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Top Class Signings Due At Villa

Richard FitzGerald says there will be 'top class' signings brought to Villa Park this summer and says the state of the art Bodymoor Heath training ground will help persuade potential signings that Aston Villa once again mean business.

The Villa Chief Executive said: 'It's a very important part of the overall package as a player, not only in attracting new players but retaining the ones we've got. From an agent's perspective, clearly the environment the players operate in is absolutely fundamental and it's an important part of the infrastructure in place. Our number one objective is to have a winning team and for that you need winning players and winning players need to be treated correctly.'

Adding, on the official site: 'I certainly hope it's a real statement of the club's ambition. If you bring someone here, then clearly this is a deciding factor. It's about building a solid base because ultimately it's about winning consistently - it's not just about building one team for one cup run. It's about building an infrastructure that supports a top team if we're going to achieve what we want to achieve.'

'We all feel very positive about this but it's also about the togetherness - the football side are appreciative and I think we'll see some good results. We're certainly expecting some top class players here in the summer.'

Not often I can't wait for the summer, but the sooner the season is over and the shopping begins, the better!

I'll get a sticky player link thread up after the Bolton game, that should be fun through the summer, the January one ended up with a good few thousand comments!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday May 8 2007

Time: 3:43PM

Your Comments

I simply can't cope with all the positive vibes coming out of VP. Even the new badge is beginning to grow on me...
yeah pongo i agree, i can't cope either, and that badge...i really like it now, i look at the current/old one and i dont like it anymore...its slowly turning me...
whatever happened to all the doom and gloom?!?!?!?
The Fear
it disappeared with HDE...
Top class signings like Ashley Young for 9.65 million who can't even get into the Villa first team, LOL. I don't know what top class signings the guy is talking about, NO European football to attract them, Villa's best player will be joining Spurs in the summer and most likely that Villa will not qualify for Europe AGAIN next season. Surely players must have ambition!!!
OAL. Just got in from school? Muppet.
I seem to remember you being very, very upset at Spurs not signing young Ashleyin January. Sour grapes? At least we aren't going to lose our best player to the top 4 this summer. Spurs = selling club.
You seem to remember me being very, very upset at Spurs not signing Ashley Young, you lot must have short term memory. Everything that came from me about Young was negative, from his price to his lack of goalscoring ability. If Young is worth 9.65 million then Berbatov must be worth atleast 35 million!!! And, selling club!!! Apart from Carrick can you name me one top quality player that Spurs have sold on for money? Because i remember Spurs tying down Lennon, Dawson, Robinson, King, Keane etc to long term contracts.
I think our main competition next year for 5th and 6th will be Everton and Newcastle - assuming Big Sam takes over. A few good signings should see us overtake the rest. See we are linked with Bent and Young from Charlton again. Could be good business.
And Carrick's heart was set on a move to Man U. What would you rather do, a) Keep him for the remaining two years of his contract and let him leave on a free, or b) Sell him for 18.6 million and receive a 500% profit. I think i know which one i would pick. Berbatov, Berbatov's agent, Martin Jol have come out on numerous occasions talking about how much Dimitar loves Spurs and that he will DEFINITELY be playing for Spurs next season. So i guess your hopes on him leaving have just been killed.
Interesting post on Sky about Sidwell, he was destined for Newcastle but now Roeder has gone the move could be scuppered. We need another central midfielder and have been linked with him for a while now......Bent would be one hell of a sigining now Charlton have gone down, his goal conversion ratio is second to none. Give him the ball in the box and he'll tuck it away no problem. If he could score 15+ goals for Charlton he can do it for us
OAL why do you still keeping posting here??
Why don't you just buy Mido and stick him up there with Carew? I'm sure that they will compliment each other by scoring a combined 10 league goals next season!!!
I can't see Sidwell joining us especially as now he in on a free than any club can pay him big wages instead of paying Reading a Transfer Fee. And what's with the spurs fan posting on a Villa site ? Getting a bit worried about Villa knocking you off your Uefa Cup throne ?! So who you playing in the Final ? - Oh yeah I forgot Knocked out - Even Celtic and Boro reached the Final.
