Aston Villa - Villa Wembley FA Cup Semi Tickets STILL AVAILABLE
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Villa Wembley FA Cup Semi Tickets STILL AVAILABLE

This is a shame to read. There are still tickets available for Villa v Chelsea at Wembley this weekend.

Not sure if Chelsea have sold out their allocation. To be fair it is easier to get there when already in London (although only just, what a stupid place for a National Stadium ffs... I digress)

Putting aside those who genuinely want to go but can't due to work/lack of money/family commitments, it is still shocking how many wanted final tickets - and how many will want FA Cup final tickets if / when we get there but don't want to cheer the lads on in the semi.

Ok, it is a trawl and a bit of a pain at times getting to Wembley and I do realise that some have been so badly traumatised by the The Great Munchies Wembley Scandal! but surely some aren't holding back because they think we can't win? Surely those who aren't the managers biggest fans aren't holding back? We support the club not a manager/player or board don't we!? This isn't the Villa way is it?! Also, although the underdogs and on the back of a bit of a mauling, we have beaten them before, we'll beat them again, what better way to spend the day than getting down to cheer on the Claret And Blue to our first FA Cup final in a decade?!

Anyway, mini ramble over... not looking to open up the bigger fan argument but I thought these tickets would be snapped up. Don't like anyone's chances of getting a final ticket if they don't have the semi final attendance record either!

Personally, I can't wait. COME ON YOU VILLA BOYS!

Ticket info:

Villa's semi-final match-up with Chelsea is nearly upon us and your backing will be vital as we look to progress to the FA Cup Final.

From 8.30am today (Thursday), supporters with ANY Aston Villa booking history - home or away - will be eligible to buy a semi-final ticket on a one ticket per client reference number basis.

Season card holders are also reminded that they can STILL purchase a further two tickets per season card reference number.

All bookings will be limited to six tickets per transaction with purchasers only able to buy available tickets and limited to personal callers to the Villa Village Ticket Office due to postal restrictions - available on a first come, first served basis subject to availability.

Due to the close proximity of this fixture, it is now impossible to guarantee tickets will arrive with purchasers if posted.

Therefore, tickets will only be sold to personal callers or supporters who can collect their tickets from the Villa Village Ticket Office prior to 3pm on Friday April 9.

The big match takes place on Saturday April 10 - ko 5pm - at Wembley Stadium.

For all the vital information surrounding ticketing for this match, click here. Click Here

In the very latest news update by the British Transport Police, they are strongly advising fans to check the availability of trains returning to Birmingham once the game has finished as there is a limited service available.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 8 2010

Time: 11:33AM

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Proof that the fans are not keeping their end of the bargain!! How can we not sell this out in minutes???
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 11:46:00

Villa fans gettin it in the neck again.F*** the f****** semi
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 11:50:00

p.s. but whereever I am I'm sure gonna be watching!!!!! (please ladywife, don't give birth to the twins this saturday!!!!!!)
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08/04/2010 11:51:00

fair enough if you have no money Pking, but why do we have to 'f*** the f****** semi'??? surely we should be going all out to win this game and get our hands on the greatest domestic cup competition in the world????!?!?!? I for one am baffled by this
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 12:09:00

We have slightly under 32,000 tickets allocated. The allocation for the final is 25,000. There are many reasons why tickets are still available. These include the fact the semi shouldn't be at Wembley. Cost. Fickleness. Apathy. Not having enough supporters. My personal view is that we have too many glory hunters. We sold the League Cup Final tickets and were informed that we could have sold these 3 times over. If that is the case where are the 60,000 fans who couldn't get tickets for that game? Why are they not snapping up the tickets for this game? Imho every visit to Wembley should be treated as if it might be your last. You never know when the opportunity will happen again. It will be interesting to see how the club allocate tickets for the Final should we get there. There is the distinct possibility of non season card holders who have been to every FA Cup match not getting tickets. Or maybe the club should allocate tickets based on attendance during a particular competition? Whatever the scenario there is likely to be some controversy over ticket allocations should we get through. This will be ironic when we can't sell out this allocation. I remember the days when we used to be a big, well supported club.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 12:11:00

uhhhh,I want us to lose because I don't support Villa that's why I spend so long on Villa fan sites.Every story related to Villa fans at the moment seems to be twisted to portray them as the worst fans in the world.I give up.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 12:18:00

