Aston Villa - Gay Players...Appreciated or Unwelcome?
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Gay Players...Appreciated or Unwelcome?

Had this through this morning from theacademic:

I am carrying out an anonymous survey on fans' views towards gay football players.

This is in response to the Premier League dropping a campaign on this issue and Max Clifford claiming that 'football is steeped in homophobia'.

We want to assess how fans feel about this. Our pilot data was published in The Observer on Sunday and discussed again on The Nolan show on Radio 5Live on Sunday evening and BBC Radio Leeds and Stoke this week.

The address is: and the site is being managed by Staffordshire University.

If you could keep the article comments respectful it would be appreciated!!! Now what image do I use?!

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The Journalist

Writer: theacademic Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 4 2010

Time: 10:54AM

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what any player gets up to OFF the pitch has little interest to me, their sexuality even less so. It is what they do on the pitch that matters, however I do think ignorance reigns and abuse would follow. Not sure players need to talk about their sexuality either way really do they? Neither do they need to be ashamed either way.
The Fear
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04/06/2010 10:57:00

Agree with Fear --- Personaly don't give a monkeys as long as they can play.....
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04/06/2010 11:01:00

Appreciated or unwelcome? Neither. I'll show appreciation to a good footballer, their sexual orientation has no baring on this. I've never understood the whole homophobic thing, but that as well I've never understood the gay pride thing either. Should I be proud because I like women? We are what we are, there's no need to put a label on it. Footballers play football, and if they're good players, then they have tmy respect. Gender, race, sexual preference.....means nothing.
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04/06/2010 11:04:00

It's an indictment on our society that gay footballers don't feel they can 'come out'. When this is discussed, you get the dinosaur pros saying that it would be bad for the dressing room and team morale and the terraces just wouldn't accept it. These are poor excuses and we should work harder as a society to be more inclusive. I don't have particularly liberal political views, but where our society is concerned I feel we need to be more accepting and inclusive. Personally I couldn't care less about the sexuality of any of the players at VP (it's not like they can help it!) or any other visiting players. It's got nothing to do with football.
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04/06/2010 11:36:00

Wouldn't work as they would be more worried about breaking a nail or getting their shorts dirty to put in a challenge.
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04/06/2010 11:38:00

RoyalVilla, you say its an indictment on our society that gay footballers don't feel they can 'come out'. It can be argued that it is an indicment on society that some people are either gay or are accepted for being gay by some people. Just because some people aren't as liberal and accepting of sodomy as others doesn't necessarily make them dinosaurs. In the same way as I wouldn't say that someone who has pro gay views is a queer lover.
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04/06/2010 12:08:00

aston guerilla, linking sexuality to racism is so far wide of the mark as to be not worth discussing. As an old soldier, I would go to war with any bloke you could depend on for your life, black, white or whatever. However you couldn't live in the closed rank environment that still operates, if you are worried that one of the blokes is going to crawl into your sleeping bag or is checking your ass every time you have a shower. If a gay Villa player scored 30 goals a season for the Villa would I cheer the goals? Of course I would? Do I agree with homosexuality and sodomy? No I don't. Given a choice, would I want our club represented by a bloke who plays Mommy (or Daddy if that is the case) with his boyfriend. No thank you. The thought of Gabbi in a bra is a something that doesn't really appeal though lol
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04/06/2010 12:18:00

kreskivilla, I am sure somebody gay could make a pass. They could shoot, but may have had a little dribble first. And as for head, that would probably be the strongest part of their game. They are also very pleased that ends are changed at half time. But the biggest danger would be in them deliberately playing poorly, so that the manager has to pull them off.
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04/06/2010 12:22:00

It's funny that you bring this topic up Fear, it has been in the media big time in australia because one of our local Aussie rules plaers said that the game wasn't ready for a gay player to come out. And then said to stay in the closet, well it didn't go down very well and he has now been suspended (which was probably a bit excessive). It will take guts it a footballer comes out because he will be completely ridiculed by the fans but someone has to start the ball rolling and well done when they do.
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04/06/2010 12:24:00

I'm sure there are gay players in the premier league, but they know how much abuse they would get (e.g. stick from fans) if they came out. It would be a source of banter for away fans, but perhaps some players wouldn't deal well with it
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04/06/2010 12:32:00

wasn't the last one to come out Justin Fashnau? Look at what happened there. It is a shame that people can't just live and let live but I still struggle to see why the sexuality of a player would be any concern to me. Then again, being as undoubtedly good looking as I am, I guess I am in danger of being pestered a great deal by both sexes! :o))
The Fear
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04/06/2010 12:43:00

