Aston Villa - A Repost To Randy Lerner/Paul Faulkner Criticism
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A Repost To Randy Lerner/Paul Faulkner Criticism

OK, I'm a fan of the board. I have made no secret of that. I think I should hold my hands up, I know them slightly. I have spoken with the owner a few times, I'm not on his Christmas card list and I haven't been 'bought out' as some would suggest - my bank balance isn't happy enough for me to be a sell out! I also do know the CEO Paul Faulkner. I've spoken with these folks every now and then since the takeover happened. In the early days as it was happening, I had several meetings AT Villa WITH the knowledge of the previous regime with some of the advisors to Randy. I also did that Villa Forward consultation thing which was referenced at times by them (just compiling all of our collective gripes over the years and with the previous regime). All unpaid stuff, never wanted anything, never asked for anything, wouldn't have taken anything. Oh, I had a free steak and chips with the former CEO Richard FitzGerald once and did get a free beer via the 3 second pump the other week via another Villa manager. So ok, I am on the take.

Probably also good to point out I also knew the previous directors Steve Stride and Mark Ansell. Now fair enough, our swords crossed as this was during the 'Ellis out' years but we are still on speaking terms and they both are Villa communication wasn't just with this current board.

Ramble perhaps but important background, especially for those few who like to spread vindictive and untrue rumours about me (although the one about an apple and a pink dress might well be correct). I'm not anyone's spokesman, I'm not on anyone's pay cheque, but I've looked these people in the eyes and I trust them. I trust they want the best for Villa, that they are doing all they can for Villa and that they respect this club.

I could be wrong, they could be wrong, nothing in life and especially in this mad industry of football is for sure is it? However their intentions are - as far as I'm concerned - nothing but good.

Not heard any players talk about their anger at the departure ... the walkout ... of our previous manager though, does that not speak for itself?

So, I'm a fan of the board, more so than I was of the manager although when he said he was staying, I was more than happy (as an individual and fan) as he'd earnt the right with the points haul last season and cup runs... albeit I wasn't bothered if he went... what I didn't at any time want was him sacked and that hasn't happened.... however the main thing I'm a fan of is Aston Villa.

So that leads us on to this thread: Lerner - forget the penny pinching and step up.

Every fan is entitled to their opinion, I respect that even if I don't agree and I can now see how some felt against us Ellis out lot, those that supported him and hated us...!

For me, I just can't see where the board of Villa have gone wrong to get some moaning. YES I understand the frustrations, the manager situation etc but as many will know, my finger of blame points (middle finger actually) to one man and he isn't on the board.

Now I wasn't going to publish this thread of my post as below but Vital member (who keeps me on my toes as he so often disagrees with me... which is a good thing!) Simonbigron said:

Dude - this should be front page. I disagree with a lot of what you say but it makes interesting reading and I think coming from you would help focus some of the issues. We debated before - we know so little about Why O'Neill left partly because neither party has come out and said ANYTHING about what happened which makes both parties equally culpable. Lerner has said nothing and we have to get information from between the lines. I understand your frustration and I certainly don't want Lerner out, he has been great for us... but this blind support of Lerner is bit strong for my tastes.

So... here goes..... Oh and I don't think I have blind faith, I think my eyes are open but I do look for the good - even in the previous regime - before trying to look for the bad and I seldom buy conspiracy theories (ie that we won't appoint a manager until after the transfer window so no money has to be spent... don't buy it, getting in the right manager is the key and the timing is just awful to do that).

Anyway, tidied up for the front page language wise!

Just embarrassed by the above. Totally and utterly gobsmacked in fact.

