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Gareth Barry Happy At Villa

Gareth Barry has told The Mirror that he has put the summer transfer saga to Liverpool behind him.

Rafa Benitez made a very public pursuit of the player during the summer, and after Barry spoke of his desire to leave the Villa, Martin O'Neill stripped him of the captaincy, suspended him for two weeks and even fined him.

But Barry has revealed that is happy at the club and wants to push on at Villa.

'The Liverpool thing seems a few years ago now, me and the manager are both professional people who want the best for Villa and my relationship with the manager is very good.'

'It can go through your head what others have done to get away from a club, but that was just not the reputation I would have wanted. Now I have got the armband back and everyone knows I enjoy captaining Villa.'

'It can raise your game but I know Martin Laursen is still the club captain and if we win a trophy this season, that will be more than enough for me.'

Speaking about Wednesday's FA Cup game against Doncaster Rovers, he added 'The FA Cup is probably our best chance of silverware this season'.

All is forgiven Gareth, now win us some silverware and break Charlie Aitken's appearances record!!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Dan Jones  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 3 2009

Time: 9:58AM

Your Comments

A combination of realising we're not so bad, and, mostly in my opinion, realising he's dodged a bullet by not joining Rafa.
He owes MON one for sticking by him. LOL @ Robbie Keane. Its repayment time GB.
We should all be very happy that Rafa messed up and blew £20 million on a goalscorer who dodn't score and was gone in 6 months instead of investing it wisely.
pongo wearing
I hope you have watched what has happened to R Kean Gareth and realised how lucky you are that could have been you. By staying with us you can play a part in modern football history and break up the so called Big 4 proper real achievements that no money can buy and not many people can say they have done you staying has been of massive importance to us now go and make your shelf that Villa legend you are destined to be.
We should have sold him for £20m in the summer and bought him back for £12m this January... Mind you which Club would be stupid enough to allow that sort of thing to happen... can I have the bill please senor!
Hoss The Villain
Must still grate that he wanted to come eh?
Not as much as it must grate you that Barry decided to stay eh!
Hoss The Villain
Yeah, we are all devastated we have Alonso. Besides, he didn't decide to stay, he had no choice as your manager wouldn't sell him. His actual quotes? That he wanted to come of course.
You must be devastated to have Alonso bearing in mind the great Spanish man wanted to sell him but then couldn't. All things considered though we are happy at not being a selling Club.
Hoss The Villain
HAHAHAHAHA Liverpool.... egg on face time.
Here we are in the Champs Lge, FA cup and 2nd in the league. What egg on our faces...
That's right you just have a manager you all hate, 2 owners you all hate and a summer of tapping up players which you couldn't get... there is no egg on your face just a lot of bad ones running your club.
Hoss The Villain
We all hate our manager? News to me. Owners accepted. By the way, who leaked our interest to the press about Barry. O'Neill. But, of course we tapped him up. Tell you what, if we want him again (we won't), he would come in a shot. Enjoy Heskey and your slide to 5th.
Your 3 points in front in the league and were about to meet in the FA cup will be interesting to see what happens ? how did you get on at villa park ?
Heskey was wanted at Anfield but chose our leader over the fat Spanish waiter. They can't even beat Everton so how are we going to meet them in the cup B6 ;-D
I'm mainly coming on here to say the same as I have on VL to people coming over there. People do we really have to go through the whole Barry ********* again? Barry has today said that he has no regrets about not leaving Villa, so what, it didn't happen, can we not all just move on and forget about it. Why dont Villa just concentrate on Villa and where they will finish and we will conentrate on us and where we will finish. What's the point of this "we are better than you", then "no we are better than you" rubbish!
Chubby Alonso
Sounds like there is a bit of sore point somewhere Chubby Alonso although not sure whether its towards the Barry embarrassment or the Keane humiliation (and money loss) ????
