Aston Villa - Milner price shows Aston Villa ambition
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Milner price shows Aston Villa ambition

James Milner has now informed Martin O'Neill that he wants to follow in the foot$tep$ of Gareth Barry and $ign for Manche$ter City.

Martin O'Neill has now made it public knowledge that he can leave the club but only for the right price; thought to be 30M.

Now, when we look at the size of that price it really is unbelievable. In 2006 Aston Villa was taken over by Randy Lerner in a deal worth 62.6M for the club. We have purchased a player not too long ago for 12M and now look set to sell Milner to Manchester City in a deal hopefully worth between 28M-30M with Roberto Mancini yesterday claiming that he is still chasing James Milner.

It really is quite amazing that we could sell 1 player for a value of almost half of what the whole club was worth almost 4 years ago. That is quite incredible!

We have taken tremendous steps since the takeover and this huge transfer deal not only shows that but also the money will take us on to the next level. Milner was a great player for us but now he has made his choice and chosen the money over football. The only questions now are to ask; exactly how much can we rip Manchester City off by? Who will replace Milner? And will this sale mean that we can now finally move on and sign some players?

But now we know the truth that Milner is a money grabber and we can thank Martin O'Neill for finally informing the fans on what is going on now that Milner has made his choice. Let the signings come in! Let's move on, and UTV!

For the record, I hope James Milner likes the new massaging chairs in the City of Manchester Stadium because he will be occupying one of them on a regular basis whilst the Man City team plays. UTV!

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The Journalist

Writer: astvil123 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 22 2010

Time: 3:38PM

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Sorry, but this is what happens when you fail to make top four; your best players leave. I wouldn't be too bothered about sending him to City: he isn't that good, just the man of the moment. Couple of seasons ago it was Ashley Young etc, etc. Over-rated because he's English.
Tony Rocky Horror
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22/07/2010 15:45:00

And it will be interesting to see how far Villa drop whne they continue selling their best players.
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22/07/2010 15:54:00

I'm pretty sure that City will refuse to pay 30m for Milner, and we are already looking to alternatives who are much cheaper. It's not about the money, it's just that people think we're mugs and the club realise that's going to have to stop. I suspect that Villa will keep holding out for 30m right up until the last day of the transfer window, at which point we will either pass on the opportunity leaving you with an unhappy and not 100% commited player, or you buckle and we land the player for 25m, but you will not have the time to spend it. Neither situation makes much sense for either club, and judging by the comments MON has been making for the past few weeks I suspect he does recognise that Milner is your best opportunity to raise enough funds to get 2-3 decent players in. Something's gotta give soon, otherwise the outcome to the whole saga will be unsatisfactory for all concerned.
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22/07/2010 16:00:00

Not Happy
Pancho Villan
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22/07/2010 16:03:00

its a good pint but more to do with the silly money that man city have got, cant see who else would pay that money for him
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22/07/2010 16:05:00

O'Neill said yesterday that Milner informed him that he wanted to leave Villa before the World Cup. Milner hasn't suddenly made up his mind in the last five minutes. The question tos ask is, Why has O'Neill come out now and said that Milner wants to leave? Anyway, the reason Milner is leaving is ambition. Man City have it, and we don't in any serious way. We can't afford that kind of ambition. As for Milner going to Man City to sit on the bench, to say so is ludicrous. Why are thye going to pay that kind of money for a bench-warmer? He will take his place in City's squad and play his fair share of games in a rotations system, just like the rest of City's players. It will be up to Milner himself how successful he at City. If he doesn't end up being good enough, he will at least be able to say he tried.
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22/07/2010 16:10:00

It will be intersting to see what happens now. MON has proven he won't be held to ransom and will keep players that want to leave if the suitor club won't meet the valuation (Liverpool and Barry). I suspect he'll set an ultimatum to expire shortly and will stick to his guns. I hope we sell Milner for c. 30m as we will get by far the better of the deal. Personally think he's mad to go to the Eastlands circus - he must have been promised massive wages, but if I were him I'd be putting my career 1st. The fact that Villa are selling a player for this much shows how far we've come in Randy and MONs time. There is no club in the world that can hold on to a player if they want to leave.
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22/07/2010 16:11:00

