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Kicking off, the News of the World seem to believe that in the Summer, Aston Villa will offer 8million + Columbian striker Juan Pablo Angel for Spurs` Robbie Keane. This one strikes of only one question. With their 732 strikers, why on earth would they ever need Angel, who is struggling to get anywhere near the Villa squad?

The same paper believe that we are "keeping tabs" (bar tabs?) on the Wolves midfielder Michael Kightly. The winger has recently joined the club from the Nationwide Conference side, Grays Athletic.

t is also rumoured that none other than Ronaldinho has been spotted shopping for an Aston Villa shirt in the Bull Ring ahead of his current clubs game against Liverpool midweek.

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 4 2007

Time: 12:36PM

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Let's hope we're shopping for the premiership! 3 homes games on the trot. We need about 5 points from them which will take us to 38 points with 7 games to go. Our form is appalling and it's no good the players and MON saying we need a strong finish if we can't play Fulham with any confidence, Arsenal and Liverpool will do us. I know the long term future is promising but the results are not much better than DOL at the moment. It concerns and frustrates me and I needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening. UTV
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04/03/2007 13:04:00

Robbie Keane - Is that the height of your ambitions?
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04/03/2007 13:20:00

why wont they leave our keane alone.
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04/03/2007 13:22:00

better than that crap shevchenco
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04/03/2007 13:26:00

look, if you think robbie would go up there to live in scumville you've obviously got no fackin idea. 4 goals in his last two games - do you really think that he is top of the list to potential out of the door candidates come the summer.
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04/03/2007 13:51:00

Spurs have 4 strikers who are currently premiership quality. With the system Jol plays (1 big, 1 small) we only have Keane and Defoe for the small striker position. We would need another striker to replace Keane but I'm afraid Angel is far below the quality we would look for (although he has scored for us already!). With no disrespect I don't think Keane going to Villa would be a step up for him, and I'd never want to sell him anyway.
Peggy the yid
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04/03/2007 13:55:00

You can have Murphy if you want him. We'll give you money!
Peggy the yid
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04/03/2007 13:56:00

hahahahahahahahahaha read the article and *****ed myself Angel Tottenham hahahahaha
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04/03/2007 14:24:00

Damn right peggy the can have the money take murphy anyway isnt this the wrong claret and blue website today Yids forever
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04/03/2007 14:26:00

You can keep Keane, 2 weeks ago all of your own yid fans were saying how crap him and Jol were, and now he's the best thing since Noe Pamarot......we don't need him, i'd rather we spent the 8m on the likes of Sidwell and another defender.
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04/03/2007 15:04:00

Correct great dando-i think the yids will need him anyway given ther fact they are getting *****ed on by relegation doomed hammers. As for scumsville-didnt Keane used to play for coventry, wolves and wanted to join Villa bvefore muppet ellis wouldnt fork up the extras cash? The real spurs way is always midtable at best. What a bunch of cockney ponces.
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04/03/2007 17:20:00

yes this is you,,17033,8751_1954665,00.html
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04/03/2007 17:43:00

We should have had Keane when he left Chaventry....... I think we need to aim higher.
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04/03/2007 18:37:00

Rotter, I believe it was us who *****ed on the Spam and were lucky we only won by 1 goal, as we clearly dominated the game and the decision's were actually for the most part going their way! Anyway,back to this, pretty clear why you would want Keane, on form and full fitness a top quality player and as such he will not be going anywhere and certainly not for the money being talked about here! He is worth atleast 10m if not more and why would we want that waste of space Angel? He's not even gd enough for you so why would we want him and lets face it Keane leaving us for Villa = a step down! We are the most promising outside the conglomerate of the top 4 and the only club with a half decent challenge of breaking in there! Anyway you have a great manager and with money I am sure you will be challenging for top 6 in the next couple of yr's but hopefully by then we'll putting in a proper challenge for the CL! Anyway lets put this rumour to bed once and for all!
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04/03/2007 18:53:00

