Aston Villa - Arsene Wenger, An Odious Whingebag!
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Arsene Wenger, An Odious Whingebag!

Arsene Wenger is surely one of the most odious characters in the world of football management? His nickname of Arsene Whinger is certainly well earnt, the man has no grace or sportsmanship at all.

Yesterday v Villa he was at his whinging best then he wonders why the crowd and manager reacted to him.

His gesticulation was taken to another level, I know passions run high but for the love of Paul McGrath, grow up Arsene.

The under pressure Arsenal boss, quoted in a report by Janine Self of The Sun, accused Martin O'Neill of intimidating the referee. BLIMEY, that is rich from one of the very worst in the game! If things go against his team he sees everything, if they go for Arsenal he comes out with the 'I didn't see it' knowing full well they lucked out.

Whinger said: 'I know how it works here. At half-time the ref gets stick, in the second half a 50-50 decision goes the other way. I waited at half-time to see what happened and I was not disappointed. There is nothing more to explain. I had no discussion with O’Neill. You should ask him about that. The dugouts are close together.'

He also says the penalty was the turning point. Well, having watched it now on the highlights, it was a cast iron penalty and there should have been no complaints from the whingebag!

Martin O'Neill confirmed to the press that assistant manager John Robertson spoke to the ref at half time but added the disagreement on the touchline was 'much ado about nothing'!

He said: 'The referee did not give a foul against Gabriel Agbonlahor and was all of three yards away' {which then led to their goal I think}. Bet Arsene didn't see that though. What a berk!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 27 2008

Time: 10:18AM

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What a blinkered, sad little man. I used to think he really knew what he was doing, but I'm beginning to think he's really lost it. The pressure seems to have really affected him. If he carries on like this 4th is more and more likely for Villa.
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27/12/2008 10:36:00

His interview with Sky after the game reminded me of a sulky little school boy pouting because he didn't get his own way. Horrible bloke, he has no grace or sportsmanship about him, which is a shame as he is very obviously a good manager.
The Fear
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27/12/2008 10:36:00

in interviews O'Neill summarises the game fairly and accurately. He admits if we are not at our best. Wenger can't bare to admit when his team are outplayed. he is so bitter. i enjoyed zat's goal more than almost any villa goal in ages. in thine face mr wingebag
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27/12/2008 11:06:00

Wenger stands on TV and claims to never see anything when his team transgress, yet everyone else cheats, Eboue threw himself all over the floor yesterday and when he didnt get his way shot up running like sprinter, vile team, vile manager
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27/12/2008 11:14:00

Wenger is entitled to give his opinion on things. Every other manager is allowed this basic courtesy so why have a go at him when he choses to criticize a decision? Wenger's problem is he has been too open and willing to answer the press in the past and they have twisted his words round to wound him. I used to think Villa fans were pretty fair but you're no better than your Birmingham cousins really.
Wyn Mills
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27/12/2008 11:24:00

Fair? Neither yourself, Wenger, or Arsenal would know what fair was if it bit you on the ass. Oh hang on, it did! It wouldn't have been 'fair' if Arsenal had travelled back to London with 3 points last night. Villa faught hard for 94 minutes and created chance after chance after chance, but STILL didn't give up. Fair??? You can shove it.
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27/12/2008 11:32:00

WM - even you have to admit we were the better side yesterday? So why can't AW come out and say that, and that a point was a good result in the end? Instead of which he blames all and sundry for his, and his own teams, failings. Opinion is one thing, blind obstinacy is another. Seems like you've been going to the Whinger school of diplomacy.
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27/12/2008 11:37:00

We got completely outplayed by Chelsea and beaten. We all accepted it,and praised chelsea for how good they were. We got a lucky win against West Ham. We were delighted but admitted West Ham were unfortunate. Yesterday, except for a 20 min spell after half time, we were clearly the better team and showed great spirit and skill to earn a draw from 2-0 down. The first goal was an obvious penalty, but what do we hear from Wenger? Moan, moan, moan. Robertson spoke to the ref and the crowd were too noisy and influenced him? Perhaps he should be looking at why, two minutes into injury time, there were more attackers than defenders in the Arsenal box? Any respect for Wenger (who has been a great manager) has slowly been eroded with his constant whinging. He has reached the stage of being an embarassment to one of Englands great traditional clubs. PS Also very proud that we had NINE English players in our line up for an ENGLISH Premier League match. (Still like Laursen, Carew, Cuellar and Bouma back asap though!)
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27/12/2008 11:51:00