Agreed Pauled.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 12:46:00

Villa also messed up the ticketing for this semi. Monday was originally the last chance to book over the phone meaning a lot of supporters who cannot get to villa Village missed out even if they had a 6 game booking history, particuarly those from around the country. That has now been changed-too late though. This new policy should have been texted out as well
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 12:56:00

People are only picking up on what you said pking because you said "f** the semi". No one is expecting fans from all over the world to go, it would be rediculously expensive i understand not everyone can afford it. What i am pi$$ed off about are the people that were moaning about not getting a final ticket that can go to th semi and people who just wont go. Im just baffled by it, if i couldnt afford it, i would beg steal or borrow to go, get the cheapest ticket, cheapest transport down there id do anything to go
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 13:08:00

Look it's early in the afternoon and I've taken over this msg board so you can see how productive a morning I've had.I had too much coffee on board I read the article got annoyed and lost control.F*** the semi is clearly a stupid comment that is difficult to defend.I know no one is having a go a foreign fans that should really be supporting teams in their own league anyway.I didn't think tickets would be available so I didn't even try to get one.I'm sure many other fans had no idea they stood a chance of getting one.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 13:17:00

There are fans that simply can not afford it. But that is a cop out by many people. You can get a 30 ticket, transport (bus or train) is 20. Take half a dozen beers for a 5 and couple of sandwiches and the whole day will cost less than 60. There will be thousands of pretend Villa fans spending more than this on beer, snacks, local taxis and a curry, to watch the game in their local pub in Brum. These are the ones that are really letting the club down. So if you are reading this and you are going to spend your money in the pub watching the game, please do not be one of the moaners complaining that there are only 25,000 tickets for the final. You thought a beer was more important than your support. That is not right or wrong because people give there support in different ways. Just don't whinge come May 15th!!!!
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 14:04:00

to be fair I did say in the article as above there are those who can't go as they can't afford it, or because of work or family. Also think this site is very much NOT against fans, I always moan when MON moans about booing etc as I think our fans are great and don't like us criticised unless there is good reason. Naturally there are those who live abroad/are working/are out of work etc who would love to to and simply can't. There are those who will be jumping up and down moaning that they can't get final tickets though if we get through.

Certainly wasn't meant to come over as an 'all fans' are this/that or other type of thing, just shocked we've not sold out. It shouldn't be at Wembley, but it is and I'd think there are plenty who were falling over themselves moaning about the Carling Cup allocation and how they struggled to get tickets who could be going but have 'given up' because they don't think we can beat Chelsea. Just a little thought so to speak! :o)
The Fear
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 14:16:00

Got one. yay
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 14:21:00

I'm sorry I think I've spoiled this msg board a bit.I didn't even read the article properly just interpreted it the way I wanted a went a bit mental.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 14:37:00

I didn't realise until last night that as a season ticket holder I could've got TWO extra tickets. If I'd known this when I purchased mine I would have got them and taken my Dad and maybe even my football hating girlfriend. This information was not made clear despite the fact that I read the info on the OS with a fine tooth comb (How you read with an implement designed to make your hair look nice is beyond me)!! Now my Dad has other plans and also if I were to purchase a 2nd ticket now chances are it would be nowhere near my current ticket. It seems this has been a big balls up by the club. Perhaps the two extra tickets was only offered once they realised they weren't selling. You have to admit that losing 7-1 to Chelsea two games ago really couldn't have helped the sales. I decided against getting a ticket at one point as my window was the Monday directly after "that game". But I finally succumbed on Saturday as I couldn't miss it really.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 18:10:00

Personally I find it absolutely disgraceful that we haven't sold our allocation. Am I surprised though? No, I most certainly am not. I commented on the forum just after we'd seen off Reading that we'd struggle to sell 32,000 tickets whatever, for this one. Wolves, Birmingham, West Bromwich Albion, Coventry City even, all of those clubs would have sold out for a Wembley F.A. Cup semi-final within days. Its shameful, it really is.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 18:57:00

I can confirm folks that we HAVE sold our entire allocation!
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 19:17:00

Sad stuff here - that we can't shift our allocation is disappointing. But a trip to Wembley is not nearly the attraction it might once have been and that's got a lot to do with far too many non-cup final games being played there. As well as a hangover from the rip off costs of building the place and for which we are all still paying big time. That said I've got my ticket and I have a feeling we can come away winners.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 19:42:00

Reza, that's amazing stuff, and to think there is several thousands of so called supporters who can't be arsed to travel the 100miles from brum.
Report Abuse
08/04/2010 20:16:00

Spot on Glensider, is it cos fans asume we r gonna get beat so therefore dont want to go, if thats the case its shameful!!
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 07:59:00

