Aston Villa - Revolting Players At Villa?
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Revolting Players At Villa?

Teething troubles at Villa? A manager unable to bring in his own players and having to deal with another managers squad? Sounds like we`ve got it all at Villa at the moment and I must admit, when it comes to these stories, unless I hear concrete reasons as to the players behaviour, I have very little patience for the modern player power and their fat wallets and silly strops!

The Mirror are reporting what a lot have been whispering at Villa that there are a few bust ups going on.

Their report says that Richard Dunne had a four letter training ground row with Gerard Houllier and Gary McAllister on Friday.

Well, he won`t be the first manager to have this, remember Nigel Hokey-Cokey and Martin O`Neill for instance? But I reckon there will be only one winner, the manager.

I have ranted a few times in the forums, I know, I know, difficult to believe someone as quiet and un opinionated (which I know isn`t even a proper word) as me having a rant but.... that the players should show some professional pride instead of hiding behind a regime change or a manager they don`t like. 90 mins of football can`t be that taxing for them when you consider the adoration they get from fans not to mention their pay packets can it?!

Anyway, this report says that Dunne told Houllier his training is a 'joke` and his tactics 'desperate`... if true, that from the man who only knows one way to clear a ball... hoof. It suited the previous tactics but if Houllier wants to play from the back, that will surely confuse Dunne anyway!?

On top of that, there are claims that Stephen Ireland and Habib Beye both left before the game having had a strop. NOW THIS MIGHT NOT BE TRUE... however it has been said enough throughout the game yesterday and Ireland was seen leaving before the game that it is surely a case of 'no smoke without fire?`. I do want to stress that there has been absolutely no official notification of this and it might well be they had a bug or whatever and were allowed to leave.

Good old thread in our forum, please not over 18 content and language in there.... >> Click Here <<

The report ends claiming the senior players back Dunne. Not sure all of them do to be honest, if they do, fine, they will be moved out and new players willing to play for this fantastic club will be brought in to play alongside those fantastic youth players we have coming in. I would also say that Downing and Ashley Young both played with plenty of professional pride yesterday and I`m sure Ash prefers the thought of a good passing game rather than the longer ball tactics?

Apparently the players all had a meeting on Wednesday to talk things over. Good to hear, whether it is true that Houllier wasn`t told about it or not, the players should be talking things through and pulling their weight in the troubled times.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 12 2010

Time: 4:53PM

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Richard Dunne is useless so I dont mind who he argus on. As for Stephen Ireland, No loan just for sale!
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12/12/2010 17:00:00

Yes we have quite a few revolting players, ugly bunch!
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12/12/2010 17:14:00

Can I just go ahead and say that all these players being accused of "bust-ups" are probably making this team, trying to play a new style, much worse. It's harsh to accuse Dunne of single handedly costing us anywhere from 4-10 points this season but there is a fair argument for that case. Isn't it also true that Ireland has still NEVER been a part of winning Villa side? At what point does that stop being an odd coincidence and a telling attribute of how inefficient our system is when Ireland is one of the two players up top. Habib Beye...well I just learned that he still plays for us. OK, obviously kidding but if anyone wants to make a case for why Beye is better than Lichaj or Young I'd love to hear it. If Houllier could move those three in particular and get two useful players back is there anyone who wouldn't be OK with that prospect. Wouldn't Dunne possibly command a decent fee as he has shown at Villa that he can really perform in the right circumstances...a ton of premier league teams play the way he wants to play. Just turns our that Houllier isn't one of them.
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12/12/2010 17:50:00

Re-Read the article, here's my theory... Suddenly, the regime changes and an entirely and drastically new system of training is implemented. Dunne hates it, thinks its a joke, and has no problem spouting off about it. Seems to me that perhaps this new training is focused on passing and conditioning and movement and tactical approaches to whatever team we are to play...and Dunne is not used to that and finds it ridiculous. After watching Houllier's system (which I for one prefer to MON's, regardless of the recent results) and hearing about Dunne's reaction...I almost think this is a ringing endorsement of how much more effective training has become under the new boss. I'm no expert and I dont claim to be but it sounds like the team is finally training in a way that is more beneficial to the players we should be utilizing. Young, Downing, Heskey, & The Youngsters
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12/12/2010 17:58:00

Agree with your article Fear.Alot of players were mouthing off about the MoN reign also,seems to be a pattern.I think MoN took most of these players as far as they could go,Im sure the training was always good but our performances over the years would suggest we need higher standards within the club.If a defender has not got the ability to play a simple pass or keeps getting injured because of a more intensive conditioning program maybe he is not a top quality player.When Wenger took over at Arsenal he banned Ketchup and they thought he was mental.
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12/12/2010 18:17:00

On top of that let's not forget that Friedel, Warnock and Carew have all been snubbed by GH at other clubs so I doubt they're too smitten with him either.. As for Dunne, he certainly deserved to be dropped, plus I tend to think that in a CB partnership at least one has to be a good passer of the ball, and on that basis Collins/Dunne has never fully washed with me
Report Abuse
12/12/2010 20:34:00

Thing is Warnock has been a mainstay under Houllier and in my opinion has played great football under him. I think we have a great team and i cant believe people talk about us getting relegated. The only difference from last year is Milner and form. They young guns have got even better than before! I think we still have a bright future, we just need to dig in. If the revolting players is true then they need to move on. Whether u like him or not, Houllier is the boss!
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12/12/2010 21:00:00

I reckon your papers make mountains out of mould hills.
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12/12/2010 21:16:00

