Aston Villa - Who Is To Blame For Villa's 'Decline'?
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Who Is To Blame For Villa's 'Decline'?

Who is to Blame for the Villa Decline?

Players (some) and manager have all come in for some stick in recent weeks as the season has once again shown signs of stalling at the wrong time.

Maybe though we should ask who is to blame - really?

Some players?

Generally most have given their all in the season to date - and certainly many of the key players have given everything that could be asked of them. None has under-performed on a regular basis - in terms of effort or obvious intent - and if some disagree with this statement, then blame the manager for picking them.

The manager?

Always an easy target and I have wondered whether he has hit a ceiling. But wait, maybe he is playing what he considers to be his best team because he knows that to make changes will only weaken whatever chance we have of winning the next game. So who is to blame if some of the other players are not good enough? Easy to say the manager, but in any situation, there will always be better players and the desire to keep them playing - Wayne Rooney as an example anyone?

The owner?

Randy has been a breath of fresh air but to some extent must be to 'blame' because he sets the budgets for new players fees and salaries and therefore must have limited the manager's desire to buy. However the financial data released over the past few weeks shows that as a club Villa is reliant on Randy's funding - it is not a profitable club and we can see enough cases of where over spending has led to serious problems, so he is right to exercise some constraints - and maybe more than he does.

The fans?

Yes maybe we are to blame for unrealistic expectations. Fact is we pay some of the lowest seat prices in the PL and do not have the largest stadium. So annual revenues - i.e. net money paid out by us - is amongst the lowest in the top six or eight clubs. On the one hand we don't want to pay more but on the other all the evidence shows that the highest earning clubs are the most successful. Maybe we should be offering to pay more? So back to the start - who is to blame? One answer is everyone in their own way. MON could have bought some better players and used the ones he has better, Randy could have given him some more cash, some players should have shown up at vital times but didn't and the fans? Some of us got carried away and have forgotten that this is a long term trip we are on. All round the club is now in a much better state than it has been over the 48 years I have followed it, except for a couple of odd years that weren't sustained.

Another answer is what decline?

As someone else said over the weekend, it's time to calm down and be thankful for what we have, I'd hate to go back to where we were and believe that if we all stick together, it will get better still, though without more funding from we fans as a whole, what we have will never be improved upon or sustained.


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The Journalist

Writer: gordonsleftboot Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 12 2010

Time: 10:50AM

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I blame the Romans
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 11:04:00

Decline?We have done nothing but improve every season.What a ridiculous "article".
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12/04/2010 11:21:00

Interesting to see so many posters who have commented on the headline rather than the article itself.
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12/04/2010 11:41:00

Its fascicle all this decline talk, dont judge the club by the managers tactical decisions or his financial decisions. Dont judge the club by the players commitment. Dont judge the club by the fans and dont judge the club by the chairman. Judge the club by where we were and where we are now, in the last 5 years we have done a complete 180, gone from being a very mediocre team slipping down the table, to one of the rising stars of the league. I dont care if MoN makes weird decisions, I dont care if he plays heskey in goal, I enjoy questioning and debating these points but the bottom line is...Where are we as a club, compared to where we were, and its categorically obvious that we have made progress and are still progressing. If you had told me at the begining of 09/10 we would be fighting for 4th in April and Gone to Wembley TWICE! there is no doubt you couldn't call it anything but a successful season. Everyone else in the country can see it, so why cant we?
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 11:58:00

VOTH, you often say I predicted 8th-12th, here is a link to my predictions in the summer. I said 7th -
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 13:17:00

Either way, opinions and predictions change over the course of a season, if all our players had gotten injured, would I have expected 7th still? No. The manager continues to over look the best right back at the club, we all know the starting 11 before the game (as do the opposing manager) and I (and everyone else are probably the same) can predict who and when the subs are, i.e. Sidwell on for Downing and Heskey on for Carew. Have we learnt from our mistakes last season? When we fell from 4th to 6th in March? No, we have played the same 11 all season again and they are now looking very tired. O'Neill has digs at the fans, like a former manager, yet no-one seems to care, there are some with blind faith. Luckily he will be gone in the next year or so, and we can build on what he has done, because it is becoming more and more obvious he has hit a ceiling, fans are turning on him, and even the media are starting to ask questions. I think the blues result might seal his fate one way or the other.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 13:22:00

