Aston Villa - O'Neill Will Get It Right
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O'Neill Will Get It Right

With seemingly little to whinge about of late, a small section of Villa fans appear to be turning on boss Martin O'Neill, who has vowed to the supporters that he will sort it out.

Villa managed to throw away a 1 goal lead after just, well 1 minute to draw with Fulham last Saturday. The result was the 12th time that both clubs had come away with just a single point from a Premiership match.

'We can play better than that. We have played better than that. We have played much better than that even in defeat, so make of it what you can. We didn't play.

'At least we are moving again. I am still being asked the question, 'am I still looking over my shoulder?' and I think you have to until you get the points in the bag' O'Neill said. I hope for his sake something happens quickly, or if the results continue this way he doesn't take advice on supporter relations from David O'Leary!

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 7 2007

Time: 4:03PM

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I beleive he will get it right, from where we were last season things are Improving both on and off the field, the dialogue the board have set up with the supporters is brilliant, but I beleive when MON get more new blood into "his" team things will turn around.
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07/03/2007 21:05:00

This seems to be the first "pressure period" that MO'N has entered during his short tenure and I believe he's the sort that will thrive in the situation at hand. At least he hasnt lead us to false expectations and has always given an honest assessment. There is a strategic road map in place for improvements over the next 24 months and beyond, and we can see the input that all have been involved with so far which is healthy for the future. We've got a winner in MO'N chaps.... he has the midas touch! Keep the faith - UTV!
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07/03/2007 21:58:00

Surely no one's turning on MON?! Really?!? For F'ksache! We have one of THE best managers in Europe. We are on the brink of something very exciting and people are whinging?! Shocking.
Adam Deuce
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08/03/2007 02:33:00

I don't think anyone is turning on MON. It's just that fans are disappointed with the performances and results at the moment.
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08/03/2007 03:53:00

I really,really want to believe MON can take us into regular top 6 contenders but can we honestly say there has been great improvement on last season considering money spent ? Lets take the rose-tinted specs off for 5 mins and evaluate,i keep hearing everyone waxing lyrical about what is happening now and in the future but i don`t see it ? We all pretty much wanted O`Leary out and MON says all the right things as he is a very intelligent media player but this shouldn`t stop us being concerned with certain games this season,saying that there is no question you cannot make a total judgement until this time next season.
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08/03/2007 07:07:00

In MON we trust.
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08/03/2007 08:06:00

To be fair position-wise we are about the same as last year. However I wouldn't agree that nothing has changed. This Villa team has a grit and determination about them which has been so lacking in the past few years, and the first thing that O'Neill has done is introduce this into our play. You can see the building blocks are now in place, but they all need to click together. If we had Carew, Young, Maloney, Bardsley at the beginning of the season, do you think we'd be in the same position realisticly? MON is his own greatest critic, since day one he's always said that this is going to be a long term job and I don't feel he's ever played up our expectations, and if anything he's played them down. I think he was genuinely annoyed with the performance on Saturday to Fulham, and it's clear that he won't tolerate that again. But there is a massive difference between this team and last years, MON was my choice to be manager when O'Leary was pushed and I honestly do beleive he'll get it right.
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08/03/2007 09:12:00

Considering where we were last year and where we are now there has been an improvement. Was it not for 2 results against the dildo salesmen last season we would have been relegated. We started the season better than anyone thought possible with a team that O’Dreary put together and they actually played as a unit and with belief. However, and the point most fans like Aspinall seems to forget, is that after a good start we were beset with injuries to key, experienced players including all our keepers, our best centre back, half the midfield and 2 centre forwards. Given that MON only had time to make 1 signing before the season started what could we have honestly expected this year? He inherited a team that was going nowhere and hasn't got the quality to get us to top 6 contenders. Those players were sold when the Club was under the leadership of Ellis in order to balance the books and make the Club look like a viable asset for potential buyers. The money MON has spent was four games ago and in a transfer window when quality players are not going to be released from Clubs that are contending for honours. Unfortunately MON isn’t a miracle maker and the whole process of turning round the Villa is going to take time and the support from everyone.
Hoss The Villain
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08/03/2007 09:17:00

