Aston Villa - Glensider: Nothing Ever Really Changes Does It?
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Glensider: Nothing Ever Really Changes Does It?

No matter what the reasoning, and despite whatever provocation confronted him, O'Neill's untimely and selfish act in waking out on the club in the manner that he did, has left us in complete and utter disarray.

The events of the summer have done very little I would imagine, to convince the likes of Ashley Young, that his long term future should he here at Brummagem B6. Far from it.

Here we are, just a handful of days away from the closure of the transfer window, with virtually no hope of us adding to a clearly inadequate first team squad, and probably even more importantly, we have no confirmed full-time manager at the helm.

In my eyes, both those failings, the lack of transfer activity and the team manager situation, are inviting trouble, and setting us up for a season of struggle and decline, which after three successive campaigns where we have finished in sixth place, I find inexcusable.

I have said all along that O'Neill will be a hard act to follow, and after almost a couple of weeks of reading names like Bob Bradley and Sven Goran Eriksson being put forward as possible routes to take, I am even more convinced that the old adage of 'you never know and appreciate what you've got until its gone' is very definitely going to arise to haunt us on this occasion.

Managers of O'Neill's calibre and stature within the game are in very short supply out there, and it is becoming increasingly obvious, that despite what many believed and informed us would happen, top managers are hardly falling over themselves in the mad rush to beat a path to Randy Lerner's door, and offer themselves up as very interested candidates for the Villa Park vacancy.

We are nowhere near prepared for the campaign ahead, as the past weekend's reversal at St James Park suggests, in fact to suggest that the season is already close to a write off, is probably nearer the truth than any of us are prepared or willing to accept right now.

We need this manager situation sorted, and sorted without delay. Kevin MacDonald, while currently holding the reins openly admits that he's not sure that he's cut out for the task, and looking back in hindsight, when he first uttered those words, Randy Lerner should have immediately jumped into action, and set the wheels in motion to have a new guy installed without delay.

You have to wonder if we have a shortlist, any outstanding candidates, does Lerner have a favourite? Have we as yet approached anybody, if not, why not? Is MacDonald a serious contender? If he has the support of Lerner/Faulkner, then why not confirm him as the new permanent manager, and let him bring in the required quality before the transfer window slams shut.

All so frustrating, all so disappointing, all so Aston Villa going back over the past fifty years plus.

Nothing ever really changes does it?

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The Journalist

Writer: Glensider Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 25 2010

Time: 3:25PM

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Good article but i disagree with some things said. I completely agree that it would be nice to have a new manager and 2 or 3 more players by now. But as an Owner, being the first time that he is going to appoint some1, id wanna make sure id get it right. If we rushed to fill the position we could end up with some1 that non of us want. Lerner has done wonders for our great club and i cant see why there is even a shred of doubt about his commitment to Aston Villa. I think it is good man management to put his support in K-mac, a man who devotes himself to our club, and that the players respect. And if it doesnt work out, its only 4 or 5 games. I know they are points on the board but i think K-mac deserves the chance. As for addidng to our squad, i truely believe that which ever manager takes control has a very good squad at his disposal. They might decide to utilize our players more, therefore maybe raising the value of reo, sidwell etc. We have a good enough squad to make it to january without adding. I put my faith in Lerner to keep us competing, it may be a naive thing to do, but supporting Aston Villa is what i do best! (The crowd go wild at my speech, women and children are crying, end credits....) :-p
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25/08/2010 15:34:00

A lot of Villa fans were loudly voicing their thoughts that O'Neill was deficient in all aspects of the game and were calling for him to go before he walked. Why the hell would he have a lot of feeling for Aston Villa football club or its fans? I'd have said 'stuff you lot' and walked too, if it had been me. Despite his shortcomings - yes, of course he had (has!) them - we finished top 6 three years running, something which is extremely difficult in today's Premiership. On a number of occasions I called for those who wanted MON out to name a feasible replacement BEFORE destroying what we had, but nobody could or would do that (except for those naming Mourinho. Nuff said there!) So come on guys - it's really easy to tear down but a touch more like real life to rebuild. Put your money where your mouths are: Who should we get and why? How do we actually get them (in the real world)? Hindsight and criticism in opposition is child's play (i.e. Championship Manager stuff). How about giving everybody the benefit of your clever ideas IN ADVANCE for once?
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25/08/2010 16:23:00

We will end up with Klinsmann, and MacDonald as 1st team coach. Will end up 8th in the League, and will have a decent cup run. Robbie Keane will sign, hopefully in this window, if not the next. I will put my crystal ball away now.
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25/08/2010 17:08:00

Yes because O'Neill really cared what the fans thought and that's why he walked, thought we were in the minority anyway?

