Aston Villa - Why On Earth Are You Booing The Villa?
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Why On Earth Are You Booing The Villa?

Just wondered who is booing the team at the end of games and why?

How can a fan boo their team?

Why would a fan boo their team?

In the very depths of despair REAL fans can perhaps just about understand booing, especially when directed at gormless managers or incumbent owners but not after every game when things don't go our way and especially not after a decent, entertaining game.

Must admit I'd prefer 20 000 REAL fans and the rest can maybe go to Small Heath instead, they boo our team, WE DON'T.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 19 2009

Time: 11:11AM

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I booed because Sali didn't play.
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19/04/2009 11:16:00

Totally agree, if we get 5th place then we have won our prospective league, top four with our squad was always asking too much. So we should all be behind this team not barracking them, if not stay away next year!
silkie villain
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19/04/2009 11:18:00

Thought the booing was pathetic yesterday. If we lose, people boo, unfortunetly that happens. But when the team draws and really could have won its unfair. I certainly would never boo the team.
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19/04/2009 11:36:00

It's nothing short of pathetic! The only person on the pitch who deserved a good booing was Rob Stiles. I think he got every major decision wrong yesterday, thankfully that included only showing Stan a yellow card!!
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19/04/2009 11:43:00

The Fear
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19/04/2009 11:43:00

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19/04/2009 11:54:00

The booing is really worrying me,I think the real fans need to make it clear that we support the team.These people that are booing are making the rest of us look very stupid.
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19/04/2009 12:11:00

One word = EXPECTATION. Fans are just getting fed up with endless wasted oppportunities. Its understandable but very wrong to make it public when you consider we're still 5th. There are some very strange people in Brum
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19/04/2009 12:38:00

41 seasons I've been going and all poor results have been booed , I also feel some people boo the ref , and it happens at all grounds even OT !
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19/04/2009 12:46:00

No excuses. Booing a bad decision by the ref is fine, but booing the team is pathetic. I haven't been to Villa Park since 2005 but in all my times before that I never once booed - even when we didn't play that well. Get behind the team for flip's sake.
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19/04/2009 14:12:00

One thing, How many of the people booing supported villa when we were managed by David O'Leary? I would say few to none. The booers are not true fans, just people jumping on a band wagen.
Tallaght Villan
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19/04/2009 14:50:00

MON is the one being booed. How can you go from 7 straight wins away from home to not being able to win in 11 games after buying one player in a transfer window. Couldn't make the game but would have felt entitled to boo if I was there. We threw away another 2 points with 5 mins to go and our form is as bad as West Brom's. If we had clapped the team off after conceding another late goal, it would give out the message that its O.K. I know that everyone thinks that they're a manager these days and thinks that we should be doing this and that but MON has got to take the responsibility for this rather than moaning about ref's and complaining about fans who have now rightly got high expectations after a summer of spending and HALF a season of winning most of our games. Does anyone think that any of the top 6 would not be booed if they had suddenly transformed from Champions League contenders to relegation fodder. We are ony slightly better than Hull. The season is 38 games not 25
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19/04/2009 18:04:00

I don't think the booing was aimed at the team or MON, I think it was aimed at the officals who were once again very poor. The booing very quickly turned to applause when the team started to walk off.
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19/04/2009 20:50:00

Booing is justified when there is a need for major changes in the management or when players are clearly not trying.The management has been brilliant and the players work rate is excellent,booing is totally unjustifiable.West Ham played some really good stuff yesterday,we're not a massive club and we're very lucky that lerner came in and got MoN.I wonder how many Charlton fans regret the pressure they put on Curbishley a few years back.
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19/04/2009 21:17:00

I hope it was aimed at the ref but I can undertstand the frustration of my fellow fans. I said to my m8 with 30 mins to go if we don't score again West Ham will. The stats bear this out - we have conceded more goals in the last 10mins of a game than any other team in the premiership. Some of the defending yesterday was abysmal. Davies in particular. We don't deserve to get 4th and it pains me to say that. Friedel quite rightly did his nut yesterday when the Hammers scored. We need to buy some quality players who can turn a game and I am not sure we will. If Barry hasn't already decided to go to Liverpool yesterday again provided him with a nagging doubt about us. Petrov, Barry and Milner were different class but with 'clown-like' defending at the back we are never going to break the Top 4. We need two quality centre backs and if Barry goes we have a big hole in midlfield look at the Actim index.
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19/04/2009 21:21:00

Oh and well done to Everton it made my day to see thousands of crying ManUre fans :-)
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19/04/2009 21:23:00

I booed because I was at work :-(
The KFC Kid
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19/04/2009 21:35:00

I booed because Small Heath won :-(
Sali Salifooooou
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19/04/2009 21:37:00

I booed because Crouchy didn't score :-(
The KFC Kid
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19/04/2009 21:40:00

Just a quick question to all you villans, is what Fergie did today any different to what MON did in Moscw? He rested key players as he is prioritising the league and it has back fired on him. But does that make Fergie a bad manager overnight? NO. So many people have had a pop at MON since Moscow, but I think today shows that even the biggest club in the world have to do what we did sometimes, and we're miles behind them at the minute.
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19/04/2009 22:21:00

I live in Manchester so watched the cup final with a lot of United fans and they were as hacked off that fergie sent out kids that ultimately lost them the cup. You have to look at the facts and our form has slumped woefully because of two key things: our shameful exit from the Uefa cup and the buying of the liability called Heskey.
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20/04/2009 09:08:00

