Aston Villa - Nigel Reo-Coker Linked To Spurs Move!
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Nigel Reo-Coker Linked To Spurs Move!

Ha, funny rumour of the day time!

According to the Daily Express Spurs might sell Didier Zokora to former boss, now in charge at Real Madrid surprisingly, Juande Ramos.

Why does that interest us you all say?

The replacement according to the red top and bastion of all things football (cough cough) say that non other than Nigel Hokey-Cokey is being lined up as a replacement.


According to the report NRC isn't particularly happy at Villa having been played out of position for most of his tenure at Villa following his high price transfer from West Ham to Villa in July 2007 (£8.5million).

Apparently 'Appy 'Arry, who loves Villa, sees Reo-Coker as the ideal replacement and will bin in January with the cash received from Real Madrid.

Forum member Villan57 aside, would you miss NRC or would you cash in on the young midfielder, right back, winger... sorry, remind me, where does he play again?!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 11 2008

Time: 12:17PM

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We can't lose our cokey, but I'd sell him to the **** (part 2) if they offered 20m.
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11/12/2008 12:33:00

You can keep him, he's ***** anyway.
Chris Hart
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11/12/2008 12:35:00

Coke head is ****! I doubt any of you Villa fans would care too much about him leaveing if you knew anything about football. I am more worried about us losing Zokora who has looked the part since arry' has been in charge.
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11/12/2008 12:41:00

I like Reo-Coker even if he is a former Spammer. I think he could do a decent job for us breaking up play and playing the simple ball to Modric and co. Lets put it this way I think Re-Coker offers a lot more on the pitch than Zokora. So if Madrid are actulay interested (which i cant believe) we could get enough out of them to pay for Coker without going into any of our funds.
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11/12/2008 12:51:00

This wouldnt surpise me just when i am starting to think MON had a decent sized squad (barring another striker) that he would sell one of our better back up players. Doubt he would replace him either.
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11/12/2008 12:58:00

he may not be able to spray 50 yard passes around the park or 20 yard passes for that matter but he workes his ass off for us and generally is one of our better players when he plays, considering he pretty much shut down ronaldo while being played out of position says alot about the man. i think he is a valueable member of our squad and unless spurs wanted to pay stupid money we would be wise to keep him....although im sure it all B/S anyway
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11/12/2008 12:58:00

I cant say that this excites me, Reo-coker to Spurs. Even if Zakora does go (unlikely) to Real Madrid the man us Spuds need to fufil that coveted role as DCM is Diarra of Pompey. We wanted him a little while back but the Goners never sell directly to Spurs. Diarras Harry's man and his all round game is sound as opposed to Zakora who has never made a telling pass in a Spurs shirt let alone look like troubling the onion bag(I know its not his job!). So i think Villa fans shouldn't be too worried about this one , tho I can see the Barry saga rearing its ugly head again for you. Good luck Villa in pipping the Arse for 4th....
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11/12/2008 13:00:00

I'd miss him like a boil on the A**e .
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11/12/2008 13:03:00

he cant pass the ball 5 yards sometimes. let him go for 10m.
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11/12/2008 13:07:00

I'll drive him to London myself, but I think we should play hard ball on the price, at least get our money back.
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11/12/2008 13:08:00

No thanks lads we already have a "cant pass cant hit a barn door but ill run all ******** day" player in Didier Zokora and you dont really think hes going to Real Madrid do you? lol I like what he gives but i dont think Nigel is a Spurs type of player. OOh and i am officially a villa supporter, please please please pip the goons into forth for the sake of english football! best of luck.
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11/12/2008 13:18:00

He hasn't exactly set VP alight and clearly doesn't like the right-back role. 10m ? Ta-ra Cokey!
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 13:37:00

What about his wonder goal at the Lane this season?
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11/12/2008 13:39:00

I'm a little surprised, I knew Nige wasn't the most popular player in the opinions of some on this site but I can't understand why you'd want him to leavue us, especially not to a team who are competing with us. Nige is good lads be honest, and we don't have another player like him. thank you to all you spurs lot wishing us luck, there was never going to be many of you but its nice that some can see past our differences to wish the Arse a similar second half to the season. UTV
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 13:55:00

if mon successfully converts nrc to right back, i want him to stay.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:02:00

I can't understand the critiscm of NRC. I agree he is not the most elegant player on the ball, but his work rate is fantastic. He does the 'ugly' side of the game superbly. He must be a 'pain in the axxe' to play against. Very valuable member of the squad I think ( and I'm sure so does MON)
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:04:00

Young_Jonah - you really must stop believing everything the daily rags print - you'll give yourself an ulcer.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:08:00

He's not done bad for us at all this season. Great performances against Spurs and Man Utd. Last season he was vilified to an extent, but he turned fans perception about him around. I personally think it would be a bad move to sell NRC - his versatility is useful, and if our midfield 3, milner, lukey young or carlos get injured NRC steps in a does a steady job (although 10m is a good sale price). Still young and English and has captain attributes - if he can get the basics of the game right (i.e. passing!) he could be a very decent player over the coming years.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:10:00

