Aston Villa - Did I misunderstand Villa?
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Did I misunderstand Villa?

Did I misunderstand Villa ?

Although I often criticise the way O'Neill does things, and have often predicted his transfer dealings would follow form and be late in the window and varied in age and experience I did hope and suggest he needed to get at least 8-10 players to make the squad viable and that even allowing for his penchant for spending huge he would be expected to do a deal like Carew and Maloney along the way.

Throughout last season the management went out of their way to promote that Lerner would not have a pot of gold but he would meet any needs that his manager in whom he had complete faith had.
But when each day dragged by and we hadn't signed anyone those who became nervous especially during the Reo Coker Saga, were continually placated by more reinforcing suggestions from various members of the management.

Still with 5 days to go before the squad flies to the states we have 1 new signing and our main board in the General, who does a superb job in a difficult position, has found it necessary to remind us of lasts seasons signings and the clubs achievement to finish 11th.

Now I came into this summer rest, of the opinion Aston Villa would be making moves forward on the pitch, that they would buy players to match the quality of Young, and certainly to beat the quality of all those so far sold and to be sold.

Reo Coker was a good start albeit too long in coming and too drawn out for a bloke whose club wanted to sell and who wanted to come, but the sort of minimum quality I'd expected.

Now judging by yesterdays response I would guess many other fans feel Spurs is the way we expected Villa to be and whilst, believe it or not, I fully understand O'Neill's move for Harewood it hasn't given me, along with the seemingly arduous job he is making of bringing players in, confidence that the management are in anyway, even allowing for Reo, meeting the promises made. The General said yesterday on this site, paraphrasing, that money wasn't the problem signing the right player was.

Its a problem judging by most of the rest of the Premiership only we, Everton, Man City and Reading seem to be having and we all know they have much different expectations and basic squads to ourselves and other limitations we I thought didn't.

If the owners had said we are a club who this summer will stabilise on our 11th finish and will be looking to stabilise the club and look to move slowly up into a higher position, carefully watching the pennies I'd have whinged, I always do, I'd have gone to great length to suggest we could aim higher, I always have, but I'd be less concerned than I am now.

In fact I'd have been very impressed we had signed another huge potential for 8 million to join Young, I'd be worried that so many players had left, but I'd be confident O'Neill would bring in O'Neill players to suit our season of consolidation and Harewood, Gardner, even Young would have been adequate stocking fillers. I think I'd still be worried with a few days left and several days into training more players hadn't yet arrived but I'd still be hopeful of at least 7 or 8 more players albeit some being loaned in.

Thing is that's not the message I have been given for months, its not the message the General was giving me yesterday Reo Coker's signing was well within the guidelines as I saw them Harewood, Gardner, Luke Young most certainly are not.

That's what worries me, when Ellis left I accepted dissimulation, false promises and rhetoric was a thing of the past, I'm starting to have doubts and judging by the universal response yesterday amongst Villa fans I feel justified in saying I'm not alone.

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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 17 2007

Time: 3:09PM

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More of avfc48's doom mongering. He used to argue that Ellis did our club a "great service". For the last time: The transfer window aint over yet. Relax, for fecks sake! as i recall nothing happened til the last week of january! We have time.
The Usual Suspect
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17/07/2007 15:26:00

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17/07/2007 15:29:00

Sorry AVFC48, I have to say this makes you sound like somebody hoping and praying that MON will fail and that RAL will turn out to be another Doug Ellis so that you can say "Look, I told you so!" Of course we all want more and better signings, but they ain't going to come on your timetable or mine, or just because we want them to, or because our club is Aston Villa. As for "Reo Coker was a good start albeit too long in coming" are you suggesting that MON should have rung Wham and said, OK, we'll give you exactly what you want for NRC even though it's over the top, just so I can keep AVFC48 happy? In my opinion, if we are lucky enough to attract a few more 'good' signings to our club, which is without European football next season, I'll be happy. I have never suffered from the delusion that any signings we made would be before our USA tour just because that would have been handy. Anybody who knows anything about football recognises that transfers are all about brinkmanship, and waiting for the other guy to blink. They are NOT about showing the other guy how big your wallet is and how flash you are with money.
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17/07/2007 15:34:00

This article sums up my feelings as well. It seems to me we were promised more, but, if reality is that we must make haste more slowly, then so be it. All I ask is that the General and others tone down the rhetoric and tell it as it is, not as we would like to hear it. Regardless I am still 100% Villa, but after the Ellis era, please, tell straight, it as it is and no false promises.
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17/07/2007 15:34:00

