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Villa Do Not Need Scum Like Joey Barton

The Daily Mirror have an 'exclusive' by Darren Lewis today.

The report claims that Villa are wanting to take 26-year-old Joey Barton from Newcastle as a long term replacement for Gareth Barry

The former Manchester City midfielder faces the FA today and could be banned for up to 12 games for his assault on Ousmane Dabo.

The report says 'Mirror Sport understands Villa boss Martin O'Neill sees Barton as a long-term replacement for Gareth Barry after fending off Liverpool's summer bid to sign the England midfielder. But O'Neill is clearly planning for the future as it is thought Liverpool will make a new bid in January.'

They also say that Villa and an unnamed club expressed an interest in Barton on the close of play in the summers transfer window.

Err, I don't actually think we did. So maybe I should come out with a 'Vital Villa understands that Villa boss is not lining up Barton and that Villa do not expect to sell Gareth Barry in the January transfer window. Vital Villa also understands that Villa weren't one of the two clubs - if indeed there were any clubs at all - expressing an interest in the scummiest piece of work within football.'

I've got to ask, why would Villa want Barton? He is a thug. Not only a thug but a thick thug who has had more chances than someone who has had loads of chances. In fact he has had more chances than Mr Chance from Chanceville (not to be confused with Chancevilla). He also told Martin O'Neill to f*** off when MON said something to him whilst he was playing for Man City, that surely won't have gone unnoticed!

IF we did go for him, I would certainly think twice about attending games, I wouldn't want one penny of my money supporting someone like that. Stubbing out a cigarette in a youth players eye? No thanks. Assaulting a fellow team mate? No thanks. Getting chance after chance and still blowing it - and slapping his current club in the face - by assaulting someone else and going to prison? No thanks.

He'd be the only player in the claret and blue that I would happily join in with the opposition fans to boo. As said, if I was there. You have to think of the character and history of our club, we don't and never have traded in thugs?

Why start now?

I have faith we won't. If we do, then maybe it will be Stockport County for me until he departs!

Our latest poll, following on from one in the forum >>Click Here>> asks what you'd think of us signing Barton?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 5 2008