I think NRC does a great job in many thankless positions. I agree entirely with 1982benny. I dont blame him if he wants to leave, the fans show him little grattitude for all his hard work, being played since he came to Villa out of position. I think we should keep him, unless he really wants to go and Spurs offer silly money for him!
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:11:00

Keep him and hopefully he can help villa get 4th ahead of the scum. Please villa get 4th this season and good English players will prevail over them foreign mercenaries at the haemorrhoid's stadium.
spurfect one
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 14:53:00

Spurfect one, have you given up any hopes of coming 4th? Oh I forgot! Let me rephrase- Have you climbed out of relegation yet?
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 15:04:00

JT_daniel, your so funny did u think that up all by yourself clever boy "clap clap clap" .
spurfect one
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 15:16:00

I think that we should keep him - its all well and good having him on the bench when we play 4-5-1 but once Carew is fit or we get another striker and revert to the 4-4-2 I think Reo-Coker has to play - or at least have an important squad role. Assuming Petrov, Barry and Young play in that 4 you need to pick between Milner, Sidwell and Reo-Coker. If we need to take that cautious, defending approach NRC is the best man for that job!
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11/12/2008 15:40:00

As the quality of our squad is increasing we will have to let some of our worse players leave which Nige undoubtedly is. He did a good job to help get us into top 6 in the league and has served his purpose so thanks must go to him but now he wants to play every week and it isn't going to happen if we are to make it into the top 4. Thanks for the memories Nige but you can't pass 2 yards let alone 20 and as for your dribbling down a dead end or sometimes straight off the pitch with your head down, you could have well made it to row Z before you looked up.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 16:48:00

As we become a bigger squad and team will may need to lose some players, but NRC isnt one of them. If we play bigger teams like AC and Barc we will need player like him who can shut down their pacey stars like deco and kaka. Nobody in the squad can do what he did to Ronaldo, no he may not start alot of games but he is a great part of AVFC
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 17:44:00

he would do a great job at Spurs just like agent Ridgewell did at blues Ha Ha! Seriously he is the worst of our current crop of midfielders and one of the worst players I've ever seen in my 41 seasons at VP . Just hope we can get a fee for him !
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 18:49:00

Thats a bit harsh Villan57. I've never seen a game where he has given less than 100%. How many Villa players of the last 10 years can we say that about?
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 19:16:00

1 bull***** rumour and your talking like he can't play a part any more, how long ago was it that he played so well against Man U? Everyone on here agreed that he was as good as anyone in that game and a couple of games later we're too good for him. Were not there yet boys and it will be a while before we can't benefit from having Nige on our side.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 19:25:00

Only a fool would sell him at this point. Anyone who can kick Ronaldo into submission and see him limping off the park a frustrated boy has a place in the squad.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 19:44:00

You can bet your life if he leaves he'll be quality elsewhere and come back to haunt us. Keep him. Useful "squad player"
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 19:47:00

This is clearly nonsense. We will not sell him and I for one am glad about that. He is a valuable member of our already small squad. I don't believe we will sell anyone in January. Not even Harewood. Ok, maybe Harewood!
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 20:44:00

no chance martin will let reo go,this rumour is complete bull*****! and as for some of the comments i see on here quite a lot about our most hard working player it completely bemuses me.ok,he aint great on the ball but he more than makes up for it with his lung bursting runs all over the pitch closing down and going forward and tell me this who doesnt lose the ball quite often recently for villa,name me 1 player? who's next to get the boo boy treatment i wonder,milner looks like he is already getting it on forum which i find an even bigger disgrace but hey ho you just cant please some people who find it so easy to criticise OUR own players. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 20:47:00

Hes kept Ronaldo quiet several times now, i bet he'd love to playing on this 4-5-1 in Sidwells role, why he wasnt brought on against everton to shore up at 2-1 i have no idea. I also think as a right back he links up better with Milner than Cuellar does (though i'd rather play Young there). He got caught on the ball a lot last season after winning it in the first place but i got the impression he never wanted to pass it back to Mellberg at Rb after some disasters early on and he didnt have a right winger to give it to so had limited options. He is also one of our leaders on the pitch and the only player who actually seems to talk out there. Ive noticed he looks crap against poor teams who dont want to attack but against the better sides whose midfielders like to try and run it he dominates them. Must keep hold of him, hes still young and yes i think i love him.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 21:03:00

lol - the slightist bit of transfer talk or speculation and the Vital Villa site springs to life!!!
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 21:04:00

dont most of the ''journalists'' for the red tops support Wham or Spurs.
Report Abuse
11/12/2008 23:48:00

Now that i have seen sidwell in consistent action for villa it shows reo coker up for what he is,A glorified championship player.
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 10:52:00

He is an athlete with an amazing engine but his footballing talent is non-existent.
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 11:01:00

doesn't anyone else think that Craig Gardner is better, and also has the potential to be FAR better than HRC?!
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 14:32:00

I'd like to keep him. I think he's done a job this season and provides good competition. And no, I don't think Craig Gardner is better, i'd go as far to say as I don't really rate Craig Gardner.
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 20:04:00

That said, Craig Gardner would be better off on loan somewhere to gain first team experience, like at Spurs.
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 20:06:00

zokora to real!!!!! priceless!
Report Abuse
12/12/2008 23:05:00


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