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Man City's 20m Bid Told Where To Go

Manchester City have been told where to put their first offer for one our players. James Milner isn't Gareth Barry, he has burnt no bridges, he hasn't insulted the manager nor expressed his desire to leave. Poor (cough) Man City probably wish he had.

Truly in keeping with England's World Cup bid and the fact Capello has laid down the law concerning contracts and transfers ahead of our trip to South Africa, Manchester City listened to his words, and then in true greedy boy style ignored the spirit of his instructions and determined I've got more money than you so ferk off. We are a great club, the World Cup hasn't started yet so we are still being ethical!

Therefore after the disgraceful coverage on their official site (yes plastic council wearing fans can get upset again and ignore the fact it wasn't titled MEDIA SPECULATION - knock yourselves out....truly please do) and the leaks to the media over the past few weeks about Man City being interested in James Milner it comes as no surprise to find out they have actually made a bid.

20 million pounds, yes the wannabee we can buy it Man Utd are taking the Mark Hughes. More importantly given the money they have spunked so far on players, 20m for Milner.

Do they value him that little? Ok there are reported add ons, taking it to 25m.

I'm not getting how that isn't an insult to the man who beat up Chuck Norris by simply saying hello.

24m for Lescott, and they let Dunne go. God knows what on Robinho and he's gone back home. They have proved money talks (well done) and talent is nothing (which is why they finished after all their money 3 points ahead of us), maybe that's why the bid is so low? Maybe the owner of the play thing is annoyed they keep spunking money on average players, so now they have to pay below the odds for good players, instead well above them for let downs???

Anyway, let me be fair, City do have rights to chant my Council house is bigger than yours. I can see that playing a huge role in convincing anyone they plan to sign. The fact they also prove they have no history anymore, no class, and that any real fans who enjoyed the days of Flitcroft, White, Quinn etc when the Premiership wasn't about 'how much money does it take to be interested in me dear' should've by their own standards rebelled and make the new owners question their attitude.

It won't thought. And football is worse for it. It started with that Russian bloke, infact it started with Blackburn buying the league with Mary Poppins. At least back when Blackburn brought the league and pissed on ethics and football morality it was done by a man who cared about the club. Those trying to buy the league thesedays simply view it as a notch on a business bedpost. It should infuriate fans, but sadly it doesn't. They prefer to gloat and pretend fans of other clubs are simply jealous.

It won't last forever, but for all you Chelsea fans and City fans who saw your club go from nowhere....take pride when the game you purport to love ceases to exist.

If you support your owners actions you are supporting the death of the game and simply hastening the implosion we all know that is coming. Football will not survive when clubs are play things. Football will not survive when some clubs think they can simply bully others into selling their best players by means of a carefully orchestrated media campaign. Sadly the practice is still new and underused....once it becomes common place the game we all love is over.

Which brings me nicely after my rant, which I don't give a flying Lord Sugar over whether people agree or not - I'm right, you disagree you are wrong and blinded and living in the fatalistic belief that is ruining the world - Villa have rightly not told the classless club in Manchester to go forth and multiple, I wish they had. I would've preferred them to 'fax' back I hope your owner gets crabs, or Roberto look out there's a bus.

Our club has more class than I do.

Obviously our club has more class than City. But that probably applies to 85 other professional clubs in the country aswell.

The clubs response was as follows, and I quote from a statement on the Official Site:

'We have received an offer from Manchester City and this has been firmly rejected. We plan to sit down with James Milner and his representative after the World Cup to agree a new long term deal and this remains our position.'

Amen, spot on.

Given their official site likes to act as a shoddy fansite and sensationalise their own news, allow me on behalf of this site, which prides itself on not being sensational to break our own rules.

The headline for this piece should be:

'Ferk Off You Clueless Greedy Barstewards'.

Given City fans don't understand the difference between and headline and a sub header, allow me to add:

'Not Every Player or Club Will Automatically Whore Themselves To Your Money'.

Then again do I really need to comment?

Richard Dunne anyone? Promising Mark Hughes he'd be fine anyone? Sven 'the shagger' Eriksson anyone?

In one ear, out the other but as long as we make the right noises we are safe?

Or as City think as long as we offer the right money people will open their legs and say 'thrill me with your tickle stick'.

Milner has his price, everyone does.

20m is not it. As an opening salvo it is both insulting to the club and the player.

It says everything about the 'buy the league yet finished 3 points ahead of us club' far better than I ever could.

