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Villa Fans - Where Were You?

Our latest poll asks why weren't you as fans of Aston Villa at the Carling Cup game v QPR on Wednesday night?

The options:

I knew what was coming and couldn't face it
Work/family commitments
Credit crunch, just can't afford it
Don't rate the Carling Cup
Just didn't fancy it
Live too far away for midweek games

This isn't a witch hunt, we all make our choices in life and some of us don't have a choice - ie plenty of people too ill, too far away or plain simply not having the funding. However I am genuinely interested why the attendance was so poor. I can't think of anything better than a night cup game - well, I can't think of anything better football related, I'm sure if Danni Minogue walked into my apartment one fine day.... ooooh what a fine day that would be... I'd think of some things to at least equal the thrill of the Cup...!

The atmosphere certainly didn't help the team and reflected the muted display. Fair enough, I've argued before that the players also have a duty to get the fans going - it is a two way street - however for a reduced rate of £15 (it would have been reduced to a tenner if the Villa had their way, or so I believe, but the owners of QPR wanted it set at £15).

21 541 at the match, which includes around 4000 QPR fans. Not good enough, not when you consider the backing the club now has. So has the credit crunch hit home - as I say this isn't a witch hunt, people are free to do whatever the heck they choose in life as far as I am concerned, it was just a bit of a shock last night or do people no longer rate the Carling Cup? I can't believe that most fans of Villa think we are now too big for the cup... or do they?

Ok, we have a couple of polls centered around the Carling Cup to round up.

Mystic mug asked 'How Far Will Villa Go In The Carling Cup?' I've now bludgeoned him to death!

Only 15% were right, as they predicted a loss to QPR.

That left, for what it is worth: Final Win (29%) Semi's (25%) Quarters (22%) 4th round (7%) Final (2%)

Vital Villan, under the alias 'Pathetic' asked for the man of the match vote. He should have put the QPR fans in there to be honest and I've not left this poll up long for obvious reasons:

Petrov (47%) Guzan (34%) Routledge (9%) Shorey (3%) Young (3%) Osbourne (1%) Gardner (1%) Knight (1%) Carew (1%) Agbonlahor (0%) Cuellar (0%) Harewood (0%) Barry (0%)

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 25 2008

Time: 4:48PM

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As posted in the bitterly disappointed head liner. Ok Mr G I feel guilty enough for missing a match, I don't miss many, I have done many midweek matches to end up getting home to N Wales at stupid o'clock in the morning, but this time it was purely finance, just couldn't scrape that extra £100 together, so it was last night or Saturday, taking everything else into account I went for Saturday, but saying that I suppose all the no shows believe they have a valid excuse. My apologies to my fellow faithful and to the mighty Aston Villa for my lack of support in their time of need. So in summary, I should be at work (but I do normally get cover which costs me) I do live a reasonable distance away (never normally stops me) So mainly down to the cash this time I'm afraid : (
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25/09/2008 17:16:00

Shorey was man of the match.
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25/09/2008 17:16:00

as a Villan fan for over 40 years , I have a sixth sense when it comes to Villa and when to miss a match! Last night was one of those occasions , it was on the cards , 3away wins all the hype . Just knew what would happen because it's Villa . 20,000 missing fan's will understand me even if I don't!!!
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25/09/2008 18:04:00

Having to leave work at 3pm to guarantee getting there in time for an evening kick-off. Getting home at 1am. You wouldn't believe how many times I've got home even later because there's a traffic jam caused by overnight roadworks. The cost of travel these days is an additional £30 per/match after the cost of a ticket, parking, beer and a pie. Plus the fact that I always end up knackered at work the day after a mid-week match because I still have to get up at 6am regardless of when I get home. Now, if it was Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich etc we were hosting for a mid-week game I would be prepared to put up with all the things I've listed above and attend regardless.
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25/09/2008 18:09:00

We only have one car, and my wife had a parents' evening at school. I could have caught the train from Warwick, but I went to the Leicester game last year, and just knew that the players would not be up for it, whoever played. So sorry, I will be there on Saturday, but these days, I will give 100% commitmant when I know thw Villa will do the same. Let down by MoN, I' afraid. Steve J, Warwick
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25/09/2008 19:10:00

It was a very poor excuse for an attendance, and while many will have their reasons/excuses/explanations for not attending, a mere 17,000 Villans getting off their big fat rears to make the effort, was an extremely *****-poor effort indeed.
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25/09/2008 22:25:00

Many fans will have been unable to make it for a variety of reasons. Finance, work, holiday, health etc. There is no reason why any fan has to justify why they didn't attend. At the end of the day it is all about individual circumstance. There were probably many people who are huge Villa fans who would love to have been there, but who just couldn't make it. It is also true that fans provide different levels of support. But never liking to sit on the fence I feel the following comments are perfectly valid. Those people who made the effort last night can be classed as bigger supporters of the club than those who couldn't be bothered. Before I get slated, let me just reitterate, I do not include those supporters who couldn't make the game because of illness, work, holiday or other committments. Some of the biggest and most passionate supporters could not make it. But if you were sat at home watching the tv, were out with your pals, and generally couldn't be bothered to invest in the club that is your choice, but you are less of a supporter than those who did. The barcodes are getting pelters because they only got 20,000 against Spuds. They are getting accused of being part time supporters, not being a big club, being an embarrassment to the club. But they are in turmoil, have a crap team, have an owner that the fans do not want, have no manager and the game was live on the tv. Once the away fans were taken off the attendance, more Barcodes fans attended than Villa fans. So what exactly does that say about us? Some people have said they didn't go because they had a feeling we would lose. Well when it gets to the UEFA Cup semi final against the likes of AC Milan will those same fans be saying 'not going to bother going to that because I have a feeling we will lose?' The owners have bent over backwards to put this club in the position it is today. We are all looking at the opportunity of breaking into the top 4, but just 2 years ago we wondering if we could even remain in the top flight. That has taken time, effort and money from people who had no history with the club. I thank you and salute you Mr Lerner for what you have done. For fans to treat him with such disrespect I believe is a disgrace. The same fans who could not be bothered to invest in the club on Wednesday, will be demanding in January for him to dig deep in order for us to make the push in the final half of the season. I think it is pathetic, hypocritical and should actually mean that your opinion is about as valid as our claim to be a big, well supported club. No doubt some of these part itme fans will be back on Saturday singing 'your support is f*****g s**t, to the Sunderland fans'. Could we ever blame the board for not supporting the club, when as fans we can't even support it ourselves?
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26/09/2008 02:00:00