Fans opinions aren't really the issue. The fans represent a slighted slanted cross section of society and in the same way that racism still persists, and most of us have illogical feelings towards residents of other areas of the country based on football alliegences and experience, homophobic behaviour is very much in evidence on the terraces (as it is in most local bars, boxing gyms etc etc that are traditional male dominated environments). I for one couldn't care less and would happilly welcome a gay centre forward to the Villa if he could score 20 or more league goals a season.
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04/06/2010 12:45:00

astonguerilla. I did say some are influenced by religion, not that I am. Mine are purely moral objections.
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04/06/2010 12:46:00

voiceofholte - Everybody's entitled to their stance and that should always be respected. I only get irked when people take there point of view to far, and they're not able to able to fully substanciate their beliefs, I don't beleive that you're one of these people. All I will say is that if a gay soldier checked my arse out in the shower then I wouldn't blame him, it's a nice arse. It's only if he laughs and points after checking out by behind that I'd begin to have a problem with it.
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04/06/2010 12:52:00

Voiceoftheholte - fair enough on the religious thing, I was just trying to catch you out.
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04/06/2010 12:54:00

It's hardly a state secret that there are gay players within the Premier League and, dare I suggest, ever closer to home. But there's a different between out-gay and not. And even scene gay and non-scene. Heck, 40 years ago the UK had a gay Prime Minister. Times do change.
The Real Neil
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04/06/2010 12:57:00

If they do the job on the pitch, and know what the shirt means - I really couldnt careless.
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04/06/2010 13:00:00

Wow, some interesting views on here. Astonguerilla - some great comments. Some of the others seem to be missing the point about gays altogether, deeming it to be choice. I have some 'unstraight' family members and can tell you that choice is not a factor at all. They go through immense soul searching and pain, maybe some people should catch up with reality and leave prejudice aside. Some people who served this country with great pride and dignity were gay - and we should be grateful for their contribution. However to answer the question - I agree with Astonguerilla - who cares? There are also some hypocrites on here too I suspect, given the Matthew Upson chants, which are an absolute disgrace and just show why any gay player would want to keep his mouth shut.
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04/06/2010 13:32:00

Gordons left boot. a. Prejudice is defined as an adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. b. A preconceived preference or idea. 2. The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions. See Synonyms at predilection. 3. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion. 4. Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavorable conviction of another or others. Whilst some eople are obviously prejudiced in their views, many like myself have formulated decisions based on the judgements made after studying the facts. The fact that someone disagrees with homosexuality and sodomy doesn't mean they hate all homosexuals. Many great people are/were queer. It doesn't mean they were not great people. However that also doesn't mean that people can not be repulsed by their sexual habits. George Michael was a great singer/songwriter, but that doesn't mean I agree with the offering of sexual favours with any man who happens to walk into a public toilet. If anybody finds that to be normal behaviour, then I make no apologies for saying that they are a pervert.
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04/06/2010 14:08:00

JayVFC - interesting point, but I'm afraid it honestly wouldn't bother me, I genuinly don't give a **** about yours or anyone elses orientation. I'd hate that player with all my heart because he's wearing a blues shirt, simple as. I know that contradicts my previous point but I suppose I use football rivalaries to offload my playground urges to hate without rhymne nor reason, at the end of the day it's still just football banter; the same can't be said for homophobia and racism. P.s. voiceoftheholte - would a gay squadie really try and climb into your sleeping bag? I thought that kind of thing only happened in prison, that's a whole different type of gayness.
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04/06/2010 15:03:00

lol astonguerilla. So there are different types of gayness??? This thread is definitely taking a different turn .... ooops!! And no gay squaddie used to climb in my sleeping bag . . . . . . . . I used to **** in the hood and that kept most of them away. Flies were a bugger though . . . . . . . ooopps, there I go again!! However I did have a gay friend who had the words 'Rolls Royce' tattoed on his willy. Apparently this was because it was his favourite car. I told him he the tatoo should have said ' Land Rover' with the amount of **** it was going to have to go through. I have no gripes with those who like homosexuality. I have no gripes with those who don't give a monkeys either way. But personally I believe it to be wrong.
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04/06/2010 15:32:00

and before somebody else says it . . . . . . my boyfriend has he same opinion as well.
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04/06/2010 15:33:00

