Aston Villa - Mixed Reactions On Houllier From Villa Fans
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Mixed Reactions On Houllier From Villa Fans

As you would expect of any manager linked to the Villa job, Gerard Houllier is getting a mixed reaction by fans on our message boards.

The vote in the forum is a close run thing: (Click Here) and some fans are saying we are doomed and it is the end of the world whereas others are delighted. That leaves many in the middle who won't write off the appointment (if made) but maybe aren't chomping at the bits with excitement.

I've sent some questions out to Liverpool mates, which might help. My postman... oh god, Fear is off you cry... is a Liverpool fan (born and bred, tattoo to show his love etc) and says we could do a hell of a lot worse, his squad was the one that won the Champions League and he played some good football.

I spoke to a Liverpool supporting friend of mine (I say friend, more care in the community if I am honest) who said: 'Good man manager, was excellent until his heart op at Pool then seemed (understandably) to loose a little passion.' Adding, 'Fans loved him for the football he delivered up to then though. You could do worse.'

I'm slightly surprised (again, if the appointment is made) that we have turned to a 63 year old but then with age comes wisdom and Sir Alex Chewalot isn't exactly a spring chicken, nor is Roy Hodgson.

Houllier might just be the steadying factor we need at the club, he can do his bit as manager and maybe move upstairs to continue the football revolution!? The scouting system needs sorting and it would be good to see us scour Europe for players, not just the UK.

For me, the football can't get any worse than it was under Martin O'Neill (I know, 6, 6, 6 and a good cup run or two, but boy was I bored...) and the fact he walked out and turned his back on the club also has made it so very difficult for the board to get a manager in. If he'd gone in May he'd have gone with far more thanks, dignity and respect as far as I'm concerned (not talking for anyone else before people get their knickers in a twist at me!)

Anyway... Some comments from Villa fans... oh and the forum thread, 92/100 split of yes and no at the moment. Click Here.... contains strong language..!


Don't mind if Houllier is manager - not exactly a dream appointment but better than most. Wouldn't want him as director of football though; high profile directors of football always go badly badly wrong.

I think Gerard Houlier's football knowledge, transfer contacts and overall experience of wining trophies would be a good thing, only thing that worries me is this tech director of football thing, ok so Chelsea liverpool have em so maybe not that bad, but i remember all the shenanigans at the barcodes with Dennis wise, also spurs with frank arnason interfering, but i believe Houllier would be good for us helping out Big Mac who we know the players respond to with Houllier guiding him and helping him bring in foreign talent. Big Mac i deserves a crack at the big time and with a little guidance from upstairs and ability to attract players, I'm for it

lerneravfc said 'This place should be buzzing at the possibility of getting a manager with his record,instead you want to play armchair expert and rake over his signings. Its not about whether you like someone or not its about whether they do the business for the club.'

James06 said ' Let's have a reality check: look at the squad, look at the clubs current status and look at the spending power. Houllier has been top level Champions League manager for most of his career and has an impressive trophy haul. He would be a brilliant manager to bring in IMO, the question is would he come to us, and can we meet his standards?'

100% Villa pointed out:

Houllier club honours

1 French League: 1985-86

1 UEFA Cup: 2000-01
1 UEFA Super Cup: 2001
1 FA Cup: 2000-2001
2 Football League Cup: 2000-2001, 2002-03
1 FA Community Shield: 2001

2 French League: 2005-06, 2006-07
2 Champions Trophy: 2005, 2006

Coeur de Lion: 'We're all agreed that there's a lot of behind the scenes work to be done in terms of scouting etc and in truth I can't think of a better person to come and do that. I'm not a fan of his football either, but then there aren;t a lot of managers out there that play champagne football to be fair!'

P.AVFC: 'I think personally he would be good, Experienced and a good win percentage record at liverpool + he has a wide rage of knowledge on young talent.'

Villa4Europe: 'I'd be happy with Houllier...good track record and he will improve our scouting network no end'

And TuBBz... (yes, he is local) 'I think our scouting system will take an overall that has been needed for years. Looking forward to getting some young European talent'

Brian11: 'Houllier won 2 French titles with Lyon while away from the premier league. We need to look at the next manager bringing players in and development, Houllier is very involved with the development and training of young French players and it's this quality that could push us forward. I don't think any of us could complain if we sign the next Henry or Desailly. Out of all the managers available I'd much rather have Houllier his record speaks for itself unlike Koemans.'

And a mixed one here.... revdpete... 'You know, I've spent a lot of time thinking about this, even praying, and as I sat in church this morning I was suddenly struck by a revelation. It was indeed a moment of almost inspired thought, and I can now reveal this to you. I have no particular feelings for Mr Houllier. Phew. Really glad I got that off my chest.'