I understand where you are coming from 48, and the disappointment - it's the kind of signing which you would have expected from the Ellis era, and after the other great links (true or not), the kind of timing. You may be right regarding O'Neill's buying late into the window, it may be for the reasons that he is looking for strong, committed players for which money is not the only reason for joining. Which maybe makes the deals take longer than they otherwise should, West Ham for instance seem to be making quick, expensive signings - the type of players who will sign in 5 minutes with a 70,000 pw deal waved in their face. Will they be at their respective clubs as long as our signings, or the core of them will? I think not. We are building a SQUAD almost from the start, and Harewood, like all players, should be judged on his performances rather than his price tag. However I do admire the way, you've got your thoughts in early mate, but for me, if MON can give Harewood the confidence to play excellently when he gets his chance then that's a great start for me, but we won't know until it happens. I think it's too simple to say 'O'Neills let half the squad go, no-one else wants to join us so O'Neill has panicked and bought Harewood'. I think there are deeper motives and thoughts behind this type of signing, and look forward to seeing how it works out.
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17/07/2007 15:34:00

7 or 8 more players? Why so many?
Hoss The Villain
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17/07/2007 15:35:00

8 to 10 players at 8m+ a piece? To my maths thats about 64m to 80m in total fees plus wages. That is never going to happen and do we want it? It will be interesting to see how many of this year's summer signings end up as flops, and once the money is spent it is gone for good. For heavens sake, why can't some fans, avfc48 included, use a bit of sense. If you had money to spend would you squander it or be careful? I assume the latter. The Spuds have never got value for money - look at their league position in relation to total amount spent. I would much prefer we spent wisely and built a team on a sensible buying policy rather than throw money at players just to keep the fans quiet. Forget the spending of the top 4 - they have CL football. Who else has been buying players we would actually want? The managers and directors are in their jobs because they know what they are doing. We are fans because we have passion but are not perhaps the greatest judges of how to build a team. MON will live or get sacked by his decisions, so will Randy - who would lose a lot if Villa are not more successful this year than next. Do you honestly think these people do not know what they are doing?
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17/07/2007 15:41:00

Please note that avfc 48 exists in a different space/time continium to the rest of us. In his sad, deluded little world the transfer window is now closed. I the REAL world however it remains open for another 6 weeks.
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17/07/2007 15:44:00

lol....Harewood & reo-coker! u just need a couple of argies and ya in for a top 15 finish. my days. thought u might actually do summin this season. COME ON YOU SPURS!
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17/07/2007 15:45:00

7 or 8 more because we've lost 8. Add the 2 signings leave us short 6 and even with that lot, MON said he didn't want to be i the same position as last xmas with 15 fit professionals. I agree we need a lot more signings now just to get back to where we were last xmas.
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17/07/2007 15:47:00

haha. well i appreciate you avfc48. your words, and the arguments that ensue are enough to distract me from the fact we have signed marlon harewood for at least a few minutes.
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17/07/2007 15:50:00

Precisely my point jonah.
The Usual Suspect
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17/07/2007 15:50:00

I'm not sure how meaningful 'we've lost 8' is. We bought three damn good players in the January window and 'lost' JPA - who couldn't find his scoring boots - later, so we already had a net gain of at least two in the latter half of last season. And of the 8 we've 'lost', how many of them were of any use to MON at team selection time? Just how many games did Eric or Lee play for us?
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17/07/2007 15:56:00

WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! no we're not, we have a top manager, a billionaire owner, a young squad who will gel and get better, a top kit manufacturer, money to spend in the transfer window that IS STILL open, a board WHO ARE living up to their promises i.e. Bodymoor, Holte Hotel, Nike deal, Ashley Young, Nigel Reo-Coker etc. We have bought one squad player and everybody is running around like it's the end of the world.
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17/07/2007 15:57:00

Here, Here Jonah....The muppets out there are already on the back of the club.The season has'nt even STARTED YET! F'N IDIOTS. CHILL THE ***** OUT...THIS IS REALLY BOILING MY P1SS..!!
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17/07/2007 15:57:00

We may have lost 8 players but only 2 of them played any real part in the squad last year, 3 of them never played a game. In the same time 6 players have been brought in. So if we sign another 8 players who are you suggesting gives way to the team that finished last year? An overhaul is needed but history tells us that changing the team completely in one season will not work or bring us success. MON has clearly dispossed of the players he didn't want and now is building around the players he wants. This doesn't mean bring in as many players as possible, this is just a knee jerk reaction, it means building the squad and strengthening positions.
Hoss The Villain
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17/07/2007 16:03:00

i think 48 has a point its more the build up that mad eus all have this reaction, to be told of scouts going to europe for top talent, to hear MOn is at the Euro U21s championship eyeing talent, fitzgerald with "Top class players" mentioned as the expected targets and then to see Marlon Harewood turn up on the release date of the kit no less when we expected a big gun in is nothing short of shocking, its the transfer cost, the timing, its all just wrong, they wanted him out we should have done the new it thing and loaned with a view to buying at the end of the season, im amazed that the blue noses got Kapo and De ridder for less than Harewood :-( both are fairly young and hungry to prove themselves. oh well here's hoping sneijder pops up or something
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17/07/2007 16:21:00

