Aston Villa - Villa Ticket Sales Soar + 200 Offer
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Villa Ticket Sales Soar + 200 Offer

Update on season ticket sales and a great offer from the club.

Villa have announced that sales are up 225% on this time last season for season ticket sales.

To date Villa have sold 16,000 season tickets. How refreshing that they are releasing such information, before it was all very cloak and dagger and more often than not, staff were told not to release such figures, now all is in the open!

For anyone looking to renew, don't forget this Friday is the deadline.

Head of Consumer Sales Nicola Keye told the official site:

'Sales are going very well and we continue to be well on course for our targets. We're delighted with the way things are going so far. The supporters are very positive about the new season and we've not even added to the squad yet. We're sure fans will be even more optimistic once Martin starts to sign players.'

And further to that, Villa are offering North Stand season tickets for just 200. These seats will be in the North Stand Lower, where the away fans used to sit. Now we'll be able to pack both ends of the goals with Claret and Blue.

The offer is limited to 1,500 and they will be put on sale next Monday. Adult season tickets 200, junior fans (Under-16) 50 (2.64 a game!!!!!). Wonder if I could still pass off as under 16? Hmmm, might need some oil of ulay, on the other hand, cement might be more appropriate.

Martin O'Neill has spoken about the move for fans to be either end of the goals.

'My own belief that behind both goals have been historically and traditionally areas where home fans want to be. That is what I want to do. I think it will be good. I just think it will be better. As a home team you should be able to dictate where you want your home fans. I personally prefer it because I am always surprised when the area behind the goal is given up for away fans. I just believe that if I had a choice I would always prefer the areas behind both goals to be full of home fans - that would be my view of running the stadium.'

The away fans are being moved to the Upper and Lower Witton Lane Stand.

From the official site, details of the offer:

Sale Dates
Season Ticket Holders - Monday June 18 (first 500)
Villa Value customers Friday June 22 (next 500)
General Sale On Monday 25 June

Extra special payment terms are available as follows: 3 monthly payments if booked by June 28

Payment dates are as follows with no admin fee:
June 28
July 28
August 28

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 13 2007

Time: 11:50AM

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What is the target?
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 12:49:00

The official site says S T sales are up 225%, not the 25% quoted in this article. It also lets you know just how bad things were this time last year. The Lower North Stand holds 3000 people. Why is there a resriction to just 1500 tickets? Is this to allow some pay on the days fans access to this area? Or is it because away supporters are still going to have access to half of the lower tier?
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 12:50:00

200 for a season ticket,now that is a dream offer,really is!got me thinking 4 a second then i remembered i live in belfast hence the name belfast villain! lol. hold that result,still worthwhile mentioning it to the missus.....................................
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 12:55:00

I was with a senior member of staff at VP a few days ago and was told the target this season is 25,000. Next season 27,000 and the year after 29,000. Personally I believe that 30,000 should be achievable this season. Also this new offer should mean that the 16% who stated 'cost' as a reason not to get a season ticket, will need to get a ticket or a new excuse.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 12:56:00

i would hardly get a season ticket for my local club Linfield for 200 honestly like,that offer is that good. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 13:02:00

The club have certainly been listening to supporters who were disgusted when the away fans were given behind the goal access at the Witton End. How can anyone complain at this news.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 13:31:00

Have always been a holteender, but I must have spent double that last season on individual games with my boys, so the start of a new era, will seem weird looking at the holte opposite, but too good an opportunity to miss, will have to get in on that one early...... Belfast Villain if I sort that and you can make it to bangor, n wales via holyhead, I have space in the car (just some extra ammo for the missus)
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 13:57:00

Fantastic offer. It's great to have a forward thinking team running the show.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 14:55:00

cheers steff,that would be great,now if only i could get her on board that would be me sorted,probably a big IF though! lol. looking at it on the not so optimistic side probably just have to stick to my usual 6 or so weekend visits per year starting of with the 1st home match which we will find out 2moro morning who we are playing in that. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 15:05:00

