Aston Villa - Has John Carew Disgraced Himself?
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Has John Carew Disgraced Himself?

Lisa Smith has a report in the Birmingham Mail >> Click Here claiming that John Carew who was a shock omission from the UEFA Cup game v Ajax on Thursday night was seen breaking the players curfew the night before the biggest match in the last 10 years for Villa.

It is claimed that fans saw him in a lap dancing club at 1am.

Martin O'Neill admitted our so called star striker was left out because he was 'tired'.

TIRED? The man doesn't know the meaning of the word, try working in a factory for 12 hour shifts or holding down a normal job, or worrying about how the bills are going to be paid next month like many of the Villa faithful have to do.

Lisa says that O'Neill - who is rightly furious - will have showdown talks with the player and he could be fined up to two weeks wages (100 000) which I believe is the maximum any club is allowed to fine players? He might also be omitted from the Wigan squad. If this report is true, I certainly hope he is, I'll not cheer him again, he has let down his team, let down his fans and most unforgivably let down this mighty club of ours.

The report quotes Villa fan Mike McKiernen: 'I was in the club just after midnight when Carew walked in with a female companion. He is such a distinctive guy that there was no mistaking him. We left at 1am and he was still there sitting in a corner near the DJ booth. I was more than a little taken aback to see him bearing in mind Villa had such a major fixture that night and a game of huge significance to the fans.'

He did add that JC wasn't drinking or with the lap dancers. Adding, 'Carew is very popular amongst the fans and is a very important player. It beggars belief he would be out just hours before a major game.'

The 6'4' striker had blood tests as the club doctor was worried the player was run down.

O'Neill, who hasn't commented about these claims as yet, told the Friday press conference: 'It has been said to me that John is between illness and fitness but he has come back from two international matches with Norway and then played immediately for us. He has felt under the weather and although he has been training and hasn't missed that, our club felt he needed a few tests. He is absolutely fine and we will have to see now about Sunday although the team did exceptionally well without him.'

I REALLY hope this isn't true, if it is then the man is a disgrace who I'd rather see sold than played again. There has to be some respect for the fans from players and if they can't muster that then at least some respect towards the club and the people paying his wages. This would be a massive slap in the face. JC could be an awesome striker, at the moment he is just ok and on his day when he decides to get stuck in, he shows glimpses of being a real menace. But how many times is he 100% 'at' the game? I must admit, as I sit by the bench on the front row, I've not seen a player as whiney as him for ... I can't remember that last one actually. He only has to have a slight knock and he is wincing towards the bench, holding his back, or leg, or neck and recently he came over for a drink then pulled a 'poorly' face pointing at his throat.

As our former great Dennis Mortimer once told me, in his day you would never show the opponents you were hurt and would be very reticent to tell Ron Saunders either, he would tell them when they were injured! All they wanted to do was play football. Seems the modern era that isn't always the priority as we've seen with other recent articles in the press about a certain striker shooting and scoring a hattrick off the pitch!

Dion Dublin said recently whilst talking about John Carew - and he actually enlarged on the subject talking about the similar Emile Heskey that if they just had that bit more aggression and belief, they could be scoring for fun with their physical attributes being used to maximum benefit.

As said, I hope this is found to be not true, it would be a disgrace and a real slap in the face to the fans who pay their very hard earned money to see such players.

Our latest poll asks if he should be dropped, if the report is true, for the Wigan game.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 25 2008

Time: 9:27AM

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I so hope this isn't true.
The Fear
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25/10/2008 09:31:00

I hope this isn't true too. I'm trying to find excuses for the man, but there are none.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 09:39:00

If it is then MON will deal with it. I have worked in bars and clubs all my life and I have carried more than one wrecked Villa player out from one legendary Brummie night. Unfortunately they are young men with the same weakneses as the rest of us. I also hope it is not true but if it is then a big fine, an apology and a commitment to not repeat the action will suffice. I do not think it is as big a crime as the summer of turmoil GB has put us through wanting to ditch us for the bright lights of Scouseland and we have forgiven him.
jake findlay
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 09:40:00