Time: 10:24AM

Your Comments

I sometimes wish I could come off the fence a little and have an opinion either way!
The Fear
I wouldn't go as far to say signing Barton would stop me going to games, but... well, no thanks, we dont need scum like that at the mighty Villa!
You forgot to mention that aside from him being a waste of space he isnt even that good of a footballer. He shone in a poor city side and thats it. Even if he wasnt a **** I would not be happy bringing someone of his quality into our already full CM.
Fear, Fear, Fear..why waste your time writing an article about something that is never going to happen?
I think he is a very talented lad. But the sad thing is he is a complete and utter thug. Not the personality we need at our club. If MON could work some sort of magic, no some sort of miracle then he would be an incredible signing, but i dont think we should take such a risk, there are other players out there who dont like to assault their team mates and fans!!!
If he did sign, i would still go to watch the team, no-one in the world can ever change that, least of all this scum, shame on you Fear saying you would. Like he matters, in the grander scheme of things?
Don`t believe what you read in the papers,They are simply guessing.
So little Barton the faggot reckons he's a big man then does he? I'd look forward to re-educating him in a dark B'ham alley. (Not in a homosexual sense of course). Crap footballer and has the sort of face you just have to punch. He'd upset our happy dressing room and Carew and Harewood would just end up killing him. He has no respect for anyone, and to tell someone of Martin O' Neill's stature to 'F Off', he doesn't know much about football either. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I WILL CHAIN MYSELF TO THE TRINITY RD GATES IN PROTEST. NAKED.
villan in cyprus... i'm sure many of us would pay to watch you re-educate him :) I know i would!!!!!!!!!!!
Soory young jonah you are wrong. Sometimes in life one has to draw a line and say 'no further'. I am sure that for many Villa supporters signing Barton would be it. I, for one could not image any of my cash contributing in any way to rewarding him. That said, I cannot image MON or Randy ever countenancing Barton becoming a Villa player, anyway we have better CM's than him inour team. As The Fear says, we don't need him.
Hmm. 'Re-education' payment, and 'chained naked to gates' payment. Sounds a bit like the stereotypical public school education. Not sure what your current job is V-in-C, but maybe you've found a couple of lucrative side-lines ... :o)
Don't worry industrial_musical, it would be completely free to watch! I've been meaning to ask, how did you decide on your username?? It's different . . .
hehe maybe BTB. I'm in the RAF, but i'm sure I could revert to being infantry for one night with Joey Barton. That sounds so wrong.
Shame on me Young Jonah? If I go I go to support the team. I have standards and don't/won't support thugs. I don't think after 30 years of attending I can have the 'shame on me' levelled at me to be honest, just there are some things that matter more highly than football and supporting a thug like that is one thing that might make me think very seriously. Why would I want to pay money towards that?
The Fear
Not only are they guessing leerneravfc, they are guessing wrong. Jonah, jonah, jonah, it makes for an interesting talking point on a quiet news day.
The Fear
It's only like subscribing to a bondage channel Fear! What I want to know, is who voted 'He'd be ok' ?!!? I have a feeling our poll has been infiltrated by Toon fans . . . ?
Well no-one in the world can stop me following The Villa, my love for the club far outweighs my dislike for the player. If people dont want to go, thats up to them, i will never turn my back on my club.
I agree with young_jonah. But only because asassination is still an option.
dude, i work for the birmingham mail, who are owned by the mirror, just because its got a different name on the front page doesn't mean the ethics change, the idea is to get people to buy the paper and nothing sells better than scandal. all this wanting to beat him up though doesn't really seperate us from him though does it? are we any better? actually, F##k it, he's a nob, i'll give him a quick boot!!
Good to see you guys peaking out againt scumbags like Barton ... he has no place in football. Unfortunately there will always be a club skint enough to take him on eventually.
exactly rocky7, the fa needs to stand up and make an example of him by banning him from professional football.
He'll just go abroad then. Any potential ban needs to come from FIFA to be effective.
Why is this thug even allowed near a football ground he should be banned for life.
How come Dennis Wise ran about carrying on the same manner, and nobody batted an eyelid? Remeber that taxi driver he hospitlized, and that young lad at Leicester whose jaw he broke? Nobody was losing their minds then - though Leicester did sack him. Make no mistake, I think Mr Barton is a major MAJOR chump and would have doubts about his inclusion in the Villa squad. __________________________________________________________________ Thing is, all the headline stuff is in the not-that-recent-past. He's in the midst of having to face up to his actions. He came out this week and said that after the faith Newcastle have shown him, he has to stay and make it up to them. To me that sounds like the best approach. The approach of a guy who's facing up to his responsibilites. A major part of being sorry is taking responsibility for what you're sorry about. He's been in prison, and he'll face 12 games out. I think his statement is the beginning of some reparation on his behalf, and I strongly suspect that a wiser, mature Joey (would that become Joseph? haha) Barton would be a major asset to any club he plays for. __________________________________________________________________ People make mistakes. Ask Tony Adams, Paul Merson, or Duncan Ferguson - they've all had their fair share of problems or for Tony and Big Dunc even prison - but they were able to turn it around. I guess the key is how they deal with what they've done. It's clear that the rap on the knuckles that Mr Barton has been receiving hasn't worked. I'd hope that imprisonment would mark the beginning of change for Mr Barton, and I could think of nobody better than Martin O'Neill to temper the fire that Barton has. __________________________________________________________________ Now, let's just watch as you all castigate me for what I've said..... Go on, slam the door. He'll never change. Throw away the key............
You must be a very kind and understanding bloke evo. Credit to you. But you can only give a person so many chances, and he's had all of them AND some. We have one of the happiest dressing rooms in professional football, he would destroy that and probably start by shagging the other player's girlfriends etc.
i agree with you to a certain extent evoflash, everybody deserves the right to make amends. regarding the dennis wise comment, over the recent years the urgency to stamp out bullying has come to the fore so our sportsmen have even more of a responsibility to lead by example. back when wise got done it was common knowledge that footballers were hard drinkers, so even though its a similar example, its still quite different. add that to the fact that villa are a well respected team, with our promotion of acorns (its not a sponsorship!) we are probably liked by more oppostion fans than any other club in the league, signing barton would undo that good work because of who he is, people remember the bad news more than the good.
Good point bobbyfett. Personally I didn't mind Blackburn until Savage went there, then I hated them until he went to Derby. Then I hated Derby.
Villa-in-cyprus - my name basically means i like the musical genre of industrial (it's basically slap bang in the middle between heavy metal and club/dance music...think repetative beat with guitars on top)
Evo, I think many did notice Wise, he was also a very very nasty piece of work. Totally agree. I think with Barton he has just done it one too many times and even on his return v Arsenal the other day he started lunging in and then grinning/taunting the opposition.

