Aston Villa - Ladies & Gentlemen Of The Jury - PENALTY (Images)
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Ladies & Gentlemen Of The Jury - PENALTY (Images)

Last time I looked at the rules (note to any interested women, I don't really look at the rules in my spare time, honest!) a tackle from behind, whether you take the ball or not, is not a legal action in the game.

I would like to submit to the jury evidence part one:


A tackle from behind.

And a second for your perusal with David Platt apparently agreeing it was a foul:


In summary ladies and gentlemen of the jury


(Images bought under license)

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 25 2010

Time: 6:03PM

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tackle from behind, got a chunk of the ball and knocked the ball TOWARDS goal (crucial part that) AND got more than a chunk of the player who was going towards goal along with the ball. Sorry, that is a penalty, if the ball was on the other foot (pun intended) Alex McLeish would have screamed blue murder if they'd not had the same awarded to them.
The Fear
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25/04/2010 18:06:00

MoN made the fatal error today of crossing Sky Sports.They were trying everything to stoke the flames after the game,they were just short of telling McCleish that MoN said his mother was fat.
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25/04/2010 18:14:00

Player got the ball , very clearly. Bad decision.
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25/04/2010 18:30:00

PKing - what did SKY say to try and stoke it between them mate? (I said "stoke" not anything more adult! XD!)
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25/04/2010 18:45:00

It was a brash tackle regardless of whether he got the ball. As Fear says, if the tackle comes from behind and you don't give the attacker a chance to defend the ball it doesn't matter if you also happen to nick a bit of the ball on your way through the man. Foul. Penalty.
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25/04/2010 18:47:00

From where I was sat it was never in doubt , it's only when the armchair "fans" see 20 different views in slow motion that anyone could question it. Live at the game it was a penalty, spot on ref
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25/04/2010 19:12:00

Stonewall penalty. Yes, the defender got a chunk of the ball, but only enough for it to continue on its way towards goal, right in Gabby's path. At that point, you could say it wasn't a penalty, but then the defender takes Gabby out, preventing him from continuing on his path and scoring. At that point, you cannot say it was anything but a penalty.
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25/04/2010 19:39:00

It wasn't from behind though was it? It was from the side. He got a touch of the ball. The attacking players legs got caught up with another players. That means it was a penalty? NO. I'm sorry but if Mr. Andy Gray says it wasn't a penalty it wasn't he's Mr. Villa.
Mark Thomas
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25/04/2010 19:49:00

Sorry Nel-A I don't know if you disagree with me or you want to know?Im overreacting.
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25/04/2010 20:04:00

Why are you discussing this subject anyway? Wether it was a penalty or not? You won by an inaccuracy most Villa fans would agree that you did not do enough to win the game but you did win the game but I don't see the need for a discussion over wether it was a penalty or not? You won ok move on it wasn't a penalty but having a flaming discussion on it shows your not convinced.
Mark Thomas
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25/04/2010 20:13:00

I'd have given it!
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25/04/2010 20:28:00

I definatley think it was a penalty, no matter how much Andy Gray stresses it wasn't. He got a touch on the ball yes, but nowhere near enough of a touch to discount what happened afterwards. He trapped his legs around Gabby's and brought him down, had he not of done that Gabby could of continued running towards goal with the ball because as I said, Johnson DID NOT get enough ball to take it from Gabby, which is surely what a tackle should do?
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25/04/2010 20:37:00

Birthday boy tmg513 junior immediately said it was penalty therefore it was a penalty. Simple as.
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25/04/2010 21:25:00

it wasn't a penalty, no. but i think (from the referee's viewpoint, the fact that villa have had two poor cup decisions given against them and the speed that gabby was going) any of us would have given it, no doubt. loved today. just got in from the pub. UTV!
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25/04/2010 22:35:00

Dixon on MOTD - useless. Obvious penalty.
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25/04/2010 22:55:00