I dont know why you choose to pick up on the small unimportant things like what wenger said. Your manager had to be held back by someone because he couldnt control himself. You deserved to win in the first half and be out of sight. We sucker punched you twice and then gave away a stupid penalty. From there on in it was backs against the wall and you got an equalizer which overall was the minimum you deserved. Gabby is a geat player but whinges as much as any player i have seen before. I was sitting 5 rows from the front and he gave so much verbal abuse to the linesman it was embarassing. Overall i think you guys will give us a good run for 4th place. Good luck for the rest of the season
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27/12/2008 12:15:00

As usual it's another case of people falling for the written headlines of the red tops. I don't see in any of Arsene's quotes where he says that MO'N intimdated the referee, just that the referee got some stick, which he did from players, fans and staff as he waked off the pitch. And at no point did Wenger whinge about the penalty just said that it was the turning point of the game, which it clearly was. And going by the replays it wasn't as clear cut as you might think, but that's just my opinion. As for Arsene's interview after the game, he was rightly p**sed off and didn't want to talk to that moron Geoff Shreeves. We were incredibly lucky to not go in 4-0 down at half time, but you were incredibly lucky not to be 4-0 with half an hour left, 2-2 was probaby the right result, but it still stings despite our shocking first haf performance. That said I'm still disapointed that you have been sucked in by the red top rubbish.
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27/12/2008 12:17:00

"I know how it works here," he said. "At half-time the referee gets stick and then in the second half every little 50-50 decision goes the other way.

"That's what happened. It's not only here.

"I waited at half-time to see what happened and I was not disappointed."

I don't know about you Rocky, but this sounds like Wenger accusing Villa of influencing the Ref and succeeding? I thought you'd have read all the articles properly, not just the headlines.
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27/12/2008 12:57:00

Isn't that the sign of a Top 4 side, being able to influence the referee's decisions in our favour? IF it's true, maybe the tide has turned. Up the Villa
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27/12/2008 13:31:00

Actually to me it sounds like Wenger accussing the official of folding under pressure. This goes on at every ground in the country, yestreday was no different. Did the ref favour Villa in the second half, probably not, but when everything goes against you, you start to see things differently. Wenger has only said what other managers say all the time, indeed I've heard MO'N spout the same stuff. Wenger just has a reputation so what ever he does is amplified ten fold. Evertime we get a player sent off the number of red cards we've seen under Arsene Wenger is brought up .... it happens with no other manager ... so why Wenger? Because the total certainly isn't out of the ordinary when you consider the amount of games he's managed for. Same with the whinging. I know he does himself no favours sometimes, but if you insist on talking to a man 30 seconds after he's seen his team capituate for the umpteenth time this season then what sort of a reaction do you expect to get? See what he has to say when he's camed down a bit before you condemn him.
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27/12/2008 13:51:00

Rocky7 makes some very good points, especially about interviews straight after the game BUT I'm afraid that throughout the world of football Wenger is considered a whinger who never gives other teams any credit. Of course there are times when he has valid points, but these tend to be disregarded because of the number of times he moans without reason. We had a similar problem wihen O'Leary was manager, but I truly believe that MON is far more objective, and tells it as it is.
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27/12/2008 14:21:00

I do take Rocky's point about managers having to deal with inane interviewers seconds after the emotional pounding they go through during a game such as yesterday's. Wenger has the arrogance and impatience often asociated with intellectual individuals and can neither suffer fools gladly nor hide his contempt too easily. I'd not be bothered if I never heard a post-match interview again. Nonetheless, Uncle Arsene is a moaning minnie and should also get down to Specsavers to help him see those incidents involving his own team that he currently doesn't.
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 14:22:00

READ THIS: Must admit, it did make me laugh. And they wonder why no takes Arsenal seriously anymore Ha ha ha
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27/12/2008 14:24:00

Come on guys we're supposed to be friends, they all talk ***** especially after a game like that. Disappointed to not take the 3 points after our chances but 4 points off Arsenal is pretty decent. We got the least we deserved but you have to hand it to them, they took their chances and we didn't. You have to have that quality when you're playing away from home and Arsenal did a good job of it.
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27/12/2008 14:38:00

Unfortunately Rocky, that's his job. It's part of the contract between football and TV. If he can't handle it then perhaps it's time he thought of quitting. I think you'll find that MoN is very honest after matches. He tells it as it is. Wenger is telling it as he perceives it to be. Even Arsenal fans on TV this morning were wondering if he's going a bit senile!
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27/12/2008 14:56:00