Who gave MON all the money?
Who gave MON all the autonomy?
Who backed MON even after he threw a game in Moscow?
Who backed MON no matter what rubbish he bought? (£10m and £12m for two defenders who aren't worth jack ****?)
Who paid a fortune for Marlon Harewood on the managers request (a player that almost to a man we all knew wasn't good enough) only to see the player sit on the bench and then in the stands and go on a free?
Who paid for Heskey ... a striker who doesn't score... at the managers request?
Who backed MON for buying expensive players and putting them on the bench and still allowed MON to buy more?
Who has transformed Villa Park?
Who has tried to restore some pride for fans?
Who has put a proper business plan in place to help bring Villa back up from the financial shambles?
Some use the Holte Pub as a stick to beat them with, who left it to rot... the first thing you see as you walk to Villa Park a ruined building ... great... lets have that back please
Who has put faith in great staff at Villa and backed them?
Who has tried to get us on a better business footing, including the ... shock horror ... improved facilities?
Who has spent millions on Bodymoor Heath.. a world class training facility (and no, Doug did not start it, the plans were radically changed, the project had been mothballed, Doug had said the money was ring fenced the one AGM, next AGM all was very quiet and the cupboard was empty... Bodymoor was like much of Villa, an embarrassment)
Who backed the manager to bring in average coaches to play five aside with the players who were bored stiff?

A good few of the fans I think have fallen for the 'selling club' rubbish. There was money there, it had to be balanced though. We moan if there is a debt, we then moan if we don't pay players massive wages and we then moan when we don't spend millions upon millions on more players whilst we have nearly £280 000 (ish) A WEEK of wages on the bench. We then slate the business plan to try to keep us on an even keel. What do we want? The press line is just wrong. All clubs sell players who want out and all clubs have a value on a player ... Man Utd - Ronaldo - simple example.

I could go on....

What would you people have happen then?

Should Doug still be in? Sorry, he has gone, he had to go, he was too old, get over it, it is just a matter of fact he had to go.


To my knowledge there have been no bids since either.

Does anyone know a billionaire oil sheik or the like? If so, let me know, I'll put him in touch.

The talk about Randy as a problem here or as if they aren't looking at trying to repair the mess left by that ***** ***** MON leaving FIVE DAYS before the f****** season started just makes my blood boil

Lets have a proper list of all the things he has done wrong. We moan when we see a debt on the club (most of which would never be called in) then we moan when he doesn't spend quadzillions on players.... he's spent enough to expect better by the way.

Should he just magic out of thin air a manager? Should he rush the appointment like our old mate Doug did ?

I'm gutted for him to be honest, I think he - like us fans - deserve better and certainly deserved better than what MON did.

And the money was there... MON knew the dressing room wasn't fully behind him and I don't think ever particularly settled and liked Villa. He never seemed happy, he moaned a good few times about us the fans and that was to the press who took great pleasure in hanging us out to dry.... were the isolated boos really that bad for the manager to moan about ALL of us... which is how it got reported.

What is the solution? Randy out... ok? And then....?

We have a good man in charge, he put too much faith in a manager that I think hoodwinked most of us. When he first came it was so exciting he was like the second coming. Well, he isn't walking on water, he's just walked off.

I'm sure MON wanted the best for us and himself but it went stale, he looked an unhappy man for much of last season and was reacting to fans a bit too often - much like DOL (booo!) before him. Talk of splits in the dressing room were becoming more frequent - (again, much like the DOL days)

As said, my blood is boiling here... I have talked to a good few off the forum who like me just can't see where Randy has gone wrong apart from maybe putting too much faith in the manager?

I also have great contacts at the club, not one has moaned to me about how they are treated, what is going on, how the club is run etc. Before - and others will know this - it was a total slag fest, total depression, by the end the club was on its knees. UPDATE. Not speaking for all staff current or otherwise. My contacts including managers of departments etc are talking a totally different game these days. Naturally there are some, a couple who have departed, who speak differently. As said, wasn't speaking for every member of staff here, just my experience of those I talk to (which is a good varied amount including some who have been there 15 years and more!)

For goodness sake, wake up.

