Aston Villa - What The Hell Is Going On With Stephen Ireland?
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What The Hell Is Going On With Stephen Ireland?

A report in the Daily Mail (click here) by Neil Moxley says that Stephen Ireland would be allowed to leave Villa Park after a short and thus far unsuccessful spell IF Villa can get the 8million they paid for him (as part of the James Milner deal).

The report, amongst others, claim that Ireland has told Gerard Houllier that he wants out. I believe Sky are reporting that Ireland has put in a transfer request.

Houllier is quoted in the Mail as saying:

"Stephen has told his agent that he wants to go in January. I'm not convinced about that. But once a player says he wants to go, he can go.'

Will Villa be able to get their money back though? Will any club come in and pay the wages, reported to be around 65 000 (why would anyone want to leave a GREAT club like Villa and especially whilst being paid that sort of money?) as well as paying 8m? Open to debate that isn`t it as despite being a 'prospect` he fell out with the regime at Manchester City and now it appears at Villa. Clubs don`t like to pay top money for players who look like they could be 'trouble`.

Houllier also told the press he has told the player that he expects more from him, adding 'I haven't said anything wrong about him. But I think there is a discrepancy between what I see in training and what I see in a game. I told his agent that was the only problem. He has got to sort that out. I like the man, the player. He's got some skill, touch, an eye for a pass. But he has got to adapt to modern football as well."

Houllier also wants all players to move closer to Villa Park - rightly - (which is a worry as Ashley Young has moved further down South!)

'He does not live in Birmingham and hasn't moved house. I am quite patient but it has been a huge shock for him coming from Manchester City. At the moment, he is not in the squad and will not be travelling to Wigan. It's a football decision. Nothing else.'

So.. Ireland... looks like the end of the road but then, if no club comes in for him?

Another question that should be asked, should Houllier be talking so publicly about the players? In some ways I like knowing what is going on but then again, could his comments about Ireland not putting in the effort in training be part of the problem that unsettled and made Ireland unhappy? Bit of a chicken and egg question I guess.

One thing is for sure, there will be a good few departures as Houllier brings in his 'own` players and hopefully blends them with the players who are happy at Villa and proud to be at such a good club as well as with the very promising youth players breaking through right now.

The links to him so far:

Stephen Ireland considering his future: Click Here
Stephen Ireland off to Stoke on loan? Click Here
Stephen Ireland to Everton. Click Here

According to quotes on Sky one link that is just total rubbish is the Stephen Ireland to Celtic on loan.

The Hoops manager Neil Lennon told Sky "We are looking at areas where we can improve the squad but I wouldn't say he (Ireland) is a candidate or anything like that. There is a lot of names being thrown at us from clubs and agents and it would be unfair to talk about individuals."

Our forum thread... usual warning, adult language etc... ! Click Here

As you can see from the first page, he has been linked with a move to Liverpool. That I guess would make sense if he doesn`t want to move house... (that sentence is baffling, I`d have crawled over broken glass to play at the level these players are at and yet some don`t want to move house for a few years?!!?)

What has been missed in this is if the players confidence could be regained, there is a very good player hiding there! Has it gone too far, does he really not want to be at the club? If so, there is no way back, but if they could meet in the middle and start again.....?

So, Ireland off then!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 18 2010

Time: 12:11PM

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The bloke is an idiot. Villa will struggle to recover 8 mill. Ship him out and let the yoof blossom!
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:26:00

At least the Villa fans can now see exactly why City got rid of this clown. Hate to say we told you so.
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18/12/2010 12:29:00

who signed him? can somone answer that please? It wasn't O'Neill and it wasn't Houllier. So is this not a board signing and a failed one at that. Who sanctioned the move for this plonker. Also agree, Houllier needs to keep it in house. He prattles on like a gossipy teenager.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:32:00

First the Rep. Of Ireland and now Villa. I've had it with this baldy *****, he can ***** off back to Cork and disappear for good.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:32:00

Nothings 'going on' with Steven Ireland! This is the player you signed. Your previous manager needs f*****g for buying him as do we for buying Milner.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:36:00

Can we have Milner back then please? Ireland is a spoilt schoolboy. perfect example of too much money too soon and wasting a great talent. The sooner he goes, the better, but realistically who is going to pay a lot for him with the stupid wages he is on.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:44:00