Would totally disagree there Jake. He isn't a kid, he should know better and if he is tired and run down, bed would be a better place to be than some strip club or whatever they call them these days. It makes you wonder (again, IF true) if this is why he has been such a journeyman all these years. Barry has never let us down on the pitch, sure form comes and goes with players, but he always cares and in the last year under DOL was the main reason we weren't relegated. He wanted a move of job, he isn't a fan, he is staff but apart from the one stupid interview (one big mistake in ten years) he has conducted himself well and did want to play when selected even though he wanted a move. His crime is he wanted to play Champions League at the peak of his career and might not have been convinced that the players were had brought in at that point were capable of pushing Villa to the top four. In all honesty nor was I.
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 10:03:00

He has made a bad mistake, but deserves another chance. Selling him is a bit harsh! Remember the antics of our great hero Mcgrath?
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 10:17:00

agree with Rotter82. Ok, Big John's antics might be a lot worse than, say Joey Barton, but if he has done wrong, I think he deserves the chance to say sorry. (if all this is true)
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 10:56:00

jeez he went out late, its not so bad you should never play him again! especially when he is such a key player and a legend. people make mistakes all the time for crying out loud.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:29:00

I will be very disappointed if this is true but to sell him!?!?! Come on now. Let's get some perspective. The fact that he missed out on such a memorable match has probably already given him food for thought. Let's not give in too typical tabloidesque knee jerk reactions. In MON we trust.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:35:00

Yeah, let's try and have a bit of perspective shall we. And throwing around cliches like "try working a 12 hour shift in a factory" isn't helpful, after all it's not 1920. I work in an office and I if I had to run around a pitch for 90 mins I'd probably suffer a major stroke. So the exact opposite is true, compared to Carew very few of us know the meaning of the word tired. Carew wasn't drinking according to reports and it's quite likely (given the hours a footballer works) that he had slept during the day.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:37:00

Perhapse he had already been told he wasnt playing a day or two before the game?
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:44:00

No, it isn't the 1920's so no one works long hours in factories anymore??????? He is paid to be fit, paid to be at the peak and paid to play. Not to feck around the night before one of our biggest games in years. I can't believe some don't see how (if true!!) unprofessional this is. I'm shocked.
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:45:00

And if he wasn't well enough to play DO'L how / why was he well enough to be out until the early hours?
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:46:00

I must say that Big John has seemed to be a bit of a sick-note really. At least we now know why. It adds significance to the praise that MON gave Gabby after the Ajax game. Oh that we could find a foreward, or two, with Carew's strengths, Harewoods attitude, and Michael Owens predatory skills.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 11:54:00

love that combo winsforvilla, be worth about a billion pounds as well!!!
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 12:08:00

I think you are massively over reacting. At a time where we are short of strikers, and lets be honest, John Carew is a class striker who offers so much, to say don't play him again and sell him is a bit far? Paul McGrath was and still is a legend, yet he would sometimes even turn up to games drunk, but as long as they are performing for us I don't really mind if he is the night before a game. As it says, he wasn't with the lap dancers or drinking. There are far bigger things to worry about than this. Up The Villa
Ian Taylor
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 12:20:00

It's bad, if it's true, but he's only human, made a mistake, fine him, tell him not to do it again. He's too important for Villa to just get rid o fhim, Barry had done worse with his newspaper interview, he's been given another chnace cos he is a quality player, Carew will play again. Although interesting to see how Fear see's him on the pitch side, does come across he's a bit too easy in getting 'injured'.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 12:21:00

absolutely ian taylor. ian taylor is a legend. well said ian taylor. we pay the players money to play football so dropping him is a stupid idea. just fine him some wages and move on!
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 13:13:00

I don't really care about what he's done, because we won the match. He stayed out too late, and i'm sure he's sorry. At least he was honest about being tired instead of putting in a half arsed performance. The fact is he loves this club, the club loves him, he is a quality player, and we should get past one slip up. I would hate to see him leave.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 13:26:00

i think your overeacting with the id rather see him sold biz, fine him and maybe drop him for one game but thats it, he will learn his lesson, im surprised at this though.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 13:36:00