Complete agree VOTH, We are challenging for 4th and have sold out for only 1 home game, we couldn't sell out the carling cup semi final at VILLA PARK, let alone this one at Wembley. Randy and MON are in my opinion doing as much as they can, but while we fail to support the club teh finances cannot be generated to even attempt to sign the players people complain we should have got. I heard thousands talk about it was because of Ellis - WHAT IS THE EXCUSE NOW?!?!? *For those who are going tomorrow, Lets get behind this fantastic group of players we have assembled and show what real support is like!!!
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 09:28:00

Interesting article on SS from Randy Lerner, talking about we need attendances to generate our own revenue- Do I need to say anymore? People need to stop complaining and accept what we have by the looks of it!!
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 11:02:00

I don't think the lack of Semi Final ticket sales is all down to fickle fans. I'm not going to the game on Sat even though I am desperate to- this is purely down the shambles that is the Villa Ticket Office. I don't live in the Midlands (Oxford), and this season I couldn't afford a season ticket, but I still get to as many games as I reasonably can. The issue is insisting that tickets must be collected in person. My buying window was this Tues morning. I had no way of getting to VP as I couldn't take time off work. The people I spoke to refused to post them out, saying I would have to collect in person (I've since been told in some instances they were posting them). The disregard of the club for loyal fans that don't live locally is bad enough, but they then rush out a statement Wednesday saying will post them out after all, only to retract that several hours later. I phoned up the same day as the statement and even offered to pay extra for special delivery etc, which again was point blankly refused. I even offered to travel to VP on Saturday morning and planned to go straight to Wembley from there (whereas if I gone to my local train station the journey to Wembley would have been 45 mins direct to Wembley station), but they have restricted collection to Friday3pm. Personally I'm desperate to go, and even though I can't really afford it, as VOTH says, a couple of small sacrifices will fix that and I'd happily spend my money on villa tickets. Instead, thanks to a complete lack of flexibility or consideration from Villa I'll be sat at home watching it on TV. I did also think maybe it's just the logistcal challenge that releasing so many tickets so quickly carries, but Chelsea were perfectly happy to post tickets out to their fans, and they got through to the semis after we did.
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 12:40:00

Phonic-i echo your point entirely. I live in London and the way Villa have handled ticketing for fans outside the Midlands is an absolute shambles
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 14:37:00

VOTH is completely correct, the truth hurts some of you people. I currently live in Germany, but had a season ticket for 10 years before that and have been to around 30-35 games over teh past 2 seasons home and away. I came back for easter to see my parents but still took time out for a glamorous trip to bolton. I'll be back next year and have already brought my season ticket for next year. Nobody is blaming you for not being as passionate but its just a fact, we have people that complain to the high hilt, but at the end of the day the fans are not backing up the investment of the chairman or performance of the team - FACT.
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 14:54:00

The reason Villa didn't sell their tickets as quickly as Chelsea is because Chelsea's ticketing policy was not as stringent. I'm a NZer who moved to London in January. I'm a neutral, but I became a Chelsea member because they had the cheapest membership (12.50 for half-season) and the most interesting games out of the clubs in London. Despite my late arrival on the footballing scene, I was able to acquire enough loyalty points (only 2 premier league games) to qualify for tickets to the Semi-Final this weekend. In contrast, Villa required a greater degree of loyalty, which automatically reduced the number of eligible customers, thereby making it harder to sell their allotment. The upside of this approach is that the truly loyal fans are rewarded for their support, but the danger is that the tickets won't sell out. In my opinion, Villa should not have created so many different ticketing windows. Villa was therefore unable to accurately gauge the level of interest and adjust their ticketing policies in advance of the kickoff date. I hope Villa managed to sell the remainder of their tickets by the 3:00 pm deadline today. It would be a shame to see empty seats at such a big event.
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 15:13:00

rotter82 and you are a reminder of why I do. Wild horses, oceans and earthquakes couldn't keep me from Wembley tomorrow. Any fan without tickets should simply get to London tomorrow and buy them from who ever they can on the day. Anyone can make excuses for not getting tickets. If you live outside the Midlands and really wanted to get tickets, you would simply contact someone in the Midlands to get the tickets for you and meet them at Wembley on the day. Too many crap fans, making too many excuses. So what if the ticket office haven't been perfect. If you really wanted tickets you could get them. I could get 20 tickets now and not go anywhere near Villa Park.
Report Abuse
09/04/2010 15:17:00


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