Young Jonah, jesus, you need to stop crying about him having a go at the fans.He's never once had a go at fans, but idiots who boo and moan at everything he does, of which im sure you are one of them, hence you taking it so personally
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 13:36:00

So the issue is M'ON not rotating the squad?? And that is a reason to moan and throw your dummies out of the pram??? But when the club was in terminal decine you chose not to moan??? That is about the most ridiculous comment I have ever read. I wish we hadn't bought Heskey, I wish Young was at right back and Cuellar in the middle with Dunne. I wished we played 451 and not this damned 442 that is crucyfying bothe Miner and Petrov. However I am enjoying the ride onwards and upwards (so far upwards that we are exceeding your expectations). Are there things I would change with the way that M'ON does somethings? Of course. But have I had two great days out a Wembley? Yes. Am I pleased that we haven't lost a local derby since M'ON came to the club? Yes (even though 1 defeat to the Blues and you think that is it for M'ON?). Are we challenging at the right end of the table? Yes. Do I think we could have done better? Yes. Do I boo and moan because I have a different opionion to the manager? No. Do fans who reduce the confidence of the players by booing success make the club more attractive to other players? No. Does your sort of (non) support help? No. Do I think M'ON could have done better? Yes. DO I want the yoyo years of changing managers at the whim of the vocal minority back with us? no. And it is nothing to do with thick skin. For the first time in years we have caught up on investment levels with some other clubs and we are playing many years of catch up, but we are getting there. Man City have invested 350 in players in 2 years and thay have not been to Wembley and may not pip us for 4th. Your route is the same policy as Ellis and that is why you didn't moan during the Ellis years!!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 14:55:00

Jonah, dont u think that we need a stability with a long term manager, it never does us any good changing managers every 3-4 years, i for one would like to see mon here for a long time to come, we are so close and only a couple of players away from being a really top team, if we change manager now the new guy will want to bring in his own players thus we may be back 2 square 1. I agree mon is stubborn but am pleased with our progress im delighted ive been to wembley twice and that we r still chasing 4th.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 14:59:00

No Decline, other have come on faster than that. you want to talk about decline - jump over to the Blackburn site (we would be just like them if we did not have the great 4 factors you mentioned)
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 15:11:00

Fair enough Young Jonah thats all a fan can do is SUPPORT, so if u do then fair play!!!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 15:46:00

What decline?
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 16:49:00

Thank god there are liked minded grounded people around, the moaning in the last few weeks has done my head in, it's nice to see im not alone and in the majority, of enjoying our season so far.
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12/04/2010 17:02:00

Considering we lost our best two players last summer i think what MON has done this season is impressive. Yeah he's ballsed up signing heskey, sidwell etc and for me his biggest crime is showing too much faith in carew but we have got to give this guy some more seasons. Currently i see comparisons with Newcastle when they had Bobby Robson and got bored finishing 5/6th and look what happened to them when they blew him out. The fact remains that we have been absolutely shafted at wembley this season by spineless refs sucking up to the sky 4 as usual. If we'd had the correct decisions i'm sure we'd have won at least one of these games and the villa world would be a different place. For me VOTH just about sums it all up perfectly in one of his earlier posts and i think he is spot on about our gate issues. Until Villa park is full every single week, seasons like this are not going to happen very often.
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 17:17:00