Good point.! Villan444
We all know they tried to a: Buy Barry b: unsettle him becase they are threatened by us.! more the later
Have to agree with Chubby Alonso. Gareth Barry-Liverpool is a thing of the past. We are delighted with the outcome, Liverpool are happy to have kept Alonso, so no losers in this situation (unlike the Keane affair). It is great credit to MON that we are now getting 'banter' from Liverpool and Arsenal fans. It shows how much we have improved in such a short time, and that we are now considered a 'threat'. Can we keep it up? Probably needed a couple more January signings, but if we do slip to 5th it won't be down to lack of committment, spirit or effort. That's for sure!
I have to agree with Chubby too, so why do bitter Liverpool fans keep bringing it up?
Hoss The Villain
Hoss, maybe because Villa fans keep running to Vital Liverpool getting digs in about things that don't concern them, like Keane. Just a thought...
The only reason I went running to Vital Liverpool is because someone stole the wheel off my mouse, now go back home.
Hoss The Villain
oh dear, anybody ever get this feeling that liverpools season is about to go belly up and they'll finish fifth? I get this feeling we'll finish third and Arsenal will pip liverpoo to 4th...
Doesn't really make sense Hoss, good attempt though.
KB1 Is that the number of the test tube that you were brought into this world by !
Mr A Villa
Makes perfect sense & TBH he has completely owned you & given us all a good laugh
did anyone notice, during one of the early games of the campaign (which happened to be against liverpool), a very late challenge from Alonso on Barry - and then you could see Alonso shouting something at a floored Barry? this was within the aftermath of the whole Barry-Pool-We don't nind sparing Alsonso fiasco.. was watching it with my scouse uncle; and i have to say, that's the angriest i've been all season. it was just a clever little flick from Barry, in a tight angle, and then bam! so anyway, i'm really not a fan of Alonso. Lampard seeing red the other night just reminded me of what a **** he can be. just wondered if anyone else remembers it from the Liverpool game or was i seeing things?
he is back to his best as well. I do like Gareth Barry!
The Fear
Barry is just one booking away from a one match ban. Lets hope it's an FA cup match if it happens as we have the Chelsea game coming up.
Oh, and btw I don't think the keane thing was RAFA's fault - I feel there is too much interference at managerial level at the pool. Wish we had put a bid in for Keane - infact who knows, we may have.
Calm down Calm down
Keane scored more for Liverpool than he ever has for any other club before christmas, he always scores a shedload after the new year, FACT. Check his career record. Liverpool should have kept him till the end of the season.
Yes tuBBz, owned indeed. Can't back up his arguments so resorts to outdated stereotypes.
Still funny though. Anybody up for a good FA Cup tie now?? I know I am...
Everton here we come (again)
Quote "Here we are in the Champs Lge, FA cup and 2nd in the league. What egg on our faces..."... the kind of egg on your faces from counting your chickens before they hatch.
Hoss The Villain
Counting my chickens? Hardly, at the time we were. You really are dimwitted aren't you? Enjoy the Uefa cup.
And he rises to the bait again. You really are a bitter fan, but you keep making personal insults it shows you're inteligence.
Hoss The Villain
Making personal insults is rising to the bait? I suppose allusions to thieving about Liverpool doesn't? I am not bitter, just clearly more intelligent. Ps It is 'intelligence'. Best to check your spelling when attempting to denigrate another's IQ. Like i said, dimwit.
Irony is also something you don't really get the grasp of but hey ho we aren't all as clever as you huh? I think you'll find that a personal insult is aimed at a particular person and a generalisation about a group of people isn't. I don't even think I even said anything regarding thiefing people in Liverpool, but if you believe that is the case then you are more paranoid than I first thought.
Hoss The Villain
Explain this comment then? "The only reason I went running to Vital Liverpool is because someone stole the wheel off my mouse, now go back home." So you resort to childish insults but that is ok as it is a generalisation? Ps It is 'thieving' not 'thiefing'.