'Terrible appointment, particularly if KMac is still the manager! We would be stuck with a DoF who has a reputation of signing awful players that don't perform (Baros, El Hadj Diouf et al) and a manager who has been terrible since the first game of the season (which MoN helped prepare for if rumours are to be believed). I don't mind a DoF and manager but not these two!' Tez86

Skeggy... 'Ridiculous he hasn't managed a club of any sort for a good few years!'

BEEFY: 'Nah, what we need is a true pioneer of the game. Someone with contacts throughout the land. A man who has signed players for 5k and sold them for 12M. A fella who isn't adverse to dealing with the media. Yes.....'Herberts Claret and Blue Army' sure does have a nice ring to it. Just imagine all the crosses we'll be putting in the box with young Albrighton bombing down the wing - we need a man who can teach our forwards how to perfect the overhead kick and capitalise on these crosses. It's perfect. I wouldn't be surprised if he's applied for it.'

Strong words from Pancho Villan: 'Houllier will destroy this football club. It will be a disaster. Lerner - you have been warned !'

And the usually ultra positive glensider is a bit fed up as well: 'Very disappointing anti-climax to the past three weeks, if indeed Houllier and MacDonald are to be handed the reins. Extremely disappointing.' Addiing 'Its a cheapjack, thoroughly disappointing appointment (if true). A second rate set-up, and if this is truly the best Lerner and co come up with, then I really despair. Give them a chance? What choice does a Villan have?'

He'sbiggerthanyouandme: 'i gave the board a 'chance' to prove to us that they've still got the club's best interests at heart but it looks like they've truly given up the fight now!!, if they can't see how far out of his depth Macdonald is then what hope have we got? it's bullsh/t from top to bottom.'

StuLinney: 'I've tried to stay optimistic about who we will appoint but this last week has been something of a disappointment. Gerard Houllier? Seriously? If appointed every single thing he does should come under scrutiny. At 63 he is experienced enough not to be making any mistakes. His appointment would obviously be an admission from the board that they didn't want to spend any money. With Houllier in charge, I will be expecting an instant improvement from the 6th place finish last season & on the points total. By the way, it can't say too much about the man's character if he's willing to walk out on his country (where he works as Technical Director) for another shot at the Premier League'

And the classic line from Deanovilla... 'No thanks. I don't know why. Just an irrational hatred. I think it's his ankles.' (He does later in the thread say: 'The least any of us can do is give them a chance.')

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 6 2010

Time: 5:09PM

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your stuff was all I read lerneravfc, the rest, just junk (and yes, I would say that about any other poster saying similar to you! LOL)
The Fear
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06/09/2010 17:29:00

If Villa had got him in 2001/2002 we would have been thrilled, but now it's all doom and gloom about him. IMO there have been far worse suggestions (Southgate anyone?), and i'm not that horrified if he is the next manager. I'll support him for as long as he is Villa manger (if he will be) and reserve my right to decide if he is any good or horrendous at a later date! In a perfect world i'd want Moyes, but tht isn't going to happen. Has anyone thought that just because they THINK Moyes, Jol, etc, would be fantastic, it doesn't actually mean they will be? The board might be making a very good decision and we could all look back on this in 2/3 years time and say we never doubted can dream anyway...
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06/09/2010 17:41:00

Telegraph report on Houllier/Big Mac snag: Click Here
The Fear
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06/09/2010 17:50:00

Cant get excited about Houllier being manager one bit. Will still back the club but cant help but feel it will be a mistake. We are not looking to the future appointing a past it 63 year old. Not a good time to be a Villa fan if he gets appointed imo. Lets hope he is DOF
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06/09/2010 17:51:00

Fear, Exactly what I said would happen last week. You watch we will lose a very good member of staff with great potential for a manager passed his sell by date. Very sad times if Macdonald leaves ;-( He has done more for this club that Houllier will ever do.
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06/09/2010 17:55:00

Look at all the achievments that he did for Liverpoodle and look at what villa achived, thats right SOD ALL, i think we should give the old boy a break everyone moans about the manager situation and complains that Jose Mohrinio hasnt snaped up the chance of prem action again or all the other top managers, I am villa till i die but feel asif we are giving a new manager a hard time b4 he has signed anything, with all the people that were interview i would rather Houlier anytime over all the other HAS BINS (McDonald is ace so he is exempt) if houlier gets us a trophie and some big names i wanna see all you haters on here say SORRY I WAS WRONG
Ted 369
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06/09/2010 18:17:00

you only have to look at his record to see that some of the anti-reactions are ott. I'm sure if he is taken on though, the claret and blue army will be fully behind him as we look to push on this season?!
The Fear
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 18:31:00