HERE'S a thought for all you 'spend as big as you can and as fast you can' types: I seem to remember a team called East Bacon (or something like that!) who had put together a decent little team in the Championship, won promotion to the Prem, and gobsmacked everyone (who thought they would go straight back down) by showing real team spirit, scoring loads of goals (mostly against AVFC!) and damn near winning the FA Cup. Then the board shoved a couple of TOP players - from South America if I recall correctly - down the managers throat, completely destroyed the team spirit and damn near got poor old East Bacon relegated. The moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for - you might just get it! Teams have to be built, not bought. Even Chelski, with their mega-billions of spending, took a few years to get anywhere.
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17/07/2007 16:44:00

And another thing: I keep seeing complaints about the club not revealing big name signings when the new kit was announced. Whenever did the club say that they were going to do that? I've seen plenty of posts from fans about it, but absolutely nothing from the club. Some of you guys are starting to believe your own speculation!!
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17/07/2007 16:49:00

Small point, by Randy is only a Dollar billionaire, not a Pound Sterling billionaire...
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 16:54:00

Oh that's a shame. Wish I was ONLY a dollar billionaire.............
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17/07/2007 17:35:00

Looks like you are now getting to grips with MON and his transfer dealings. Irritating i know. Just show you though that we were right after all.
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17/07/2007 17:35:00

I must agree that so far I think our expectations have been totally mismanaged by the club. Talking about champions league and I quote 'substantial player recruitment' for me the purchases so far is not enough. I dont think you can blame fans for wanting more - we have been indicated more. If the club said they were aiming for stabilisation for the next few years before a big push then these are the type of signings i would expect. Thats not the case so for those loyal fans who love the club and are expressing disapointment I think they are well within their rights. There is still time and MON may have more purchases lined up so I also agree we should chill out untill the window closes. I dont agree with the people who are saying we should 'get real' and this is all we can get because were not in Europe. Rubbish. Supporters have every right to show their ambition and push the club for more and better.
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 17:43:00

GET A GRIP EVERYONE! We are still 100% (I was nearly tempted to type 150% but i F'kin HATE IT when people (esp footballers) do that - there can only ever be 100%. It is impossioble to have more than 100%) (rant over) better off than we were 12 months ago. I STILL believe. My Dad's business burnt to the ground today - This makes the news about Harewood the best thing BY FAR I've heard today.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 17:51:00

Of course supporters have every right to show their ambition and to push the club for better and better - that's an absolute right. But any supporter who expects CL football to happen overnight is, to be blunt, not living in the real world. And just to clarify my own position, when I say 'get real', I'm NOT suggesting we should be happy to accept League 1 signings. I AM suggesting that we shouldn't be too disappointed if players such as SWP and many others mentioned as Villa targets prefer to go to clubs who can give them European football in the coming season. We should shoot for the stars, but accept that they may not come here until we've done another season (or two) building work.
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 17:55:00

Well said Adam Deuce, and sorry to hear about your Pa's business. I really wish people would stop wetting themselves ...
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 17:56:00

He's a solid squad signing. There's SIX weeks to go yet. Yes Martin said that he ideally like all signings in place before the usa trip and just because business has been slow doesn't mean that more signings won't come. We already have the backbone of a decent squad all it needs is some strength in depth. Harewood is that. A lot of people are dreaming that we are going to do a Chelsea and spend silly money. Aint happening i'm afraid. It's a sad fact these days that a lot of players want to play in London or have champions league football. We have the nucleus of a good young side that has the opportunity to grow into something special. A few solid additions should aid this. Lets not run before we can walk.
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17/07/2007 18:28:00

This slating of MON, Randy and the General just baffles me. They didn't let us down in January & let's remember that the transfer window isn't over yet. It's also important to remember that we lost Sutton, our cover for Carew. We all know MON likes to play with a target man, so Harewood will do for that. It's not big bucks, so let's give him a chance & see how he does. If he scores 16 goals this season, they won't be many people moaning. Comparisons to the Ellis era are just ridiculous. You have only got to look at the kit launch today to see how far we've come since then, when a 4m player would have been an instant starter. Neither Randy, the General or MON are novices and I have no doubt that they will deliver on their promises- it just takes time. Granted it's been frustrating but to start criticising before the start of the season and it seems just for the hell of it, is ridiculous and small minded in the extreme
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17/07/2007 18:35:00

If today was 1st September and we had only signed two players, then it may be time to worry. But it's not. It's not even the end of July. I'm sure more signings will come. Keep the faith !! :-D
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 19:01:00

