcastle, the teams below us (who we have to play still) so I'm not panicing - there is a lomg way to go and also - a couple of years ago a team in the bottom broke a record and survived (fulham) - we WILL survive - I have faith with or without Gerard (not my first choice either but we are stuck with him). The only thing we can do is at the next home game - give the lads (and to some extent the manager) huge cheers and backing throughout the game. We can start on Sunday - with the loyal truly great away support. The most demotivating thing a player hears is boos during the game and chants against them!. We now ALL OF US - get behind the team and the manager (like him or hate him) and WE ALL OF US have to work together to get out of this mess and WE WILL.
I agree that the fans must get behind the team! I have never booed a villa player or team and I doubt I ever will, however unless Houllier encourages the team to play to its strengths instead of playing to his notion of good football relegation is a very real possibility...for the first time since DOL left I am going into matches with no realistic expectation of results...and that is a bad feeling for any football fan!
ZARCH, I did go into detail as to why the club could not base the managers appointment on just the fans decision. I did go a bit off track with the main point of this article but I think its a valid point that if most of the fans don't agree with the managers appointment they will not back him in times of hardship. Surely you want most fans onside from day one and with Houllier we never had that so imo unless he had instant results he was destined to fail. SIMONBIGRON, For you to suggest that MON did not have the backing of the fans when he came is ridiculous! He was probably one of the most welcomed managers ever. Some fans turned on him when he got stuck in his ways, was unwilling to adapt and spent vast amounts of money on quite a few average players. ASTONVILLIONAIRE, I think we are all willing to accept a few bad displays while we develop into something better. But there is no signs of us developing. I know things take time but most don't like what they see now. If Houllier was not upsetting players, was not playing zonal marking in defence, was not trying to play such an open style when we need points, was not making us feel like he would rather be a Liverpool and waiting for the opportunity to arise. Its obvious from what he has said he wants the Liverpool job back and he was trying to use us to get it. If he was getting the best out of the players we have then we would see the light and be willing to give him time. He has never proved to be a master in the transfer market so we can hardly hold great hope there either. It also is GH fault if the players don't adapt. Do you think the Blackpool manager gets his players to adapt? no he gets the best out of what he has got and then brings players in if he wants to play a different style. He does what's best to get a result on the day. That is the sign of a good manager. I did not like a lot about MON but he did get the best out of the players to get a good team effort most weeks. It may have not been pretty but it got results and that's what counts. We wanted someone after MON that got results by getting the best out of players but could also adapt and handle the players and media well as well as being more shrewd in the transfer market. That's what we needed, not some French guy to come and upset all and sundry and make a once strong defence so weak! NAZVFC, You fail to grapes the whole point of the article with your one sided view. I would not argue that Milner leaving, MON leaving the time he did ect did not help. That is all obvious and plain to see so I fail to see why you would need to bring it up? If you read the article for what it is, Houllier is here to get results and the best out of players he has got. I went into more detail than I probably needed to but this is where the fault starts and stops with Houllier. He is not getting the best out of players, he is actually upsetting most, He is not getting good results with his tactics, he is not handling the media very well. All the things he should be doing he is failing on big style, we didn't expect miracles but we expected a certain level of professionalism and tactical skills to steady the ship. I struggle to see why any Villa fan would be blindly backing him so much. From what I have said above, take out anything else that has happed the blame starts and stops with Houllier for what's on the pitch. We are also not stuck with Houllier! why do you feel we are? You say we need to work together and yes I agree but that won't be with Houllier as to many fans are against him for good reason. We as fans and strong and passionate and no matter what Houllier does he will never he held in high regard from me and many more. He has crossed the line many times for me to know the guy is an idiot. As I said before for us to pull together we need a managers most agree with and will back. We need a manager we feel is on our side and is in it with us. MON was never that man and Houllier will never be that man. They are to driven by there own ego and unwilling to adapt.
football is fickle lads, it is the same for all fans of all clubs, running the network I do see comments all around, some have slated Wenger, some Spurs were moaning about Happy Harry, a few seasons ago Sir Al Chewalot was being questioned etc. It is just all opinion and if you take it in the right way, a laugh shooting the breeze with fellow fans, some take it too seriously in my opinion, and that coming from one of the sad gits who runs the site. I love it, love the banter but there is a real world as well! I like all the opinions on here but also a bit of respect for other opinions...!
The Fear
1 Question. name 1 good game under Frenchie?
I want GH to go or at least to bring in someone who can motivate the team but to say its all his fault is tosh. He tried evolution but was forced into a revolution by over paid premadonnas. We are now suffering the legacy that MON built, the average players, the wasting of millions, the huge wage bill with equally huge egos compounded by the luck finally running out. I don't think GH is the man to turn things around but if you're looking for someone to blame start with the so called "proffessional" players, then look at the mess created by MON before focusing on the failings of a man who whlst obviously not up to the task of rectifying the situation did not create it.