I think there is something in that irrational hatred comment.
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06/09/2010 18:38:00

There just seems so many flaws to this guy that they out weight any good he did. As someone else said this is the guy that bought heskey for 11m and swapped Baros for Carew? It hardly fills you with excitement. There are many many more transfers like this..
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 18:56:00

Can you guys look at his transfer history at Liverpool and really say you want him at Villa? 128m on rubbish. He is the worst of all those interviewed imo. I've never know a future Villa manager so detested my so many. I will give him a chance if he comes but come on this does not look good.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 19:00:00

revua - you don't have to justify your views -thats what vitalfootball is all about - you do back them up pretty well and sincerely so sod what anyone else thinks matey. UTV. Make mine A Moyes/Hughes/Jol or Sven please. All are tried and tested and do not waste money on poor players - hell even Benjani scored a winner against Man U under Sven - I don't care if it was his shoulder. :-)
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06/09/2010 19:15:00

Revua he cant be any worse than KMac who you want and we arnt losing the man you love because he should just go AM or a coach. The only problem i have at the moment is phil thompson coming the thought of it depresses me.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 19:35:00

I still have no feelings for Mr Houllier, but if he's appointed manager I'll love him to bits for a few games at least.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 19:49:00

One of the best terrace songs ever thought of was about Phil Thompson: "sit down pin-noch-io, sit down pinn-och-io". Classic. Almost matched by the wordy: "his shot's in row-z thats zamora".
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 20:25:00

and what's more...he always seems to have a bloodshot eye !
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 20:55:00

P.Avfc why can he be no worse than KMac? And even if he is no worse, he is no better either so what's the point of losing Kmac for him. How anyone can read this and not think we are going backwards is beyond me. Do you think the club actually read things like this. Its depressing and why some Villa fans are trying to paint over it is unbelievable. Do you think any other club in the top 7 would employ Houllier now? Houlier is no way the long term solutions so why bother with him now. Many want Kmac to be given a chance and then if it fails get someone really good.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 21:02:00

1. Jinksy P.Avfc, I see what you mean. If he gets it I will have to go along with it. I just cant see me going to as many games as I usually do and think many will feel the same if he does not start well. I'm not saying that's right not to go and I will still go but the choice of what I spend my money on will change if I'm not happy with the manager. I will give him three premiership games to win me round or I think I will ditch this season. That's all they have given Kmac to judge him on so I will do the same(although he even won two of them so houllier needs at least three wins). It does not sound like a very good supporter and feel bad for thinking this way. I'm not a season ticket holder due to work but I spend a lot of money down at Villa Park on midweek and cup games and I honestly feel let down if he gets the job. I've looked into it so much I think I have done more research that the club have done lol. I could have been ok with moyes, hughes, jol, even kouman or bradley would not have made me feel like this but when I feel certain Macdonald will be so much better than Houllier and we chance losing Macdonald for good its like a kick in the teeth> O well maybe the club will realise something tomorrow that will cheer me up.
Report Abuse
06/09/2010 22:54:00

I am warning to the idea of this now. Not sure if its nore a case of having to or the prospect of a manager taking over who has vast contacts in the game who may just bring some different sort of players to Villa Park than the average Joe's brought in by MON without any imagination being put into their signings. Time will tell but we need to get behind him and support him from the off.
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06/09/2010 23:27:00

Would be better if he doesnt stay around for too long anyway, If he can build a better team than o'neil did which isnt hard then if he does decide to retire we could line a good manager who we cant get at the moment to take the reigns..Houllier to me is a safe bet aslong as thompson doesnt arrive.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 00:36:00

I think this is great for Villa. Let me think who else has been linked: Maradona, Bradley, Southgate, Curbishley et al - Houllier is BY FAR the best option. Can anyone name someone else (in the running) that they would prefer? Moyes I agree would have been good but does anyone seriously believe he was in the running or in any way interested? We're appointing a top top class manager who has a proven history of performing at the top level and winning stuff! Perfect!
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 01:35:00

Houllier on his own could be OK. As said above by many others, we would be better off without Thompson sticking his beak in, and I have grave reservations about the link to Staunton. K Mc should stay as 1st team/reserve coach because he knows the players better than anyone else and they seem to respect thim, and to alienate him at this stage by bringing in the likes of Thompson over his head would be suicidal. Whatever happens, we have a good squad, and there can be no dodgy signings till January, so let's see what happens. Houllier won the French title twice with Lyon and has CL experience. Put that next to what he did at Liverpool, and he may yet be an inspired choice.
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 11:04:00


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