Aston Villa - A Look At Martin O'Neill's Transfers
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A Look At Martin O'Neill's Transfers

AVFC48 takes a look in hindsight at Martin O'Neill's transfers:

Steve Sidwell: £5million, rarely is the Barry replacement ever picked by the bloke who bought him.

Luke Young: £5million. Not done bad as a left-back, thought he was a right-back at Boro mind.

Brad Friedel: £2.5 million. getting on and not as good as he was at Blackburn but better than what we had before, or was he, ask Stoke fans

Nickey Shorey: £3.5 million a decent left-back but never picked by the man who bought him

Brad Guzan: £600k who knows

Carlos Cuellar: £8 million and rarely picked or rarely when picked at the level his obvious talent suggests he should be

James Milner: £12.5 million. yes workmanlike, yes plenty of effort, yes big potential, yes 12.5 mill, get away with thee

Curtis Davies: £10 million. didn't do much last season and hasn't been consistent or brilliant this. Even by O'Neill's standards a long transfer and did he get it right ?

Emile Heskey: £3.5 million. The current England centre forward who has been shite and because he keeps picking him we've gone 9 games without a win an obvious good buy, not.

£50 million plus spent in season 2008/2009 and we have steady progress or at worst consolidation of 6th

9 players bought 2 near ever presents one out of position, a third rarely gets picked, another third rarely get off the bench

Would you as owner of the club allow this manager substantial funding in this summers transfer dealings, when you also consider?

John Carew: £4.5 million, when he plays he's great, but he doesn't even when on the pitch play that often, off it though hmmm

Stiliyan Petrov: £8 million plus and 2 seasons wasted, now just paying his way, so what went wrong for 2 seasons?

Marlon Harewood: £4 million. another bench warmer if he's lucky and we aren't

Zat Knight: £3.5 million. another bench warmer who is just not good enough

Moustapha Salifou: sorry but he did buy him and even if it was a nominal fee of a few cows why ?

Wayne Routledge: £150k the man Robbo was going to turn into a star winger, worth a punt. No

Shaun Maloney: £1 million, sold at a profit, rarely played though but super dealing Mart well done

Ashley Young: £10 million. A genius according to Mart, well yes maybe but not of late, but at least he gets picked and that's a bonus with any O'Neill buy isn't it.

Nigel Reo Coker: £8 million and rarely played as much as he should be, why is that, anyone tell me. If he's poor why buy him but then could we not ask that question of 75 % of O'Neill's buys ?

Carson, Agathe, Bardsley and others all did a job, a very poor one mind, but they did a job, but were they worth the punt, when others like Davies, Sorensen, Cahill, even McCann, Hughes, Mellberg were already on the books. How would we stand today if Barry had gone to Liverpool, if Laursen had not recovered from his knee problems if Gabby had not scored the goals he has over the last 3 seasons?

Allowing the £2 million cost of Carson, that's another £40 million plus spent on players few of whom are consistently picked by the man who bought them in the first place.

Why is that ?


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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 23 2009

Time: 1:50PM

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Interesting summary! Think this will get the discussions going! Keep it polite gents!
The Fear
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 13:53:00

Well Mr avfc48, You have been waiting for this dip in form to inflict us with your negativity. I asked you a question many months ago, which you failed to answer. I ask again! Who do you realistically want to manage the club? Because almost as soon as the ink had dried on MON's contract you were sniping. Why?
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 14:08:00

One more thing avfc48 The crop of players you slate. Took us to 3rd in the premier league this season.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 14:21:00

i would say it has been steady progress to get us this far in 3 years , are things not better now ? you can look at transfers anyway you want has fergie not made any bad/dodgy signings at his club ? this is our club one which we spend money and time on , so why all the negativity the last 6 weeks or so , anyone would think we are world beaters , managers talk of 5 year plans and if mon had any such plan i would say we are on target utv
highland villa
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 14:35:00

Agreed Mons tranfers havent been amazing but Luke and Ashley Young have been fantastic for us on the whole. I seriously think Mon needs to go abroad and start buying european starlets/superstars. Someone with a bit of flair and creativity which our midfield is crying out for. We rely on Ash too much which is why he's being marked out of games. Mon need to swallow his pride and start buying some serious players or we'll be left behind with mediocre players. Just look at Spurs, Everton and Man city. Barry leaving should be the perfect opportunity to get someone dangerously creative in.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 14:38:00