Jefe-thanks for making the effort, clearly you were getting stuffed when i wrote it and i was sure that the hopeless hammers would put you out of sight. My apolgies to your good fortune! A step down at the moment, but as i said earlier, in most seasons it would be a step up for Keane to come to Villa. As for Angel, thats paper garbage, of course he isnt good enough for you or us. We are rebuilding and are not in your position but i dont see how you claim to be the best out of the top 4. You are miles away from CL contention and are no better than many of the clubs around you. Where is the evidence to back your statement-todays result?!! hah aha. Im afraid you are what you have always been- a midtable club withn fans who think you are better than everyone else. Its not only the arse that cant stand. Im sorry but i havent got any good will to you or your fans because you generally lord over evferyone else with nio basis whatsoever. You may finish top 8 this season. Over the course of premiership history that would be a promising season for you.
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04/03/2007 19:43:00

in our prem history we started with 2nd place!, wts your highest league postition in the league?
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04/03/2007 20:35:00

Anyway villa i should think will be signing these players mentioned expect ronaldinho but mabye in 6 years when he wants to win the league...but i really want a right winger
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04/03/2007 20:36:00

Scumville? Up there? Your head is sooooo far up your own arse you silly ringpiece of an M25 yid. You wanna see scumville? Look out you curtains, its like Bei-fecking-ruit round your way mate.
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05/03/2007 00:04:00

My basis for the argument is the fact that we finished 5th last season and were 4th for months until the final day of the season! We are now only 1 point off sixth place and very much on course for a top 6 finish in a season were we have already reached one cup semi and our now in an FA Cup QF and going strong in Europe! No other team outside the top 4 has shown that kind of progess in the last few yr's except Everton's flash in the pan a couple of yrs ago and then they nearly got relegated a year after! This is also baring in mind that King, our captain and best defender has been out for most of the season and never been fully fit when playing, also Lennon, Jenas, Malbranque and Keane have been out for lengthy spells aswell as Zokora and Berb missing games and adjusting to the Prem! We have England's number 1, Chimbo is easily one of the best RB's in the country, King and Dawson will prove to be one of the best partnerships in the Prem when they get a full season of play together (if King had not been out for our last 3-4 games last season - we would have been playing CL football this season)! Lennon along with Ronaldo and Robben is one of the best winger's in the country! Jenas, Zokora and Huddlestone are quality CM's as they have proven over the last 4 victories, once they get even more time to gel will just get better and better! Even Tainio is half decent, a player your club wanted! As for up front, well the fact that O'Neill would love either Keane or Defoe speaks volumes and as for Berbatov well what more needs to be said? I base it not only on what we have done, I am basing it on the players we have and we have a seriously talented squad, which when a couple of top quality left footers are added is going to go very far indeed! No disrespect, but there is nobody at Villa who I would put in our first team apart from your captain Barry, who is a yiddo I believe! I could not really care less what happened 10-15 years ago as that will have no baring on the here and now and that is that Spurs are a club on the up and up! The comment about finishing 2nd 15 ys ago, so what? What bearing does that have in the here and now? Nothing, if I am deluded then you guys are just as bad! I'm talking about last season, you guys are talking about 15 years ago? How many of those players are in your current sqaud? Right now Villa is a step down from Spurs, accept it, its fact! The league table does not lie and nor do the cup comp's or Europe! Villa aren't even safe from relegation yet, let alone having a chance of European football for next season!
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05/03/2007 03:27:00

And you wonder, JEFE, why vital fans dislike the spuds !! the reasons outlined by rotter are good enough for me :). When you win a game, spuds can be seen on other fan sites, spouting abt how they are abt to break into the big club category. but u've been saying that for a long time now. So you would understand it if the rest of us regard it with some amount of scepticism.
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05/03/2007 14:07:00

Christ, why do Spurs *****s always write essays? Have yu seen their own website - can't even be arsed to read any of it...... Bottom line - ideas above their station. 62m spent and f all to show for it. Come back in 3 years time when MON has had the opportunity Jol has to build a squad. In the meantime shut up moaning.
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05/03/2007 14:13:00

These Spuds fans 'eh!... assuming that us Lion's believe in what is written by the NOTW!
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05/03/2007 14:27:00

Actually Jefe... Villa have finished above Spurs on 10 of the 14 seasons since the PL began. In fact, Villa have finished in the top 6 on 6 occassions in the same period of time, as opposed to spurs' once, (Last season).. so if anything, last season was a fluke for you. Get your facts right... you deluded chump
The Usual Suspect
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05/03/2007 15:28:00

