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An Interview With A Spurs Fan

1) Another great start for Spurs, all down to Berbatov the footballing mercenary sulk, or are you just struggling to get the right team together?

I think our bad start is due to poor tactics and new players gelling in. I refuse to accept that Berbatov is to blame.

2) A lot of money has been spent at Spurs, is it right that the director of football seems so hands on and if he is bringing in the players, is he not also as culpable for poor results as the managers?

I have never been a big fan of the DOF structure. It seems as though the position carries a lot of authority but without any accountability or responsibility. The players should be chosen by the manager and he should sink or swim by his decisions alone.

3) Martin Jol seemed to split opinions for Spurs fans, is Juande Ramos a step up or....?

Juande Ramos will only be proved to be better than Martin Jol when he surpasses his two top 5 finishes.

4) What was your best signing of the summer?

We will have to wait and see!

5) If you could have one Villa player, who would it be and why? Who would you gladly send to us in exchange?

None of the current Villa Players are good enough for Spurs and all the current Spurs players would be too good for the Villa Side.

6) What, if anything, do you think of Aston Villa and also Martin O'Neill?

I have always liked Villa as they play good attractive football. It is such a shame that the city they are in is so grim. Birmingham should be avoided at all costs. However, Martin O’Neil is a very good manager.

7) I've read a fair bit on Vital Spurs over the years about potential ground moves or re-developments of White Hart Lane. What is the current situation? Surely you would hate to move to one of the new identikit stadiums?

I am not up to date on the situation but what I do know is that Spurs having been buying all the shops and buildings in the immediate vicinity of the ground. I do think they will stay where they are and re-develop. I hope so anyway.

8) Last seasons game against Villa was a crazy rollercoaster ride and Villa really did blow 3 points from such a winning position, great entertainment though, do you expect the same this year!?

To throw a lead away like Villa did is a measurement of how crap the Villa side is! Nevertheless, it was a fantastic game and in the end Spurs should have won it.

With thanks to paxton53 from Vital Spurs:

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 12 2008

Time: 6:50PM

Your Comments

is he on the wind up? i'm sure a few villa players could get in a spurs with one point after 3 games is it?
Nowt wrong with a little banter on the 'eve' of big game, although few would class Villa as a big game ;-)
wow, as if we would take ashley young , or gabby or gareth barry, or curtis davies, or carlos cuellar or john carew, or wayne routledge, oh wait we tried that one already. but let's have your defense thanks.
audere est
spurs to win
its got draw written all over it. dont think i can take another 4-4 thriller though
The more i cross these spuds fans the more i am convinced they are just jealous of our heritage, Truly pathetic
Don't make me laugh, in the 4-4 draw, you got your equalizing goal in the last second, and you say you should have won the game. Haha you were lucky to get a draw never mind win. I think that shows how S**T your team is.
villa for ever
what a cheeky bell3nd! 2-1 villa.
question five - ain't he a bitch :-)
Boys, boys , boys - coz I am guessing ur not men yet lol - it's called banter!!!! Deal with it lol. I'd glady have Barry in our side all day and twice on Sundays. Young and Aggie wouldn't go amiss either. Oh and while we nicking whoever we want - can we have that Laursen fella as well please? Just let him know tho he may have to work harder for his 2 goals this year rather than Robbo dropping the ball at his feet! Enjoy the game fellas and 3 points to us - I hopes! Lol
I hate Spurs fans, the worst out there by a long way - cocky, aggressive and living in a dream world. They're all exactly the same. Half my bloody office is full of them...hope we stick it up them bigstyle.
ha ha there is a few hand bags on here
Are all Spurs fans deluded or something? They are like the worst kind of young football players, they believe their own hype far to much.
OLA .....there always one...............JEALOULSY WILL GET u nowhere.....they obviousLY dont understand it COYS
Yes merlin, and what a bitch. He says all of Spur's players are to good for Villa, and says Villa's players players are not good enough to get into their team. I guess he thinks HOSSAM GHALY is the better player than ASHLEY YOUNG.
villa for ever
spurs always full of banter, such comedic folk. made the answers pointless tho. kinda proves that spurs are correctly, widely regarded as deluded. bless em
Come on, besides a couple of measly trophy's, what have Tottenham got to be proud of, and what exactly have Villa got to be Jealous of. Villa are by far the better team and have got so many trophy's to be proud of, (i think we need another trophy cabinet). Do you want all us Villa fans to start reading a LONG list of all our trophy's we won.
villa for ever
measly trophy's better then none i think, we are jus fans like ye, i hhave nothn against villa butnot all fans are deluded etc like ye think.
i'm deluded!
villa for ever - The moment you start is also when you'll finish ;-)
I have a lot of time for Villa fans. The ones i met in real life, that is. Always up for a laugh and good natured too. I won't let the many keyboard warriors on here spoil that thought. i expect a Spurs win. but i also expect a good laugh with the Villa fans on the night afterwards.
I'm with you Othello. I've got all the time in the world for Villa fans. Great bunch of lads. Salt of the earth. I'm going with 2-1 Villa, maybe 3-1. I'll be there Monday evening. look out for the tall, good looking guy among the visiting supporters, the one singing in harmony. That'll be moi.
villa forever firstly learn to take a joke, secondly you havent won anything of any meaning since 1982, we have a similar record trophies wises so stop being so bitter about it, just cos you cant take a joke, course wed like some of your players in our team, just like youd like some of ours
The point is that the interview with the opposing fan is looked forward to by us fans, and is normally full of wit and banter, but this is the worst one I have ever read, full of sh it and written by a wan ker
Steff - you nicked my post! This ain't banter, just written by a complete pr1ck.
Yep - Spurs fans pls read the equivalent posting on your own site with Fear, and you will see how you can still have a good but of banter between sets of fans, but not come across as a complete kn0b jockey like this tool did here....
To be fai he is only trying to get a rise....and it worked.....what i hate is the preconception of Birmingham...its not 1970 anymore Brum has been reborned and is a thriving multiculural world class city...I would absolutely love to show someone round who thought it was a *****hole and i would chnge their perception......also i must say that our suberbs are so much nicer then other large cities, we have our rubbish ones like Lozells, but compare that to Moss Side and Brixton and they look like Chelsea....if ou took someone round Bourneville, Edgbasten and Selly Oak and round there they would see that Brum isnt grim.......more trees then people
These Spurs fans are real w@nkers, never have i come across such an arrogant bunch of blokes in my life!!! All the fans we have ever had an interview with have been respectful, but not Spurs. I always felt it was the Leeds and Blues fans that were disgraceful, but Spurs lot are ****s!!! They seem to think they are some really big club, but they are not!! Maybe when they win the league then they can poke fun at clubs who are currently on the same level. As for our team not getting into theirs, pah dont make me laugh, they have no decent defenders, Friedel is the best keeper in the league and they actually havent got any strikers, they are all about midfield, always have been. You my friend as a complete and utter Co cksucker
"Its called banter" they say, THAT aint banter why not just show some respect like every other club and leave the banter for the forums, i think the Spurs lot need to look up the word banter. Banter isnt just saying "no you are rubbish", "no you have no good players". That is actually known as Childish. Tw@ts.
What do you think Fear? Weren't you a bit annoyed to receive these comments? You should've asked him to do it again one of his teachers at school...
Honestly this is what I've come to expect from Spurs fans. Like most other people on this site I actually look forward to these interviews and enjoy the banter but before clicking on the link I did ask myself do I want to bother with this. The Arrogance of Spurs fans is on a par with Man U fans except they don't actually have anything to brag about. I'm a Brummie who now lives and works in London and the comments about Birmingham are just down to sheer ignorance. Spurs fans, until you've actually done something of note (and no finishing 5th doesn't count) learn to be a bit more humble you really don't do yourselves any favours
Birmingham grim? Ever tried to get a drink or meal in Tottenham... aarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!
i think some of you need to chill out.!! we would happily take young and barry and laursen n gabby. Its not arrogancea at all . we just beleive in our team , and a couple of shots below the belt to the oposition b4 the game if f9. All in all , 3 points will go nicely with both teams. And Reddi a article from Sergi Rebrov during the week says it all.
olafthegreat. I'm easy come easy go, don't really let others over worry me with their opinion of me, the area I live, the fantastic team I support etc. It wasn't the sort of interview response I expected I'll be honest, I was also surprised at the suggestion none of our players are good enough, but at the end of the day that is one fans opinion and so I'm totally chilled if he wants to think that, life is too short for me to worry about how wrong Paxton is!!!! :o)
The Fear