I'm seeing so much anger and vitriol on the various sites such as "he's let the club down", "we should fine him", and even "he should be sold" - but we don't even know yet whether it's true. D'ye know what - maybe we should all just calm down and wait until the facts are known, and then we should chill some more and trust MON and the club to find the correct course of action. We all complain about the gutter press, but I sometimes think we deserve it - don't we just love to jump up and down and curse somebody!!
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 13:47:00

What an over reaction, if he`d been spotted in a 24-hour Tescos buying cucumber people wouldn`t give a monkeys.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 14:23:00

He's let himself and the club down, but common sense tells me that he should be disiplined by the club and warned about his future conduct and thats it! I feel it's a little over the top to suggest he should not play for Villa again. Forgive him and move on. After all, he who is without sin...
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:08:00

So what,Fine him and move on,He wasn`t out rapeing or bashing someone up like barton.Thats if it is true.He is a top player who may have made a little mistake and broken aston villa rules,This is a bigger over reaction than when flintoff got *****ed and fell off a pedlo.I don`t visit these places myself but Getting tits rubbed in your face for a few quid isn`t a crime.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:17:00

Oh my god, what a disgrace, he should be sold, banned from football and maybe even put on death row. Its just plain disgusting, its a million times worse than turning up for matches drunk or high on coke or wife beating or getting 3 different women pregnant or being an on line web cam pervert.........Yes, I am being sarcastic. Mr Fear, would you have sold Merse or Mcgrath??? Or is it totally dependent on how good of a player the man in question is?
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:21:00

i think big John is what we have missed in the team since Peter Withe ... he is solid ... are people forgetting how good he has been for us so far this season ? Not forgetting the international duty ... the guy needs a break .... I blame MON for heaping to much pressure on him .... we need decent back up strikers or better still someone else on Big Johns level to give him a run for his money ... at this moment he knows if he is fit he plays
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:25:00

You can`t blame the manager that is just silly,It is the saddos who grassed him up that should be banned from villa park and slagged off,f any ofyou ar reading this, Get a life you Prats.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:29:00

Realistically, there is no smoke without fire but equally realistically, whatever happened will probably be exaggerated. I managed to wangle a ticket for an executive box & he was in the one next to us, he didn't stay long & not sure how much of the game he was watching, he seemed to be playing with his phone a lot. I didn't think much of it but I am sure that could get dramatised quite easily! I think it's a bit extreme to suggest selling him, we all make mistakes, just make him pay out of his pocket & move on. I have heard from more than one source that Gareth Barry was out partying the night away the night before the Albion game - and he was dreadful against the Baggies. Maybe it was true but if it was, well no reason not to move on, he was excellent against Ajax on Thursday, and the thing is if both incidents are true, well the only real difference is that Barry didn't get caught. If it's true, Carew should not have done it & should be punished, but punished accordingly and we can all move on.
Sheriff Kimbo
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 15:50:00

What a ridiculously self-righteous piece. Yes it was unprofessional but drop him and sell him??? He made a small mistake - fine him, get an apology and get on with things. My God, he's a young guy who went when he shouldn't have done - I suppose you've never had a few too many on a work night and felt less than rosy at your desk the next day then Fear? Probably never made a mistake in your life. And by the account above he wasn't even drinking! Sad sad people that react with such indignation and take such delight in the mistakes of others.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 16:44:00

Carew and the other players are well paid to do a few simple things. Abide by club rules, be fit and healthy, kick around a ball. If they can't do those things then they are no use to the club. Players are paid well enough to NOT make small mistakes the night before a game, it's not rocket science. Having too little sleep or three lagers too many may well leave you feeling like crap at work, doesn't stop you from doing your job though. The same can't be said for professional sportsmen. No player is bigger or more important than the club, doesn't matter who they are.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:05:00

How can you say as long as he is performing for us Ian Taylor, when he didn't even play because he was tired? If he was Paul McGrath standard then fine, he could get away with anything because he was magestic on the pitch. It is the problem though, you can't drop a player when there aren't the options, however we also have a manager who will not allow the ***** to be taken out of him, the club or the fans.
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:26:00

Depends what he wants the cucumbers for I guess Aspinall. Can't believe some think the reaction to a player out at a club the night before the biggest game in years is an over reaction by the fans who aren't impressed?!?!? Baffled!
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:27:00