City cant exactly brag after milner is hardly getting a game...Ireland is a quality player but he just seems to not want to be at villa so get rid of him and we have delph, bannan and gardner ready to step up. Going to be hard to get all youngsters in the team when there all full filling their potential.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:54:00

I really dont like the attitude of Ireland and I think you will struggle to get more than 5-6m for him, Sunderland could be a decent shout for him, but I can imagine any possible buyer would want to get him for a steal and it may wel be better for Villa to simply cut their losses and get rid.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 12:55:00

At the time I went spare about this. No manager in place and they STILL signed the tit. Faulkner really blotted his copy book with this one.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:24:00

Looks like we've been screwed over by City. Not only do they take our most influential player thus reducing the competition for CL positions but they manage to do it on the cheap by off loading a player who seems content to pick his wages and live in his nice big house inthe country. And Man City fans can't see that the "project" which their club is currently carrying out is ruining football!? Good players (Milner & Ireland) careers sent into nosedive by money and greed in a time when most of us are struggling to pay for token gifts for our nearest and dearest. What a sorry state of affairs :(
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:37:00

I can't see any Premiership manager in their right mind wanting to sign Ireland. He's nothing but trouble. Pure ego player.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:43:00

Ireland has had attitude and application problems for a while. He was really a one-season-wonder at City then failed to live up to what he had created for himself. There is a great work ethic in this season's premier league. In his last season at City and from the odd glimpse you've seen with Villa, it just isn't there. This man had the world at his feet with all the promises the money will bring. He's got to want it. He doesn't.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:45:00

I believe this is one of the the reasons MON left, he didn't want to sell Milner and he certainly DIDN'T want Ireland, at the time of this deal Ireland may have thought MON could get him back on track, this didn't happen and he now wants out, as I'm sure ASH does, MON saw this coming and bailed, wether he was right or wrong is debateable, this ***** up is down to the board and no-one else, when they start buying players the manager doesn't want, its time for the manager to leave! (don't forget MON was brought up with B Clough, can u imagine if the board had bought a player cloughie didn't want) I don't believe a word this board tell us or any other board for that matter and niether should I.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:50:00

What position does he play? Is he midfield or an attacker? Cos whenever I've seen him he's anonymous in both! He wasn't fit when he signed and he's done little to force his way in. He's clearly not the managers cup of tea, and for someone on 65k a week it'd be money better spent elsewhere.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:51:00

get behind gerard houlier, hes trying to get us to play atractive passing football which we all want to see and a few players get upset ship them out and get players that want to play football for this great club, no one player is bigger than avfc and it will take time to adapt from hoof football to slick pass and move but it will come, all the manager wants is hard working commited players who can play abit, ireland can play but from what ive seen he is not up for it and only he is to blame for that! UTV
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 13:52:00

P.Avfc - we can brag mate. Milner has started 14 from 19 games since his move to City and been involved as a substitute in the other 5, he hasn't hit last season's form but is still very much part of City's plans and has a promising future ahead of him, Ireland on the other hand, well. Adam Deuce - Stephen Ireland is sending his own career into nosedive with his bad attitude, it has nothing to do with City "ruining football".
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 14:14:00

ha, saw the badly **** and thought you were talking to me Stephen Jay Hawkings!

The deal as far as I can see was done when MON was boss, when he left the deal was a fair way along.

Milner not going down well then RobsonGreenSleeves? Shall we swap back?

Must admit, hear exact opposite Eltoro. Milner didn't want to leave until MON said to the press that he had intimated that he did. That was that. By the time MON went, the deal was a fair way along and that player is too professional to u-turn. Money as well is difficult to turn down, they pay silly money there, although he was offered a massive contract to stay. Got very confused and maybe we'll never really know. IF the board wanted to be signing players or saying what transfers to do, they'd have not had Harewood for a start in my opinion and they would also have spent after MON left, the fact they didn't disproves your theory in my ever so humble. They had their chance... they aren't like that and didn't take it and never would.
The Fear
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 15:01:00