Last season Tottenham had to turn away 20,000 season ticket applications through lack of capacity...Villa have a long long way to go.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 15:51:00

This does have something to do with the way Spurs play football too. They are entertaining to watch. Let's hope we play more like the end of last season rather than the middle.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 15:54:00

its also to do with them having richer fans, hence their ridiculous season ticket prices.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 16:34:00

The corporates try to muscle in on the likes of Spuds and the Arse. This is another reason they can charge higher prices. It is also the reason why they have the quietest grounds in the league. Unfortunately it is the way footy is going. If Villa start challenging for honours it is likely to happen to us as well. Fortunately 25 years of Ellis means that the business fraternity in the Midlands have yet to wake up to this fact. However it is an area that is under going massive review at the club.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 17:11:00

belfastvilla, it might be worth buying one of the 200 tickets whatever. If you come across for 6 games per season then ticket prices for the six most attractive games would come to about 200 anyway. So by buying a S T you will be guaranteed your seat. If we get to Wembley (we can dream) then it is likely that only S T holders will be guaranteed a ticket, so you benefit again. Plus there are all the other benefits of being a S T holder. In fact you may as well treat your missus to one as well. You know it makes sense.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 17:17:00

As one of the 16% who cited cost as a reason not to get a ST this really is too good a chance to miss. Any body know whether the seats are reasonably placed for a half decent view? I know it's a bit cheeky for the price but it really does seem too good to be true.
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 20:55:00

good point,well made VOTH as per usual.was just looking at better/alternative ways of transport other than just flying every time which is a costly exercise to say the least(return flight usually probably no less than say 60 or 70 quid),theres that then you include taxi fares,hotel,food/drink money for me and missus then it turns into being a really expensive trip overall even without the tickets mate.if i lived anywhere near villa or brum as a whole and i mean anywhere near,you wouldnt get me missing a single match whether villa are home or away believe me.not getting at anyone here but i just cannot understand and never have why proper villa supporters living in and around the midlands as a whole cannot make it 2 the majority of home matches at least,i always think to myself how lucky villa fans are to live in the vicinity or near villa so they can get there without too much trouble.where as i just dont have that luxury living here. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 21:18:00

Voth, can i ask you a question? your pushing the empty seats and i respect you for that. are you randy lerner in disguise?
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 21:18:00

Surely we want the tickets to be bought by someone who can attend more than 6 times in the year? We want a full house every week. I probably end up paying more over the season to see Villa, but I would not want to deprive somebody who can attend, and my seat would be empty for half of the games. Full house every week please!!!
Report Abuse
13/06/2007 22:56:00

Wow--this is a great deal. I am beginning to wish that this much was happening on the Browns front!
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 03:48:00

It is a great deal, then again I think ALL Villa season tickets are great deals. I am upper trinity, right on the half way line and mine only costs 475. My mate, a gooner, pays 1300 for his!!!!!!
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 08:17:00

thats why there called goons jonah!
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 09:30:00

bobbyfett lol. I am not Randy in disguise. I just want every ticket sold for every Villa game. As soon as it is, then the ground will be increased and improved to hold 52,000. There will then be an agenda to fill that. Sorry to sound like a stuck record but the more that it is kept in the public eye, the more likely that the penny will drop. It is up to us to fill the seats. The new board have shown willing and I believe we are more than overdue to start repaying their faith in the club. Think of it this way. We all know Kellogs, Ford, Coca Cola, Nike and many other big brand names but we still constantly see them advertising. Why? It is so we do not forget, so that they are front of mind when making a buying decision, to promote quality etc. I am doing that on a smaller scale. I happen to agree with belfastvilla. There are many many 1000's of fans who live within a reasonable distance of Villa Park, that have the means and opportunity to attend more often and preferably buy a season ticket. But because of 25 years of Ellis they have lost the desire and worse still have let their kids follow to media friendly and succesful clubs such as Manure, redscouse and now Chelski. To reitterate I also know there are many who would love to attend more often, who can not for many reasons. The fans who are regular visitors to VP should, I believe, be doing everything they can to encourage friends and family to join the revolution. I am not going to agree with bullying but I would go as far as suggesting kids in local schools should be shunned by their mates if they do not follow a local team. Exactly what is the benefit of following a team that you will probably never get to watch and then spending money buying products that promotes another region. Why would a brummie want to promote Manchester??? However because I am one eyed I want Villa fans in massive numbers in every city all over the world. Hypocritical I know, but it is what I want. Unfortunately Manure spotted the potential many years ago ........ and we had Ellis. We are playing catch up and are currently miles behind the pacesetters. The first way this will change is by filling VP, the rest will then start to follow. A long post again, apologies for that, but as fans we rally need to step up to the plate now ...... and 25,000 season tickets is still nowhere near good enough.
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 09:56:00