No need for negativity yet. Let the talking be done on the pitch.
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 19:17:00

Small point, we still need a finisher who is going to score 20+ goals not a battering ram or target man. Who is going to make way if another striker comes? MON has been linked with 100s of players and this was the most dissapointing but the only one he could get. The faith is diminishing........
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 19:32:00

I think even the most positive of people will be a tad disappointed with what we`ve acheived in the Transfer Window so far,but as many people have pointed out there is 6 weeks to go,Right Back and Keeper of high quality will do me to be honest ( Centre Half if we have a bit of dosh left ).
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 19:41:00

My God! Aspinall said something vaguely positive! There must be hope yet!
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 21:16:00

All this tosh about letting 7 go and needing 8-10 players is bullucks. Hendrie -never got a look in Djemba twins - never got a look in Davis - never got a look in Hughes - never got a look in after christmas Angel - same as hughes McCann- would we not rather Gardner J Lloyd thing ma jig -exactly! All these guys were non existant when we went steaming to the end of the season and some all season so 8 -10 players is *****e.
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 21:18:00

Right, i'm going to ignore avfc48's negitiveness because hey, i think Harewood because i think he could do well and i still think Moore is going to be our 20goal a season striker soon and i think Gabby could be if he's actually played up front for most of next season. however ASP says we need a right back (true!!) keeper (not so sure, i like sorenson) and a centre half (a position i think we have a few good/great players) i think more than anything we need a decent right mid, in MON's interview a while ago when he was going on about villa having englands new midfield, he had Gabby on the right... please no!! get a (so called) "top class" right mid in and i think we could do a lot worse by getting a loads of good squad players in.
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 21:23:00

Ahh come on TUS,give me some credit ( i think this may work )
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 23:28:00

Like many people on here you hear and read what you want to not what is actually written or said so the answer is yes you did misunderstand Villa. Now that is sorted I hope this site can get back to talking about Aston Villa F.C. and not EgoFC48 and his mental failings.
pongo wearing
Report Abuse
17/07/2007 23:33:00

Pongo - you the man. 48 - you're not.
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 00:39:00

Report Abuse
18/07/2007 05:09:00

All this comes from a man who doesn't even go to Villa Park ! a mediocre post from a mediocre fan, not a SUPPORTER. Buy a season ticket, attend the games, stand in the rain at Hull or somewhere in the FA Cup supportring the team and then you will have earned the right to criticise AVFC48
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 08:19:00

i was not a member of this site and after reading that i had to sign up i am disgusted that there are still fans like you. do you expect us to sign champions league players while we are not even in uefa cup? get a grip and back the club for once, cus from what i can see, the window is still open and will be untill the end of august !!
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 08:31:00

In fact AVFC48 you are an embarrassment to our true supporters, and the sort of s**t you spout is absolute nonsense, I never heard Fitzgerald say we were signing Messi and Kaka, never heard him say that 'big signings were going to be unveiled with the new kit'. I mean 'mmmmmm let me think, I'm a world class player, shall I join Chelsea for 80k a week and Champions League football, the high life in London or shall I join a club who finished 11th last season ? ..............I won't answer that one. Get a life mate and realise we have a long way to go yet, but if we all give our support and have a little faith, we will get there, and eight players ???? I haven't seen eight quality signings in the top four yet let alone the rest of us. If there are sixteen 'World class players' in the world, that is about it. Get off your cloud son, or go support Man Utd with the rest of the glory hunters.
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 08:34:00

Well said Ant/Aston. 48 just never stops; it's like he's the Terminator. He doesn't feel pain and he will never ever stop...Every time he gets criticised for being negative he tries to raise his writing game in orer to slyly persuade people about the dark side, it's like reading a mirror article on the Villa. All biased, no real proper credit and a yearning to be proved right. It has to be remembered that we are on a 5 year plan, not a 1.5 season plan. Com e 5 years we will look back with a riased glass and toast our new masters.
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 10:49:00

as for this statement:"he would be expected to do a deal like Carew and Maloney along the way" - WHAT?!? Expected? You really are just undermining aren't you...that is so patronising it's untrue.
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 10:51:00

AVFC48 was moaning about Ashley Young earlier in the season, disgraceful comments too. Sunderland are going to pay 9m for Craig Gordon, the prices are crazee.
Report Abuse
18/07/2007 11:16:00

No you haven't misunderstood anything 48. We're building a squad, slowly yes, but hopefully surely. Now is not the time to pick holes in MON's plans and designs. We all need to be pulling together and offering 100% support. The clubs hierarchy knows where we are heading. Lets leave them be.
Report Abuse
21/07/2007 03:10:00

Surely its way too early in the day for all of these negative vibes to be surfacing?
Report Abuse
29/11/2007 20:59:00


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