It's all opinions though, I happen to think there are plenty of much better managers out there (they just don't share O'Neill's PR skills) who could equal or better what he achieved as he was by no means a great manager by any stretch of the imagination given what he spent, but people band around top manager and instantly think Mourinho or something ridiculous like that.

Nobody in the anti camp suggested Mourinho to my memory as a viable option, but just because the press aren't linking him it doesn't mean we'll instantly end up with a manager who is worse than O'Neill. The likelihood is almost impossible given his record with us - we reached his limit, we have to take a step back to improve on that - especially given the wages paid to players who never played and the same squad problems.

The first 11 haven't suddenly turned to tosh and the problems we have squad wise are exactly the same as they were and have been for two seasons that went unrectified. Now we have a chance of sorting that out and it could get us 6th again, or maybe higher...or maybe lower. At least it won't be the same old fall from 4th place et al we've been used to.
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25/08/2010 17:23:00

I normally agree with most if not all that BobtheBuilder and Glensider have to say. Not this time. The actions of The Big Ego are inexcusable. No one with a sense of pride in their work acts like that AND takes his stooges with him. I will never forgive that and it has to speak volumes about the man that that is the way he acts. He lets the owner head off back to the US then takes his close team and walks out. It was a selfish act and a planned attack on the club that demonstrated what some of us thought for some time, The Big Ego was working for himself, not Aston Villa. If that is how a responsible manager acts in any business, you are better off without him. Now looking forward, I was frsutrated at the start of the week and wroote an article asking for some communication. We got it from the General. How do you appoint a man to take you forward in a few days? That is true nonsense - it takes time and time is what they are spending. Yes it may well have implications for the season BUT so would the wrong appointment - a manager who destroyed the work done to date and then left the club in a mess. And I can think of a number of potential managers that would do just that. Think about it. When MON looked unsettled a few months ago it seems that the board tried to find alternatives. That seemed to be smoothed over until The BIg Ego left - when any preparation done previously was wasted. Stop blaming Lerner & co, recognise that he who walks on water sank under his own ego and support the club in a difficult time. rant over.
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25/08/2010 17:40:00

I know the feeling Pancho Villan, in fact if you dont mind, I'll share that pphhhfffffffffphphphhhhh moment with you. Come On You Lions, lets get back on track Thursday evening, and then really take out our St James Park frustrations against David Moyes' Everton on Sunday afternoon. We supporters cant do anything about Martin O'Neill packing his bags and walking off into the night, nor can we force Randy Lerner's hand into appointing the right manager (the one we personally want), but we can all get ourselves down to Brummagem B6 to cheer the lads on to a couple of very important victories, over the course of the next few days.
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25/08/2010 20:09:00

How can anyone say o'neill walked simply to damage aston villa, i find that ludicrous because whatever his faults nobody can deny he gave 100%. Nobody except lerner and o'neill know the true facts and any speculation is just that speculation. Period! It's not beyond the realms of possibility that the man might be physically/ mentally unwell and if thats the case he sure as hell doesn't have to explain himself. I also find it amusing when he is blasted over his duff transfer dealings because every single manager in the history of the game has done the same, clough, fergie etc everbody. If some of you guys think a new manager is going to come in and never make a dodgy signing you need to get real. Whatever happens next i just hope randy has the ambition and desire to get us where we should be.
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25/08/2010 20:35:00

I actually think the you have over estimated MON's calibre. After spending 180 mill on players we find we have a in adequate squad to at least finish weher we did last term. That says more about MON than anything else surely. I see no reason to panick and one freak result. The club will move forward just as everyone believed before the toon game. STOP PANICKING!!!
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25/08/2010 21:38:00 very good watch
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25/08/2010 21:42:00 talk of speculation then you drop the mentally unwell it!!
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25/08/2010 21:49:00

"I happen to think there are plenty of much better managers out there" Mike, you really do talk some tripe, imo. Name me 3 who could have got us top 6, 3 seasons running, with the same money? Maybe Mourino or SAF could have done it, but I doubt it. Moyes?, maybe. Further, name me 5 who you think could have done it with less money. I can make a guess that Brian Little would have done a better job, but that's all it is, a guess. There's only one manager who has been able to perform near miracles with little money and that's Wenger imo. I'll be interested in your opinion at the end of this season, when we've done a lot worse. Fear, any danger of getting some sort of formatting on this site? I read the main posts all the time, but, god, reading the replies is hard work mate.
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25/08/2010 22:14:00