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05/03/2007 16:52:00

Our little Spud friend is having delluisions of grandeaur! Spurs the best bet outside of the top 4? Let's ask Bolton, Everton, and even our own fans about that. If we had as much cash as what Spurs have had over the past few years we would have gone further than them! As for all those players that JEFE mentioned, Zokora got slated when you got trounced by Man Utd a few weeks back, Keane's heart wasn't in it, Malbranque is crocked as is King, Jenas is the most overrated player in England, and Berbatov's only liked when he scores goals. Spurs fans are the most fickle i've ever come across, only 3 weeks ago you wanted the whole team out, and now you're bleating on like a bunch of world beaters. As for what you've achieved in the here and now compared to us, lets have a look shall we? Hmmmm, you finished 5th to Arsenal last year, you got knocked out of the league cup by Arsenal this year, your well outside of 4th place at the moment in the league, and you didn't play the hardest team that you drew in the UEFA cup 'cos they got kicked you've won exactly the same as Villa, and we had a muppet in charge for 3 years. Once O'Neill has sorted Villa out we'll see whose best!
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05/03/2007 22:17:00

No suprise that spurs are the most hated club in England. No silverware and idiot fans
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06/03/2007 13:00:00

We need to be setting our sights way higher than on Robbie Keane,. Surely?
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08/03/2007 03:37:00

Sorry who are you guys playing tonight in Europe? When was the last time you played in Europe? Passport must be gathering a lot of dust! Where are you in the League by the way, oh thats right not even safe from relegation! Crack me up, money excuses - funny that, your most expensive buy ever is a guy who wanted to come to us and held out as long as possible but we deemed him a rip off but yeah if you had this money and that you'd be brilliant! BTW dont suppose any of you know it alls, knew that your other big signing Carew was rejected by Fulham a few years ago for having dodgy knees even though a fee of some 7m had been agreed already! The excuse agreed between Fulham and the player, to save his career was that financial terms could not be agreed, you heard it here first - dont be surprised if he gets injured a lot! Don't think I'll bother coming back, your club is well beneath us at the moment, perhaps if we get desperate and need an emergency LW, we'll come and take Barry off your hands, lets face it, only player worthy of a chance of starting at Spurs! Stop living in the 80's - your ***** and well above your station!
Report Abuse
08/03/2007 05:40:00

Oh for the record, on the money situation: Your record signings = Young (completely unproven) - nearly 10m Angel - 9.5m Collymore - 7m Merson - 6.75m Baros - 6.5m Alpay - 5.5m Steve Stone - 5.5m It has to be said, Villa never spend any money! Brilliant players above, really did wonders for your club! We may have spent a lot of money, but have also brought a lot of money in and all the first team members are investments, I doubt we are looking at negative equity on the likes of Robbo, King, Daws, Lennon, Hudd, Jenas, Malbranque, Defoe, Keane, Berbs, even the likes of Chimbo and Zokora! It balances out to just over 50m you spent above and about 50m that we've spent on players mentioned! Just Lennon and Berbs would not be far off commanding that fee by themselves this summer and that is not unrealistic, 40m is guaranteed should we sell which is very unlikely but still! Would love to know how much of that 50m+ Villa got back? Answers on postcard! What we have to show for money spent is a massive profit for almost any sale of those mentioned above from a financial point view, but as for on the pitch, 5th narrowly missing out on CL, 1 semi, 1 QF with more to come, last 16 in Europe with more to come and challenging for 5th again - not bad for a team staring relegation in the face only just over 2 yrs ago (dont know where 3 yr argument is coming from)! This is why I said what I said originally, we are on the up and up - its not a case of being fickle, its a case of clear facts! But anyway I guess that for a team that was big 20 yrs ago to see a fellowing sleeping giant rise must be painful! Bit like taking too much pleasure watching porn, your only watching another man do what you should be doing! Gd luck, no hard feelings (pardon the pun)!
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08/03/2007 05:59:00

Tonight confirms why you stand f all chance of getting Robbie Keane, 2 superb finishes from a quality player! AND THE SPURS GO MARCHING ON!!!!! COYS!
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09/03/2007 01:07:00


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