Typical cockney probbably never been north of golders green.What was it ther brand new striker said in the week Rebrov told him not to walk round tottenham as he might get mugged by dark skinned people (says it all).See they have made a great start to the season getting beat by the MIGHTY boro and sunderland.
Mr A Villa
villa is that the best you can come up with. come back to me when ye actually win something. rem times when ye could not beat birmingham, come back monday nit an ull be eating ur words
looks like someone is already eating your words 123. 'ye' 'ull' 'nit' 'ur' You've got letters missing mate. NO TEXT TALK PLEASE.
The Fear
So have Villa fans on here actually been to north London and met some genuine Spurs fans? Or is your basis of arrogance based on what one fan has written on here or from your rather close relationships with Arsenal fans? I'm genuinely interested, because some of the responses on here have been totally over the top and smack of complete and total ignorance. I imagine the response I will get will start with "typical cockneys..." and be filled with more abuse and would not at all answer my questions.
whats ur problem fear cant read., agree othello totally
Mr. A Villa...the mighty Boro and Sunderland? Let me tell ya something mate. I could go to the boro and sunderland acadamies...find a bunch of 12 year olds...and they could still do Stoke ;)
maybe i was texin it in from my phone...ever thought of that .....prob not thank god my tx was free COYS
Villa fans are more deluded than us. I try to get rid of our reputation as deluded because to be honest I think we're just a good team and not what some Spurs fans make us out to be...but for God sakes...some Villa fans are absolutely stupid. How can you possibly say you're a bigger club than us. Your European Cup? Oh and Forest yea? Stop playing that's been 25 years. Win something now like we did last year. And don't say it's a rubbish trophy because you'd all cut off your left nuts to win the league cup. Until you win something're not bigger than us. Get it in your heads.
Arrogant *****. typical Spuds fan. For once I wish JF hadn't bothered asking.
Villan Of The North
coca-cola cup anyone?
Not quite 25 years then (WhiteHartSpur). Deluded and *****e at maths
prob feels like it for ye.
this article is clearly a wind up, and i cant beleive how easy it is to wind u lot up!!!! scrtaching my head at afew of villians though, you keep saying were deluded?....ok i will be the first to admit that a couple of recent 5th finishes and a league cup, isnt like winning the league....BUT WHAT THE ***** HAVE VILLA DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last 3 i need to keep going????.....some of you deluded fools need to stop looking up your history book pre 1572, and look at recent form, trophies, etc etc
these are probably the dullest, most dimwitted set of answers ever. 'your team is crap, your city is crap' is hardly banter.
sick note
Spurs fans revel in their own ignorance and celeberate the fact that they can't use english. Posters on football sites tend to use sentences and arguments to justify opinions. Not spuds though. Years of comparing your club unfavourably with Arsenal has led to the conclusion that any well structured argument would cause a realisation that you are massively inferior. Enjoy living in your dream world spurs fans, realistic football fans have seen that villa have been a club on the up for the past 3 seasons, while your club has at best been stagnant. If any words I used are too confusing may I suggest, you could then buck your clubs trend and actually improve. UTV
I see no one has as yet answered the questions posed... which I had expected. It's sad to see, as I said before, I will have a lot of time for Villa fans at the game as they appear to be on a different level to the ones that post on here. Sad, really. Before I would have liked to have seen you do well, but obviously not at the expense of us, but now the Villa fans on here have shown themselves in a new light and it is not at all positive in any way shape or form.
othello - you are doing exactly the thing you are moaning about, taking the opinions of some and using them to represent the opinions of all. here is the answer to your question, yep i have been to n london, yep i know a few spurs fans and they are alright, but the original answers are just lame, clearly villa fans think villa are best, spurs fans think spurs are, but if someone is going to attempt banter they should at least try to make it funny or they will just be met with insults back. oh by the way, typical cockney, your team is crap, your city is crap etc etc :)
sick note
Don't worry sick note, apparently within 30 years London will be underwater due to global warming. Actually, that would be bad news for the rest of us as they'll all migrate. Let's just hope it's a tidal wave and it happens too quickly for them to escape!
It must be hard being a spud's fan with them being only the fourth best team in london.
chris the villan
I love Spurs fans, I like to look at them from afar and laugh at their delusional states of mind. They actually think they're a top club - ha ha ha. Who out of spuds' team would really get into the villa team. Seriously. Maybe bentley as a sub but thats it. Sh*te defence, poor overrated MF and a hopless forward line that has managed to score....... wait for it....... NO GOALS this season. Well done Spurs, once again you have bought joy to all the other premier league fans p*ssing their pants at the state of ur club!
Yes have been to WHL, while I find some of the chants made by spurs fans inventive and very funny, on balance think it is mostly very low brow childish fare quite typical of the comments made above by spurs fans, baseless and simply designed to annoy. My opinion is that spurs fans are crap football fans because they are incapable of attempting some objectivity.
And Chris, they're not even 4th best!!!! look at the league table: 1, Chelsea 3, Arsenal 6, Fulham 7, West Ham 20, Spurs We all know that if ur from London you support Arsenal or Chelsea, or if not them Liverpool or Man Utd!!!!!!
Not tarring all Villa fans with the same brush, sick note, in fact I levied my criticisms of Villa fans to the ones on this site. The ones I met in real life are good natured and very complimentary of Spurs as I am with them of Villa. As I said, the keyboard warriors don't get our respect. The answers to the questions above don't denote the attitudes of the vast majority of Spurs fans, of course. So the level of criticism on here was staggeringly disproportionate to the actual act. But hey ho.
I was going on last season's table Longman.
chris the villan
Othello stop pretending to seem reasonable you are easily seen through. "staggeringly dispropotionate" Just go away.
have to laugh at muppets like MONsCABA, longman etc etc.............anyone would think they actually support a successful team!!!!!.....LOL....and b4 u mention did forest..........villa are villa....they aint chelsea, man u, liverpool or arsenal.....just plain old villa....but reading posts from some of you out patients really makes me laugh!!!!.......milner and sidwell??? lads,,,,were shaking in our boots!..........pmsl
Spurs are poo, when they next finish above us then they can say they are bigger. Bottom half finish again!!!
lillywhites101 Cheers mate, but you don't seem to actually have said anything in your posts, try making a point related to football in english. Check your own history book to see what you missed before you started supporting football 4 years ago.
2-1 to the villa!!!!
JF, so true. Life's too short, and throws up way too many obstacles and problems to worry about what the supporter of another club thinks of my team, the area I'm from, or even myself and my lifestyle. It is after-all, only a game. I'll always get over it, and move on to more important things.

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