Anyway Villa fans this Summer compared to this time last year is a very exciting time, Get rid of the fringe squad players and get in some real quality.
You can almost smell the fear coming from Lemmon.
The problem with giving yourself a username of one of your players is that when they turn out to be crap and get dropped you are still left with the name. Just a general note for all guests considering joining.
OneAaronLennon with two gay hands, why are spurs fans on all football sites whether it has anything to do with them or not? I wonder if tottenham have set up a computer room for special learning down at their ground to teach them how to use computers. They have got as far as doing a search for football.....
I'd love to think we'd get top quality in this summer. For me this would be players that the top 4 would sign for their starting line-up. I don't think this will happen and it's not the current regimes fault. We're not at that stage yet and as Randy & Co said we're on a 5 year plan. Should we sign someone of this quality I would be very impressed. Bent & Defoe interested the top 4 but, as I see it, as back-up. If we can get them we would have done well because 3 or 4 other clubs will be after them. Gonna be a brilliant summer with some dissapointments because the Premiership players will interest many other clubs. The new training facility will knock their socks-off and I think MON will sell it right. UTV
Still-Ian, you are a right fool aren't you? No we did not make the final because we got knocked out by Sevilla (one of the best teams in Spain). BUT, atleast we played in Europe this season and we are going to play in it again next season, i can't recall Villa Park staging European competition for a while now (excluding the mighty England). Hopefully you will finish 8th next season and be able to qualify for Europe via the Intertoto Cup.
It just shows how much a difference there is between Spurs and Villa. Defoe, who hardly gets 10 minutes nowadays for Spurs, will be the striker that Villa have been craving for so long. Villa are meant to be in a better position than Spurs but consider signing our 3rd choice striker as a step forward.
Lemmon why dont you grow up and post something constructive.
Every thing that i have posted has been true though!!! That's why every Villa fan has tried to change the subject after i have posted. I have asked questions but you can find no answers so you try and bag on about something different.
Lemmon what you have posted has been small minded and childish. You are a disgrace to all sensible Spuds fans.
Are there any sensible Spurs fans? They all have ideas above their station. When you read the Villa posts you can see that we all know where we are, and that there is work tp be done. Spurs think they are a top 4 side already, and get upset when it doesn't happen. It's so funny - go and have aread, they just argue amongst themselves!!!
can anyone explain to me what this spurs bloke is doing on here? the last thing that interests me is what is being discussed on another clubs site. i rate spurs as a team, and i think they have got some exeptional players but thats as far as it goes. surely if nobody responded to him hed just fade away.
And, selling club!!! Apart from Carrick can you name me one top quality player that Spurs have sold on for money? Gazza. Sol Campbell. Sherringham???????
You see, only one Villa fan truly acknowledges the difference in class between Spurs and Villa. I come on here and spoke the truth, albeit in a harsh way, Villa can not attract the top quality players without the attraction of European football. Spurs are finding it hard to attract top quality players and we are going to have to years of UEFA cup as bait!!! And on the subject of arguing amongst ourselves, we only do that because we have expectations for our club. Villa won't know that because your stadium is as quite as a library at every home game. The only time you here noise inside Villa Park is when the away fans are singing (Sheffield United 3-0 down ring any bells)!!!
Living in the past are we TheQ, Paul Gascoine, that must be atleast 15 years ago. Sheringham did leave but eventually come back for a second go. And shows how much you know about football doesn't it, Sol Campbell's contract expired so he was free to leave!!! IDIOT. Can you name me any player apart from Michael Carrick, after the turn of the millenium, that Spurs have sold on for money?
Again, seems to have gone quiet in the Villa front. What is it, can't handle the truth???
jeez spurs boy, go back to your own site, you are boring the pants off me now. My team is Villa, I don't give a ***** about your team, your plans and what you think.
The Fear
Certainly makes very sweet reading after scraping around during many summers recently, casting our net in the bargain basement department. Obviously we can and no doubt will be linked with all and sundry, but there's going to be a lot of competition out there looking to tempt the same few true quality players who are up for grabs.
I love it. Bragging about losing players for NO MONEY!! And for the record Kanoute ring any bells? Obviously your defence never saw him. Pedro Mendes? Andy Reid? Sean Davies? Steven Carr? Just be grateful little boy - without Aston Villa you wouldn't have your little team to follow!!!