AVBORNANDBRED, but we have been finishing in the top 6 and were often a hard team to beat. Why with roughly the same players do you think we were in such a mess in the first place? I'm not saying everything MON did was great because loads was not but if you have anything about you then you don't pick up a mess and then mess it up even more to try and tidy it up do you! What Villa needed was stability for a while and Houllier has failed big time.
I'd built up a head of steam to disagree with each point in this post, but having waded through the responses I have now lost the will to live. Let's just say that there's far too much ranting going on and not enough patience, insight and willingness to see beyond the superficial. I hate that football has become so short-term. I hate that the opinions of a few vocal online moaners are taken as representative of the vast majority. I hate that the pursuit of glory is taking away the simple enjoyment of watching your team play football - badly or otherwise. Things will improve, so let's calm down and be supportive.
10 out of 10 Freelancelot. Changing manager now, whatever you think of him, is almost guaranteed to make things worse.
Absolute complete and utter drivel. I agree that GH has not performed yet but how long has he been here ? 3 months ? And too old - older than Fergie is he ?
"Our play has been every bit as rubbish as under MON" incredible, just an amazing lack of intelligence. Under MON we finished 6th for the last three seasons. We needed fine tuning, not wholesale changes. Him leaving dumped as well and truly in it. So it's all GH's fault is it ? MON leaving, swapping Milner for Ireland, Gabby and JC's indifferent form (wasn't it last season ?) injuries, illnesses.. all GH's fault, right ?
Whatever your day job is, please stick to it because trying to understand Aston Villa is clearly a bit too hard for you.
Only man to blame! HAHAHA! Am i the only 1 who wants this poor guy to do well? We're half way through the season and Jans round the corner FFS. Too many glory hunters with high expectations. 3 months is too early to call for a mangers head, especially when you've got knobheads for players who've been exposed as average. Support the team through thick and thin, its what 'fans' do
144WITTONLANE. How can you say changing managers now would make things worse? I would saying changing mangers now would only make things better! The last three month imo could not have been any worse no matter who we had in charge. I really wish I would share the blind faith some of you have. No matter what ever Houllier says or does wrong you find a lame excuse for it. I hope the club has more sense than to keep backing him or many will be eating your words when we are in the first division. Houllier has never been in this position before and so has never proved he can get out of it. There is no signs so far to prove otherwise. I sometimes wonder if its financial beneficial for some fans if Villa do badly.
revua - you miss my point. Leaving aside the fact that the consequetive 6th place finishes papers over a number of cracks (we went from should've been fourth to could've been 8th or 9th is a another way of looking at it), my point is that GH tried the change it slowly approach as he said he would. His fairly minor changes of actually wanting players to get fit and asking them to try to keep the ball occassionaly however were recieved by petulant tantrums and whilst I don't like GH, I fully support him telling the jumped up, over paid disgraces that currently inhabit our squad to get back in their boxes. GH inherited a situation not of his making and has tried to make things better, that they are currently worse is partially his fault but is more so the fault of the players who are paid huge sums do something that most if not all of us on here would actually pay to do. They should be able to adopt different tactics within reason, they shouldn't need someone to motivate them - pulling on the shirt, stepping out in front of us, their huge wage packets or even simply proffessional pride should be enough to motivate them, and they should behave like proffessionals and do what their managers asks, if they don't like it they should put in a transfer request and soldier on setting a good example to younger players not whinge and moan , fein injury and all of the other examples of putrid, petulant, brat like behaviour they've demonstrated over recent weeks. GH has not yet had chance to move out the dross that MON signed because of the timing of his appointment, for which I will always despise MON but also partly blame Randy for not seeing the true character of the man sooner and ensuring the parting happened on better terms with a successor lined up. Simply trying to blame GH for all of the woes we currently face is total and utter nonsense.
I also do support the team through thick and thin along as they give there all for Aston Villa. I do not support a manager that is only interested in getting the job back at Liverpool. I do not support the manager than upsets team moral and publicly criticises players. I do not support a man that's tactical failings are causing our club to slide to division 1 very fast. There is a difference in supporting your club and players to supporting a manager that you know does not care for the best interest of Aston Villa!
AVBORNANDBRED - I don't miss any of those points. I take all that on board but a lot of what you have said there is what you think the players are acting like from what you see in the press. There is no proof the players are the problem. What I do KNOW is GH is very bad at man management for a fact. This is proven from his past dealing at other clubs and which how he publicly criticises our players, even just the last game he singled out the poor kid Lichaj! How unprofessional is that? He has had many spats in the press with Carew, Ireland ect so I dread to think what he is like to them face to face. He has no idea of how he comes across so badly. If he was my boss and spoke about me to other like that I've would tell him where to go and I'm sure you would do the same. I'm not saying these players are completely innocent but what has he achieved but upsetting all and sundry and Villa Park? I will tell you what he has achieved and that is three points from bottom going into the new year. That is not acceptable.
