Aston Villa - Spurs CL Qualification Bad News For Villa?
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Spurs CL Qualification Bad News For Villa?

Spur's CL qualification is disastrous for Aston Villa

One thing I haven't heard anyone talk about is what Spur's Champion's League qualification means for Villa.

After losing against Man City it was game over for us, but compensation was still possible. That would have come in the form of Man City qualifying. The reason I'm saying this is because wherever they finish they'll be spending big this summer, attracting far better players than we can.

But now Spurs have got at least 4th, they are also in a much better position than us. So instead of having 4 teams we can't compete with, it's now 5. Or if you want to add Liverpool to that, it's 6 instead of 5.

I understand we can still finish 5th, but I would have rather finished 6th if it meant Man City finished 4th, and Spurs ended up in the Europa with us.

It's sad because we've already broken our premiership points record tally this year, but I think with Spurs, Man City and Man U all looking (and probably succeeding) at poaching our best talent, we'll see us struggle next season to get nearer it.

Any thoughts?

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The Journalist

Writer: argar999 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 7 2010

Time: 2:37PM

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Or Gareth Barry ... :o)
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07/05/2010 14:46:00

You can't knock the fact that the best team got 4th. Beating Chelsea, Arsenal and City in the hardest of the three run-ins was an amazing achievement, so good luck to them. But, one swallow doesn't a summer make (although it can make for a rather good evening!) and I really can't see them going anywhere in the long term. They certainly won't be picking off our players in the way that United used to because, with the tough stance we took over Barry, I doubt even United can do that anymore. They'll still be scrapping with us, City, Liverpool and probably Everton next season as they won't have the squad that the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and United have.
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07/05/2010 14:50:00

Villa will struggle, their foward line is to similar. You need to mix it up, Carew & Heskey are the same players. At spurs we have Crouch, Gudjohsen, Defoe etc, different fowards, different style of play, not so predicatble. Good luck foe the season
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07/05/2010 14:58:00

in a straight choice between Spurs and City, all logic says that spurs are the better bet from your side. We have got the place, but will have a hell of a job keeping it next season, but City potentially could go off the scale in the summer and bring in far bigger and better names than Spurs sadly. this isnt about rivalry between villa or spurs but for the good of your club in my opiniion. at least with spurs, yoy still will feel you are very much on a par, whilst city have the money to push for the very top.
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07/05/2010 14:58:00

yep I'd already worked that one out , Citeh have enough money buy who they want regardless , whereas Spurs now have the CL to attract better players.
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07/05/2010 14:58:00

think you will alays be in and around because of your work ethic, city have showed that money doest buy anything but arrogance and pre-madonna, wouldnt be surprised to see, bellamy, ireland and tevez leave, that would leave them with no fight and just a bunch of individuals on 150+grand a week who couldnt give a *****!
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07/05/2010 15:01:00

I dont think it makes a difference who finished fourth for villa as i cannot see them finishing fourth for a number of years,. Out of the teams challenging villa have the smallest squad and unless Lerner backs MON with sufficient funds villa will struggle again. Villa have been lucky in a number of games this season including the 2 games against spurs.
spurfect one
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07/05/2010 15:01:00

Chelsea will be up there for many years no matter what. I always think (hope) ManUtd doesn't have it anymore - but they keep on being up there. Arsenal has a young squad, and if they buy a new keeper, CB and a striker, they can win the title. ManCity is slowly buying their way in there. They will be impossible to beat in a few years. Spurs have a big squad with good double-up in every position, but will have to overachieve or get one or two world-stars to be up there. Then there's Liverpool, who I think will struggle to get 7th if nothing dramatic happens soon:) And we have Villa....yes, it will be very hard to get fourth or better for every team now. Imo, yyou have to improve your attacking game! Your back-line is excellent, but you rely too much on counterattack. I think there is no way you can counter your way into top four:) I expect you to tell us we can't hoof our way into fourth with Crouch, and I agree, hate .that tactic when it's used :) Good luck beating Liverpool for sixth! :)
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07/05/2010 15:17:00

Interesting points. I think for football in GENERAL it was good for Spurs to get 4th rather than Citeh. Probably for Villa it would have been better for Citeh to have qualified. Citeh will spend massive anyway and Spurs now have substantial additional sums to spend which we dont. Citeh will move away from us and now possibily Spurs, although I think Arsenal may 'drop' and I don't see Liverpool recovering too quickly. The Champions League may adversly affect Spurs League form. Not sure, but they definitely deserved the chance to find out because their form after the semi final loss was sensational. Agrre that we need a 'different' type of striker to compliment what we have. A younger Robbie Keane type. A bit like Teddy Sheringham used to play. One BIG advantage Villa have though is our Youth policy. Some potentially top players there.
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07/05/2010 15:29:00

