Aston Villa - I've Been Talking With A Gooner!
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I've Been Talking With A Gooner!

1) How has your season been so far.

Surreal. Highs, lows, lowers. Beating Man Utd at Old Trafford AND at Ashburton Grove was spectacular, indeed I even ended up with a bloody nose after over exuberant celebrations, the finest moment at the Grove to date. Also beating Spurs (Twice), Liverpool and a few late late shows meant we've really been entertained this season.

It was evident for everyone to see that Wenger's third great team was almost upon us, but three simple error's put paid to that. A quick lapse in concentration from Senderos in the League Cup final saw Drogba power a header home (forget the offside goal, **** happens), a mistake from Wenger putting Senderos at rightback in the game at Blackbrun saw us exit the FA Cup, and then a silly foul against PSV cost us dear. Had we not made those daft mistakes then everyone would still be raving about Wenger's young team (which the press couldn't get enough of prior to the Carling Cup final)

I fully believe, no scratch that, I KNOW that if hadn't had another ridiculous injury list this season we'd be still in with a shout of a couple of pieces of silverware.

2) Are you in transition or has the halo of Wenger slipped.

You're kidding right? Wenger's halo can never slip. Everyone has seen the players coming through our ranks, it just takes time and patience that's all. We may see another season without trophies next season but that's no reason to doubt the players we have now.

The team that went unbeaten only three years ago has been ripped apart, indeed of the usual starting line up only Lehmann, Toure, Gilberto & Henry remain, and Lehmann might not be here much longer (how I'll miss his antics). Great teams don't just materialise over night, they take a lot of hard work. There's barely a player in our squad who any of the top teams wouldn't take in a flash.

Team's are not born with the divine right to be a big club and win trophies (are you listening you silly spuds?) you have to earn that right (unless you can afford to buy it!!) and right now, Wenger's youthful army are still earning their stripes.

3) Who do you hate the most, Spurs fans or Chelsea fans and which do you want to win (if forced with a gun to your head to choose) in the FA Cup replay?

Chelsea fans are arrogant, but then again which set of fans aren't when they are Champions, after all they've been through I can't deny their true fans the right to brag.

The Spuddies on the other hand are a different kettle of morons. With the exception of a few (and there are some) most of them have had their minds warped by living in our shadow for a million years. They spend all their time hoping other teams beat us so they can take the mick just because they don't have the ability to do it themselves.

I hope Chelsea beat them because if they do win the competition we can always say they bought it, right?

4) Settled into the Emirates yet?

Yeah. I love it man. It's a beautiful arena and a great place to watch football.

Historically, any team who moves home always struggles in their first season so I think we've done ok considering. I'm positive we'll finish 3rd and I can't even see how we could finish outside the top four, so assuming we have Champions League Football next year I couldn't ask for more.

However that long walk to and from the boozers doesn't get any easier. I'd suggest nicking the Drayton back from the away fans if it wasn't such a dump.

5) What do you think of Villa and do you worry that our new owners could give your lot a run for their money?

I'm still unsure about your owners, to truly compete I think you need to revamp your whole squad and I'm not sure they have enough money to do that. At the moment you're closer to relegation than you are to Europe, but as I said earlier, it takes time to build a great team.

This summer will see Martin's first real big chance to bring in some top quality players, and who he brings in will be vital. I think the signings of Ashley Young (bastards you are) and John Carew (You only signed him to play against us) shows that O'Neill is gunning for a big future at Villa, but he needs balance all over the pitch. A commanding midfield general and a beast of a centre back should be your next signings in my opinion.

6) Any opinions on Martin O'Neill.

I love him man. He's a true character of the game who isn't afraid to speak his mind. He has a great sense of humour too which I always like to see in a manager (unlike miserable Mourinho and Martin 'negative' Jol).

I really hoped he would be named England manager because I see him as a great motivator and tactically sound.

7) Who do you fear in the Villa team and who should we fear in yours?

Need you ask? Carew. He's got a cracking record against us and I would not be surprised in the slightest to see him bang home a 90th minute winner.

8) Prediction please sir?

Do I have to?

Oh alright then, a dull 1-1 affair.

With thanks to Paul Mustchin from . Vital Arsenal

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 13 2007

Time: 8:35PM

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QUOTE: I think you need to revamp your whole squad and I'm not sure they have enough money to do that......... Dont you believe it, I think this will be a summer unpresidented in Villas Glorious History for bringing in Quality Players. On the other hand I would swop places with the Arsenal this season.
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 20:57:00

seems fair enough, i'll take a draw!
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 20:59:00

put 100 pounds on carew to score...its almost certain.
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 21:24:00

how can you talk to such a moronic gooner. mind you hes typical of the whingers from cashburton grave.
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 21:25:00

I've yet to meet a Villa fan who doesn't crap on about Spurs! Inferiority complex maybe? Maybe just plain down hearted that the Messiah, oh great o'neil quite isn't the manager they thought he was? Another 20 years of nothing for the Villains. Come on B'Ham!
its quiet at the lib
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 21:44:00