We have got a good owner. He was never Abramovich, he isn't a multi billionaire like that Man City guy who has only seen 'his' team play once, but he is a good guy, trying to do right by Villa. It was clear from the start there would be money, it was also stated very clearly it wasn't going to be a Chelsea style revolution. If anyone else with more money was about, they didn't bid. That is the bottom line.

Mr Aston Villa before him made a bomb out of Villa, I fail to see how Randy would ever get his investment back if he tried to sell us.

The man some worship is to blame for leaving us in the sh** in my ever so humble opinion. He could have walked in May with the thanks of most and his head held high. He could have just as easily have stayed this season with the majority backing of the club and fans. What he did was leave at the sort of time that made it impossible to plan who to replace him AND at a time when they should have been bringing in players.

Last night felt like the very sad end of the 'dream' we all had when Randy and MON were first together. At that time everything seemed possible, we then got that window of opportunity, 3rd, not far off 2nd and above Arsenal. The usual February drop off ruined it and there ended the dream perhaps, it is just the hangover took another season and a half to end in MON's departure and that at the very very very worst possible time for this fine club.

Here endeth the rant... flame suit on, fire away!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 27 2010

Time: 3:59PM

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Well said JF. Im in full support of Randy, if have him running our beloved club 10 times over than Doug Ellis. Although credit to Doug for hanging in there for the right buyer. I wrote on IC Bham earlier in response to a "Randy Out" thread that the kid didnt understand football and I'm ashamed to share him as a Villa Fan. Everyone makes mistakes and people should be given the opportunity to rectify. What Randy needs to do now - is get an appointment in and fast. Forget MacDonald. It's not going to happen. We need and Randy needs to get a proven big name manager in who's capable of attracting good players. We also need to see some spending. We desperately need a striker and a new left back to cover Warnock as I dont want to see Beye in that position and ideally Cueller not in the right back position either! Bouma/Shorey have left - we need a left back and a striker as a priority - but bought buy a new manager with pressure growing as there's 6 days left in the transfer window! NOW NOW NOW Please!
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27/08/2010 16:14:00

excellent article, with good back up to support your points. Agree we need manager prepare yourself for the backlash from the usual suspects!!
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27/08/2010 16:22:00

Agree with everything you have said, i cant believe any one would critisize the Board, they have been great for Villa, MON though to be honest i never liked, couldnt understand what all the fuss was about, bloody git leaving just before the season started :(
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27/08/2010 16:24:00

A good read, and i agree with the majority of it - Lerner has backed the club, and there were wasteful signings, but at the same time, there were also inspired signings (milner, young), and all clubs make bad buys from time to time. Just hope that we collectively move forward in the right direction now... there's certainly money in the pot now we have bouma/MON/shorey/Milner off the wages, and also Milners transfer funds. I also do hope KMAC gets his chance. Agree Fear though mate, anyone who slags off Lerner for not putting 'cash' into the pot must be blind!!
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27/08/2010 16:32:00

great article, totally agree. The board have done nothing but good since Lerner bought the club
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27/08/2010 16:35:00

Agree 100% JF - however, I some how knew some fans would blame the board. They (the board) can not do enough for some. They are like kids in a sweet shop - wanting everything now.
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27/08/2010 16:38:00

Id like to think they are doing there best to get a manager in fast but if there waiting around then they need to pull there fingers out, we need a manager now and get players in now. KMac isnt helping the situation all i hear him sayin is he doesnt no if he wants the job and just talkin about the situation it would put him in, Just shut up man! You either do or dont want it stop messin the *****in club about and ***** off to reserves. I really hope they arnt waiting to see the everton result as it would be too late for transfers and then what manager would want to come to our team not being able to do any buisness and having a weak sqaud.
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27/08/2010 16:41:00