Might be a good thing Spurs qualifying as all their energy will be focused on the champions league and not the premiership...........At the end of the day 65-70 points usually gets you 4th place, this is achievable IF you win the vast majority of your home games (something we really need to work on) and take out the lesser teams away from (something we dont really have a problem with) . A quality striker to finish our crosses and a replacement for Petrov to unlock stubbon 10 man defences IMO will see us beat our points total again next season.
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07/05/2010 15:46:00

Will be interested to see which striker MON opts for in the summer. I'll be mightly pi$$ed off its Keane
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07/05/2010 15:49:00

Don't worry, the way you lot have played this season you will get a descent budget to strengthen in key areas and that is all you need and the same goes with us. Good luck.
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07/05/2010 15:55:00

Will you keep MON? if you don't you may struggle big time as he is one of the better managers. I addition to keeping MON you will need to spend, can you afford it? The prem is now fragmenting even more into a top 5/6 clubs. can Villa keep pace with them? I don't think you will get anywhere near 4th next season but 7th is more realistic, but you will have to fight Everton for that spot. Anyway good luck. COYS
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07/05/2010 15:58:00

I also think not finishing 4th is more of a disaster for Man City and i'm pleased that someone managed to break into the top 4. Well played to Spurs their run in has been outstanding. I think Spurs are very close to us in terms of their team, although as someone else mentioned their strikers are better than ours. I'm hoping Man City continue to spend millions on diva's because you wont be able to get a proper TEAM ethic if all everyone is thinking about is themselves. If we can get a quality striker in and a proper RB i think we can still be up there next season.
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07/05/2010 16:05:00

If there's money available, and if O'Neill stays, we'd be competing with Everton (and maybe Sunderland) to finish best of the rest. Liverpool will either be in the top tier because they've got new investors/owners, or they will be mid-table because there's no money and Torres will be sold. If there's no money available, and if O'Neill stays, then we'll be fighting a losing battle with Everton (and possibly Sunderland) to finish best of the rest. We may even be rubbing shoulders with Livepool. If there's no money available and O'Neill leaves, then the next few years will be crucial. We'll need to appoint a genius manager who can rebuild the team on a limited budget. If we don't, we'll be also-rans. If there's money available, O'Neill leaves, and we appoint a good manager, then we might have a sniff of finishing in the top four next season. But it will be extremely difficult. Much more difficult than this season, and still more difficult than the season before.
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07/05/2010 18:44:00

What nobody seems to realise is SPURS ARE NOT YET IN THE CHAMPIONS "LEAGUE". They have to still play a qualifier. Which they will lose.
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07/05/2010 19:20:00

Its bad news for villa because yids are cocky arrogant mother f!*kers at the best of times. Wake me up when they fail to qualify please
Raunds Villain
Report Abuse
07/05/2010 19:36:00

If neither Villa or Spurs had got the 4th spot I would hazard a guess that Spurs would still have an advantage over us to attract players, (particularly foreign ones) i think they pay more in wages and there is the lure of London. Had we finished 4th and not them we would have been a bigger temptation to players. Anyway it's all academic now. Good luck to them their run in was very difficult and they came through it, and as i said in a thread rather them than the multi million pound mercenaries at eastlands
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07/05/2010 19:41:00

I gotta say there are so many bloody fortune tellers on this site....who the f*** knows whats going to happen next season!!!
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07/05/2010 20:40:00

End/start of every season we hear the 'spurs are going to attract better players' ... someone else is going to spend big, teams below us are going to catch up... and we're going to struggle to finish 'here or there'...wierd thought because at the start of this year we were 'over achieving last year' and we lost barry and laursen, possibly our 2 best players last year again that was another excuse for half our fans to whinge 'we will be lucky to finish mid table' then after we lost to wigan it was 'sack oneill we're in a relegation battle' each year we've improved there 'player of the year' 'young player of the year's have moved on ... still people whinge, when we do actually 'fail' and finish worse of than the previous year, with less points and no 'decent' players then yeah moan... but yeah anyway, glad spurs got 4th now did originally want man city, coz of how arragont the spurs fans have seemed this season but the comments on this article have shown otherwise! and that spurs/villa fans are very much alike, when it comes to winning and losing, and whinging
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08/05/2010 00:55:00