Londonvilla81, he isn't young, he is a senior player. It isn't a small mistake, it is a massive ***** take IF true. This guy is on 50k a week to play, not be a playboy, he can do the latter if he doesn't take the former.
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:29:00

20 laps of the training ground, 50 press ups, 50 squat thrusts when he gets back, and cold showers after and leave it at that. no point sacrificing the team for his **** ups. he wont care about being dropped or the fines, but some genuine 'old school' excercise and discipline would stop him doing that again i reckon.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:32:00

who can blame him? the rocket club is a lovely place!!!
Sali Salifooooou
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 17:59:00

Can't believe he was grassed up by a Villa fan...
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 18:11:00

By all accounts he knew he wasnt playing anyway so stayed out for a coke after an Italian meal, how dare he be out after dark,he should be locked in his room like Rosie Webster ( hubba hubba )
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 18:32:00

Fit enough to be out at those hours but not fit enough to play because he is tired. You don't see the contradiction there?!?!
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 18:45:00

John Carew, Carew
He's more tired than me or you
He stays out til 1 or 2
John Carew, Carew!
The Fear
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 18:46:00

I ay leave him be ok, mistakes are made but if he goes, so does any hope of a good league finish, we miss him when he is out and I for one will back MON what ever he chooses, bet your bottom dollar, Big John is more gutted than anyone about the situation and guaranteed it wont happen again!!!! Just lets not boo and get on top of him hey, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!! LET IT LIE!!!!!!
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 18:52:00

never played again and sold , get a grip ! He wasn't on the ***** , he wasn't roasting lap dancers , he wasn't fighting in the street ala mr barton , he didn't drive his car through someones wall on the way home leathered and he didn't batter ulrika when he got in . He was having a soft drink minding his own business. Granted it was not to clever but it is hardly a sacking offence . We don't know the ins and outs mon could have give him the night off . Sack him don't make me laugh !
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 19:00:00

comments regarding back up players to keep him on his toes are correct but not valid in this argument. The basic facts are that there is a curfew and he broke it and for whatever reason (probably due to his previous night's antics) was too tired/ill to play the next day 20 hours later. The game was as big as they come. If we had not been able to score and even lost then I am sure that a lot of fans would be singing from a different hymn sheet.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 19:52:00

Still, no way should he be sold but it is not good enough and if MON had someone else to play his role, then they should replace him until they don't perform along with a fine. Thought he was getting action from the delightful Alesha anyway????
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 19:56:00

The Fear, when I Say as long as he is performing for us, I am not purely talking about one game that he didn't feature in, I'm talking about the whole season in general. This season I think he has performed, and for whatever reason you like to berate John Carew, I would rather put my efforts in to supporting the team rather than some trivial incident of going out for an orange juice the night before a game he wouldn't have played in anyhow, seeing as he was told to rest after having blood tests for being run down. Up The Villa
Ian Taylor
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 20:22:00

We dont know all of the facts, so until we do, if indeed we ever will do, its very difficult to make an accurate assessment of the situation. From what little we do know though, I'd say no, he hasn't disgraced himself. Made a very bad error of judgement of course, let himself, his manager, team mates and club as a whole down very badly, and would clearly need to take a very hard look at himself, his attitude, and his priorities.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 21:18:00

Never see him play again??!! What the *****!!? Yes, he shouldn't have been there but come on - the guy is class and we only end up doing ourselves harm with that sort of talk. Are we kidding ourselves that players don't do this more often than we hear?? MON will deal with it in the right way, I think we all know that. And I'd like to add I meet John Carew in the Mailbox after the Baggies win and he wasn't drinking and came across a decent guy. We beat Ajax!! - lets *****in cheer about it. Towtal Villa!!!!!
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 21:27:00