What a load of crap..........I jest JF you know my feelings on it mate. It is a very frustrating time at the minute made all the more difficult to stomach when results are going against us but I think the end is nearly upon us when we can at least look at a new manager and have a bit of hope that things might just pick up. To blame the board though is shocking really. If there were 3 or 4 obvious candidates out there I would question why it has taken so long but we have all racked our brains enough over the last 3 weeks and not one of us have come up with a list of managers that you could realistically say would be available, willing to come or improve us and move us on without an elemant of risk attached to his appointment. For the board therefore it is even more frustrating as I am sure they do not wish to see us continually getting beaten week after week in the embarrassing fashion we appear to be at the minute. I sense it will get a slight bit worse on Sunday and maybe a short while after that (Stoke away for your first game!??) but soon we will see a change in fortunes and a little bit of a better atmosphere at VP than was witnessed last night.
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27/08/2010 16:45:00

selling club rubbish,we sell our best players,thats a fact.
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27/08/2010 16:45:00

Agree with what is said. I think the problem with the current setup ( though am sure some wouldn't see it as a problem ) is that we, the fans never know what's going on. I admire the quality and professionalism but as nothing gets put out to the fans it leads to what is happening now. We have no idea what the hell is going on. The result to this escalates in frustration. Many have said "what's it got to do with anyone what the club do?" but for us, the fans, Villa is a way of life. It's our club. We may not own it and are at the end of the day mere customers to the club, but as many have already said, I will still be here supporting the club long after the current owners/board have long gone. I don't expect to be told everything that is going on but merely anything at all could go a long way to alleviate many fans fears for the coming season.
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27/08/2010 16:51:00

Totally spot on JF. Agree with every word.
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27/08/2010 16:54:00

Fact...we are a selling club....Man Utd and Ronaldo are an unfair comparison.....they have not sold their best player two seasons in a row....and with six days to go, just watch Ashley do a runner to Spurs.....all of the good stuff Randy has done off the feild will count for nothing if we join the also rans......we were promised CL in a five year plan......IMO he's out of is depth and on a romantic ride.....just lokk at how much success the Cleveland Browns have had......he's a modern day Doug and has bought the fans....i doesnt wash with me....its on the pitch where i want to see it happen.....any good chairman would have had a top manager in place by now.....the silence says it all...
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27/08/2010 17:19:00

Bloody possis!
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27/08/2010 17:20:00

Fear - agreed, though Denis_B makes some good points too. randy has appeared to be too trusting and is now paying the price. People in the game said The Big Ego would do this 2 years ago, so for some it is no surprise. I also recall some Celtic supporters coming on the board to warn us. They were mocked at the time. Maybe we should have listened. Well All About Me has gone now, long live the Villa.
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27/08/2010 17:28:00

lol WH.... lerneravfc all clubs sell players when they want out and at least now we don't get bullied and get top price. Horrible to see some wanting to go but Barry was made to play another season as the price wasn't reached and the next season we got £12m even though he only had one season left on his contract. Milner... that is nearly £30m A silly price was put on his head, they paid it. They wouldn't take a penny under that. That depresses me he wanted to go but impresses me like Arsenal, Spurs and Man Utd that we no longer get bullied at selling at any price.
Agree simonbigron, always a flipside, things aren't all black and white, plenty of shades of grey but as you know, my opinion is only one man walked. I am sure 100% he came with excitement and great intentions, things just went stale and he didn't look a happy man much of last season and his comments re: fans etc showed frustrations. Seems a shame, was so promising at the time wasn't it? Schoolboyerror yeah, see what you are saying but think Kev Mac is saying he isn't sure if he wants to be considered.. after his comments and the last few games, maybe that decision will be taken out of his hands. I am sure they are sourcing who we can get though, not twiddling their thumbs, but it is a hell of a task, we can't really expect managers at clubs to ditch their teams 3 weeks in? Really hard situation

Mr B... you've broken my heart... no more jokes for you tonight and you can go to bed early with no tea! To be fair, don't expect everyone to agree, just my thoughts on the matter. Wish we weren't all so split and I guess best way to 'heal' that now is for a top manager to come in. Hell of a horrible time to be trying though.