Longman, I think what Everton did today shows we and Fergie are wrong! Moyes learned from his "putting all the eggs in the CL basket" a few years ago when it came to nothing. He and Everton, with a small squad like ours, suffered many injuries like us, but soldiered on and gave every competition the respect it deserves and have a good chance of silverware, and can overtake us in the PL with their game in hand! Fergie is arrogant and didnt show Everton respect they deserve, and has paid the price, as we have too, ending the season on a low, having played our cards very wrongly! But to get back to the point of the thread, I still dont agree with booing! The players gave their best today, and they are the ones who feel the boos, not MON or the ref!
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20/04/2009 09:15:00

Booing is wrong in our current circumstances. We are likely to finish on more points than last season even though we will have played 14 games more. If you booed then you are a disgrace. No ifs but or excuses, you are giving those who can actually see what is happening a bad name. Ironically by booing, you actually reduce the clubs chances of getting the players that could make the difference the the boo boys want. So if the booers can't see the stupidity of there actions, I would go as far as saying they are undeserving of being called a Villa supporter. As for the reasons for being so fragile, it is not a defensive problem, although not having a 'leader' at the back doesn't help. It is other teams running straight through the middle at an over exposed back line that is causing the problem. Barry and Petrov have too much ground to cover between Ashley Young and Milner who both hog the touchlines. Very simply, putting Petrov back in this holding role, and putting Okey Cokey (or Gardner or Sidwell) and Barry in front of them would completely change the pressure that the back line is under. To do it would mean losing a striker. But Carew leading the line with Barry, Milner, Young and Okey Coker bombing on would do the job because they know that Petrov is behind providing the foundation for this. I am at pains to point out this is exactly the way Murderpool have played recently. Mascherno (Petrov) sits in front of the back 4. Kuyt (Milner) works the right, Riera (Young) works the left. In the middle Alonso (Barry) and Gerrard (Okey Cokey, Sidwell or Gardner) support the lone striker Torres (Carew). They have been scoring 4 or 5 goals a game using this formation, so using just 1 supposed striker is an attacking formation, not a defensive one. We even have the luxury of being able to say to Carew, you work your socks off for an hour and when he starts to flag bring on Heskey to continue the work against a tiring defence. Simples.
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20/04/2009 09:44:00

Voiceoftheholte, can't agree more. Many of our best performances came when we were "forced" to play 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 with Gabby leading the line. I think he did a good job of it too, because of his pace. Of course we could now do the same thing with Carew leading the attack, and he is on fire! If we did play 4-4-2, I would be tempted to play Carew as centre forward, and the Fonz behind him, just a little back as Rooney does. Heskey doesnt seem to be effective at all.
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20/04/2009 10:42:00

i was sooooooo peed off it was un true, but you never boo your own team. that is just really really gay.
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20/04/2009 12:14:00

We played well and we should have scored a second to put the game beyond West Ham. West Ham also played well, they really did do enough to deserve a goal. It was a good game of football with both teams trying to pass it about and attack at pace. It was disappointing to only draw - I would never boo anyway, but there was nothing at all to justify it for those that have a tendancy to 'spit their dummy'.
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20/04/2009 15:35:00

How can anyone distinguish what or who the booing is aimed at. Booing is Booing. It should not be aimed at your own team regardless of the performance. You pay your you take your choice is no justification.
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20/04/2009 17:57:00

Very self-righteous there VOTH. Didn't realise that you were judge and jury to all supporters. If you spent the same amount of time supporting the team as you did moaning about supporters then you would not bother yourself with what others do and could concentrate on doing what you preach. IN FACT you are as bad as the fans by booing them for booing our shocking relegation form which most fans would do whoever they supported after the current run. If we had started the season like this then everyone would be booing? I was not there although have been to our last 4 home games and not booed atall but would defend a fellow fan's rights to do so as our current form isn't good enough whether we have been in fourth this season or not.
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20/04/2009 19:14:00

personally I think booing the team is always wrong as it has no possible positive effect. A bigger concern for me though is what happens during a game. The Holte is normally noisy but the rest of the ground is like a morgue
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21/04/2009 13:15:00

Seems you are in the minority there 444. And woopty doo for going to 4 games. As for putting my bit in for team do I need to justify myself in my support for the club? But for your information, all of my family are season ticket holders. I have been a season ticket holder for many many years. I was a shareholder, I voluntarily helped organise the Villa travel club for several years. I have been responsible for the organisation I work for, buying executive packages to the tune of several thousand pounds and in the last two season have sponsored two games as well. My daughter plays for the girls team. And we NEVER boo the club. It doesn't make a better or worse supporter than most Villa fans, but I would say on money put into the club I would be more than justified in venting my frustrations. However it is all about opinions and my opinion is that you are exactly the sort of supporter that gives the majority of good Villa fans a bad name. I hate to say it but I watched Murderpool on the TV last night and they looked down and out for their bid for the title. They had conceded another 4 goals at home and were 1 minute from losing the game.They are out of the FA Cup, out of the Champions League after conceding 7 goals in 2 games to Chelski and will finish the season with the same silverware as us. However in injury time with their season in tatters the ground was still full even though the game kicked off at 8pm (no going home early to beat the traffic which is the usual excuse for VP being 30% empty at 90 minutes). And all you could hear at Anfield from a still full stadium was a stirring rendition of You'll never walk alone. And spookily that drove the club on to an equaliser. Do you honestly think that would have happened if the ground had emptied and the remaining fans had started booing? They put us to shame last night. And that is a hard thing to say considering their murderous, kill their own fans, rob their own family for a ticket reputation.
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22/04/2009 09:41:00

VOTH. I agree 100% with everything you said and you do your team proud for saying it. Villan444, perhaps you might consider doing the team a favour next home game by staying at home yourself. It's been awhile since I last posted here as I've just moved house, but this habit certain "fans" have of booing the team after home games really gets my back up.
Athens Villa
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22/04/2009 11:46:00


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