I think people are not understanding the point YJ is trying to make. He is definately enjoying our performances. We are in with a shout of 4th and made Wembley twice. We are all fans and I can probably bet that YJ and albarnista love the club just as much as anyone else. But I can make this prediction happily, MON has reached his ceiling. Next year the exact same thing is going to happen. How do I know? It has happened for the last three years. Despite having a more than capable squad, we are again the team that has utilised the least number of players. We are again fading out over the course of a season. Let me even ask this question, if we came 6th this year who would be satisfied? And say Liverpool get their act together, would 7th be fine? And we have a bad run in and Everton pip us. Would that be satisfactory?
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 17:26:00

Maybe a comedy fight between VOTH and YJ is the answer - a la Harry Hill style... Maybe we could give Tony Mobray a try, or Souness, or Hughes, or get Graham Taylor back again. What about Venglos!!! Cristian Gross or that other clown who nearly took Spuds down last year...! MON is NOT the best we can do - his IS amongst the best right now! Players I would not part with: Friedel, Davis, Carlos< Dunne, Warnock, Collins, Bouma. - Downing, Ash, Milner - Gabby. We HAVE to add to that mainly BRILLIANT core for next season. We ARE growing. MON can make excuses about the Wembley sendings off and penalties but 99% of the media and other fans agree with that and not just 'cus they hate the Sky 4 too. We were VERY close. MON's going nowhere and next season's going to be even better and we ain't finished this one yet!
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 18:55:00

I applaud you YJ, you continue to debate extremely well and don't get drawn by the name calling and personal attacks of others, it is obvious that pointing out the problems does not make you any less of a Villa fan
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 21:28:00

Just blame it on Heskey
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 21:33:00

I'm with jimjim, can't stand the chap. i think we should've bought doyle instead, because we all know, he's not the greatest player in the world but still has a shot once in a while and scores. oh... and he can stand up for more than 12 seconds at a time. He may have come off, may not, but we all knew Heskey was going to be... below our standards(?) before he even put the shirt on. the only reason i can think of MON bought him was for a favour to him to try and get him into the England team, but at what detriment has this caused to us? maybe the champions league, who knows...
Report Abuse
12/04/2010 23:29:00

There is no decline, the "Usual" top 4 and now possibly Man City have more non UK players than we could dream of, and also have either a seemless amount of cash or a potential crippling debt IF they drop out of the CL. The Villa cannot compete financially with that and unless there is a sound financial stability around the Club we would end up in Div 1 let alone the Championship. So we went out of the Cup, did we disgrace ourselves - NO. I bet Spurs fans are more disgusted than we are, and like Spurs the Villa's main ambition is that elusive 4th place in the League. Will we get there this time, perhaps not but they won't be very far off and will finish higher than Liverpool. I like Villa4Europes comment, but also remember the quote that Rome was not built in a day. The Reserves have won their league again, this shows the strength waiting in the wings. How many English International's do we have ? I remember when we had zero or at the most 1 or 2, the future looks bright under MON. Yes he exasperates me, but would any of us do any better. A stable financial club leads to success. We have a Youth team that is brimming with talent. MON's aim is CL football, this season we have a defence, apart from when we play Chelsea, that is tighter than for a long time. Yes we all agree we need a Striker, along with every other Club in the EPL. To sum up we are not in decline but holding our own and looking better this year than last. Season 10/11 looks good.
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 03:33:00

I'm looking forward to supporting Mon and the team next season but he isn't perfect (no one is) and isn't immune to criticism and some of the people who do criticise him are big Villa Fans and do not warrant the abuse they sometimes get . But having different views is what makes a website like this so good .. If everybody had the same view it would get pretty boring .
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 04:19:00

What decline? Id say solidify more than anything. You guys are almost as fickle as us! True you havent improved much from last season (And with Heskey's goal/assist record upfront you never will) But you did great last season and imo are a top side
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 04:27:00

Silly article imo, set up for rants of which i will not be drawn.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 08:28:00

blame......Adrian Heath, Sasa Curcic, Warren Aspinall, Didier Six, Bosko Balaban and Savo :-)
Report Abuse
13/04/2010 14:28:00

Is kevin48 a mixture of part glensider/part '48? Something to ponder, eh?
Report Abuse
14/04/2010 15:49:00


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