I was merely answering your comment where you say I was making allusions to thieving Liverpool people, which if you read my comment makes no reference to Liverpool whatsoever. If I am correct though you made a sweeping statement about all Villa fans being a shower before that comment was made and based on last nights performance I think I know where the shower is. I mean how bizarre that you lot take your socks off and throw them on the pitch?
Hoss The Villain
So by making that statement, it was "answering your comment where you say I was making allusions to thieving Liverpool people". Really, where did i say anything about thieving Liverpool people prior to you stating that? Please do show me. You are wrong, you know you are wrong and now you are talking nonsense.
PS the socks were a joke about Everton's proposed move to Kirby and a nickname people from Kirby have with scousers. Everton fans, who were the targets, understood.
Read your first comment this morning... "I suppose allusions to thieving about Liverpool doesn't". Did you say that or not... oh no you wrote it. So what is the sock thing all about?
Hoss The Villain
Explain the nickname and it's meaning then? P.S. I think you'll find it's Kirkby not Kirby (what is it you call someone who can't spell???)
Hoss The Villain
Yes Hoss, but you made the comment i quoted yesterday. So, i fail to see how when you made a comment yesterday, it was in response to one i made today... The sock thing. People from Liverpool call Kirby people 'Sock robbers'. As Everton are potentially moving to Kirby (which their hardcore fans don't want as it is outside Liverpool city limits) and we do anything to wind them up about this, it was decided that some socks should enter the equation. A similar thing happened last year with Tesco bags (There will be a supermarket on site of the proposed new Everton Stadium).
Re Kirby (Kirkby). Fair Kop. :)
My comment yesterday made no mention to Liverpool but your first comment today does, unless we are talking about different comments. So why are you getting so upset at a generalisation of people from Liverpool being thieves when you call people from Kirkby thieves (I believe Kirkby was an overspill town for Liverpool). Seems a bit odd that you get upset about a generalisation which you also use yourself. I think most Scouse comedians have also lived off making similar jokes about themselves and their community.
Hoss The Villain
Your comment yesterday. "The only reason I went running to Vital Liverpool is because someone stole the wheel off my mouse, now go back home.". Lying as well now?
I understand why you mock Evertonian’s for moving to Kirkby though. It is a complete hole from memory.
Hoss The Villain
PS Kirkby isn't in Liverpool. Try to keep up.
Don't see a mention of people from Liverpool being thieves in that comment.
Hoss The Villain
We mock them as they are leaving the city. And as the self professed 'people's club', it winds them up.
What are you implying then, in that comment? Odd and nonsensical thing to say otherwise.
Where did I say Kirkby was in Liverpool? I said I believed Kirkby was an overspill town for Liverpool, please read thoroughly.
Hoss The Villain
It was an odd comment as my mouse is bluetooth.
Hoss The Villain
"Seems a bit odd that you get upset about a generalisation which you also use yourself. I think most Scouse comedians have also lived off making similar jokes about themselves and their community". Please try to understand what you write. Still waiting for your explanation about what you meant with the mouse wheels comment???
I think we both know what the statement about the mouse was about, but the funny part is I never mentioned Liverpool in the comment but you assumed yourself that I meant a Scally had stolen the wheels off it. This is the ironic part really as you spend all this time going round the houses with this for no other reason than to prove a generalisation you also use yourself.
Hoss The Villain
You did mention Liverpool, "The only reason I went running to Vital Liverpool", then positioned a comment about stealing. How many times can you be proved wrong and still stick to your story? I won't be posting again, liars aren't worth bothering with.
It’s called insinuation, whereby you suggest something without actually saying it; that doesn’t make me a liar as I did not say Liverpool people are thieves, even if the are.
Hoss The Villain
I never said you were a liar, where did you get that idea from? Was it possibly from my insinuation? See, I can do that too. Bye.
You are so clever. Bye.
Hoss The Villain

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