Bitter Bitter Bluenoses, makes the victory all that much sweeter by watching the blues players and manager throwing their toys out the pram. Steven Carr an example to follow as a captain? maybe in an infant school playground, but not as a pro footballer! A tough game well contested and although slightly biased, if it was at the other end and wasn't given they'd no doubt be screaming blue murder, so all in all you have to say shut up big eck and suck it up, and the same to all you bitter sour grape noses who just have to take another one from the better side in brum. All their fans match reports are just about as bitter as they can get, gotta love rubbing it in!
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25/04/2010 23:34:00

A tackle from behind is an automatic yellow card is it not. Have I missed something in the latest round of FA feck ups of the rules? It's a stonewall penalty, the only dispute centers around the fact ref's don't seem to agree on what a tackle from behind is anymore....and yes that's usually in favour of the big clubs. Too many let them go because the ball was touched, and Mr Handshake did get the ball....irrelevant it was from behind. The laws of the game were applied correctly for a change, what's the fuss.
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26/04/2010 00:11:00

Blatant penalty. Yes he got a bit of the ball, but also took out Gabby who could have run onto the ball again and sent it goalbound. 1-0 to the good guys, don't care how. Friedel was superb, MOtM performance, but we weren't convincing enough in front of their goal. Not to worry :)
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26/04/2010 01:23:00

Dry yer eyes was definitely a goal!
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26/04/2010 09:06:00

sp let me get this straight.....if i slide in for a tackle from behind or slighlty from the side and get the ball first, then i can do whatever i want to the other player afterwards and it isn't a foul????? flippin Eck!!!! i must be misreading the laws of the game!!!
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26/04/2010 10:02:00

It's a penalty if you know the rules. Only people who get their rules from Sky Sports think it wasn't a penalty! It's a complete myth that you can; bring a player down/smack him in the face/kick him the *********: but as long as you get a slight touch on the ball it's ok!! Also, Andy Gay has always hated the Villa since we got rid, and then won the League and European Cup without him.
Class of 82
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26/04/2010 10:11:00

At least in the Semi Chelsea openly admitted at half time that you should have had a penalty. I've watched a few of your games lately and you've had some pretty jammy result with deflected goals etc helping you along the way. Why MON can't just be man enough to admit it was fortunate is beyond me. I like him but I've lost a bit of respect for him after this.
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26/04/2010 11:16:00

Read the rules.
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26/04/2010 11:30:00

who cares......we picked up 3 points....we're happy, they're sulking.......we have another YPoTY in Milner;two of our players make the Prem team of the year; we've reached a final; a semi in the FA CUP and have already qualified for europe....... and did i mention some feel we could have done even better? that to me is raised standards..... The blue lots standards are based on them beating us...and i mean with bricks and bottles....
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26/04/2010 11:50:00

It's a tackle from behind, even if it is not malicious. In any other part of the field, it would have been a free kick. So, there you go: dead cert penalty.
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26/04/2010 12:21:00

The simple fact is if it were a "dead cert pentalty" why is it a topic of conversation? Our two against United Sat were dead certs, that one was anything but and had MON just said "yes it was duboius" like everyone else that saw it no one would be questioning it. You got lucky so enjoy it, you don't have to kid yourselves that it was deserved.
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26/04/2010 13:00:00

MJBSpur, it was NOT dubious, the defender did not get enough of the ball to take it away from goal, he then upended a player in the box, who, without a shadow of a doubt would have got to the ball, result, penalty, IF the defender had put the ball out for a throw in or a corner and Gabby had gone over, NO penalty, but that is not what happened, the reason we are discussing it, is because others are claiming it was dubious, most who saw it are in no doubt.
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26/04/2010 14:14:00

I've seen it now and for me I would say it was a definite penalty. If that was my team I would have been disappointed not to have been awarded it. As much as it pains me to agree with Martin O'Neill over Alex McLeish (I'm a Gers fan) I have to say Eck is wrong on this one. I must say it is most unlike him to act the way he did after the game, he is usually so dignified. But for me, they Blues defender got more of the player than he did the ball so penalty.
J Dogg
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26/04/2010 18:50:00

must admit whvilla, I'd have had no argument if it was given the other way either, going on what Graham Poll said as well, he felt in the rules it was a pen.
The Fear
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26/04/2010 19:09:00

