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Action Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder than Words

We Villa fans have had some interesting summers of recent late, the last one on its own was the most remarkable in modern times, when again we looked at the summer with some dread, owned by a man who had shown time and again that any manager had to delve deep to find quality at little or no cost.

When the manager finally left some way into the summer, the owner pulled off two of the flamboyant moves he was prone to do.

Firstly he employed Martin O'Neill. An extremely well liked manager, highly respected, media friendly and at first glance a wonder of an appointment, most certainly a huge name and one seen on his introduction as the saviour of the club and possibly the man to make the way ready for the coming of a new owner.

And so it came to be, by the season start Villa found themselves owned by an American Billionaire and a new regime had begun. The new regime brought a huge swing in optimism, the owners promised to make change to put Villa back on top of the tree amongst the best in Europe, the talk was of 82, of past glory of no restrictions, of a future full of plenty of the 5 year plan.

One of the oldest managers in football retained his job, his Fans optimism remained high, promises abound from all around the club, talk of big spends, the introduction of the 5 year plan, the CEO with his repeated talk of signing 'top class players', Directors with their 'money is no problem, getting the right player is' adding fuel to every fans belief this summer would be different, the season ahead would see Villa at long last competing with the best or at the least showing a desire to so do.

The following season has seen many surface improvements, a huge change in attitude and an ever increasing level of promises, backed by money on the table to push through planned improvements the previous owner had instigated but never found the need to finance. As the season progressed time and again the American influence could be seen all over, back room improvements abounded, fans were made to feel involved, a new higher quality management structure was instigated and promise after promise gave huge encouragement to fans world wide.

On the field the picture, despite all the optimism a goodish start, was followed by a huge stutter mid term, but a great 9 game finish meant an 11 th in the league finish. Not as good as most first seasons for previous managers but with a Premiership saving expenditure late on, in the January transfer window far exceeding that of those higher achieving previous managers, lower midtable security was achieved.

The summer is always a time of speculation, a time for rebuilding a fans expectation and belief and a time when managers have a chance to show their mettle via the transfer window. Come the day though players started to depart, no one special but for a team accepted by all including the manager as short on players, short on quality, there were players in there who had held the side together during that sticky mid season struggle and their departure surely left a weaker squad.

Off field essential improvements abound, nothing new mind, nothing that hadn't been muted for some years, but action has most certainly been instigated and improvements have been made. During the season fans won't be admiring the new training facilities, a new pub they can't get into, better chips or colder beer, home fans behind both goals, if their team has just played out another mid table uninspiring performance because its short on players.

'Actions speak louder than words' goes the saying.

We've had the words, its late on, very late on, its time the off field on field actions started to match the promises that made the fans optimism so high they spent on record season ticket sales. It will happen I'm sure, it should have happened already.

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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 19 2007

