Aston Villa - Phew, First Villa Target Achieved
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Phew, First Villa Target Achieved

Phew First Target achieved

Its seems to have been missed, but with 41 points its a fair bet we won't be relegated this season. Well done O'Neill.

In common with many I believe our first 13 are good enough for a top 4 spot, always have done, I'm just waiting for an injury to hit us hard and the balloon to burst.

We just don't have the quality in the squad of the others in the top 4, we don't have a manager who is as smart in the transfer market as some, so what.

O'Neill brings something, what I've no idea, but now he is finally up to speed with the PL, he's giving as good as most, better than many as our position and 9 matches unbeaten shows.

OK I'm not that pleased with many of his buys, I refuse to believe he could not have done much better for the money spent and I still feel he has to make a step up in January and buy above his normal level.

Friedel apart the teams backbone, our best defender, our best midfield player and our best striker are not his buys. I agree Young has achieved a similar level of performance, and I'm sure others will in time, but to push on now, when transfers are so hard for so many reasons, we need to bring in players who will replace that core 13 players who we know should achieve 4th or higher.

To do so in January is a virtually impossible task, for most, especially O'Neill, especially for a manager who has so far not bought proven stars.

This time around, I don't see players who take 6 days, let alone 6 months or even 2 season to have an impact are what is needed. We need a player, players who will take the great advantage O'Neill's team has gained and consolidate it.

It can be done, of course it can, and although I don't like suggesting names, because point scorers immediately go to Google to denigrate your suggestions, the likes of Bale, Anelka, Parker, Bellamy, Toure, Messi, and so on

Go for it Mart, relegation has been avoided, relax a bit son, go get some real quality, you know you want to.


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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 12 2009

Time: 3:45PM

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ha ha for some reason when I started reading that, I thought gotta be a '48 post.
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12/01/2009 16:04:00

Jones and NZogbia - things an only get better if we land these two talented startlets. I just worry it might change the way we play!
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12/01/2009 16:17:00

Surely you could argue though that Ashley Young is our best midfielder and Laursen nor Gabby were the players we would have seen if they'd not been under MON's guidance...We'll never know i guess.. I do know what your saying however... You only had to look at the Tottenham becj against Wigan and you could have picke 4 or five that would make us a better team/squad! Lennon? Bent? Jenas? Bentley? Dos Santos?
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12/01/2009 16:29:00

^^ Sorry about the spelling^^ only 20 mins of work left and my brain has packed it's bags for the day already!
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12/01/2009 16:31:00

Agree entirely Krisvilla. I knew immediately. Haven't heard anything for a while because we have been doing so well but with 12 days gone of the transfer market and only a 17 year old Dutch international to show, that is good enough reason to have a moan.
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12/01/2009 16:47:00

villan444 it was this that gave it away i think, "Its seems to have been missed, but with 41 points its a fair bet we won't be relegated this season. Well done O'Neill." I know he was only joking but, just gave it away, saying that though reading the rest.... In the future don't think '48 has to sign it off, we'll know it's him by the content of the article.
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12/01/2009 16:54:00

Are you having a laugh we had no chance of ever being relegated i think you just wanted a dig at MON, it's hard to attract top players when your not top four and any player that has not done the business isn't playing but makes up the squad number. PS i don't think his joking 48's always negative.
chris the villan
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12/01/2009 17:04:00

he was joking, i got wise to his posts, be ridiculous to say villa are relegation contenders!
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12/01/2009 17:18:00

Oh for Heavens sake some of you need to lighten up. Its a standard joke when you achieve 41 points that you can breath freely as relegation has been avoided. Thanks to Hitman for at least being with it.
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12/01/2009 17:41:00

It is no different to what MON said when asked about finishing in the top four, he said safety first was his priority.
The Fear
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12/01/2009 17:53:00

because you got previous '48, your reputation precedes you...
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12/01/2009 17:54:00

I was thinking the same thing yesterday - 40 points achieved!! I'd be interested to know who you think we could have got in for less money and is better than those we got? Bearing in mind that SAF spent MONs entire budget so far on just 2 players I'm wondering how you can do so much better?
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12/01/2009 17:55:00

Valencia please. If i say it enough someone WILL comment. Glad you're well avfc48. Keep up the outspoken posts. Doesn't mean I agree though....;-)
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12/01/2009 18:00:00

Koolbill I told you that i agree with you Valencia would be a great signing the first time you said it.
Tallaght Villan
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12/01/2009 18:10:00

Just think that the 40 point line is the last thing that we need to think about. We should be (and the players are) looking above not behind us. Negative points about injuries and MON's transfer record are not needed when we are doing so well. Its not broken with the team that we have so what is the need to fix it?? You never suggest alternatives anyway. With Bale, Anelka, Parker, Bellamy, Toure and Messi you are surely joking. Bellamy, Messi and Anelka unnattainable or just not better than what we have got in Toure, Bale and Parker.
Report Abuse
12/01/2009 18:20:00

kenwin jones may be useful but we need better more goals he gets 1 in 4,not good enough we need to take a risk on somone who may get 1 in 2 or 1 in 3, so for me its owen maybe croach or somone from abroad,we should get 2 strikers in 1 for top dollor and a dangerous sub, if oneil dousent trust our current subs, last season harewood and Maloney were poor when they started a game but looked great as subs, we need players on the bench who can change a game sorri about the spelling ttfn
Report Abuse
12/01/2009 19:58:00