Also where do you draw the line? The line has been passed as far as I'm concerned. But when do you actually sack him if this carry's on? Come the end of the season? maybe when we need points to stay up and we have our last two games against Liverpool and Arsenal. When do you other fans think will be to late?
Financially beneficial for some fans if Villa do badly?? Quite the maddest thing I've ever heard. Maybe you're using yourself as a case in point? otherwise you know very differrent fans to me!
Have read a few of the comments but can't be bothered to read them all. I am in the camp that thinks Houllier needs time. I understand the comments made in the initial posts, but they are the thoughts of a football fan and not someone who understands exactly what is required at so much more than just a football level. Carew is a problem and has been for 18 months. Lets blame GH. The injury problems (most caused during games or through illness) lets blame GH. The terrible contract situation left by MON with Sidwell, Okey Cokey, Ashley etc lets blame GH. The 6 0 defeat at Newcastle and getting knocked out of Europe in the first round before GH was here, lets blame him anyway. Losing Milner and getting in Ireland who only came reluctantly, lets blame GH. Playing the B-lose without 8 players available, lets blame GH. Lets blame GH for all the young players signing long term contracts (ooops they have) so lets not give GH any credit for that. We lost 5 0 nil at Anfield under MON and by 7 at Chelski, but lets blame GH. Lets blame GH for when we were in the top 3 but then went on a period of 3 wins in 18 games (and they were against Hull, Newcastle and Blackburn). He cannot let player power or fan power win because that would be short term cure but long term madness. Look at Newcastle, they demanded a sacking and demanded Shearer as replacement. They got their wish!! Sometimes when a manager makes mistakes and GH seems to have made a few, then it can become hard to see the big picture. He isn't young but is 7 years younger than Ferguson. He probably needs 12 months to stamp his authority on the club and I am confident we will become a better club for his wisdom. What is sure though, is that if the fans turn against the club before or during games, then we have more chance of being relegated than getting an upturn in fortunes. Now is the time to show if you are a supporter or a moaner or one of the legendary fickle fans highlighted by O'Deary. Keep the faith. Boo at the end of a game if you are not happy. Turn up in numbers and sing your hearts out.
top quality comment VOTH. I am in the camp that agrees with you that VP will be a better place once Hou has had 12 months to stamp his authorty on the team and the club. Revua, you've got strong opinions mate, and some are wrothy but i think they are short termist comments, i think you need to consider mate that whoever manages our wonderful club at this time would have to deal with Ireland, Beye, Dunne, Sidwell, NRC and Carew an unfit team as pointed out by John Terry, and some prima donnas who live 100+ miles away and don't want to train twice a day. All of these things need sorting mate and GH is gradually making us a more attractive playing answer to your question Revua - when have weplayed wel this season...i'd say when we were 2-0 up against ManUre and it could have been 5-0 if not for the woodwork and Sir Alex even admitted this much. Their is some promise their mate.....
VillainYorks - your right we did play well against Man Utd, I'm not saying its right but you do have to question did the players let us draw that game we could have easily won? They should play to win but if they can't stand the way Houllier has gone about things as much as I can't then I can understand that they will want him out asap. Voiceoftheholte - no one is blaming GH for previous problems, we are blaming him for what he has done now with what he has had to use and deal with. If he was any good he could have turned this club around without upsetting everyone to make the situation worse.
he really couldn't have turned it around with the injuries we have had, he has upset a few people and a few fans by the looks of it but i think he'll pull it off. By the way were you suggesting the players threw the game vs Man ure because they wanted houllier out...? it sounded that way.......
revua, now you're having a laugh. You claim that I'm basing the player attitudes on what I read in the press (only partially true) but then go and speculate that the players deliberately threw away a winning position against Man Ure, based on what info from those little green aliens you've been talking to.... I do agree that somehting needs to change now and not later but that change could be an additon to the back room staff, or new players with better attitudes, a bit of luck etc VOTH, VillainYorks - couldn't agree more but still really worried.
AVbourandbred, Please don't separate what I have said is fact to what I have suggested may be happening. Just as you can suggest what you think is happening I can counter that with suggestions of what I think may be happening. As Houllier is proving to be a moron in the press my logical senses tell me he is the problem when it comes to attitude. I'm not saying none of the players are not at fault. Which ever way it is the manager is there to sort these things out so the players are happy and they perform on the pitch. Houllier is failing at that and that is what he is paid to do. It seems to me many fans have stuck there neck on the line saying how great Houllier was when he came and are now seeing he is not, they are trying to save face by trying to convince everyone that its not his fault when its so obviously is. I suggest that you all take a good step back and take another look. Football is different now whether you like it or not, these players are multi-millionaires with big egos. No manager can walk in and read the riot act. If Houllier or you lot think he can then you are seriously foolish. There will be very few good players you can do that to these days. I'm not saying that's right or I agree that's the way it should be but that is the way it is. That's why the good managers are the ones that can change with the games and get the best out of what they have got. Houllier does not fall into that category.

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