Time: 12:21PM

Your Comments

It will happen. It's been said a thousand times already but I'll say it again. The players allowed to leave hardly got a game last season (except for McCann) even when we were thread bare. I still have faith and optimism for the start of the season. The only reason I haven't bought a season ticket yet is due to the fact I'm penniless. UTV
Adam Deuce
It will happen. It's been saiud a thousand times already but I'll say it again. The players allowed to leave hardly got a game last season (except for McCann) even when we were thread bare. I still have faith and optimism for the start of the season. The only reason I haven't bought a season ticket yet is due to the fact I'm penniless. UTV
Adam Deuce
Avfc really is a ****. He keeps making the same attempts to place doubt in the new regime amongst the fans. I think he would actually enjoy it if the club failed in its attempts to rebuild itself under the new regime. From this article he appears to think that we should already have qualified for the Champions League, and that now we've let Lee Hendrie, J Lloyd Samuel and two poor keepers go we'll be in a relegation battle. What an idiot. [Edited by FearVilla]
The Usual Suspect
what about the millions spent on the new training ground,about 30 mil spent on players so far,more signings on the way WTF do you want?
Years ago, it was announced that there would be a an abseiling competition at half time. Some idiot behind me said in a moaning voice' oh, they're using ropes!' I am beginning to think that that whinging old fool was avfc48. This guy clearly is a legend in his own lunchtime. It is so easy to mock other people's efforts and moan about all that is around you. What, I wonder has he ever achieved? Building a business or a football club is very hard work. Not a lot is achieved by just waving a cheque book - other than losing cash. As someone said, if you want to make a small fortune in sport, take a large fortune and buy a football club. Randy & Co. are, I am sure, are working hard to move this club forward. And what they get from some are stupid comments and faint praise. I admire anyone who has a go at turning a business around. Oh how simple AVFC48 seems to think this is. For heavens sake shut up and take your moaning somewhere else. You are meant to be a supporter not a whinger. Also wonder why the Fear allows two negative articles from the same sad source in two days.
With articles like this it's really hard to not want to turn on a fellow villa supporter. You're entitled to your opinion mate but it's pretty flippin negative.
Fear, Apologies for making you get your marker pen out!
The Usual Suspect
Whats wrong with this article, in all fairness it is completely correct... the board have been talikng up new signings and as AVFC48 has said he expects them to come in as do I but at present we only have two in and we have 8 out, admittdly 8 that didnt feature that much but still depletion to the squad.... Everyday it seems now we are getting PR from Martin, we are looking to strenghthen/We will be making signings and like 48 has said 'actions speak far far louder then words'. Personally i think we should save judgement untill the end of the window but i see nothing wrong with this article in fact it is less negative then 48 normally is !!
i think he hang on...i don't actually know
I'm really saddened to say this about a fellow Villan but WHY ? Why do you have to keep being so downtrodden. Why do you not just wait until the end of the transfer window to see who we buy. I'm getting fed up of saying this but if at the end of the window we still only have 2 summer signings then vent your frustrations at the board and MON. We still have 6 weeks until the end of the window and I am willing to be patient on this as I do believe that we will sign the right players. Just a note on a previous thread submitted by AVFC48. Just because a player doesn't cost £8m plus doesn't mean that he won't benefit the squad and the first team. I bet AVFC48 moaned when Graham Taylor brought a certain hasbeen from Man Utd. If anyone doesn't remember that player his name is God and forever will be. Ooh Aah Paul McGrath. UTV
avfc48 just loves to play devil's advocate doesn't he? But is anyone else, like me, getting bored of him churning out the same old *****e day in day out now?
It's not just avfo48, it's loads of sites people being like this. Doesn't mean majority is right. I can sympathise, I am a villa supporter after all and would love to see £20m+ deals made for players but it's just not a current realistic ambition, and not necessarily the right thing for villa either.
I think one of the best things about this site is that instead of taking the middle-of-the-road, on the fence position on everything, Fear lets people with all sorts of views put their thoughts across so, overall, it's balanced by the extremes and everything in between!
You're a f***in disgrace, people like you bring a black cloud over our great club with your pathetic drivel and constant unjustified critisism, there is one thing being critical but you are just an idiot, why don't you tell us all where these world class players are coming from ? being as there are only around fifteen true world class players in the world and they generaly wear Milan, Barcelona, Juventus or Real Madrid shirts. And tell us you cluless d***head just how you would get them to sign, take them for a tour around the now disfunctional HP Sauce factory ? I can see it now, to your left Mr Messi is the Jewelry quater and just up hear on your right is the great Aston Expressway. Why don't you keep your mouth shut AVFC48 because I for one am becoming very bored with your illogical judgements on the events at Villa Park. We need a squad first, not a couple of one season wonder primadonna's.
AVFC48 is really annoying the crap out of me. He's entitled to his opinion, but im sick to the back teeth of hearing it.
And another the**** do you know what the chips taste like at Villa Park ? you never go there, you are just an armchair fan, not a true supporter who stands there home and away come rain or shine.