does that mean we will get "WABS" in the future instead of "WAGS"? Or will it be "HABS" ? (Husbands and boyfriends) Maybe they will clash handbags in the boutiques with the WAGS! LOL! Sorry, as I dont know any gay footballers, I dont think a serious comment is warrented... tend to agree with voiceoftheholte though!
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04/06/2010 17:08:00

fascinating reactions/debate, didn't realise it would cause such an interesting debate today to be honest. I remember in Berlin once a gay chap walked passed me, eyed me up and down and said something and wolf whistled... My mates were absolutely disgusted and couldn't believe I wasn't. Sod it, (wrong phrase actually) the chap paid me a compliment, only compliment I got that day as well. I didn't feel totally comfortable about it but was better than him looking and turning his nose up or going yuk! As astonguerrilla also understands, when you are so good looking (or in his case his arse it seems!!!!!) you have to take these things in your stride and it is better than them laughing at you! lol. Serious point though, I don't believe it is a choice, so I can't see how any of us who are straight have the right to say it is wrong morally, in the name of religion (and I do so hate the hatred religion preaches) or anything else. If you were bothered by someone coming on to you, fine, if not, live and let live. Not keen on the camp presenters but then, I have an off switch on my tv. Wouldn't bother me at all if it was a blues player either, but can understand that point as above, fans will go for anything to upset an opponent.
The Fear
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04/06/2010 18:11:00

I have no issue with anyones sexuality, my only concern is thier playing ability, I do want them to behave in a reasonable manner off the pitch, by which I mean not getting into fights and drunken incidents, but sexuality is not an issue. Oh and if they eat cheese then they are evil.....
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04/06/2010 19:05:00

Hello Vitals been hanging around 100% villa for about 4 years but im more of a reader than a poster and there is usually about 30 people who have already posted something similar to what i would have typed anyway so i never really im a lazy git, but this debate is too fascinating to not jump in. what would happen if every superstar player from pele to messi turned out to be gay, how long would it take for people on here to start posting "why doesnt mon go and buy us a poofter" or "why doesnt randy release the cash for a flaming bender, Carew is far too hetro we will never get champions league without 3 or 4 shirtlifters" All football fans would have to totally embraced the idea of gay footballers imagine the chants from the Holte "We are gayer than you say we are gayer than you" if the first openly gay footballer was a villa player we would have at least a couple of million more fans almost overnight, think about the merchandising, some of our older kits have not been far off being pink anyway. but seriously i would like to think i would not have a problem with gay players but if im honest i would certainly take the *****. one of my mates decided to come out of the closet a couple of years ago and we took the ***** like only your closest mates i think about it he also went from being a lads lad to a cross between julian clary and dale winton within 6 months if coming out hmmm why do they do that
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04/06/2010 21:27:00

Have to admit the camp thing confuses me jcvilla but then there are plenty of non camp gays who probably feel the same! Don't be such a lazy git by the way, you contributions are appreciated! lol
The Fear
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05/06/2010 10:16:00

a footballers sexuality shouldn't matter to any fan, we as supporters pay our money to watch 22 men play football, so long as they do that do that their private lives are none of our business.
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05/06/2010 10:52:00

If a man or a woman is gay, to me that isn't a problem. That's their choice. It is perfecty acceptable in 21st century Britain. What does tend to get my goat is their desire to march around city centres telling us all they are 'proud' of their sexuality. Your proud. That's great. I'm proud of being married to my wonderful wife, so are plenty of other men I know. Do we feel the need to march around Hurst Steet? No. Why we need homosexuality forced down our throats? How many more faux lesbian kisses do I have to witness? Why do I then have to explain to my young kids what sexuality is? It's just getting a bit boring now. Methinks that there is a blatant gay agenda within the corridors of power in this country that would like to see gay philosophy and ideals forced upon us.
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05/06/2010 10:53:00

piper, those are good points well made. Jimmyg. I do make jokes about peoples sexuality. In the same way as a homosexual can make jokes about mine. I wouldn't find it offensive if a gay man took the mickey out of me for giving my missus a seeing to. Why would they find it offensive if I took the mickey out of him sodomising his boyfriend?? That is an inconsistency. I have not said homosexuality should be banned. I do disagree with it, but it is everyones personal preference. If homosexuality was so normal then we would already have openly gay footballers. The fact that we don't is because despite yars of political and media pressure, the thought of men sodomising each other doesn't sit comfortably with many people. The thought of two Villa players openly in a relationship with each other is to much to bear. I after a match a player wants to go and look after his missus, great. If after a match he wants to go and rest his gonnads on his mates chin, that is another thing entirely.
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05/06/2010 16:21:00


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