As for Villa nobody gave us a hope of fourth last season and we pushed close as we did this season, its al about the fight in the team and a decent bit of luck with injuries, suspensions and ref decisions (some say you make your own luck) but playing players in their positions would benefit us greatly. Good luck to Spuds but it will be harder for them next season not easier. We will be up in the mix of the six as will the other predictables. UTV.
holte ender 1969
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08/05/2010 01:00:00

Hey Spurs Fans, can we cut the crap with the whole, "we showed that money cant buy you results!!" you and Man*****ty are two of the worst in the league. yes you may of finished ahead of the first team who tries to buy results, but you my friends are just as guilty of it. I honestly dont see Tott finishing above 6th next know why? Because their Spurs, they willl always blow it. No worries Villa fans, we will be fighting for fourth again next year, and that is a fact.
All Hail MON
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 04:22:00

What you fail to grasp is that although Spurs have spent money we have also recouped a lot as well. We now have a balanced squad of young and extremely talented players. Who many observers rank amongst the best squads in the league. With Harry at the helm our team will only improve and get better. In the head to head games against us you were outclassed and played with fear of our quality. Unless you recruit, drastically improve and show some variation to your game that gulf in class will remain.
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08/05/2010 10:45:00

Gareth Barry didn't get Champion League football !! Result !
Villa 4 Ever
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08/05/2010 13:40:00

Come on Villa fans. Spurs took fourth place fair and square. Good luck to them in the CL. No more sour grapes from us please. Albarnista asks what will happen if MON leaves? I know just the person to replace him. Step forward...........Albarnista. You always seem to have all the answers,
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 14:26:00

GB won't be playing in the world cup either with a busted ankle!!! Albarnista turns every article into a MON out discussion. Richmond, I fail to see what money recouping has to do with anything and it's only spurs fans that ever go on about this and that deal and what price etc. Are you all used car salesmen?? It doesn't matter as you have Billionaires in charge that aren't going to bankrupt yourselves like Manure and the Scousers anyway.
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 14:38:00

Well done to Spuz anyway, although I think that it is more beneficial for Villa that Man City didn't make it. Some players won't go there regardless of money and Spurs will have to sell to buy because their squad will be too big, if it isn't already. Arsenal may be in different hands in the very near future and I think that the big players in the league are changing. We have blown it having not capitalised on the last 2 years opportunities though, And mainly by not buying a decent striker when we could of and playing Heskey when he's ineffective in the current squad or indeed todays Premiership
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 14:47:00

Villan444 - I think the point about recouping money is that people always seem to say spurs have bought this and that (All Hail MON for instance) when we infact run a business. As you rightly point out we're not "used car salesmen" but if you accuse us of buying "sucess" you've also got to look at where the money comes from which is mainly player sales. It's like saying manure spent 30m this year, how come they've got worse? Becasue they sold Ronaldo! Although imo it's nothing to be proud of as I'd much rather still be watching players like Carrick and Berbatov at WHL but you have got to look at the whole picture
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 14:54:00

The Spurs board come across as being very tight Phartman87. MON will give our players away (Gareth Barry excepted) and never makes a profit, (maybe that's why Villa fans never go on about it,)whereas Spurs won't let players leave unless they get well over their real value even if the player (eg. Bentley, Berbatov) comes out and says that they want out. Maybe MON has too much on his plate and can't do everything all on his own and maybe Spurs had their final straw with the Sol Campbell issue so they make a point of not getting ****ed over when they do deals. I know that it's a business but, as a fan, and not a shareholder, I don't care about the penny pinching as long as we're not in mountains of debt and I wouldn't like to be thought of as a club that is tight which may play on some players minds when sorting out deals, although this may be slightly counteracted by the lure of Champions League ;-D. Hopefully we will be getting a couple of your players now that you can purchase the next level, but it won't be cheap...
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 15:31:00

Its very simple villan 444 your buy players to improve your team and sell/recoup on players who you feel will not progress. Not a difficult concept to understand and one common in football, its called transfers. Maybe people in Brum haven't grasped that yet.
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 16:19:00

this is how it's going to be villa finally sign a player we want, city will buy but won't work and spurs fans enjoy this moment it won't happen for another 10 years or so, arsenal won't be as good man utd when the old folks like giggs and van der sar go they won't be as good and they rely to much on Rooney and he won't be around for to long so chelsea villa everton and possibly Liverpool will be the next top 4 next season or near future
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
08/05/2010 23:04:00

Ricmdspur, you *****!
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
09/05/2010 04:31:00

Speak for yourself when you're talking about simple Richmondspur. We worry about the football etc. and let the powers that be worry about the 's
Report Abuse
09/05/2010 11:45:00


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