avfc48 isn't discounting the work that the new regime have done for the good of the football club. We all had certain expectations when it came to player acquisitions during the summer months fuelled by the media and by quotes made by our board. We go on tour on Sunday, and the large majority of fans expected a stronger squad to have been assembled at this point. Instead, some are looking towards the coming season with a little negativity - and by this stage even without the Harewood transfer, with the squad going on pre-season tour, many would have started getting 'teachy' about new signings and the depleted nature of our squad. I think what avfc48 is looking for is answers to question's, possible misquotations and interpretations. Unfortunately we have no evidence that the club are trying their utmost to sign top-class players which is understandable. There does certainly seem to be a divide in the mindset of Villa fans at the moment, some continue to entertain their fantasies believing that the club will eventually sign 'world class' players this summer, others, believing that we will improve in squad numbers and size but maybe not quality by the time the window shuts, and a few others more, believing that the club have marketed themselves in such a way so that they can shift as many season tickets as they can. Regardless of what your mindset is, we are all Villa fans, we all gave the new regime and the new manager until the end of the 07-08 season to pass judgement... what we must not do is become divided amongst ourselves - we are all entitled to constructive opinions but we must back the club at all times!
How about blowing the rest of our transfer budget (20m) on Peter Crouch or Defoe?
Why does everyone keep going on about Defoe ????? he was never an option. Full stop. The club or MON have never stated this fact. He is a decent player but not worth £12m+ . And Crouch can stay where he is, thank you very much. You can't make players come here, it's their futures at stake aswell, players will want to see what happens at Villa over the next season at least, and they all want European football if they have any quality about them. Like MON say's.....hunger is the key at our level, hunger to push yourselves up another gear, hunger to get a starting place. Tht'll do me fine. Or maybe we should sent AVFC48 out to persuade Kaka and Pirlo to come join us.
Amana from Toulouse, good midfielder, good feet, decent price if we can beat off Fiorentina. These are the sort of players we need. Aresenal fullback Hoyte is another good example of quality for the right money, we are linked. Get the drift AVFC48. FORGET DEFOE AND SWP FOR **** SAKE !!
astonmilan I couldn't agree more with everything you said.
You're just a prize knobjockey AVFC48.
Hoss The Villain
I bet SIR RANDY breaths a huge sigh of relief that he did'nt employ AVFC48 as manager of our great club. Because he would have wasted a huge amount of his money on the likes of Defoe. As Villa fans lets just read AVFC48's comments with huge amounts of amusment and watch with delight when the so called squad players come in and set the world alight. So i look forward to readin more drivel from AVFC48. As Villa fans lets be thankful that MON is not prepared to riped off by anyone and its just a hunch but i guess so is SIR Randy.
I don't think there is anything wrong with fan's asking what targets are being set by the club for next season? 19/20 clubs in the league seem to have shown their intentions, and it's certainly frustrating that our intentions and targets have not been broadcasted. Doubt we should be aiming for at least a top 8 finish next season, but our squad hasn't improved a great deal in quality or depth. Let MON get on with it and back the club at all times, but if we are in the same position in 7-10 days time as we are now, I for one will start getting worried. When the fixture list was published I honestly believed that we were in with a shout of 3pts on the opening day - at this moment in time I'm not so sure....
The board did mention "top-class signings" and it's open to speculation about what "top-class" actually means.
48, I keep responding to your articles and you keep writing them...Aha! I see it now...clever boy AVFC 48. I shall now only think what you are, then you'll stop writing as you'll have no-one swallowing the bait. I THINK you're a tw@ who loves to bemoan because it's easier than being optimistic. I THINK, you lost your optimism when all was going wrong and now you can't get it back. I THINK you should phuk off and let some proper writers get in and post an article. I THINK, THEREFORE YOU ARE....
Thanks to those who read what was written. To those who slag off rather than answer the points raised, oh I do go to see Villa matches regularly too have done since 1956, here's a challenge. Lets see a counter argument pointing out where in the above I have said anything that isn't true or factual. If you need proof that martin o'neill agrees in the most can I point you to another of my threads on 100%. I've even given the address to make it easy
AVFC48 just a small point, how is it late, very late on. The transfer window has another 6 weeks to go
Its all about opinions and everyone's is different. Also its the English way and after the past few years under Ellis you can't blame anyone for being a pessimist, but if 48 has been going since 1956 he is old to know how to use a computer. Any relation to Victor Meldrew????
As I said AVFC48, you talk drivel and avoid the questions we throw back at you, you should be a politician, so where are these top class signings coming from ? who are they and show me another club who has bought anyone special apart from Man Utd. Chelsea got a good buy in Malouda and Liverpool in Babel, Torres will be a £20m flop. adding all the top four attract top players because of CL football. So you show us a special signing that our other fifteen rivals have acquired, and don't say Bent to Spurs. All the rest of the transfer activity has been made up of panic buys and overpriced players hunting for big salaries. Give us the names 48, who are they ?