For the two asking why is this being discussed? It is because the blues nose manager and Andy Gray banging on about the injustice. Hard done by not converting the great chances and good pressure in 2nd half maybe but not for that decision. Nice of Alex to say that 'big clubs get these decisions' did he not see our Wembley blows?! lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/04/2010 19:13:00

Thank you for your honest viewpoint J Dogg.. It appears that everyone commenting are people with a vested interest in Villa losing such as you MJB Spur (all of whom seem to have suddenly gone down with some strange type of selective vision virus). The facts are that the Blues players were extremely hostile all game often going in with studs up & very very aggressively. The johnson penalty tackle was made in a similar reckless vein with him going straight through Gabby & clearly having the intention of taking him & the ball out regardless. Yes he glanced the ball very slightly but he made a much stronger contact on Gabby at the same time & whatever the outcome of where the ball ended up he made absolutely certain that he took the player out. Had he cleanly contacted the ball & then Gabby had gone over his outstretched leg then that would NOT have been a penalty but no... He had his legs almost around Gabby's waist in a scissors action as part of the process of making the slightest contact on the ball which was not cleared from danger at any point & which Gabby would clearly have still reached had he not been taken out.. So Penalty. It appears all those who wanted a Villa loss simply only see the contact on the ball?! How convenient! Aside from this i feel the whole sorry crew from BCFC players & fans alike should be ashamed of themselves after what went on. The players gesticulating & making obscene gestures at the Villa fans was disgracefull & is it any wonder that their knuckle dragging following then proceeded to rip out & throw seats? Then the way their players & yes .. even their manager..then harassed surrounded & insulted the match officials for what actually was at worst a 50/50 penalty decision was quite frankly like watching an episode of shameless! Quite simply the whole lot showed a complete lack of class from top to bottom. You could even tell from McLeish's reaction that he had obviously told his players that if Gabby got through with his pace to bring him down as there was no way the Referee could keep up with play & could not give a Penalty unless he was certain which he couldn't be if he was too far away!! Well he told them wrong didn't he & i think he was embarrassed by it which is why he reacted like he did. That is clear from his post match comments where he almost said as much.
Report Abuse
26/04/2010 19:33:00

Just to say also that i thought Blues actually played very well. Villa looked a touch jaded but i guess they did have a midweek game too so it was probably to be expected.
Report Abuse
26/04/2010 19:47:00

danceoftheshamen, was starting to think I was on the arsenal sight then mate reading one of Wengers blinkered "they're bullying my players" speaches. Of course those of us commenting have an invested interest in your results and despite the fact that they are Chelsea mark 2 I'd actually rather see City beat us to 4th than Villa cause I can't stand the negative counter attack football you play. Saying that I'll be cheering for you lot this weekend cause if you win we only need 6 points from 3 games. It'll be quite poetic if we then get 4th on goal difference after you bored out two draws with us this season.
Report Abuse
26/04/2010 20:35:00

MJB spur lol!! well to be fair we did play you lot at your place right after you had just stuffed 7 past Wigan! So don't think you can blame MON for shutting up shop as your tails were up big time!
Report Abuse
26/04/2010 22:39:00

danceoftheshamen, come on now......It was 9 past Wigan! ;-) lol What was his excuse at Villa Park?
Report Abuse
27/04/2010 09:44:00

Well you may well be correct of course but i guess we will find out over the next few seasons! I guess MON learnt his trade under Mr Clough at Forest who used to play in the exact same way as Villa do now... Suck the opposition in & then counter!! Doubt he'll change his way anytime soon as they won the European cup twice with those methods of course!! Having said that he did recently (After the Barcelona performance at the Emirates) state he would love Villa to try to emulate or at least get as close as possible to that style if we can get the players in to do so..... which is what i based my above comments on i guess.. Suppose as a Villa supporter i have to give him the benefit of the doubt & all that ;)
Report Abuse
27/04/2010 15:25:00


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