I do totally hear what you are saying and I'm all for a second chance, I'm even in favour of a third chance, but this guy, following the stubbing a fag out in a youth players eye (HIS EYE FFS!) then assaulted a team member. OK, sold to Newcastle. 1st chance, 2nd chance and then 3rd chance taken. Brand new start, time to have anger management etc. At that point, I'd have thought him to be a fairly good buy for us. How does he repay them? He kicks off again - AFTER much talk from him of changing - and ends up in prison. Newcastle end up paying high wages for a player who can't play for them due to his own stupidity.

So do you keep giving him a chance, show other players you can do whatever the hell you want, you'll always be able to be a highly paid player (and a role model - whether they want to be or not that is what they are to the young kids). For me he has had all the chances he deserves, he is a rich young man (part of the problem for some of these young players I guess) who is fit and healthy (something fit people take for granted!) and skilled. Ok, he has come from a rough background. Boo hoo. Move on and make something of yourself, MANY have done so before and MANY will do so after.
The Fear
Good arguments from both Evo and Fear. I can see both sides, i dont think we will sign him. But the issue for me is how much disgust i would have with my fellow fans if they turned their back ont the club they claim to love, i hope it doesnt come to that.
Why do you care what other people think of Villa? Do you think Manchester United fans get upset that everyone hates them? No, I reckon their European cup and their pretty stunning attack line (Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo - WOW!) keep them happy ;-)__________________________________________________________________ In fairness I totally agree, Barton's had plenty of chances, but I have serious belief that going to prison is the wakeup call he needs. I would face up to Barton at Villa with a little trepidation, but I'd also be very hopeful that under Mr O'Neill, and with better judgement he'd become a great player. I'm glad that he hasn't been in the press trying to blame this person or that person, or his upbringing or whatever. Perhaps he's being very well guided, but his quiet acceptance of his punishment(s) is in my eyes a good sign he's becoming aware of what the rest of the world thinks. __________________________________________________________________ As for him coming back to Arsenal and getting stuck in, I didn't see the game so I'm not sure what he got up to. I'd rather any prospective Villa player had fire on the pitch and got under the oppositions skin. If I'm honest, if I was a player I wouldn't want to play against him, and when I saw him on the teamsheet at 2pm before the match, I'd think "oh no". __________________________________________________________________ I'm not 100% made up on this issue, but I'm not convinced it's as black and white (as a newcastle shirt haha). And I'd absolutely hate it if Villa had an opportunity to sign a player who we all know has it in him to be a really great footballer, who was turning the corner and growing up, but rather we said "no thanks, we don't like him because he'll never change". It's an impossible call to make because only Mr Barton knows what he's going to do. Honestly, if I was Mr O'Neill I wouldn't sign him, because I doubt I'd be able to talk to the guy without losing it.
haha if we did sign him, then as long as the first match was against Robbie Savage, and Barton took him out, the fans would come flooding back ;-) Remember Dion? I saw not a single Villa fan complaining about that hehehehe I know I didn't.
actually, i dun mind Barton. i like a footballer with a bit of a fierce attitude. but i see barton as a Roy Keane wannabe, whilst keane was still a gentleman when he ran riot, Barton was a****. but if we do get him, i believe MON will change him. on and off the field.
"A long-term replacement for Barry"? Isn't that what we signed Steve Sidwell for? I'm 100% in agreement with The Fear on this. Our club has too much of a proud and noble history (sticking two fingers up to Mr Hitler and his Nazi chums in 1938, for example,) to countenance a move for this vicious scumbag.
Athens Villa