Thanks for the info reformatting, Mike, but that's *****poor. Fear needs to update this to make it look like something approaching the 21st century imo. Anyway, back to the point. I want names mate, not "Plenty of better managers, who play better better football, have better tactics, better training regimes, better plan b's, better ideas on rotation etc etc". Moyes has not got 3 consectutive 6ths in the last 3 seasons, although he spent more in previous seasons. I'd accept Moyes maybe, but what's his record cost signing compared to ours? Fellaini, initial 12 mill rising to 15 mill, as opposed to our ultimate 12 mill? From a club that what supposed to be totally potless at the time. Harry did well at Pompey but nearly broke the club with dodgy dealings and underhand wages, hence the taxman hounding them to near death. No doubt you'll say it was down to the owners, but that's tosh. Spurs have spent a boatload more money than us in previous years, as well you know, so either way it doesn't count, imo, as they started from a much better base. Please name me these people who will do better than MON did.
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25/08/2010 23:43:00

im with you mike_field,.,Iwas ecstatic at the time when he 1st arrived, he was good for us also us for him, but exactly my point earlier, No plan B, no rotation of players, and unable to tap into the foreign transfer market to attract a top striker 20/30 goal a season., When O'Neil just carried playing the same team over and over when we were at one point 8 points above arsenal a year or so ago, i couldnt believe it, they looked, played knackered yet he just carried on playing the same old faces?,. I also remember he gave Heskey his debuet at pompey for us, we played a 4 5 1 formation, we won and carried on winning until he changed back to 4 4 2 and we lost a 2 0 lead to stoke in last 10 minutes?? ,.We are only gonna miss the fact he left us no time to rebuild for the season and replace him so he doesnt look bad i think, its a shame you know never would i have thought this 4 years ago,,.FOOTBALL, ITS A FUNNY OLD GAME!
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26/08/2010 02:36:00

I do think Mr O'Neil is a good man old fashioned and would stand his ground with anyone lol., I like that respect that but in todays game, as both Fergie and Mourinho both have know stated recently, you have to make the players feel special,. In other words kiss there azz at times to get them to play on a cold frosty night for 3 points or a cup, its a shame isnt it the game has gone like this, i miss the old days, with Platt Atkinson and saunders upfront, Ray Houghton the little magician Townsend, Teale King Mcgrath,. What im saying is Mr O'Neil isnt an a bad man its just the days of playing the same winning team for as often as they were fit or you gave the players a rolocking to give a kick up the backside to let em know who's boss has gone know!,. He meant well he tried his best but the frustration of the mistakes he made of not rotating his squad a WEE BIT, or sticking to that winning formation of 4 5 1 when we were knicking the points we needed has undougtebly caused this scenario its a shame., But i agree with Mike again we want to see rotation of in form players for out of form players, but lets be honest we were cheated out of a cup last season wasnt we? Vidic should have gone sent off then we win a cup and maybe gave us the confidance and BELIEF to go fourth?? ., who knows?
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26/08/2010 02:52:00

Im gonna make a prediction, we will get cheated by either Manuare, Citeh, or Chelski for either a blatent penalty not given to us or given to one of the cheating favouratised earlier teams. ,. The FA isa money making buisness they protect there investment, they aint stupid thats why we sit here season after season saying same old same old, we were cheated, same old teams have the backing of the officials UNOFFICIALLY i say !,. they dont want to lose the multi million pound contracts from abroard for Premier league rights broardcasting, its all gone money mad, and thats why they want the same old faces at the top to keep the interest from abroard, Liverpool have become a little unfashionable spending wise hence they drop out of champs league?,.,. its just my opinion but answer me this, How often do we all sit there watching Manuire, Chelski and say that was never a free kick or penalty? or he should have been sent off? or fergie demands extra time? Its not all a coincidance is it we know deep down there is one RULE for one, and one for another., So my point is it doesnt really matter who we get in next i believe we are not fashionable to get in the champs league so the FA would probably make our lives difficult as they did when we challanged arsenal a year or so ago !
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26/08/2010 03:04:00

One last thing Why is the West Midlands so hated or taken the pss out of or fail or struggle to attract top players to here, and YET? they move to a S*** Hole like manchester or a London club cos its the CAPITAL, this area needs putting on the map big time,. We will always be the most succefull club in the midlands at least that aint gonna change is it lol UP THE VILLA i say
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26/08/2010 03:10:00

Ok as a previously stout MON supporter I have to finally admit it - he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.
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26/08/2010 04:58:00

Clive, I totally agree with you about the blatant decisions always going to the sky4 and the way we got shafted twice at wembley last season shows this for all to see. Only last sunday vidic takes an opponents shirt off in the box but somehow it's not a penalty. This side of football just stinks.
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26/08/2010 09:24:00


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