The guy came with a reputation for trouble, inconsistency, and somebody who liked to move on every other season. Almost 3 years on - his consistency has improved - hes signed a new contract. My guess is that Carew reckoned he wasn't going to be in the side on Thursday. Think about it, our biggest game for many a year - why would he opt out ? (ok if it was barnsley away ..maybe!) . An error of judgment on his part and I trust MON will reprimand and administer the appropriate punishment - and warn if it happens again.....but I doubt he will be drummed out of the club any time soon.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 22:34:00

this is a ridiculous overreaction truly befitting the British tradition of tabloid hysteria. 'Football player dines at restaurant, drinks pepsi after midnight. Fans call for his head!' He wasn't left out of the match because he drank a pepsi in a quiet bar. Get over yourselves.
Report Abuse
25/10/2008 23:21:00

still can't believe how over the top this article is. scared me when i read it haha
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 00:13:00

I've just come back on here after posting this morning. I'm so glad the majority seem to agree with me. We all agree he's screwed up but we all know Carew is an asset to our club. UTV.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 00:26:00

Glad to see there are some sensible Villa fans who have common sense, the whole article seems very " Mary Whitehouse " to me, he didn`t do much wrong if anything once we know the full facts but some people can`t cope with footballers having a life outside the game and as he dared enter a " lapdancing club " he`s deemed the devil, it`s a joke.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 07:05:00

"still can't believe how over the top this article is. scared me when i read it haha" (ric112). Is it - really? If what is said about this JC is true (and it appears to be), then the article has everything good about it. These players earn rematkable sums of money and with it must go dedication to their craft - and that includes taking care of themselves when not training. The pay they get does buy their integrity, no matter what we all may think.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 08:58:00

Glad to see the majority agree. ridiculous article. Come on guys, give the guy a break. First time in 3 years anything like this has been published about JC. He is a gentle giant who loves the club. It seems to me there are some Villa fans who just like something to moan about. We beat Ajax for goodness sake, yet we are more interested in condemning one of our best players for having an orange juice late one night before a game he knew he wasn't going to be playing in. Seriously guys, those who are berating him, think before you make comments, you're making yourselves look ridiculous
Ian Taylor
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:51:00

If you read the article it says IF IF IF IF IF IF IF. Over the top? Maybe it is now that there seems to be no loyalty of standards in football or possibly society. If you are not well and are to tired to play, do you think it sends out the best signal - from a player with a reputation for this rubbish - to be out at 1am? Surely the true legends of the game like Bergkamp, Zola etc would be at home trying their very best to recover and to get back into the team asap?

IF the text I got at 3am this morning is true, he'll not be playing today either!
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 09:57:00

IF he has a reputation for this, how come it is the first time we have heard him do it? I respect a lot of what you have to say 'the fear', but we may have to agree to disagree on this one. Personally I don't see it as a big deal. He was run down, had blood tests which proved this, and was told to have a week off, so went out to meet up fdor a quiet non alcoholic drink the night before with a friend? What's wrong with that?
Ian Taylor
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 10:27:00

Also, I wouldn't expect him to play today for two reasons. O'Neill doesn't like to change a winning side, and also, he IS run down, club concerned about him. I don't see the point of unsettling a settled player with a history of unsettlement (that hurt my head writing that). Let's concentrate on cheering us on to 3 points today rather than some trivial conversation such as this article.
Ian Taylor
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 10:34:00

Talk about making mountains out of mole-hills! Footballers are human beings like the rest of us. I've met JC and he's the most down to earth bloke you could imagine. I agree he shouldn't be in a bar on the same day as a match, even the day before. But we all make mistakes, and if i'm being completely honest here, I know of numerous people in my profession who have repeatedly turned up for work in an unfit state and stinking of alcohol. Now taking into consideration that i'm an Air Traffic Controller, all of a sudden this seems rather trivial. Get him on for Wigan, let him make up for it today on the pitch and get us a goal (or 1 or 2 !)
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:09:00

Judging by the majority of responses to The Fear, I feel that democracy as proven to be what I've always suspected - an ass!
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:09:00

Report Abuse
26/10/2008 12:46:00

clearly his assist and his goal today came as a direct result of the shocking, self-destructive behaviour shown on wednesday night when he drank a pepsi and was a naughty boy and stayed up past his bed time. He must be sold or we will be relegated.
Report Abuse
26/10/2008 17:03:00

Few goals and a handful of good performances will soon have Big JC back in everyones good books. A bad error of judgement, but we have to move on.
Report Abuse
08/11/2008 01:51:00


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