Thanks for clearing that one up industrial_musical! That answered my question I guess. I think we should also face up to the fact that some people don't change. He is not a teenager, he's 26. He's a year older than me!! I don't believe he will ever change and if he wasn't a footballer he'd be a dole dosser, living in a council house and mugging old ladies by night. Complete loser, and if we sign him we will be the laughing stock of the Premier League.
Athens Villa the fact we attempted to sign Sidwell a year ago, a year before Barry had his head turned suggests to me that MON planned to have them playing together not one replacing the other.
Hang on a minute, BARTON to replace BARRY. Am I reading this right??? That's like replacing my Mercedes SL with a 1988 Metro.
Read the section on personal life and then tell me that's the guy to take Villa forward.
Good point, young-jonah. And, like you, I hope that no Villa fan should be put in a position of feeling uncomfortable supporting the team as a whole because of one unsuitable signing. It's been said (often unfairly) of other players that they're not fit to wear the claret and blue shirt, but Barton isn't fit to iron them.
Athens Villa
Didn't realize his brother is serving 17 years for murder. What a charming family.
haha iron them
Joey Barton is a very bad, dishonest bunch of lads.
This idiot has no business being in any league, not even a pub league. I would rather seal myself in a pit of my own filth than see him at Villa.
Not ever going to happen.
He will end up at Westaaaaaam with Bowyer who coincidentally played at Newcastle recently and is the only other player as dirty off the pitch, although Alan Smith and Robbie Savage are as bad on the pitch.
MON and Randy would never let this happen after all the good PR the club has ammased latley with the acorns deal it would be undoing the last few years of hard work.I saw the video of the Barton incident yesterday and must say what a hard man it takes to start hitting somone already on the floor or jumping your team mate from behind.I would love to see this scouse no mark out and about and show him what its like to be on the receiving end i know that takes me down to his level but thats the only language this SCUM understands. PS.His *****e anyway reminds me of Lee Hendrie.
Mr A Villa
His what reminds you Mr A Villa PS.His *****e anyway reminds me of Lee Hendrie. Mr A Villa
I think he meant 'he's s hit e anyway'.
Lee Hendrie is a dick. I remember him saying to an Ipswich player in a cup game "If you're nice to me i'll let you clean my Porsche".
Maybe we need a thug. On the pitch that is not one that wont be around cos hes doin 5 to 10. Good player, and if MON couldnt set him straight i dunno who can. And if reports are true, Martin must think he can and if he thinks so well hes got my backing
U gotta be glad u didn't sign him....he's an animal!!!!
I have to disagree AussieVilla. He's 27, he won't change overnight and by the time he does he'll be in his mid 30's and no use whatsoever. He's a below average player who's more trouble than he's worth. He is a ***** on and off the pitch and just the sheer suggestion of him moving to Villa will undo ALL of the good PR work the club has done, Acorns etc. Sorry AussieVilla, but you're in a 5% minority.
Cant see there being too much in this malicious rumour, because that's exactly how I view it, a 'malicious' rumour. We as a club have been offended by it. Barton has surely overstepped the mark way too many times, and if suggestions are true that one of the sticking points between Mike Ashley, the Newcastle United board, and King Kev, was the latters support towards Barton, then two thumbs up to Ashley and co in this instance. I cant see though that MON would want to introduce such an obnoxious character into the Villa Park dressing room. It would be asking for trouble, and no doubt immediately shatter the harmonious existance that seems to exist between the current squad.
Under normal circumstances, Barton's attributes as a footballer would no doubt be an attractive option for most managers/coaches out there, but its the excess and unwanted baggage that comes with him. An odious character at best, certainly not a player I'd want to see sporting the claret and blue.

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