The only comparison that it would be fair to make is to compare our results against the exact same fixtures last season (with Reading, Sheff U and Watford replacing the dross that was relegated). Interestingly we are six points better off than last season. We have scored 29 and conceded 34 as opposed to last season when we had scored 30 but conceded 45. Of our remaining home fixtures, last season we had a return of 10 points (wins against bluescouse, Pompey and Sheff Utd( Sunderland) a draw against the Arse and defeats to Wigan and redscouse). This would suggest that we are moving in the right direction. But we must be patient. It takes a manager a year to assess and tinker with his team. A second year to move on the players who he thinks are not up to standard. It is then year three when things should start to take shape. So lets get back to reality. Anything more than halfway this season is a bonus. Next season we would like to be challenging for silverware in the cups and for a place in the top 8 in the league. In year three we shall then really see what the club, players, owners and M'ON are all about. Keep the faith. Buy your season tickets. And when we lift our next trophy you can say " I am a real Villan. I was there through thick and thin and I am proud of my club". You can also have a chuckle at the glory hunters who will come out of the woodwork pretending to be real supporters. UTV
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08/03/2007 10:52:00

The difference between last year is that we have a manager with a genuine desire to turn things around and win things for Aston Villa. He cares and it is clear that the players have much more fight and desire than last season and that comes from the change in manager. I am almost certain that had DOL stayed, we would have been relegated this season. It is also worth bearing in mind that the new signings need time to settle. Carew has come from another country, Young is playing in a different position and in a different style and Petrov and Maloney have had to adjust to a massive leap in quality from the SPL. MON has never led us to believe that we would qualify for Europe and I think the summer will see big changes to the team. It will also give MON and the new signings a full pre-season together
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08/03/2007 13:26:00

Well said Geordie.
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08/03/2007 13:29:00

Cant believe that we are even having this discussed , where we are now as a club , as a team, is a million miles away from last year there is hope to replace depair, we have a maanger building for the future and not a short term fix, we have a manager who every one from man to boy respects. So those criticising Martin , wake up and smell the coffee, we dont want or need your negativity!!! And similarly those critcising players lay off we want your support not your opposition, if they are deemed not good enough , Martin will get them out This is a club going places and other then the arsenal crop of youngsters i wouldnt swap ours with anyone KEEP THE BELIEF !!!! UTV
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08/03/2007 14:18:00

We will get there! it aint gonna happen in the first season, be all the sweeter when it does happen. GAGGING for a game, these international and champions league breaks are really starting to ***** me off! don't they realise that the Villa are more important than all of them?
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08/03/2007 14:53:00

...catching Arsenal going through tough times right now can't hurt...
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08/03/2007 16:42:00

Seems like a reasonable thought mikeinsb. But beware the wounded tiger. I would say that most great clubs are at their best when it seems that everything is going wrong. Arsenal will be desperate for a top four finish and Wenger is a master of pulling a rabbit out of the hat when least expected.
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08/03/2007 17:40:00

Rome, unlike small heath, was not built in a day. as Yoda would say 'patience you must learn'. he also said 'hate the bluenose scummers, i do' and 'keep the yids off this site, you must'.
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08/03/2007 20:22:00

As Stig said in MON we trust!
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08/03/2007 22:07:00

Beware the wounded tiger, yes. But jump on him with every available effort. If a team is going through good times, they may be complacent early in the game only to be woken up part-way through. If they're wounded - they'll at least be wounded ALL game long - so hit them hard with eveything but the kitchen sink, I say - then hit them with that too!
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09/03/2007 00:24:00

As you may know, I live in California, and there's only one other EPL fan in my office - and he's an ugly Gunner fan! Kick them when they're down!
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09/03/2007 00:25:00