Why thank you GH, it's always pleasing knowing I've made an impression!!
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 21:47:00

You've not met many Villa fans then its quiet at the lib? Never met any who talk or care about Spurs, why would they? Bizarre post LOL
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 21:55:00

I haven't met any - just had to put up with their drivel on the internet. Bunch of p**cks!
its quiet at the lib
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:03:00

Doesn't it make you wonder about the mental state of these plonker spurs fans who appear out of the wood work everytime anyone even mentions spurs? What are you doing on here anywhere? p*** off you arsenal wannabes.
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:08:00

Do you realise the irony of someone coming onto this article and posting a comment about Villa fans talking about another team when the content of the article has absolutley nothing to do with you silly spuddies at all???
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:09:00

now now guys! as a tottenham fan, i can explain y spurs fans come on your page, basically if you mention spurs or anyother club for that matter it gets picked up by the new searching website- newsnow! thats y! anyway im suprised to hear banter from aston villa aimed at spurs, where's the hostility come from? newho i reckon old o'neill will come good next season, i don't think he's having a bad one i just think alot of other managers are just having good ones, For instance Redknapp has been sleeping with a leprechaun 4 luck, alladyce spent £5mil on security cameras to stop blackcats getting in the bolton training ground and so forth! Carew and young were gr8 signings tho, u jus need a few flair players, sum1 like lennon who if every1 else is playing shocking can open the game up!
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:18:00

newbz, you're one of the first spurs fans to come on here without a hint of hostility towards us... most of your counterparts have little to no respect and have an overhyped opinion of themselves. Appreciate some sense from you though.
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:22:00

fair 1! to be honest, even iv noticed it, spurs seem to own a large number of e-fans! as read the articles watch the goals on youtube and suddenly think they kno everything about football, but l'arse fans are just as bad!!! good luck tommorow!
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:36:00

my german teacher was an aston villa fan. he didnt seem to care about spurs he knew aston villa were crap. this arsenal fan is annoying and is clearly trying to wind us up that explain the hostility. and the only reason i am on this is because it came up as news about spurs on newsnow
Report Abuse
13/03/2007 22:41:00

can someone give goonhater a drop of gripewater? or, failing that, arsenic. good croosover article chaps, i am relishing (not) coming up against carew again... »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 00:18:00

Carew is going to be the danger man, without doubt. I hope Gallas can keep him quiet.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 07:18:00

Quite at the library, what a hypocritical name cos every time we play you at No Heart Lane it seems you shut right up, pond scum monkeys. O'Neill is a great manager and can be a right *****er, Young, Carew and Petrov are all class, Barry's one of your few long term keepers. i think Bouma could be good for you if he can stay fit and I like Agbonlahor, as said above though you def need another CB and top defensive midfield. Could do with a bit of flair to, but sorry dont think you'll catch the mighty Arsenal anytime soon, start with the pondscum and work your way up. What ever happened to Luke Moore?
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 07:28:00

Ozi Gooner: Luke has been injured, but he's on his way back having scored 4 goals in 4 games for the reserves. many of us are hoping he will get a game against you tonight!
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 07:55:00

Ozi Gooner - talk about delusions of grandeur! "the mighty Arsenal"?? What have you been smoking... Arsenal are alot of things but mighty ain't one fo else do you explain a week where you went out of 3 competitions. Come on get real.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 08:05:00

Spurs are a small club and their supporters are small minded morons. With the exception of the porn peddlers down the road, I've never had the misfortune to meet a group of supporters with such a high opinion of their club, and for no reason whatsoever. The hatred towards Arsenal is borne out of jealousy, pure and simple. Spurs are not a top 4 team, and even their manager has said this week he'll have to leave to win a league title. You're in the same bracket as Villa (just without a European Cup) and nowhere near the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man Ure.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 08:41:00

Nicely worded Geordie_Villa. The irony of your statement is the jealousy it oozes of Spurs. Could you be any more bitter about the fact that we have an infintely better squad than Villa. Similarly, if you knew anything about history you would know why Spurs hate Arsenal - nothing to do with jealousy actually. You should refrain from commenting on things you are not qualified to talk about just as I would not talk about midlands "football" - all I can say is it's not worth talking about as it's such a mess. So please do me a favour and put your head back down below the parapet where it should be and talk about your club not ours.. I have only mentioned Villa because of the bile you just spouted.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 09:10:00

And how are we in the same bracket as Villa?? At the moment we are in Europe and the FA Cup.. We finished 5th last year (where were you?) and will probably finish around 6th - we got 4 points off you and got to the semi of the carling Cup?? What exactly are you playing for this season? Please don't make ridiculous statements. I am not deluded and I agree we are not top 4 quality at the moment but we are a darn sight closer than Villa who are in the 3rd tier of the Premier League with the likes of Fulham...
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 09:15:00