Incase you did not notice CLVilla, i said can you name me any TOP QUALITY players that we have sold on for money, not Sean Davis, Andy Reid etc. And before you bring up Kanoute again just remember that his performances were abysmal in the Premiership, he could never play at that sort of pace week in week out so we sold him for 4.4 million, a good deal in my eyes.
And the spurs fans wonder why everyone hates them? Loved it when they went out the Uefa cup. OAL if you wanted to see what a proper European cup looks like, you should have come down to Villa Park on saturday. If I were you I would worry about being the biggest club in your own postcode before anything else. Muppet.
Look T W A T F A C E - if you want a debate go and start a thread on Vital Spuds and I'll come and join youy, but this is about the future of Aston Villa, not the past of Totenham Hotcrap.
Kanoute was abysmal 'cos he played in your bulls*** Spurs team, how I loved watching your demise against Sevilla, men against boys. As for selling your players on for money, it's 'cos no-one wants them in the first place, King is a sick note, you'd have to give a team money to buy Mido, and your fickle fans don't know whether they like Berbatov or hate him (at the moment he's good so you like him), i'll enjoy it when he signs for Man Utd. But not as much as when Young c***s all over your team of wonder boys.
When Young c***s all over Spurs, LOL. I needed a good laugh. Teemu Tainio has as a good a goal scoring record than Ashley Young this season having played left back most of the time, says enough about Young. Villa are just hoping that Berbatov leaves Spurs because you are scared that he will make your pathetic bunch of players look like little boys next season, AGAIN. Remember the two assists he got at White Hart Lane against your lot, that will be nothing compared to what awaits next season. We will see who finishes higher next season although evevryone knows it will be Spurs, as has been for the past several seasons!!!
In the words of BA. 'Get of our site you grazy fool'
I find your critisisms unfair Mr lennon of the villa fans. So their delighted to see sevilla (one of the top 3 in spain) edge past us thanks to dodgy penalty and an own goal. That makes their day ok? think about it, if we never got into Europe and our best players we had at the club in the last 10 years, ehiogu and southgate left for a better chance of european football and signed for middlesbrough we'd be annoyed. The problem is we aren't a pathetic club who describe Delaney, a man by the way as a welshman i don't like having in my national team as class
If Seville were one of the Top 3 clubs in Spain surely they would be in the Champions League every year And before knocking Boro at least they got to the UEFA CUP FINAL.
Quaresma from FC Porto please...!
Spurs can't attract players cause they would rather go down the road to Chelsea and Arsenal. It must be strange living in the shadow of bigger teams
berbatov goes to spurs, carew goes to you. People need i say more. Thankyou and goodnight
mrcommonsence you should be sued under the trade description act.
Again, well said Mrcommonsence.
OAL,come on mate please let us have some positivity within our own walls(which is very,very evident and why not ? when we get decent teams we win things)-you`ve intitially posted agressive comment which will only result in petulance both ways,i am fully aware how uneducated and fickle Spurs fans are but surely you can go debate why you`ve underacheived this season with them rather than be silly with us ? Please post decent comment not arguments,we`re lovechilds up here man at the minute!!!
ASPINALL would you care to re-think that comment please. Two quarter-finals, one semi-final and bound to finish 5th in the league for the second season running. Quite an improvement on last year only playing 40 games, this season we have played around 60 games, bound to finish in the same position as last year in the league and have done considerably better in the cups. "Underachieved this year", i think you need to do your research before posting such a ridiculous comment!!!
We swopped Carew for Baros
60 games and you still won F**K All ??
Well qualifying for the UEFA cup two seasons running is a big step in our hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season. I know i would prefer playing in Europe to mid-table mediocrity that Villa fans have suffered for many a year.
Can we not ban this Tw#t?
Dannygav,i have a few spurs close buddies and speak to many through business links so i`m half-close to them,you Guys haven`t been happy the way things have panned out,again another Spurs dawn is very,very false - like normal which is why you are scared of us,we`re coming baby-you know it and we love it,you celebrated the equalizer against Arsenal like you`d won the league cuz that`s all you got so just admit it.