imavillan the comparison stands up in my little old head mate, they sold the best player in the world, not just the best in the midlands!
Steff... as per usual... LOL
Hi Naz, you still got the Ellis out banners... think I threw mine, we could sell them with some tippex to remove Ellis name?!?!?
The Fear
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27/08/2010 17:35:00

The board are there to make decisions, no matter who is in charge we need a striker or 2, there is days left of the window I feel we should be making bids for any decent striker available i.e Huntelaar keane and jones ,before he was recently sold. my point is no matter who is manager we are still short of playing personnel and that needs to be addressed in next few days, if it isn't them we know who to blame.
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27/08/2010 17:45:00

We had to sell both. Neither Barry nor Milner wanted to remain at the club as they had had their heads turned by Manc Sh1tty. You can not keep a player who wants to leave. If Young goes well so be it, i think we have a very talented replacement in Albrighton (providing he learns to stop running round like a loon!! The boy doesn't stop!!). The minute Kevin Mac said he wasn't sure, we should have been interviewing. If he had any desire to be a top flight manager, he wouldn't have 15 years as backroom staff. Simple as. If you want management you seek it out, start at the bottom and work up. He hasn't. He doesn't want it so lets get rid asap.
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27/08/2010 17:52:00

JF - I guess we're so used to Doug sacking managers that we're not used to being left in limbo by having one leave.. But still, I think 3 weeks is more than enough time to make decisions.. I appreciate that IF KMac had pulled off amazing results whilst we were interviewing people that he should have been considered, but putting proceedings on hold whilst the transfer window disappears (whether on purpose or not) is just absolute madness imo. The seasons almost a write-off before it's begun, and what's Ashley going to be thinking next summer when he has 1 yr left on his contract after a mid-table finish. There goes our best player for the 3rd yr running..
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27/08/2010 18:08:00

Who's put proceedings on hold though - that's a stick to bang the board with having no basis in fact. Work will be going on, assessing managers, having the feelers out, seeing which clubs if we have an interest will give us permission, setting up interviews. No business on the planet would put 'that on hold'. Like most of the criticisms and conspiracy theories at the moment, it's just a ridiculous notion.

Kev will know his deadline day for asking to be considered or not, and that day will have been dictated by the planning, the speed of responses back and so on...not by Kev or Randy for some spurious trial period to take place first.
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27/08/2010 18:32:00

lol... chocolate teapot... classic!

Certainly a new one for us all isn't it schoolboyerror, as said, main people that pay are the fans.
The Fear
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27/08/2010 19:14:00

Fear you had me at HELLO :-), the half i read made a good read but im sorry i got bored half way down, now this isnt your fault just i have a very small attention span and a pretty girl walk passed me in the office and i was off in noddy land :-)
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27/08/2010 19:27:00

I have to say Fear, I agree with most of what you have said. For me, MON has walked five days until the start of the season to cause maximum disruption. I supported the manager and supported most of his decisions but I'm not happy with the way he has left. He has left us all in the doo. The only comparison between the Browns and the Villa is Lerner's faith in his staff. He has given too much power to one individual. He has amended this with the Browns by appointing Mike Holmgren (President) to oversee the running of the organisation whilst allowing Eric Mangini (the coach) to oversee the playing side. Maybe he plans to have a similar hierarchy at the Villa.
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27/08/2010 20:50:00

Amen JF
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27/08/2010 22:00:00

The Fear....yes they sold the best player in the world...and promptly spent 30 mil on another player....cant see that happening at VP....there lies a big difference....they replace quality with quality....i am really surprised they did not buy Milner as a ready made replacement for Scholes....unless the next sheik comes in with loads of dough we will have no chance.....i for one are fed up of trying to be best of the rest.... i want more...and i wouldnt give a toss about selling the soul of the club so long as i was going to watch my team win the prem and play in the chalions i have said...Randy is on some romantic fairytale love afair....a modern day doug...who in reality is out of his depth and cant compete....if you want to compete you dont continually sell your best players....we have a history of it....The Fear wake up and smell the coffee...a manager should have been appointed by NOW....another sad day in our ''proud history not so bright future...and by the way....ask a Cleveland Browns fan...
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27/08/2010 22:10:00

