Aston Villa - ITK: Manager Announced Tommorrow + Transfer In
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ITK: Manager Announced Tommorrow + Transfer In

I have it on very good authority from a trusted and proven source inside the club (cannot be revealed of course for legal reasons) that due to Ajax accepting a Manchester United bid for Luis Suarez without his go ahead, Martin Jol has handed in his resignation at the Dutch Club in a move to be made the next Villa boss. He has agreed in principal a deal that will keep him at Villa Park for three years picking up £3.5m per season. He's set to fly to Birmingham tonight to finalise the deal with all that's left to be completed is a compensation payment to his former club.

And as his first act as manager, despite not yet being official, he has given Randy the go ahead to complete the already in place signing of Robbie Keane from Tottenham for a fee between £6-7m which will be completed before the deadline closes. So there we have it. We've got the manager many have wanted and also signed the striker we've been crying out for.

Not a bad days business really.

Now for the fun part...

In case you haven't noticed, I've made it all up. Yup, every stitch.


Because I'm sick of people quoting 'In The Know's' and then so many Villans taking it as gospel and debating it till the cows come home.

The fact is anyone that has an IP address and a keyboard can make up a story and quote ITK to give it credibility. Some do it because they foolishly believe it themselves, some to get hits for their respective sites and some just for their own jollies.

Either way it doesn't change anything. In a business where information is money such as this do you really think Randy, The General or Paul will tell anyone anything due to this risk?

Didn't think so!

We're lucky here at Vital Villa because we've a man at the helm in Fear who is very much a traditionalist and even if he does come across some information, he believes the club, after all their hard work arranging these deals should be able to be the ones to reveal them and we're spared the constant stream of bull but when you go on NewsNow it's a constant stream of ITK bull.

After all, out of every single so called ITK you've read about how many of them predicted O'Neill's departure before the club revealed it.

My point... don't believe everything you read. (unless it comes from the official site)

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The Journalist

Writer: JayVFC Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 30 2010

Time: 5:55PM

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you git (for lack of more sever profanity) , i got well excited...
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:04:00

you complete w@nk3r u have just waisted 2 mins of my life and got mine and jeff becks hopes up
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:09:00

You could be prosecuted under new 'cruelty to Villa fans' legislation.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:11:00

do u realise how much I hate Heskey and now Carew the t-rex I thought this was the answer to all our prayers, Randy please action this lie.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:11:00

It would be brilliant if this actually happened now that u said its
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:22:00

OMG! I was reading that thinking this looks good, But then my hopes were dashed, In all fairness its true what you are saying about people believeing anything.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:30:00

as pathetic my life is that i took time to read this, you actually took time to write it. for shame!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:32:00

Well to get you back I think we should all debate this until to cows come home
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:35:00

Bloody ell, you even got me then! Agree with the point though, some of the 'itk' stuff which then hit the press as 'fact' has caused no end of work and 'damage' at the club. Thanks for the compliment as well. I sometimes do burst to say something but also do think that things like kits, sponsors etc should be announced by the club as it is them doing the work, so why spoil their fun bit in the announcing etc!

Well, my flabber was ghasted with that... thought something radical had happened! lol Nice one! (And we promise not to do another one this summer readers, honest..!)
The Fear
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:38:00

it must be true, i just saw martin jol in ali babas kebab shop......
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:38:00

Betting has been suspended on Moyes as next manager at Ladbrokes and Betfair. Paddypower now has him as favourite. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I'd be happy if it did. I don't know what's causing that though, anyone any ideas?
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:45:00

Not sure as to the point of this article, after all if this site just published the 'facts' it would be a carbon copy of the official site. Salacious gossip, rumour and speculation are all part and parcel of being a football fan, just look at the transfer thread; and all for one in and one out!! So, if the thread was based just on fact, it would just show the Milner / Ireland dull! If you take all the 'I know somebody who goes to school with the bloke who walks Randy Learner's dog' rumours as gospel, then you are thicker than a whale omelette; but reading it for a bit of fun is fine all the same. Long may the idle gossip last, because during a transfer window us Villa fans have about as much excitement as a Bluenose on a Derby day.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:53:00

And as a footnote, if you are sick of all the gossip.....(radical thinking alert) don't read it!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:54:00

@juddy-If Randy Lerner employes a schoolboy to walk his dog, then I see him in a completely different light!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 18:56:00

Well it's funny you should say that, becuase my cat's next door neighbours father.......
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:02:00

Just seen that badger. Only 3 things really would make that happen. Either Paddy Power have had a very reliable tip-off regarding Moyes being next Villa boss, some punter has had an absolute wedge on Moyes. Which would also suggest somebody knows something about Moyes that we don't, or some Liverpool fan has cooked up some elaborate hoax (although I don't know how you'd go about this) suggesting DM's on his way to VP. Very intersesting though and bookies don't just slash odds and lengthen odds on others (say Bradley) for the sake of it. There could well be something in it. I'm excited!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:06:00