Well Villa wouldn't know what it is like to not lose against their local rivals now would they. I will admit, at present Arsenal are a better team than Spurs, however this will not last for long believe you me. Come on, it's not hard to be the better team in Birmingham is it? I think it is because if this reason that Villa think they are a big club, Spurs have to compete with Chelsea and Arsenal for the pride of London, remember that will you?
Villa are a big club for many reasons you will never understand. Do you know your history? Do you know who instigated the League? Winning the League, FA Cup, League Cup and EUROPEAN CUP also make us a BIG club. At least we didn't release a DVD of the only win over Chelsea in how many years? If that is all it takes for you to celebrate then your standards are very low. And the level of the competition around us is not our fault - it is theirs.......... Total Prem points 5th Aston Villa 6th finish in the PL 2nd Aston Villa 5th Spurs!!!!!!!!
CLVilla, i thought it was the future Villa was looking forward to, not the past. Spurs have come on leaps and bounds since Martin Jol has taken over at White Hart Lane. If you want to go by past, can you tell me each of Villa's positions in the past 3 years in the Premiership?
God, you change tack when it suits you don't you. You hark on about your PAST and I counter, and then you talk about the future. So you have decided that the last 3 years constitute the defining period of a club? In that case Arsenal are a bigger club than your's, and Chelsea are bigger than ManU. Great, it also probably makes Everton bigger than you. History is important in a club, and you don't seem to have any.
Another ridiculous comment, and i thought you were one of the Villa fans with some sense CLVilla. "No history", Ok, take away the three European trophies we have won, take away the two times we have been champions, take way the three league cups we have won and take away the eight FA cups we have won and then your comment begins to make sense.
Spurs have come on leaps and bounds? And how is that exactly? You qualified for the UEFA cup and that's it, you fluffed your lines when it really came down to it and didn't get into the Champions League, and you've won as much as we have. Why don't we compare at the end of next season? As for Young and Tanio, why don't you again compare Young to Tanio once he's had a full season at Villa, you're just jealous 'cos he came to our club to win things, and not get beaten by Arsenal's youth team, which is better than s***espurs.
Yes we will compare our 5th spot to your 11th spot come end of season.
There's nothing to compare 5th beats 11th everytime, even Spurs fans could work that out, but now that we can actually buy players, it makes it more of an equal comparison. So what did you win again this season, i've forgotten?
The answer to your question dando is nothing. But we have raised our level of performance, have found consistency in our game (we do not look a liability away from home) and we have achieved back to back European football. I wouldn't mind if we do not win anything next season so long as we finish 4th in the Premiership.
You're named after a Northumbrian Earl, and based in London? Work that one out? And then you all hate everything northern. ............. nice to wind you up again, but it is too easy so I am off now. You really must learn to chill out a bit.
Right, so you've won nothing, and we've won nothing. We've raised our level of performance too, and have also now begun to find consistency in our game, we've won our last 3 away games on the trot and are unbeaten in 8, and within the top 4 of the form table. We finished 16th last season with our lowest EVER points total in premiership history, and are now about to finish 11th at worse case playing for half a season with last years 16th placed team, and through the December/January with our first choice and sub keeper injured. Our manager has just won the April manager of the month, something Jol hasn't done all season. So now lets compare net spends, according to some research i've found that, Spurs spent in the SUMMER Zokora (8.2m), Berbatov (10.9m), Malbranque (2m, though this is an extimate at it was actually undisclosed), Chimbonda (6m), Ekotta (Undisclosed though it was thought to be around 3.5m), Mido (4.6m) a total gross spend of 35.2m, compared to our SUMMER gross spend of 6.75m for Petrov. So for all of that cash that was stumped up, you've finished from 5th last season, to being 5th this season, and are currently only 7 points in front of us. Even if we were to add in our January transfers we still haven't spent as much on players as Tottenham have, yet we are only 7 points behind you......
Ban these fellows please. This has gone on quite long enough.
OneAaronLennon; I think your fear is the threat and immediate competition on the field and in the transfer market is going to come from us. And lets face it you lot are only seven points ahead of us and you have already spent millions and millions. It wasnt so long ago I remember your club in a similar manner to ours was last summer, wallowing at the wrong end of the table. How times and fortunes change quickley in football - something you would do well to remember. Couldnt prise Barry away could you though? And Young????????? Well I think you will be kicking yourself over that one in years to come, he is quick, strong, and unlike Aaron Lennon can cross a ball.