I think a target of 25,000 is poor. That leaves 17,000 tickets to sell each game and the part time, big game supporters the opportunity to pick and choose games as they please. This is something that should not be happening with a team that now have ambitions of challenging for honours and European football and fans who now expect this to happen. The target for season tickets this season should surely be 35,000 minimum. To put it into context if Derby can sell 27,000 season tickets (the maximum on sale) before the end of the last season (and before they had secured promotion) then Villa should not be content with a target of 25,000. I for one am bored of the endless excuses given for not getting to games or investing in the Club through season tickets.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 10:30:00

hoss there are some supporter who have to work certain weekends like me i have to work two a month so is pointless getting a season ticket for 10-11 games it is not a excuse but a fact also shift workers can buy a season ticket only for sky to bugger it up and next season we have sentanta too it was ok when you knew it was saturday with occasional wednesday night matches but now kick offs are any day of the week an at any time
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 11:55:00

Not aimed at anyone specifically but it seems that Villa fans have more excuses than anyone not to get a season ticket. Obviously working patterns are better in Derby, incomes are greater in Sunderland, there is a more success in Newcastle. Yet the fact is all 3 clubs have smaller population where they are based, have won nothing in decades, have higher unemployment and less wealth. So tell me the why Villa can't sell anywhere near the number of season tickets these 3 clubs can? It baflfles me because it has nothing to do with the style of football.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 12:49:00

Give me the pills... I think I've caught VOTH disease
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 12:50:00

Welcome to my world Hoss. How many Villa fans does it take to change a bulb? Depends how big the bulb is! How many redscousers does it take to change a bulb? It doesn't matter, it was somebody elses fault it broke and we want compensating! How many spuds fans does it take to change a bulb? Four skin heads! How many West Sham fans to change a bulb? Two. One to do the job, the other to own the contract! How many Dildo Salesmen from Somali Heath fans does it take to change a bulb? There is nothing wrong with bulb, they have always been in our shadow!
Report Abuse
14/06/2007 14:56:00

voth lol! how many arsenal fans does it take to change a light bulb? 'i'm sorry, we dont do manual labour, i wouldn't want dust on my versace suit' , how does doug ellis change a lightbulb? 'a new lightbulb, do you know how much they cost? i'll have to fire the masseuse if you want me to buy one......'
Report Abuse
15/06/2007 11:31:00

bobbyfett, welcome to the game. How many Newcastle fans does it take to change a light bulb? I don't know but lots would turn up to see something that doesn't work! How many Manure fans does it take to change a light bulb? A coachload from about 300 miles away! How many Wigan fans does it take to change a light bulb? None. Electricity hasn't reached that area of the country yet!
Report Abuse
15/06/2007 12:19:00

225% up? If true that is a ringing endorsement for MON!
Report Abuse
18/06/2007 21:24:00

Great news, but still room for improvement. The excellent North Stand offer surely now removes the financial hurdle that stops many from purchasing season tickets? Come on, off our backsides, lets fill the place next season.
Report Abuse
19/06/2007 19:14:00

Surely though, Villa Park attendances of 40,000 plus, at 90% of the games at the very least, should be the norm now.
Report Abuse
07/08/2007 14:09:00


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