BTW I think the mirror is rubbish anyway.
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12/12/2010 21:24:00

Dunne needs to pipe down and get on the teadmill
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12/12/2010 22:46:00

*treadmill. He's been awful
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12/12/2010 22:47:00

Well, it looks like Davies might have a route back in now and I, for one, am glad. The way I see it is that Dunne and Collins are the two 'hard' centre halves.. hoofers, but strong and good in the air. Cuellar, Clark and Davies are a bit more cultured and can do a bit more with the ball. At the moment Collins and Cuellar is the way to go but I wouldn't write of Curtis yet, even with Clark seemingly ahead of him in the pecking order.
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13/12/2010 00:48:00

Zarch, is a mould hill anything like a molehill??
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13/12/2010 05:40:00

the cheek of it aye, getting annoyed for being told what to do by your boss! and on the amount of pay that they are on also.......ffs get over it it's not like they (prem footballers) are hard or have even noticed the recession.
holte ender 1969
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13/12/2010 07:18:00

apparently an ex player said Houllier fines any player who farts during training,I hope thats not true.
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13/12/2010 07:49:00

The guy in charge of our training is the same chap who was in charge of training for the French national team during the last World Cup. Not top of most peoples Christmas card list it would seem.
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13/12/2010 09:09:00

"No smoke without fire" is the sort of comment that starts riots. This is the "lots of people are saying it therefore it must be true" school of reporting. Also good to see that so many people on this site "know" what players and the manager are thinking.

Richard Dunne has served us very well in the past. I hate it when "fans" decide that one player is the cause of all our problems. It's a team game. We all sink or swim together. To be honest I would prefer that this sort of stuff did not appear on the site at all. It does no good and probably does lots of harm.

chocolate teapot
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13/12/2010 10:32:00

some good thoughts there JWiLs2315, agree that when a manager wants to change style of play/systems etc, not everyone will like it and some will have to go!

Agree AVFCinOz, he wasn't useless last year, he had his 'moments' as is his way but also saved many a game. This season though, I think he has by and large been fitting the famous Curtis Davies 'pub player' jibe (aimed at himself I'm sure you remember!)

LOL Pking, where did you hear that? Farts? What a load of sh it (gerrit?!)

Agree chocolate teapot, think you will see I don't usually go with the rumours or do present them as such when that is what they are. I am trying to get the facts from our media guy and will be very happy to clear it up when I get the full facts. I don't think these 'talking points' cause harm though mate, I think this is football, the good the bad and the ugly are talked about and if I didn't do things on the current 'news' (whether good or bad) the site would soon be off the pace.
The Fear
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13/12/2010 10:46:00

A daily mail article says Ireland didn't make the squad and watched the game from a box.
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 10:47:00

AMS78... possibly. english is my second language. give a guy a break. = )
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13/12/2010 11:43:00

I think whats happening at Villa Park at the moment is similar to what happened when Coach Carter took over the Richmond Oiler :p . For the last 3 years we have been known as the team that die after 70 minutes, so it's no surprise that a new boss would look to address this, and just like Coach Carter he's got the lads running suicides and some don't like it. Coach carter also enforced a sleek passing game which some players did not like. Now we know where Gerard gets his coaching tips from. Ok no seriously tho, Dunne is a quality player. If he did storm out, he shouldnt have especially given his responsibility as captain. And I agree with the chap above, I prefer our current style of football over what we played with MoN. It took MoN the best part of 3 seasons to build his team for his style, we cannot expect to see the best of Coach Carter.. I mean Gerard Houllier until he has had chance to bring in his faces and ship out MoN's .
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13/12/2010 12:57:00

Dunne can leave tomorrow on a free as far as I'm concerned. He is an absolute liability! Curtis Davies should be given a chance with Cuellar now, it's got to be better than our current defending. Even against WBA they hit the woodwork and looked like scoring on several occassions, papering over the cracks... just not good enough
Valiant Villan™
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13/12/2010 13:47:00

i can see Dunne leaving if not in Jan than at the end of the season as im well chuffed that Carlos is back he looked sharp and ready for anything and him and collins are a good partnership. Warnock seemed alot more with as supposed to his usual cloud 9 performance, and Eric Lichaj was amazing for his first real PL game and against a tough team, cought out once or twice BUT that will come with experience. I prefer the passing game and thats a main factor in or goals and dunne dont like it as he cant play like a caveman HHHHOOOOOFFFFFFFF
Ted 369
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 14:21:00

Collins is solid, and much of the frailties im sorry to say come from when Dunne is in the side. I loved Dunne last season.... he was solid along with Collins, but it has to be said that he cant play a passing game. The real work for Houllier begins in January when we see what that little black book of contacts can dig up for us. For now it is all about damage limitation and making sure albrighton doesn't get injured :p
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13/12/2010 14:51:00

For anyone saying our central defence should be Cuellar and Davies, can you not remember how thoroughly sh it they were together at pre Collins and Dunne. When Laursen got injured/retired our Defence leaked goals for fun, which is why we signed two new CB last season. I'm not sure this will be the end for Dunne at Villa. Surely it shows some degree of passion to do well, though there are ways to go about it. I hope Dunne comes back, fights for his place and shows the kind of form which made him such an instant favourite last year.
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 15:22:00

Interesting that Dunne has gone from captain to rebel in a matter of weeks. Suspect we spend quite alot of time doing pass and move type training as opposed to lots of work on set pieces. Maybe there is right on both sides and GH did say it would be evolution not revolution but we appear to have moved quite rapidly
Report Abuse
13/12/2010 16:23:00


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