And bazzah.....there is nothing wrong with supporters asking questions my friend, as long as they go and put their money where their mouth the turnstyles. Its been 11 months since Randy Lerner took over, and I think things have come on leaps and bounds....I mean when was the last time villa spent £30m on players in 11 months ?? ...................exactly. As I keep saying we need a squad first, then start attracting better quality. Our squad isn't that bad at all, I don't get what people are moaning at. We have some awesome young talent and some decent experience and it started to gel at the end of last season. Now they can all train together and work on systems etc...they can only get better. If we brought in 7 players as 48 would like (and I haven't seen 7 decent signings in the top 4 yet!!) it would throw the team into chaos. I race motorcycles in my spare time and you have to get the bike lapping at a competitive time consistantly before you start adding fancy, special parts to gain an extra half a second. a football team is no different. And I'm afraid AVFC48 hasn't got a clue about football, I think he plays Xbox football manager too much, 'cause he certainly doesn't live in this world.
You mention the 5 year plan on a number of occasions, then dismiss everything that has been done or being done by saying promises haven’t been met, yet we are less than a year into the 5 year plan. You are more hell bent at dismissing anything that is ‘positive’ as ‘expected’. You sit in the comfort of your home belittling anything and everything done to enhance the Club but do nothing yourself to change or accept change. You talk about a huge stutter mid season. A stutter created by an injury crisis not many clubs could have dealt with but how could MON or the owner have overcome this? Upon taking over the Club from Ellis there was less than a week to the transfer window deadline and if Ellis had his way we wouldn’t have even secured the services of Petrov. If Ellis had the Club at heart when he sold he would have given the manager and new owner enough time to sign a few players to bolster the squad, but as it was he was a w****r,, to the bitter end, sound familiar to you. “A Premiership saving expenditure late on, in the January transfer window far exceeding that of those higher achieving previous managers,” so what is the meaning of that? You would rather nothing was spent and Villa slipped into the relegation zone just to pleasure yourself on the gloom you live for. Again the statement not of a fan but of a belligerent idiot. During that time £9.5m was spent on a Young, a talented player who is now showing his worth, £1m on a young promising striker to bolster the squad and a swap deal involving a self centred, whinging international and a dedicated proven CL striker (you work out which is which). So 3 players in for £10.5m, not bad business and deals that proved to turn the season around, when injuries threatened to ruin it. So all in all you moan when money is spent and now you are moaning that money isn’t being spent? You moan that players aren’t being brought in, when players of good quality have been brought in. It all goes to prove the point everyone else is making about you. As for the league finish, what did you expect? MON stated clearly at every press conference when we had a good start to the season and sitting around 6th place that we were overachieving and would find our level. So 11th it was and MON’s prediction was proved right. What more did you expect from him? Did you want him to lie to the fans and give them false hope, did you expect him to say we would finish in 5th place when clearly we wouldn’t? I certainly didn’t expect him to say that as we have had 25 years of those lies and deceit from the previous regime. It’s refreshing to hear the Club announce changes and make them, it’s refreshing to hear the manager tell us how it is, instead of what we want to hear. However, what isn’t new and something that affects the Club and real fans are people like you who can see as well as the rest of us the progress being made, but instead of embracing and supporting the change you resist and challenge it as if you want it all to fail. Maybe you want the ambitions the owners, the manager and the true fans have to fall flat on their face so you can sit and say I told you so and have a good laugh. Good luck to you if that is your quest for happiness, I for one won’t be living your dream.
Hoss The Villain
Just stating the obvious. I would like to say that there is potentially a terrific amount of goals in this team already, providing they are on form. Ok - there may not be that 20 goal a season striker. The goals, however could come from any number of players. I believe the most important thing to do is buy two fullbacks and more squad players. AVFC48 u must look beyond this summer and perhaps beyond this season b4 you pass judgement.
The article seems to get a bit muddled towards the end but overall it covers a mans view from a slightly doubting/pessimistic side granted but there are many Villa fans who share it,you used to be able to give them opinions on Vital without abuse!! What do we want? Propaganda? I would hate it if this site became like most of the others and didn`t debate intelligently.End of the day i guess we HAVE to give MON/Board time to deliver and yes,they may have given rash promises at the end of last season but maybe these were targets they gave themselves that haven`t worked out.UTV
Excellent response Hoss. As far as I'm concerned the board have done everything they stated they would and what has been within their power to do. The Holte Hotel is now a beautifully restored and functioning throwback to our past instead of a crumbling ruin. Ellis didn't instigate this it was all down to Randy. Bodymoor is now the best facility in England. Ellis got planning permission and then decided to shelve/stage parts of the development. Randy came in, improved the plans and did it all in one fell swoop, driving the project to be completed on time. Ellis employed a CEO and then subsequently made his position untenable, for which we all castigated him, accusing him of being a media hungry dictator. Randy has come in, employed a top CEO who is well respected, a media friendly "face" in the General, who sits with fans, participates in forums, communicates, and acts upon worthwhile suggestions. All the time Randy takes a back seat and let's these guys do what he employed them to do. We have all moaned for some time