I look forward to the City fans missing the point and attacking me, as soon as you do, you prove everything I have said right.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 20 2010

Time: 2:40AM

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ENGLISH, young, experienced, versatile, most capped U21 player, most improved English player, PFA young player of the year, hard working non prima donna, our clubs ***** off Citeh, ***** off Mancini & ***** off arabs, 20 mil with add ons your having a laugh!!! (lescott 24 mil, santa cruz 18 mil you made the rod for your own back with regards to fees)& he would not be leaving for champs league footy!! (Look fwd to Barry's return for 6 mil ; - ) !!!
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 02:59:00

AAAARRRGGGGHHHH Why an I so angry!!!!!
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 03:09:00

See youve all taken it well,especially mike field,what a silly article.Think youll find that Milner has indicated he is up to a move as he did at Newcastle,been leaked at your end to spark a bidding war.If it is so bad to do this during the world cup build up why have villa announced on their site that they turned down a bid,didnt have to did they?this could of been kept at boardroom level
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 06:37:00

Hey you needn't have taken a potshot at us. Atleast our Official Website does not run cheap rumours! And your rant about Owners spending obscene amounts is all good- What about Real Madrid? If they come behind Milner tomorrow, how will you react? They spend even more obscene amounts any other club and shamelessly try to tap the players they want. This is how football's evolving and there is nothing yet to suggest that this is the "death of football", yet. Maybe a few clubs who run their finances badly and fall into horrible debt (read ManYoo) may run into trouble. Sorry, Mike Field, I respectfully disagree with your article- I don't want Millner to leave you lot like the way Barry did too, but I disagree with the "death of football" quip. Big spenders exist even in clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 07:14:00

And bidding traditionally starts with a small sum. Once that is rejected, the bidder comes back with a larger sum. So I think 20 million is a decent base price- If it was 10 million, I can understand your outrage. But 20 million is just the opening bid, is it not? When you are dealing with expensive players, this is how it is done.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 07:16:00

It will be interesting to see how much they are prepared to pay, cause as has been suggested the first bid will be to unsettle the player & test the water...also interesting to see if anyone else decides to join the party now that citeh have started the ball rolling...Hopefully Milner will come out & say he's happy at Villa, but as said before, like it or not every player has his price, but one things for sure we would hold out for ridiciculous money and/or players...I think its more about ambition at Villa park though unlike other transfers...what would the Ash young's make of it etc etc...what message does it send out...Can we no longer compete.....?????
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 07:48:00

lol, you enjoyed that rant didn't you MF?! The official site were right to announce they'd turned down a bid due to the media speculation I think. Also the money in the game is killing it (and yes, that includes the mad mad money Real Madrid spend). I know a few Chelsea fans for instance (as the good man JT has poster) who say they are sort of along for the ride, have 'enjoyed' seeing the different players but that it is no longer 'their' club. Maybe it is a generational thing and maybe we will all spend obscene money (we aren't exactly cheap at spending ourselves) through the decades and we will all be used to it. Then again, maybe a few more clubs (like Pompey this year) including perhaps one high up will go bust from this immoral amount of dosh OR the UEFA rules will kick in (still not convinced with the amount of self interest from the top clubs that those rules won't be watered down debt to turnover etc wise) Hey ho, good to see we are turning down approaches, the power is with the player though, if (IF) he doesn't want a new contract then we have to sell him this summer at the highest price we can get.
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 08:01:00

"We plan to sit down with James and his representative after the World Cup to agree a new long-term deal and this remains our position." SO F**K OFF CITEH.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 08:59:00

Excellent Rant!!!! City fans will soon realise that MON doesn't give up his prize possessions without a damn good fight.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 10:10:00

some very level headed points on here but otherwise just bitter rants. every player has their price but personally i wouldnt pay a penny more for the guy. demanding more money is just as bad as city being accused of ruining the game with money. like it or not this is what football has become and loyalty counts for nothing.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 12:20:00

Indeed it doesn't me_innit, The Dunny Monster would agree with you wholeheartedly.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 13:09:00

How about we bid a fiver for Tevez and see how they like it.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 13:37:00

stop smoking that stuff jvfc and so will barry steff
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 15:19:00

i think i've changed.....the manchester team i most dislike does not wear red....
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 15:39:00

LMFAO it's been a long held dream of mine to work in the words 'thrill me with your tickle stick' and I've finally managed it. Nothing else matters, I'm content. lol

me innit I take offence at bitter rant, more accurate to describe it as a drunken one.

JT I accept your right to disagree, but it still makes you wrong. To be fair reading it back now I'm now sober a lot in there is more my general thoughts on football and how money is ruining it, so whilst it applies to City and the ridiculous sums you are paying for players and to players, it's not directly thrown at you per se. I suppose I just crave for the days when football was for the fans, and not a real life computer game where owners keep tweaking the database editor until they've got more money than everybody else and just buy players willy nilly.
Report Abuse
20/05/2010 15:42:00


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