Why is the ******** yid on here? You wouldnt see em over the little clubs pages having a dig? Just cos hes *****ting himself that another club will go past him next season. ***** off back to your own board if ur not threatened cos i cant see why else your on here. And OneAaronLemon, you need to get out into the fresh air, youve got too much time on your hands.
Who cares about bleedin spurzz !!!!
Bloody hell, Spurs fans really are as sad as everyone else says they are. How pathetic. Playing 2nd fiddle to Arsenal every season must be hard to take. It must be like being a Bluenose.
Getting back to the original article, I am really excited about and looking forward to the window over the summer and the promise of top class signings. But am I alone in wandering about the impact and possible hindering of the development of the young homegrown players already at the club? Don't get me wrong, I'm not being negative in any way and look forward to us being a real force again but I believe we currently have an outstanding crop of talented youth and would love too see them given their head to really see what they could achieve. As I posted on another thread recently, Man Utd. built a team around a crop of talented youth that went on to dominate the 90's and this was achieved by Ferguson taking the decision to play them in the first place and then sticking with them as they developed. I feel, in my opinion, that given the chance we already have the nucleus of a great side and only need to supplement them with a couple of judicious signings. Either way the future is great, the future is claret and blue!!!!
I agree jon.h,we can spend all the money we want this summer but nobody will be breaking into the top 4 next season,and were not that far off the top 7 at the moment anyway,nothing really seperates the mid table teams no matter how much money anyone spends.Were probably gonna lose Davis and players like Moore and Cahill,Ridgewell may not get a chance next season.
well done for making the break and getting back to the good stuff Jon.H I completely agree with you. if Villa do make the quality signings that we are expecting them to such as a striker, midfielder,winger and centre half etc then the excellent young players at the club are going to have to take a back seat for a while. Players such as Cahill, Gardner, Moore and Agbonlahor are bound to have their developement slowed by warming the bench up. However if we continued with them and didnt make any new signings then the developement of the team as a force in the premiership would take longer. I think the Man U crop were possibly better than our current young uns. That said i rate all of the above mentioned players very highly. its a bit catch 22 but i trust MON to do the right thing, i just hope the youngsters can be patient for a while.
Spurs spend 35m last season but I doubt we will spend that much this season ourselves yet I reckon we won't be finishing 6 points behind them come next season. Spending 35m to consolidate League position is rubbish
Couldnt care less about spurs. All im interested in is Villa, im so excited about the summer and the prosopect of some good signings. Villa till I die
Care less about WHO? up the Villa!
"the difference in class between Spurs and Villa." Well at the moment, OAL it looks like 7 points and no trophies, given that Spuds have spent waaaaay more $$$ than Villa in the last few years that's a pretty poor return don't you think ? Actually don't bother replying, because it's fairly obvious you don't. Think.
Paddy I also have faith in King Martin - in one season we've gone from 16th to 10th/11th, looking much better away from home, some great new players, some underachievers turfed out, and all this without seriously taxing the man Lerner who I'm sure will put his hands in his pockets again when we need him to. It's all good for the Villa :)
Thats what we need Expat, positive thinking. Its not just the first team, but behind the scenes. MON appears to like to control everything about the club and with his inspired leadership Villa will soon be taking the league by storm. The top 4 had better brace themselves.
It's good that O'Neill has grabbed the club by the scruff of its neck, he has obviously sorted out the trouble makers. Admittedly he went back to Celtic to get a few players but would you blame him? he wanted to freshen things up, he had no time in pre-season and he knew all about the players he was bringing in. I think he just wanted some players to help short term with the squad whilst he decided who to get rid of. Now he has decided what he is doing, Agathe has gone, Sutton will more than likely go and Maloney was a snip at 1mill (contender with Carew for signing of the season). Keep up the good work Martin, oh another thing, it's nice to see villa play attractive football for once!

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