I have to say at the time I was fully behind the decision to go ahead with the Milner/Ireland swap. The board knew Milner wanted out and clearly knew they weren't going to get a full time manager in place before the end of the transfer window so, I imagine, decided to go ahead with it to ensure we got a replacement. I still think, in theory, it was the right way to go. Unfortunately in practice it's backfired massively because of the player involved being an arrogant nutter. But yes, if Milner isn't going down well at City we'll have him back in a shot, we'd be doing fine with him back in the middle. And to be honest I can't believe you're moaning about Milner RobsonGreensleeves. I don't think he's the one you should be disappointed with - your captain wants out and your players don't seem to get on with each other OR the manager (who insists on trying to mould a championship winning team made up mostly of defensive midfielders) .
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 15:28:00

agree lurman, at the time it looked a good deal, I know I annoyed Eltoro saying it was good business etc but.... Looking back, the lad is a disaster at the moment which is a real disappointment because I'm sure there is a good player in there somewhere!
The Fear
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 15:57:00

Blatantly didn't read your post properly. Doh!
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 16:58:00

lurman - you read too much. "team made up mostly of defensive midfielders" - what a complete load of toss, you make yourself sound stupid with bile like that. I suppose City are playing 9 defensive mids and should try to be more like appy arrys triffic tossenham who are playing like brazil. Trouble with that argument is that after 17 games there's a difference in the 'for' column of ONE.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 17:31:00

I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who thought this, but it was never a good deal. 8mil for a player who had ONE good season. A player who didn't want the move until he had a large pay off. Now he can't get into the team, he's apparently throwing his dummy out of the pram. I may be in the minority who believe Footballers deserve to earn as much as they can, but only with the correct application. Get rid, lower the wage bill and get some players in who are willing to perform for their wage.
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 18:04:00

So I take it we're not liking Ireland today then.
Villan Of The North
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 19:33:00

I agree with you JP he is a ******** disaster, and he should be ashamed of himself, the sort of money this fool is on is no laughing matter, and he himself should make up the deficeit if we sell him and make a loss, players like this make the game of football the laughing stock its becoming. I mentioned Cloughie earlier, god I would've loved to have been in that office when he went in and said I want out after 4months, jesus i don't think he'd have the balls would he!
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 20:27:00

after reading what I'd wrote, I would just like to say for every bad player who gives football a bad name there is always a good one, and this week I would like to put Bolton Wanderers striker Kevin Davies forward has that good player, he dishes it out and he takes it by the bucket load and just gets on with it, he had his cheekbone snapped by an elbow playing against Arsenal and just carried on without complaining once, so this weeks WANNABE goes to S.Ireland, while this weeks football CHAMPION goes to K davies, take a bow Kevin your everything thats good about the game. we should do a good and a bad every week, name and shame
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 20:42:00

Whats happened to players fighting for a shirt, gritting their teeth and proving people wrong. Surely wanting to leave after 4 months is just taking the easy way out instead of knuckling down and getting on with your highly paid job?? Its a big shame as someone with so much talent is just chucking his career away by not having the right mental attitude that all the top players have a need. Get 5m and ship him out. Will be right hacked off we end up loaning him out meaning we give him a move but get naff all out of the deal. I tell you what Stephen, go to work for me on Monday and I will go along to Bodymoor and put in your shift for you!!
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 20:49:00

I dont care about Ireland, His rubbish in a Villa top! I only car about..... Houllier also wants all players to move closer to Villa Park - rightly - (which is a worry as Ashley Young has moved further down South!)....WTF?
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 21:18:00

Report Abuse
18/12/2010 21:18:00

thought Ash Lived in Stourbridge ?
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 22:03:00

I warned you all about him before he signed. Talented, yes, but also a prize tit. If he's not prepared to earn his corn and fight for the right to wear the Villa shirt then he should go home to his granny(s)!!!!!
Report Abuse
18/12/2010 23:17:00

Ireland is a total w###er. Little glimpses of real talent when he's played but we should ship him out now. Would love the club to kick him out and sue him for negligence to recoup the 8M but unfortunately we'll just have to take that on the chin.
Report Abuse
19/12/2010 00:43:00

Last I heard he was in Stourbridge
Stourbridge Villan
Report Abuse
19/12/2010 10:36:00

he can`t get in the team and can`t be arsed to fight for a place.
Report Abuse
19/12/2010 10:41:00

Think Ash has or is moving further down South, not sure where. Not sure I care to be fair!
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/12/2010 15:58:00

Lives in Sourbridge and moving further south? Where ... Kiddie, Bromsgrove, Redditch?
Report Abuse
20/12/2010 13:29:00

Stourbridge of course.
Report Abuse
20/12/2010 13:30:00


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