******** nob... i was happy then :S
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:14:00

Doesnt it make sense for there to be so many rumours due to the fact as soon as Randy took over the club, its dealings, whether they be adminstrative or with football have been kept very quiet. Therefore fans, the media and bookmakers its natural for them to make their own suggestions.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:17:00

David Moyes has gone down to 4-1 at one leading bookies!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:21:00

7-4 fav with Paddy Power Merlin and Ladbrokes have stopped taking bets. Could be very interesting. Love to have Moyes at VP!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:25:00

Hmm, cheers for that Tebor. Interesting, as you say. I think the same happened with Bradley, but that's because he was being talked about. Not so with Moyes. FWIW, I've just had a few quid on McCleish at 66-1, purely because I like the idea of having the unwashed over again :-)
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:29:00

At this rate i'm gonna put a tenner on it being the pope....
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:37:00

You might have made it up but it could all come true. You might be an ITK but don't know you are ITK. To be a little more serious (or not) I did hear it said that the potential manager would be at Villa Park yesterday to watch the match and Moyes certainly was. I would be happy if the latter comes true. I noted on an Everton fans site that they said it couldn't be true as Moyes was at the training ground today while the players had the day off. It might not mean anything but him being there could mean he was collecting his bits and pieces as he was moving on.
pongo wearing
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:44:00

You got me too. As an Arsenal fan, what scared me from the reading before the revelation of truth was Suarez signing for ManU. That got me thinking. It would be nice if Jol comes and sign for you guys as that would not get me thinking but Suarez to ManU..aggrreggghhhh
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 19:47:00

LOL. Just a quick lesson in not believing all you read. If I hadn't added those three little letters how many of you would have believed it? As Fear said, the press get it from somewhere.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 21:23:00

HARSH HARSH HARSH i was so convinced i ran dow stairs to chek the news : (
Ted 369
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 21:30:00

p.s. i cant believe luke young didn't get man o the match on here!
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 21:38:00

I really REALLY hope you don't get Moyes, being an Evertonian. I'm wondering if the odds have been slashed because he shook Randy's hand and it was filmed. I was excited for you lot when I read the above story coz I really rate Jol. Please get him and leave Davey alone :'D
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 21:47:00

Moyes coming to Villa would make no sense,never going to happen
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 21:56:00

Bit of a shot at ianrobo on the aston villa news and views website!! I totally agree with Juddy on this one, i don't see it as a problem.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 22:53:00

I really hope for either Jol or Moyes, but i totally agree with u guys, why would he leave the Toffes to come to us as we havnt got much more money and squad than everton> Unless Randy has promised his backing mmm hope so
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 23:15:00

Agree with Juddy, I log on to view the dreams, to give that little hope of "what if!!" , pointless article. Even having read it , it didnt stop me from googling "Marton Jol to Villa" "Suarez to Man U" hehe. I like the gossip and the "ITK" teasers... long may they continue !
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 23:56:00

There is a clear difference between gossip and opinion articles to 'ITK' bull.
Report Abuse
30/08/2010 23:59:00

Strong rumor that MON is on his way back, having kissed and made up
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 00:43:00

Ah for **** sake, I was convinced! Glad to see I wasn't the only one though.
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 03:58:00

Hey this article is not funny but try this for a bit of humour There's something I need to tell you but its really hard to say......... Ken dodd's dad's dogs dead.
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 07:54:00

What a load of nonesense.... who predicted MoN leaving.... erm no one because it happened over the course of 24-48hrs and everything was within Villa.... when it scenarios start to involved people from outside Villa athat is where sources of information come from.... Jesus I'd rather read ITK people than sit and read a dim Darren Lewis article try and tell the world the Villa could pay even half of adebayors wages and yet spurs.... (with a similar wage structure) could easily afford to pay them.... What when Redknapp said Youngs "wages would be a problem" when he spoke, and yet adebayors 90k wouldn't be... doh My source in the media told every on 606 that Moyes was top of the list and Moyes would be interested in talking to Lerner.
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 08:39:00

Bacon Brain!! p.s. i have the nob ed ref down as man of the match vs everton.
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 08:40:00

From the BBC sport website (so it must be true!): Villa have also sounded out unsettled Birmingham manager Alex McLeish, and former Blues boss Steve Bruce, about taking over at Villa Park. (Daily Telegraph) Now if anybody believes that, then they want their head shutting in a door.
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 08:50:00

MAY THE FLEAS OF A THOUSAND CAMELS INFEST YOUR INTESTINES................tho id rather hughes or moyes to be honest
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 09:20:00

OH my, could you imagine Potato Head at VP! *****
Report Abuse
31/08/2010 10:00:00


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