There is not a cat in hell's chance of City paying anywhere near 30m. MON knows City won't wait for a decent valuation. Villa will end up with a very unsatisfied player with no hope of getting in the top six next season.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 16:13:00

Man City will pay what we tell them to pay because they always want to get their way. Which they usually get, but they always look stupid because they are not business savvy. They are the hobby of some rich guy having a bit of fun. City are more than welcome to have Milner for 25m+ and we will take a few players in exchange maybe. 20M + ireland? That'd do. 15 + Bellamy and Ireland - even better. City = Fake, shallow and nobody has ever noticed you. Why would we bother now? Pfah!
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 16:16:00

Lots of clubs show ambition, but Man City have not achieved anything yet. Let's not kid ourselves, players are going there for the money -Yaya Toure's agent implied he'd turned down 200k a week before finally being convinced to join. I imagine he'll be motivated at Eastlands! Moving from a non-CL Prem club to an established CL Prem club shows ambition on the part of the player. Moving to Man City just shows a desire to cash in. I genuinley don't think they'll qualify for the CL next year.
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22/07/2010 16:19:00

I don't think the price (25 or 30) shows how far Villa have come. It just highlights that there seems to be no end to the constant inflation of prices in the market. Absolutely crazy. Not surprised Milner is going, but it gets annoying that players leave as soon as a 'better' offer comes along. Great player, but certainly replaceable. This one certainly doesn't hurt as much as many other defections in the past. I'm still trying to get over Andy Gray going to Wolves.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 16:23:00

Also, if Milner doesn't get his move I imagine, though unhappy, he'll play as a model pro for us next year and will, at the very least, maintain his standards. He won't sign a new deal and we'll sell him for c. 10 next year if there's still interest and he still wants to go. I reckon he will go this soon though as City will quickly come nearer our valuation (prob around 26m mark)
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22/07/2010 16:25:00

Oh come on, to say Milner is only going for the money does not tell the whole story. Look at the squad they're getting together up there. Must be bloody exciting - and flattering - to be a part of that. City will win things, of that I have no doubt. If they don't then I would worry for the future of that club, one that I've always liked with very genuine fans.
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22/07/2010 16:30:00

You're kidding yourself if you think Villa is now in a position to demand that ridiculous 30 mill. He'll be a good addition to our squad but we're not desperate for him. We can easily walk away from the deal if we feel the price is too much and leave you with an unhappy player who could leave for peanuts next summer, simple as. We have the upper hand at the moment.
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22/07/2010 16:34:00

I never thought i'd hear myself say it...but I hope Man U win the league....Man city are making a mockery of English football... I hope Milner goes...use the dough to buy 3 good players and we'll be well away...Villa will still be top 6 next season....
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 16:35:00

Man City are mugs (selling us Dunne for 6 mil and spending over 20 on Lescott has already shown that). We must hold out for our price or everyone will think we are a soft touch, Just unsettle our players in a very sickening way and we will fold. That will just put good players off joining Villa. NO other teams need to see we will play hard ball and if Milner ends up not getting his move and sulks then that will just put other teams off him as he would lose form and seem like a spoiled child, if he does that dump him in the reservers untill he cops on, that would also show players that we dont mess around. I dont agree that its a case that City have ambition and we dont, just that we are building slowly and in a stable way not just spending a ton of money and buying the league (like the way most teams in Italy tried in the 90's and look lots went bang i.e Fiorentina had to sell their name and badge to balance the books. Ok Man City have rich owners but like at chelsea the money they pump in is down as a loan not an investment for tax reasons).
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 16:39:00

fifthcolumnblue, is there really a massive difference between the 28m quoted and your holding them to ranson for 25m, rather silly dont you think? based on comments like that you like so many Cuty fans are really getting ahead of yourselves and has clearly lost or losing what made city fans one of the best in the game.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:02:00