LOL Goonhater, nothing for Villa for another twenty years? This from a team who have won bugger all in FORTY SIX YEARS? The Tailor, just to refresh, the reason we are the MIGHTY Arsenal. 13 League titles (2 of which were sewn up at your ground), 10 F.A Cups, record for most amount of consecutive matches without defeat, haven't lost to Spurts in eight years, don't ***** themselves before big games etc, etc, etc.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 09:29:00

LD - there is a danger this is going to run and run and frankly I am too busy for it. In response however, my question alluded to the more recent history of this (and last) season.. I think a more appropriate comment from Ozi might have read "the once mighty Arsenal" or " until two seasons ago, the mighty Arsenal".. we could also say "the once mighty Spurs" so it's all a play on words and you know that better than most given your vocation...
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 10:03:00

Spurs have history similar to Villa but without quite so much success. Their Premier League record is well short of Villas despite last season. Infact other than last season Spurs have never finished in the top or bottom six of the Premier League. They are without doubt the most average, middle of the road team in the division and only their supporters would have you believe otherwise. I actually thought the post by the Arsenal fan was well balanced. The fact that it has got a reaction from the Spurs fans on the Villa site really does highlight how much they are in the Arses shadow. IMHO Arsenal are a great footballing team and Wenger is a managerial genius. They are now benefitting from support in good numbers. However like Highbury, the Emirates is a quiet stadium. But equally, so is White Hart Lane. Villa have no gripe with either club. So to the children who are on here with their childish obscenities and name calling really should get off their parents computers and carry on with their homework. 1 - 0 Villa. Carew Carew Carew is on fire.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 10:04:00

voiceoftheholte - it appears I am fighting a battle alone and on many fronts. If we are average I dread to think what that makes Villa! That apart to say that WHL is quiet means that you too know very little. In fact there was an article written by a Bolton fan after we beat them at WHL this season. WHL came first by a mile and then Villa were 4th and Arsenal 7th. So get yor facts straight before you spout!
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 10:15:00

gooners, show us ya european trophies.(official ones, not european cup losers winners cup winners fa cup losers winner cup). YOUR SEASONS OVER LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. As for Villa, there just a joke club.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 10:37:00

Their season never bloody started.....
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 11:02:00

Spurs there is only one European Trophy, so show us yours. As for having to use the thoughts of one Bolton fan as 'proof' of your credentials that really is scraping the barrel. However you are correct in saying that Villa are average. We are, but like your selves we are hoping to improve. Since the formation of the Premier League we have only won two League Cups but have finished above Spurs in 11 of the 14 seasons. Can you remind me of Spurs trophies in the last 14 years and how this would make Spurs a better or more successful club than Villa. We have actually challenged for the Premier League title only to be pipped by Manure. You on the other hand are never near the top but also never reallly near the bottom. That my friend is average. If Villa and Spurs were hands in a game of Poker, Villa would probably be just a high pair. Spurs would be a jack high but would try and bluff us all that you are a royal flush.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 11:18:00

haha - interesting analogy VOTH. Doesn't quite stack up though because the truth is Villa may have ONCE challenged Manure for the title ages ago but they have more often been in the bottom 6.. Therefore your hand would probably more likely contain a couple of jokers! The fact is right now we are streets ahead of you with (what I consider) a slightly dodgy manager. We are still in 2 comps and your season is over - just like Arsenal's and Mr Va Va Voom.
The Tailor
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 11:52:00

Tailor man I find it interesting that you refuse to acknowledge that in 11 of the last 14 years Spurs have finished below the Villa and have lifted less silverware in that time. It seems like your bluff with your jack high has well and truly been rumbled.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 12:12:00

Yawn. Back to Villa v Arsenal maybe?
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 12:12:00

Got a feeling we'll get something from the game. We're certainly due a win and a performance. The Fulham game was a disappointment so a good result and improved performance will be most welcome. Arsenal are quality though and they are the best team to watch in the Premiership. 2-1 Villa, Carew and Young
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 12:43:00

Who rattled your cage Mr Fear? :o) I was just having some fun putting tailor man in his place.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 12:46:00

Gunners to win tonight. As stated above, next season starts here for us. Nothing else to play for this year, and the fans are owed one. Your record against us is pretty poor although you did good at the grove. I think it will be tight but I think we'll scrape it. 2-1 to the gunners. Baptista, Aliadiere and Carew. (what odds on that??)
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 13:55:00

Voiceoftheholte, it isn't so much a cage as a play pen to keep me safe! ;0)))))
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 14:16:00

must admit D11, the fact you have little else to play for is a big worry but don't expect us to lay down for you!
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 14:17:00

Reading through the posts, I was wondering which site I was on. Villa to win, we play generally better against quality opposition, today will be the day when everything clicks. UTV.
Report Abuse
14/03/2007 19:01:00

He answers question five very intelligently and honestly, particularly being our friend the enemy.
Report Abuse
15/03/2007 02:50:00


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