I was not at the game as I'm currently working in Sydney - I did however get up in the middle of the night, don my villa shirt and sit on the sofa and watch the match live on the tv. I will do that for every match whilst I'm here regardless of who we're playing (provided someone televises it!) It's not the same as being there but it's better than missing it or just catching the highlights. It's as involved as I can get. I'm relying on you lot to go to all the games and create an awesome atmosphere!!!
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26/09/2008 02:15:00

One final point of interest from yours truly, the attendance was even less than the turnout against this lot a couple of seasons back, when we beat them 3-1. The scenario looks much brighter now, so why we can attract fewer punters through the gates is beyond me.
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26/09/2008 02:50:00

I was out dogging.
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26/09/2008 08:36:00

I was inNorway as I live in Norway and don't get to VP at all. Sad but true. I did, however, attend the cup semi-final here in Norway yeaterday and was witness to the expulsion of my local team at the hands of Vålerenga. I think I must be cursed!!!!
Villan Of The North
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26/09/2008 10:23:00

I would hope that if Villa were relegated (fat chance I know but not under O'Leary a couple of years ago,) we would get good turnouts still. I know that I would still go but think that the youth of today would not see it as fashionable and wonder how many fans who have started going recently could be bothered. MON and Randy have got a good feeling back amongst the supporters and they should be repaid with our support but £15 for a cup game isn't going to make or break us.
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26/09/2008 10:32:00

villan444. I think that you are wrong on this. Villa fans apathy on Wednesday could come back to haunt us. We want to keep our best players but why would they want to put the effort in for fans who can't be bothered themselves. We ask our owners to keep the good players and attract better ones. But attendances like the one witnessed on Wednesday, means that job becomes so much more difficult. Our apathy could indeed make uo break this club. Not imminenetly in a financial sense, but in the bigger picture, non attending Villa fans on Wednesday night may well have set the club back years.
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26/09/2008 11:12:00

The issues with the economy is causing footy fans to pick and choose more than ever before. I can only imagine that most fans simply did the maths - £15 for a carling cup ticket or £25 for the premiership match on Saturday. The game on Saturday will always win hands down in my opinion. This isn't saying the carling cup is pointless just in comparison to the league matches people would rather watch a league match. I've got a mortgage, a little one on the way and not the best paid job in the world. I'm lucky if I get to the end of the month with petrol and food money, let alone money for a match ticket.
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26/09/2008 11:15:00

The state of my health makes evening games vertualy impossible, dip in temp, cold rain excetra. Weekend games in that weather requires two days bed ridden afterwards, I hate missing games but with the wife working I can't be bed ridden and without help in the house as a consequence of attending midweek. Yes it mean if we are home on a Monday night I can't go either.
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26/09/2008 12:06:00

pbavfc and dudley phil there is absolutely no need for any individual fan to justify why they do or do not go to games. There are many reasons why fans who would like to attend can not actually go. I think the article suggests that many people just chose not to bother and that it a massive worry and a sad reflection on the club and a kick in the teeth for the owners.
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26/09/2008 13:39:00

When you consider the attendances in other games especially those featuring PL sides playing each other the attendance was about par for the night. The big attendances come when a club reaches the latter stages. Of course that rarely happens these days at Villa
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26/09/2008 14:02:00

It'll be interesting to see how the attendance next Thursday for the Uefa cup match compares.
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26/09/2008 14:47:00

couldnt afford it.. plus saturday and next thursday so i decided 2 miss out on it! rather watch us in the prem and uefa cup to be honest! also im a tax dodgin student haha
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26/09/2008 14:59:00

i was washing my shoelaces and they wernt dry in time for kick off.sorry.
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26/09/2008 17:13:00

It is a common problem rhymez1. I would suggest sticking them in the microwave for 10 minutes next time. Won't help you dry them but the fire it would cause is always good for a laugh!
The Fear
Report Abuse
26/09/2008 19:41:00

VOTH - I've had issues in the past with similar comments to this, going back to our first game of the season where you questioned the supporters that didn't show. You have at least now changed your tune to say that they don't have to justify themselves, so hats off to you for that one. I was there on Wednesday night myself (I don't consider myself a bigger supporter of the club, I just know that I'll support them no matter what and will be back there next year too) and whilst the crowd was certainly lacking in voice due to reduced numbers, I have to say that I don't think the players were giving us all that much to cheer about. Of the first teamers that played, they never really looked "up" for it and neither did Martin, I don't recall seeing him get up out of his chair at any point during the night which is most unlike him. Of the new lads brought in, Cuellar aside I thought that the performance wasn't a particularly impressive one. It's all well and good saying the crowd should lift the team, but on the other side of the fence surely it's not unreasonable to suggest that the team should also give us something to cheer about?
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27/09/2008 20:30:00


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