Villan444 - Pretty evenly matched, despite the fact we were in the old 3rd division only 10 years ago (our larger ground seems to be giving us the edge in recent years though): - So your point is what exactly?
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:04:00

30m is what Villa have demanded, 20m is what we've offered So yes, I'd say 33% is quite a difference in valuation ox.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:05:00

I agree Villan444 that Milner may not be playing in the middle. If I'm honest I'm not sure this is his greatest career move. Re.: ManC fans. As a kid/teenager I somehow went to the FA Cup semi at VP (1982?) between City and Ipswich. I ended up with the City fans and had a great time. They were a real nice, fun bunch. Had a soft spot for them ever since.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:38:00

nowt to do with ambition nowt at all ,all about what money a club can afford to pay,and in citys case its not football money making the difference so unless or untill someone with the personal fortune of the new city owners arrive itll be the way it is for all clubs .stop confusing the two facts
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:47:00

Dont be ungrateful Tallaght Villian, we did you a favour with Dunne, say thank you. You've got a fulltime job if you're gonna be bitter about City's position. Players move from club to club all the flipping time, get used to it you sad person.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 17:59:00

Compared to Villa, City are a small club fifth column. It's the Nobs like _innit who have appeared from nowhere lording it up because you guys have money that I was getting at. Shame that they are tarnishing the good name of the masses. Money talks but it shouldn't speak *****!!
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 18:12:00

Innit. All I said was that some of Man Citys transfer moves are questionable to say the least and that there is more to live than money. How is it said to say that someone is making what you believe (rightly or wrongly) will be a mistake? If i am a sad person for thinking that I (if I was a former pro-footballer) Would like to think of the matchs I played in rather than the ones I sat on the bench watching, which I believe Milner would be on the bench more than of the pitch for city due to the high turnover of players Than I guess I am sad. I also agree that every team buys and sells players thats part of the game, but going on huge shopping sprees each season and replacing the players you bought only 6,12 or 18 months ago is not a stable way to run a club.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 19:56:00

*More to Life than.. *How is it sad...
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:02:00

Looks like a new set of fans are fighting for the right to be the biggest forum Kn obs, I like the real ManC fans, but the F in idiots were bound to come crawling out of the woodwork sooner or later.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:09:00

Been on vital spurs most of the day trying to explain this, obviously we wont be spending like this every summer, no one needs to tell you that. He's not even kicked a ball for City and you're saying he'll be on the bench? how do you know? Dont you believe Villa's best player of last season is good enough to get into the City side? People want to hold unto this fantasy that City is like a kid in a candy store just buying randomly which couldnt be further from the truth. City is clearly an ambitious club going places and you cant knock a player for wanting to be a part of it while making good money.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:11:00

Innit I was just thinking there which player in your midfield would Milner Replace Johnson (Only bought a few months ago)? Barry? Silva? De Jong? Wright-Phillips? Kompany? Toure? There is 7 midfielders that we know you will not sell and demand to play most matches.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:18:00

TheQ, its pretty obvious the ball is in our court but you're probably too Villa bias to admit it, that doesn't change a thing. How are we desperate for him? We made one offer and it was rejected. We've since got two better midfielders and now he wants to leave you, yeah, we're really desperate. Your manager has come out and said you need to sell to buy and yet we're desperate. We offered 20 mill cos we could afford to, nothing desperate about that mate. Wish you all the best though.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:24:00

Innit where would he fit in?? (In a Alan Partridge "I'am not driving a mini-metro" talk over you maner)
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:26:00

Villa********444 you want to throw abuse about i can pay ball. What did i say that makes me a knob? Appeared from from nowhere cos you signed up to the site before me?
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:28:00

Stick to the debate or I'll just delete.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:32:00

I've been on other sites and comported myself fairly well so unless you can tell me exactly what i said that makes me a k nob, you should try and expand on your vocabs cos name calling doesnt really cut it!
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:33:00

Sorry mikefield but he's taking a *****.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:35:00