Fulham was a major let down, no doubt about it. 100% improvement needed for the next three home games. Might not win them all, but the performance has to be there.
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09/03/2007 05:34:00

mikeinsb I suggest you go and kick him now, and that kitchen sink you mentioned earlier ........ hit him with that as well!! As for being in California, I think I am safe in sending you the sympathies of every Villa supporter. In Birmingham we have rain, cold, a dying industry, regular police swoops on terrorist cells, pollution, a failing road and public transport network ....... and that is just the good bits. But it is home to the mighty Villa, soon to be rulers of the football world. In California you have sunshine, the American dream, wealth, great beaches and scenery and many fantastic opportunities ....... but alas .... no Villa. So weighing everything up, I would suggest that you are probably quite jealous of us all here in Birmingham. UTV- SOTC
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09/03/2007 09:41:00

well voth, at least we dont have eartquakes in brum!
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09/03/2007 09:45:00

I am sure I felt an earthquake recently but was informed it was that fat pig, Barry Austin, the 50 stone dildo salesmen fan, taking his seat at Sty Andrews.
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09/03/2007 13:03:00

If Martin cant get the results out of the players then we must conclude the players are not good enough to beat fulham away. We have suffered from under investment for years and it will take more than Carew, young and petrov to turn us into a team that can expect to win everygame. We need to sit it out until the squad as a whole is reformed and in the meantime get behind the lads. We have the best manager outside of the top 3 - in MON we trust.
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09/03/2007 16:20:00

rain or shine, get your collective claret and blueness down the villa . as voth says it'll be nice in a couple of years to say 'iwas there'. if your mrs, like mine, is hassling you for kids tell her to wait until the end of august, that way she'll drop during close season, meaning you wont miss a match. its all about priorities!
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09/03/2007 17:39:00

sorry, other benefit of waiting until august is the kid will get a full years worth of his villa shirt and a new one evry birthday thereafter!
Report Abuse
09/03/2007 17:40:00

oh, and thats a NIKE villa shirt ;-)......ok i'm done!
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09/03/2007 17:40:00

I hope you are all right,i want to believe but i have to admit i`m not convinced....yet,plus i remember everyone thinking O`Leary was the mutts nutts from his first season,then i remember going Southampton away( 1-1 ) and Man.U home ( 0-2 )where the players weren`t half motivated or prepared/lost UEFA spot and i knew then the hype around him was false,i hope you are all spot on around MON.
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10/03/2007 07:10:00

But then again Aspinall we also lost 4-0 to Man Utd, and 5-2 to Bolton, admittedly I did think O'Leary was ok after that first season but after that we had just been in steady decline with constantly poor results. VOTH makes an excellent comparison, I think people need to give MON time and a bit of patience for him to turn it round, he's got no magic formula, but i've found him to be honest, disciplined, and all of the players want to play for him. This has been the first time in many season's where I can't remember about listening to any of the players being unhappy and actually wanting to fight for their places.
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10/03/2007 09:28:00

as has been said before, he had no time pre-season to look at what he's got or to make signings. its next year that we should start to see where were heading. he's got the team spirit back and 90% of the time we play good football, we just dont get the results. no team turn it round overnight. i still say were about 5 quality 1st team players short, then another 3 or 4 squad players. those, with another seasons experience for the younglings and were good to go. i expect top ten next season with a decent cup run, then the one after that, then uefa and top 8 for a couple of seasons before we can look at champions league.
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10/03/2007 10:05:00

Still can't score which annoys the hell out of me we never look like scoring when we go forward. Next year I'm hoping for a big performance.
Report Abuse
11/03/2007 16:29:00

I think that the Fulham result/performance was a bit of a shock to the system to those who were there. Even worse I think than the Manchester Citeh reversal, which to some extent I think we could all see coming sooner rather than later. Fulham though was supposedly the new start after the enforced mid-winter break, expectations were high, yet we were served up a disjointed, sub-standard offering, low on ideas, passion, and skill.
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13/03/2007 00:22:00


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