I think we need atleast three good players, I would like to see Kevin Davies or jimmy Bullard just incase we lose Barry to injury, and i think we could do with someone like Bent, place a 10m bid and see where it gets us, i also think we should get N'Zogbia so he can cover Bouma at LB and cover for Young at LM, maybe even Bouma's future replacement, then i think we could still do with another Full back at the right someone fast like Bosingwa, remember Bosingwa was our target before Man Utd was linked to him and then Chelsea beat us to it, or maybe even that Nelson.
Villa 4 Ever
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12/01/2009 20:21:00

Reading across the blogs there is so much negativity amongst the Villa faithful (or should I say Villa Faithless?). We're going quite well at the moment and I can see no reason why we shouln't maintain our progess up the table. It is possible that we will win the league, though realistically I see us 3rd behind ManU, Liverpoor, and ahed of Arse in 4th. YES WE CAN
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12/01/2009 21:36:00

I think 4 good signings would make us a lot more solid. Maguel for cover at the back, Valencia, Doyle and some sort of old fashioned target man in the same mold as Hesky
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
12/01/2009 22:21:00

I have to grudgingly agree to some extent, but it's who we sign for big money without affecting the morale of a tight knit team. The Cascarino factor is another worry. This is when the scouts should earn their corn.
Report Abuse
12/01/2009 22:24:00

I think we have great potential....we are definately not as quality yet as the real top four........4 good signings would change that,also more focus on cohesion and for our signings, i think a Bendtner like striker, athletic, talented, and a good target in the box.....another attacking midfielder (unless sidwell continues his improvement or Barry gets forward more often) and obviously a SOLID, CONSISTANT left back....also, a good super sub, the likes of Dos Santos for structure, i think we should go back to 4-4-2 with Sidwell in place of Petrov (i know that will upset a few but if we get consistant in our backs we dont need him)
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 06:59:00

NewSedition? Bendtner????? NO Petrov?????? Dos Santos?????You are surely on the windup.
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 08:46:00

This makes me laugh!! We'll be next Spurs if we let some of the fans decide who we bring in! Big name Charlies, about whom most have only seen a few Youtube clips. Tarzan is right - the personality is as important as the quality. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey!
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 11:12:00

NewSedition are you serious?, get rid of Petrov from the team?? buy Dos Santos and Bendtner?? Petrov and Barry are our dream team in the centre of midfield. Bendtner is no better than Delfouneso and Dos Santos is a waste of money. We have a solid consistant left back in Freddy Bouma who will be back before the end of the season and as for needing another midfielder, your argument is floored if you suggest going back to 4-4-2. We would have too many midfielders in our squad for a 4-4-2.
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 13:12:00

I actually quite like Dos Santos, he looks lively for such a young un and I think Spuz might have done a good bit of business for only 5 or 6 mil.
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 13:18:00

"I don't like suggesting names, because point scorers immediately go to Google to denigrate your suggestions" Or maybe it's because if you named names you would have to stick by an opinion.
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 15:00:00

Tallaght: Cheers mate. Agree with Doyle too but only if we get Valencia with him. Really unsure about the back and would only consider quality/experience such as Wes Brown and he'll never leave Man U. Dos Santos can ***** off. He's been rubbish at Tottenham and is overrated and over here! Kenwyne Jones is not worth 10m, maybe 7m but not 10m. I still rate Crouch though some say he is too slow for out counter attacking team...I've gone off Bent since the transfer window as I think he just doesn't have enough in his locker to take us forward. Crouch has all the touches of Carew and half or a quarter of the injuries but is not as menacing...we need a Gudjohnsen type player...The three-man mf we have at the moment, discounting the wingers is untouchable and no-one should be dropped from that. Petrov is on fire!!!!!
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 19:10:00

well actually, 41 points is not enough to save us from relegation, mathematically speaking. But trust mr 48 (doesn't deserve the AVFC in his monica) to be a real downer.
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 20:17:00

If we are safe from relegation, can we now relax and start playing football like Mr Mowbray wants us to?
Report Abuse
13/01/2009 22:05:00

Good article '48, I echo your sentiments. Time indeed to push on, and bring in that little bit of quality, quality that makes the difference between being amongst the winners, or mixing it with the also-rans.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 00:18:00

I still believe that Kevin Doyle is the answer to our problems up front. He'll provide the options and alternatives that are currently lacking. I championed his cause throughout the summer of 2008, but many said that he wasn't a prolific enough goalscorer. I said then that with the right service he'd score goals for fun, and I still believe that to be the case.
Report Abuse
15/01/2009 00:23:00

Dunno if anyone is still on this topic but.......lighten up im not joking with my OPINIONS....i said a bendtner LIKE striker, not to sign Bendtner....and no-one can tell me seriously that Dos Santos dosent have amazing potential, everyone plays rubbish for tottenham this year,he could be a im not a football expert but i am still entitled to my opinions,i am an aussie so i cant watch as much footy as most of you but i watch every villa game and most of the others ever week,and i understand the game pretty well considering.,. also yes bouma WAS a great option at LB, but i dont think we should count on the fact that he is ever gunna be the same as he was. and back to petrov, name me a moment in say the last 2 months where he even looked comfortable or creative getting forward and i will eat my hat,, great defensive midfielder and distributor,but so is Barry, do we need 2? i think we need more goal potential, which i also feel we had more goals in us from the 4-4-2, look at our goals in the 4-5-1 form and there are a lot of scrapy and lucky ones , we are DEFINATELY more dangerous in 4-4-2. (thats my strong OPINION)
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16/01/2009 07:15:00


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