ballers is probably a lot like picking horses or stocks. There is a lot of luck involved. I don’t have the time, but I could probably put together a pretty good list of players that didn’t meet expectations that were bought by Ferguson or Wenger. And I think both are far better managers than MON. I think you have to look a little deeper. Steve Sidwell – You’re right, he hasn’t as well as hoped. At this point he is looking like a miss. Luke Young – A Premier-level right back and left back. There aren’t too many of those around. I would put him as a hit. Brad Friedel - Obviously not a long-term solution, but he is better than Carson. L2.5 is chump-change for someone who can come in and play at a fairly high level. I’d say he’s a hit. Nickey Shorey – Probably the biggest miss MON has had. Because he can’t or doesn’t get the chance to play, our whole back-line gets jumbled around every game or so. Its tough to win when your backline is in as much constant change as ours. (For now, I don’t want to talk about the manager’s decisions on who to play where. Suffice it to say, MON didn’t buy enough or good enough cover for the fullback positions.) Brad Guzan – who knows is right Carlos Cuellar – Not as good in the air as he needs to be to play centerback. Not skilled enough to play outside. He’s more on the miss side right now, but let’s give him some more time. James Milner – Solid, if unspectacular player. He plays hard and has more skill than most give him credit for. L12.5 seems high, but that’s roughly what RM were going for last summer. I think the price was somewhat inflated because MON waited til Bentley and SWP were already sold. I’d say he’s a hit. Curtis Davies – Had a pretty good partnership going with Laursen. Seems to have had some injuries lately. I say he’s more hit than miss, but not necessarily a star. Emile Heskey – He is what he is…A cheap stopgap. We’ll see where we end up this summer. John Carew – MON traded someone who didn’t want to be here for someone who was powerful and hungry. Sadly, Carew lost a lot of the power and hunger this year. I’m starting to think there may be more to the fact that he’s played for so many teams and never settled. Still, I think you’d have to say he is a hit. Styliyan Petrov – A year ago, I’d say he was a miss. Now he’s a hit. This talent-evaluation is tricky isn’t it? Marlon Harewood – He was bought as a squad player. He is that and nothing more. Zat Knight – Again, he was bought as a squad player. He’s played that role marvelously in my opinion. Moustahpa Salifou – Why did we buy him? Why do people play the lottery? More often than not, you pay your dollar (pound, whatever) and you get the brief hope of millions before tearing it up and moving on. But…every now and again, you win and once in a lifetime you might win big. MON gambled; he got a less-than average squad player. He’s a miss. Oh well, I think most expected him to be a miss, but I don’t think is a huge miss that should be counted against a manager. Wayne Routledge – See above. Shaun Maloney – See above. Scott Carson – Not a premier-league level keeper. Maybe in the future. Definitely a miss. Ashley Young – A good buy that turned out to be a fantastic buy. He and Barry are our only world-class players. I doubt if even MON thought he would be this good. Nigel Reo Coker – For L8, you probably have to say he’s a miss, but he plays so many positions reasonably well, he is a very valuable squad player. I bet there are a lot of managers that would like to have a player like him on their team. If he cost L6, most would say he was a hit. So what do we have? Some good, some bad, one great. The biggest miss has probably been a backup right back. With a decent premier-level right back, I think Villa would be several points higher than we are now. Another good striker would make us less dependent on Gabby’s goals. Instead of him being in a drought causing the whole team to be in a drought, someone else could step in a score a few goals. Unfortunately, that player was not bought last summer or this January. Ah…what might have been!
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 15:28:00

Villa fans fickle? Nah - never
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 15:32:00

I sometimes wonder what those who constantly harp on on this site have ever achieved themselves? Love to have a resume of AV48 from his past employers/ employees. Now that would be interesting reading me thinks.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 15:36:00

Fear; why would you give time and space to an article like this? Biased, blinkered, one-sided, myopic and wrong in equal measure. This is the editorial policy of the Sun or Daily Mail not a thought-provoking and reasonable fansite. Shame on you. I won't comment on AVFC48 or his article because I never say anything bad about opinions that are pure arse gravy and I'm not going to break my habit for this prat.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 16:50:00

never question o'neill or a thousand ancient plagues will rain down upon you culminating with your knob dropping off. be warned.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 16:51:00

How come this article wasn't written six weeks ago? I'm sure with McCann, Carson, Davis and Hughes we'd have been third... By the way, regarding your question about "would an owner give this man money to spend." That's the action that Doug Ellis took to force out a succession of managers - "a couple of signings that don't work and you'll be cut off from spending!" There have been one or two recent comments/articles that had some grounding and foundation, particularly those focussing on tactical errors. But this is just pathetic. I'll ask you the same question that you seem to avoid answering: Who do you want instead? Curbishley? Scolari? Venables? Grant? Adams? O'Leary? Keegan? Pardew? They're all available....
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 17:14:00

Too many of his signings have been hit or miss, or he plays them in mad positions.8 games to change it Mart, stop being a stubborn fool.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 19:01:00

When did John Carew cost 4.5 million quid?
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 19:43:00

Nani - £17m, not Ronaldo Mk2
Anderson - £17m. Ineffective, slow and a poor passer. Yet to score. What's the point?
Berbatov - £32m. Certainly not the return I would expect from a £32m player.
Tevez - £32m. £32m for a player that starts from on the bench more than in the starting XI. Why buy him if he's no better than we've already got?
Hargreaves - £17m. Why when Carrick plays the same role more effectively? And he's injured all the time.
Tosic - £10m. Who? Another winger, yet Rooney plays ahead of him in that position.