Look it's simple, If City want him they know the price (A fair one taking into account his value to us, the current transfer market) and City have the money so ether they pay it, or they dont. I cant see where he would play thats why I was trying to ask Innit. Untill then its pointless getting personal as it justs people off clubs they used to like so please everyone stick to the point.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:38:00

as soon as a player wants to leave our club he becomes a money grabbing mercenary which is utter bollox. milner has got a chance of playing in the champs league next season and if they do make it you'll see them buy some serious world class players who he'll train and play with week in week out. we've got decent players with a chance of making 6th so put it in to per$pective before you start using the dollar $igns every $econd word.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:41:00

Tallaght Villian i see no reason why he cant play in the same position he excelled so well in at Villa granted he might not play every game but i also think getting a break will be appreciated considering how very tired your squad appeared towards the end of last season.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:43:00

I understand the idea of squad rotation and that yous will be using it but I cant see how spending that much on a play who would not be considered first choice would be a good move? My question is who would he be replacing in those matches? As man city have a large squad as it is? Also would the rotation offer him the number of games he would be happy with, I dont think that it would.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 20:47:00

In respect to the question about who Milner would replace:Johnson (Only bought a few months ago)? Barry? Silva? De Jong? Wright-Phillips? Kompany? Toure? Clearly, ManC will be developing a squad for rotation but Kompany is off and De Jong too, SWP might last another season but I think he will go to Wham in the end. So that leaves the other boys for the future....Whereas with us we buy players like Sidwell then show an inability to rotate and they go to waste.
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 21:22:00

I thought I might make a comment without being judged if I may. I think MON and Randy have learned from the Barry saga that we have to play hard ball with another club wanting our better players as we have to be seen as not a selling club but one with ambition. If we are to achieve our ambitions or even get close then we have to keep our better players, that's just common sense isn't it. Money does talk though and for the right price MON will sell as Villa have to also strengthen and that money will help us buy a better player than say 10mil would. If City want him that bad then they will get him. I personally don't care whether they play him as that's not our problem, if they get him that is. Yes they (City) have too many players so maybe MON can have a look at $$$ plus player(s)?? Either way Tallaght and innit have good points but it does happen every year and loyalty plays no part in the modern game as players think they are superstars and they chase the $$$ all the time. Contracts aren't worth anything anymore and the (IMHO) high price for Milner proves a rich club can buy out that contract. Imagine if we was in the spanish league and with their buy out clauses, jeez! Sorry for the long post guys.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
22/07/2010 22:23:00

Fair do's to City. They've never done anything of any note since the days of Summerbee and Lee, have always been in their neighbours shadow and have decided that to get a bit of success they need to suckle the Arab cock. Each to their own but I would rather die than have Villa be a plaything for a rich Sheikh. There really is only one Randy Lerner and we are bloody lucky to have the likes of him and the General in charge. UTV.
Report Abuse
23/07/2010 00:58:00

the only reason why man city want Milner is because they don't want him playing for anyone else - welcome to the cheap (dug-out) seats at city Milner, oh and thanks for the $$$
Report Abuse
23/07/2010 07:55:00

Yes Rawlie, I'm sure all your fellow Villans are extremely happy that you're in a position where you have to sell your best payers just to bring in reinforcements.
Report Abuse
23/07/2010 10:34:00

Koolbill... don't speak on my behalf. I've always had a lot of time for City and have watched City against United on the Kippax in my time with a bunch of true blue mates. Those same mates, while enjoying the ride have the foresight to see that the future might not be as rosy as it looks now. City's transfer dealings are utter madness and they will come back and bite them on the arse. Fifthcolumnblue... I'm happy with the way we go about things. I'm glad City was arrogant enough to sell us Dunne and buy Lescott for stupid money. If having a guy with more money than sense in charge means we get players which we can reinvigorate and get to perform for us then... great. Come back on here wearing your light blue ghutra's and igal's when you have won something of note... or have even qualified for the CL. Oh... and one more thing... Yaya Toure... 200k a week... Suckers.
Report Abuse
23/07/2010 12:18:00


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