about the poor quality of replica kit and the fact that as a big club we should have a prestigious make. Randy terminated the previous contract and replaced it with the biggest worldwide sports brand there is. The board stated that they wanted the official website to be improved to reflect our standing as a top club including better on-line purchasing, lo and behold go and have a look and see what has just started this evening. The club has been rebranded and is being marketed to a far larger and more widespread audience than ever before, a criticism that was often levelled at Ellis' failure to do. Villa Park is being cleaned up, facilities for fans being improved, new digital advertising hoardings to carry our major partners brands being installed and the whole "matchday experience" being upgraded. All of these were in promised by the board and within their power to deliver, and they have. What is not in their power to deliver is "top class" signings. The money has been made available to MON, there isn't a budget more the promise that the manager will have the funds available to improve the team. However the board or the manager can't force players to come. We can merely compete for signatures, something we rarely did under Ellis. Anyway in my opinion NRC is a good signing, Marlon could yet prove a bargain and we reortedly beat several top clubs to secure Harry Forrester. With regards to other targets, we have no way of knowing who, if anybody, has turned us down. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that because we haven't signed Defoe or SWP that MON and the board have failed and reneged on promises. The transfer window is just half way through for god's sake, and several managers, Hughes and Moyes among them are quoted as saying how rediculously over inflated prices are at the moment and are sitting tight for now. MON has said he wants at least 4 more players in before the start of the season and I believe he will get them. If all of the above are not examples of actions speaking louder than words, then I don't know what are. AVFC48, times have changed, change with them or don't, it's up to you, but get some perspective for god's sake.
Jon H, Hoss - BRILLIANT. Mr Fear, please take this as evidence that AVFC48 is as destructive to this forum as the likes of Chalky and Forever hoop on really bad days. I for one hope you remove his articles and banish him. He is undermining, doom pedalling and annoying. STOP GIVING HIM COLUMN SPACE. Jon H and Hoss - great riposte.
change the message mate - it's getting really boring! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I think avfc48's biggest fault is he likes the sound of his own voice too much, but hasn't actually got anything worthwhile or intelligent to say
The Usual Suspect
There are quite a lot of frustrated journalists on this site,myself included.
whilst i don't agree with what avfc48 has to say, i believe in his right to say it. We should all get behind people who want to contribute to this forum wether we like what they have to say or not. Leave the abuse to other forums. Surmon over and I'm out of here.
I agree with you Aspinal and myleftfoot that AVFC48 can say what he likes and should have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately when all he does is undermine the Club that we all feel passionately about he is going to get responses that are both brutal and insulting. All we have heard from him is negativity and criticism, yet he doesn’t tell us what he wants or how it can be achieved. He is a habitual whinger, the type of person we all see everyday in the workplace moaning about everyone and everything. Yet the very same people do nothing to better themselves or the world they live in and progress no further, whilst those around him move on in life. Maybe everything at VP is not as it seems, but so far we have been promised changes and so far the changes have been delivered. Even if on the 31st August we have not signed another player I will not start moaning. I will be unnerved and start questioning the motives of all running the Club, but one thing is for sure I’ll be down VP each week giving every player who pulls on the sacred claret and blue shirt my full support and backing to try and get the results that make us proud and happy, not undermining the very fabric of the Club that we all love and support.
Hoss The Villain
Well said Hoss. avfc48 seems to start from the premise that we all believed that MON was the messiah and villa would be transformed into a footballing powerhouse overnight. All of us except him of course, him being the only intelligent one amongst us!! Problem is of course that none of us ever did believe that. We all know that things will take time, but we also know that Randy and MON are the boys to do the job. He seems to think that we should all now be disappointed that no miracles have happened, when, in reality, none of us were expecting miracles in the first place.
jonah, hoss, jon.h - spot on. Actions do speak louder than words, and the clubs actions so far under RAL and MON speak a lot louder to me than 50,000 of avfc48's words.
The Usual Suspect
As avilla fan of many many years and one of those who travelled to Rotterdam in 1982 i have seen these so called fans and witnessed there absolute negativity for many years and will for many to come. if Villa had maintained there magnificent form the beginning of last season and managed a champions league position and signed a Ronaldinhio type superstar. i guess AVFC48 would still find something to gripe about. Maybe AVFC48 would like O'Leary and Ellis back. I suggest we all possitive Villa fans ignore AVFC48 and stop giving this negitive opinionated fool the time of day...
after all is said and done "it's being so cheerful that keeps him going"
gappy65 Only Rotterdam? That was easy - try bournemouth 69
Negativity still simmers in the thoughts and words of a misguided few, who presumably cant for the life of them appreciate just how far this revitalised club of ours has progressed in the past twelve months.
Our lot isnt going to improve in a mere five minutes. Remember the club was virtually on its kness in the latter stages of the Ellis era.

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