See, you can do this with any squad, any manager, any club. It's how you look at the facts, not the facts themselves that determines how they are judged.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 21:17:00

God I'm bored by you.
Report Abuse
23/03/2009 22:54:00

what a waste of time article. on a positive note though it shows how far we have come when we have whingers slating our manager and his desicions due to a bad run. sure it looks like 4th might be a reach now but for most of the season we have competed with the top teams in the league and held our own. we seem to of ran out of petrol in the homestrech but lets not forget what we have done. lets turn this season around... poor start few games without a win, sitting around the relegation zone then a great run in the 2nd half of the season see's us finish 5th or 6th i think alot of the views would be different. rome wasnt built in a day but foundations were layed. thats what we are doing.
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 00:22:00

Wow. That's a very childish one sided arguement. Simply amazing that article was written by a so called fan.
Holte End Hero
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 14:32:00

That is an interesting question gordonsleftboot re: achievements. I'll start that one off. I came second - two years in a row mind you - in the Ley Hill Junior School decorate an egg for easter competition. Proud moments in the Fear family believe me.
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 15:58:00

A man of many talents!! Are you sure you didn't cheat and use your head JP ;-D.
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 16:37:00

Holte End Hero: I have questioned avfc48's allegiance for as long as i have been frequenting this site.
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 17:23:00

Ah, but I had lovely lovey hair in those days villan444! lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 17:27:00

not really my place to defend others but gappy, holte end hero, you'd be wrong questioning his Villa allegiances, his opinions on the other hand, obviously feel free! Remember folks, I'll take contributions from all fans with all different opinions, the opti's are more than welcome! :o)
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 17:29:00

I can't question avfc's allegiances - I don't know the guy apart from his posts on here. What I do (and have always) questioned is his pathological dislike for Martin O'Neill, which has been obvious from the moment Doug Ellis employed him. That dislike distorts all of his posts. I'm not sure you can call yourself a Villa supporter unless you actually support the current squad, the coaches, groundstaff, physios and even the manager. That you question the mans judgement, abilities, etc., is fine. What isn't so good is using a public forum, along with dubious logic and half-truths to feed personal hatred.
Report Abuse
24/03/2009 21:58:00

The Fear: I'm affraid I do have to question avfc48's allegiance, and here is why! If a supporter just sits, waits and relishes a dip in form, with the sole purpose of bolstering an arguement. Then that in itself brings his loyalty into question, IMO. If your dislike of the manager overides your love of the club, then your loyalties are very much in question!!!! Or have we all missed the point and avfc48 is just playing devil's advocate?
Report Abuse
25/03/2009 09:26:00

fair enough mate, not here to defend other people's opinions, just their right to have them! :o)
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/03/2009 10:06:00

No Probs TF; We all have opinions and we all disagree from time to time. I would just like avfc48 to explain why he dislikes MON so much. I assume you know him better than I, given I don't know him at all. He is clearly a passionate man if a little misguided but passionate no the less. We all have a common ground and that is the club we all love, and we just want what's best for it!
Report Abuse
25/03/2009 13:28:00

Everyone, the Mighty Atom is gay !!!
Report Abuse
27/03/2009 12:39:00

agreed, we all want the best, guess that is why things get so heated at times! Adbo9..... eh?? What?! Whoosh and over my head anyway!
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/03/2009 13:08:00

I dont think that there's a single manager out there, is there, who can hold his hand up regarding his dealings in the transfer market, and loudly and proudly claim that they got it spot on even 75% of the time? '48 raises some interesting questions, questions that only MON can answer, the rest of us can only surmise.
Report Abuse
09/04/2009 22:13:00

I dont for one solitary New York minute dispute or question '48's Villa Park knowledge or loyalties, but he would be the first to admit I would imagine, that MON has never been a favourite of his. Virtually from day one he's sniped and bitched at every MON twist and turn. There's no balance in his writings, its always venom dispatched at each and every opportunity.
Report Abuse
09/04/2009 22:16:00


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