I also agree that Wenge has the right to his opinion. If I remember rightly after we won 0-2 at the Emirates, he was full of praise for Villa. As he has been this week for Sidwell, and wishing him all the best. I also think that both MON and Wenger are braver than many other managers, like Fergeson, who NEVER speak to the press after a bad result. Fergeson always cowardly sends his assistant to the interviews when MON have lost. All managers tend to try to highlight the others luck or mistakes, afterall their bosses are listening! But it was obvious to everyone, even the MOTD critics Shearer and Laurenson and Linekar that Villa deserved all 3 points! And that the penalty was a concrete foul! What else can it be if you bring a player down in the box and dont touch the ball?
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 15:24:00

correction, when MANU have lost!
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 15:25:00

Villa_de, that was the point I was making. Unlike many managers Wenger is always up for being interviewed, even by people like Sheeves who try to twist things into something newsworthy. Its disappointing when opposing fans say things like Wenger never gives any credit when he virtually always complements opponents for their strength and commitment. Perhaps we are watching different post-match interviews. That's what I meant about being fair. However I have to admit that yesterday's interview revealed a Wenger who looked more stressed, *****ed off and less charitable than I'd seen for a while (and who could blame him with MO'N doing a mental jig in front of him). As for Villa influencing the referee I think the point Wenger was making is that it isn't just Villa, its endemic throughout the league. Why should an official at any club be allowed to speak to the referee before a game is over? That can't be right, can it? Most Arsenal fans, if you read the blogs, will admit we were lucky to come away with any points yesterday. Villa were probably the better side over the 90 minutes. No-one disputes this. Lady Luck was on our side, but to some extent you make your own luck. As for the penalty I'd always thought you had to obstruct or trip someone in the area to get one. Its seems these days all you need to do is miss the ball and make the slightest of contact with an opponent who crumbles in a heap.
Wyn Mills
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 17:05:00

No, his antics are always similar to what he did on Boxing Day rocky, I have a lot of respect for him as a manager but think as a person he has no real respect for anyone else and is certainly not a sportsman as he has no grace. One thing you will usually get from MON is honesty, if we played badly, he'll say so etc. Wenger is one of the whingiest managers I've ever seen!
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 17:32:00

And he a wrinkly old ****!
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 18:45:00

Great game , best we have played all season at home should or could have been 4-0 up could have gone 3-0 down. Penalty was a homer , we wouldn't have got it away from VP . In the end the much maligned Zat saved our ass. Over the season so far we are better than Arsenal and over the two games we have been by far the better side . The tide is or has turned ! Fair enough ?
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 22:06:00

*****er! Har-de-ha-ha. Has anyone noticed he seems to be going mad? maybe he has caught what gallas had. seems to me (excellent manager though he is) he may have been over-estimated as he inherited one of the greatest ever defences, (dixon, winterburn, adams, keown and bould). sure his midfield and forwards are excellent but the defence nowadays ie. the one he has created, is poor. furthermore, how many fullbacks can he play?! Toure (always looks better at RB), Gallas (always looks... LB), Sagna, Silvestre, Eboue and Clichy. Impressive...
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 23:04:00

should be arsene w@nker
Report Abuse
27/12/2008 23:41:00

Villan-in-Cyprus: Just checked that link. Unbelievable!
Report Abuse
28/12/2008 16:05:00

The pressure is on Wenger results wise...also htere are all kinds of rumblings behind the scenes with shares up for grabs, Russians lurking and David Dein possibly on the way back. A club that has been a template for being well run have a little uncertainty behind the scenes. The results are not as good as many fans would have liked the failure of the "super kids" at Burnley. The precieved reluctance to spend in transfer windows are all factor heaping more pressure on Wenger and when a tabloid buffoon like Geoff Shreeves asks the most pathetic questions after a game you can i suppose understand the monosyllabic answers. All that said I have rearely seen him take defeat on the chin.
Report Abuse
29/12/2008 09:50:00

He's very definitely feeling the pressure, and comes across as an individual very poorly equipped to deal with it. He's getting it in the neck from all quarters lately, from the media, and even from amongst his own supporters. The Big Four have been so used to being The Big Four for so long now, that they simply cant handle the fact that the status quo is being challenged.
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 19:56:00

To give him his due though, he arrived at Highbury to be greeted with the question Arsene Who, and yet then went on to build some top quality Arsenal teams, winning trophies along the way. You do wonder though whether the flak and criticism is getting to him, and if it is, then how much longer will he remain at the Arsenal helm?
Report Abuse
06/01/2009 19:59:00


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