Great article JF. I'm a villa fan through and through and i'm sick of the jerks that turn on villa when they lose. I am pro randy and pro villa. and for the record KMac is yet to play a full strength squad. So shut your traps until that happens. The poor guy has had to rely on players that are rusty as hell thanks to MON. He'll come good
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27/08/2010 23:04:00

Err ok.. 1st why havnt you mentioned that Mr Lerner bought our beloved club for only 64million (approx) which is dirt cheap !., 2nd with all the combined amount paid for the club, which is 64mill+170mill=230mill or so in 4 Years thats still no where near what liverpool, spurs Sunderland even were bought for far more money, Newcastle sre even valued more than us? So why dont you mention all these figures instead of making out there is no one else in the WORLD that would buy us or no one better to run our club better or would have more financial backing as if we are not an attractive enough Club!,. 3rd when a chairman starts pulling the strings, ie- stop investing you think thats the way forward? i know its not so do many other villa fans we desreve more im not a Randy hater but i know a deadly doug number 2 style buisness management on the horizon when i see it. He may have built the traing ground, he may have happy little workers at the ground, he may make you feel all funny inside when you look into his eyes but i dont buy this s**t m8,., Money Talks i want the best for villa the best for us the fans which is what aour great history deserves, instead we gotta sit back feeling sick cos Citeh, or whoever has more money/ambition comes in takes our best players and ripps the soul out of the club, And finally i really wonader if Randy buying the club instaed of anyoe else had something to do with being made an Honoury presidant? of course it did, there were 3 other paries intersted in us at the time, i wonder if we waited who we could have got? i wonder a sheikh perhaps, All im trying to point out is Randy had a bargain buy in us, 2nd city club great history, if he bought another club in premier league he would have spent what he has in 4 years on us in just buying another club, we need real vision and real finances to back them up, so why not sell up make a litle profit and leave it to a real big boy lie our club deserves !
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28/08/2010 04:09:00

imavillafan, ur article i read i totally agree m8 u see it too, there are a lot more of us that have woke up from this Mr Lerner is a nice guy S**T, what i like more than Mr Lerner, more than all the nice smiley faces from the staff at villa, and all that crap is TROPHIES, have some of these really forgot the reason why we bother watch our team, pay to support us through thick and thin, yes its to wait for the day we lift that beautiful premier league trophy at villa park, its to tell our kids kids and so on we were there when we won this won that, Not to fckn talk about an american who seems a nice guy and he means good, that aint gonna win us **** is it. im fed up of us all sleep walking into oblivion, praying for a Europa cup spot? its a sad joke i wanna see us challange i want to see us be bought, by someone who can back up there mouth with there finances, just like man city, just like chelski have, ,. its not selling ur soul its called moving with the modern times, why must we settle for cotton? when we can have a silky sheikh buy our way back where we belong,., No Pr is going to blind me from the fact that our chairman had a bargain buy when he bought us, and that people claim no one else will buy us????? bull s**t i say lets try lets get a real chairman in who doesnt just come out and say hey if our manager wants to buy a 25million player he can, then it never happands?? its all Pr Randy is a buisness man at the end of the day he knows he will make profit when he sells, also if you also do the math you will see that for the amount of money Randy paid for our club, and add the fact that over all the time period of 4 years or so he hasnt paid much over 200 million, (That includes buying club, renovating pub, training ground, transfer spending etc) That is no where near real big clubs for a start most clubs cost well over what he has spent overall on vill not just what he paid 4 years ago 64million? i aint accepting we should just sit back let a chairman tell us its good to sell our best player, its good to sit back and wait for the transfer window to shut so he aint gotta spend a penny, this shows the ambition or lack of to me our chairman, LERNER OUT !
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28/08/2010 04:25:00

Its unrealistic not to expect some sort of backlash from the fans , After our expectations have been given a welcome boost over the last three seasons. Football for some is a religion, for others a form of entertainment,for me its escapism. I Dream of past glory's returning to VP, I dont care that the players are over paid (Villa's European Cup winning team probably earnt collectively less than Ashley Young !) As long as they TRY. I dont care who the manager is , as long as he has the ABILITIES to move us forward, I DO CARE who owns us , and in Randy i think we dropped on our feet . . . . .lets just hope he doesn't walk off as well, as the going gets tough. Im still having nightmares from the Newcastle non event and Rapid doing the double on us didnt help none , if we loose against Everton (which is never an easy game) i fear i may need to be medicated or a trip to Highcroft instead of a trip to VP PS Randy hasnt made his millions from just being nice , im sure his investment (170mil) in Villa is paying a healthy intrest rate ! !
Report Abuse
28/08/2010 10:12:00

Randy Lerner will be judged by who he appoints as the next Villa manager and how much money he gives him to spend. Simples.
jake findlay
Report Abuse
28/08/2010 12:11:00

fans who moan at good quality players do not understand the game, do you think by shouting down at players and management will really help during the game NO it does not, ok you may be frustrated but for christ sake stop and take a look at yourself, arms flying around steam coming out your ears, jesus you look pathetic, you are there to support your team ‘so bloody well support it then’ negativity will never help anyone, look at the good things in a game not just the bad, I am looking forward to a fresh start with what ever manager that will be. UP THE VILLA………….
Report Abuse
28/08/2010 14:09:00

CoE82 understood.... are you sure you couldn't have asked her in and read her the article though? Second thoughts, no, you make a good point! lol

Yup imavillan, agreed, although a lot of the money at Man Utd for the Ronaldo sale has gone unspent but then, at the time of the sale, their manager was there and able to spend, ours has gone? Mate, I don't like coffee, any other alternatives to that, otherwise I'll pass as it will give me a headache, unless that is your cunning plan? No, like everyone, I think the next appointment is crucial. Do you want a rushed out of the frying pan into the fire one like our old chairman bless his cotton socks would have done or do you want the right man? We can but pray we get the latter. The timing makes it VERY difficult in my ever so humble opinion to just strike out and grab one.

Clive, he bought the club for the price asked. Not convinced now he has spent three times that amount that he would make a return on the investment but then, that isn't really my worry. Has the chairman really stopped investing? If so, and I don't think he has, he will see his investment go down (let alone the club/team etc) so I'd argue against. Only time - as ever - will tell. None of us know, not even them, what this regime will bring. I'm more comfortable personally with a well run club than what went on before ... is it City? No, who else can compete with that? No one. Makes me sick that football has come to this and also feel sorry for us, Arsenal and even Spurs who have tried to do things the right way. Clive, the other interested parties DID NOT BID. One was a joke going around the city hawking for cash that no one wanted to stump up. The barrister one wasn't serious. There was an Arab group I spoke with, they ended up not bidding. There was one bid on the table. I speak from fact here, I know the guys who facilited this takeover, I'm not making it up or following the press line which I'm sorry, wasn't as well informed (in this one instance) as I was. Just stating fact. No one has to take me at my word but those who were around at the time know this is 100% the case. Pretty much any bidder would have had to give doug some honouree position really to sweeten the bid.

Lanzartoevillan... agree, backlash will always come and especially in football... we are passionate and we are savage as fans, always have been always will be and most are at the end of the day only interested in on the field things... as it should be. Trouble is football has changed and most of us can't accept how much and how badly £ talks. Sad way to see the league go, started with making CL top 4 places (3rd loser getting into a CL?) and then Chelsea and now Man City. Not sure we can compete with that ever.

Cheers pongo, nice to know I've struck a cord as I had half expected a pasting! lol
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28/08/2010 15:29:00


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