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Maloney Baloney

Reports tonight are confirming earlier speculation that Shaun Maloney will be unveiled as a Celtic player once again either later on in the day or tomorrow morning.

Shaun is at Parkhead tonight and he's been there for most of the afternoon if reports are correct, and it's believed he has signed a 3 or 4 year contract, on around 20,000 a week.

This puts an end to the wee players sulking if true, and it's not too harsh to say he won't be missed. Simply because despite obviously having the talent, he just didn't make much of an impact whilst here.

The figure for the return back is believed to be in the region of 1 million, the same figure we paid Celtic to test drive his Premiership ambitions, so although it's a shame we've lost out on paying his wages he did provide some cover last season, but it's obvious he was only going to be a bit part player if that in our current campaign.

For me it's no great loss, and it's probably best for club and player that he moves. At least it puts an end to the Shaungate Celtic return rumours we had regularly and of course it means we don't have to cringe when he or his agent are in the papers moaning about being homesick or missing his Mum's cooking.

Then again the homesickness was never qualified as Scotland, it could've been Malaysia - I don't know?

Hopefully this signals the start of another few signings for us, but rather than bringing in a body to replace Maloney, I'd rather it opened the door for Routledge to have a proper run now.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 21 2008

Time: 6:57PM

Your Comments

No great loss, he was a nice enuogh bloke but had very little desire to properly fight for a place in the first team,Say what you want about him but At least zat knight does that,With maloney we were throwing good money after bad.Maloney will go home(not that he was on another continent)And walk into arguably the best team in scotland week in week out and be treated like the main man,Good luck to him if thats what he wants to do,As someone else said its no great loss to us.
Dissapointed that he never settled, he is a very good player who could have been an asset, good luck to him if he completes his move back to Celtic
Disgusted in this lads attitude, He DOES have the skill but obviously not the application or determionation to succeed. Pathetic
he showed glimpses of awesomeness and i always thought it was a matter of time before he stepped it up. i am actually a wee bit more gutted than the writer
The writer is obviously a blinded individual. There are some pretty childish remarks here. Shaun Maloney has exceptional talent. Personally, as a Celtic fand I am still unsure of whether or not we should take him back. I am being deadly serious when I say this. Moving from Celtic to Villa was not exactly an ambitious step! He downgraded but was getting more money. This proved to many that one thing he lacks is ambition. If he didn't cut it with Villa, I am dubious to say the least that he could cut it again with Celtic. Time will tell I guess.
I Liked him and don't believe he was given all the opportunities that some have had (eg Petrov) - so we will never know if he would have been worth keeping. He looked good quite often eary on when he got a chance and invariably tried to be positive and had a direct style of entertaining play. Good Luck to him I am sure he could be a success in the Premier League either side of the border.
Couldn't cut it in the Prem, but will no doubt go back to shine in SPL again, which is obviously more to his level. Lets hope the better side of Glasgow has sold us a more capable Premiership performer in Cueller.
Mr Woo has exceptional talent, but I doubt he could cut it against the big boys either.
oh oh weetim is back. He showed ambition but couldn't make it count when it mattered. Certainly not enough end product when given the chance. Returning back to where he came shows lack of ambition rather than stepping up his game. I'm sure he'll go on to be your superstar again. Meanwhile routledge will get a run out which i prefer. Althou those bitter comments about maloney getting injured for us might come back to haunt you
I guess this is what happens when a class act like Maloney goes to a backstreet outfit like Villa. There are three teams in the EPL. Villa isn't one of them. Villa fans have been praying for Maloney to get more games but the ever righteous MON screwed up again.
Listen to these Celtic fans FFS. He was crap according them when we signed him, now all of a sudden he is class act lol. The Rangers fans were nothing but gracious and dignified when we picked off their best player, do Celtic fans receive less funding for education than Rangers fans? Must be hard to take that we signed your 2 best players and they are now our 2 worst.
"Villa fans have been praying for Maloney to get more games but the ever righteous MON screwed up again." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exactly, drop Ashley Young I say!!!
Wow Weetim, your letting Celtic fans down. 3 teams in the prem, and if you were here you reckon you'd test them? Celtic would be mid table at best in the EPL, my mum played in the SPL last season and she kept 14 clean sheets, thats how **** Scotland is. Shame to see Maloney go back because I think he's got what it takes and if, as has been said, he'd been given the same chances Petrov had I think he'd be in our first team plans now. Good luck wee man
I hope you have God on your side. Because if MON is in charge of your wage structure, well...we've seen it before twice.
weetim67 suffers from an inferiority complex -bless him. I'd imagine him to look and talk like wee jimmy krankie. Dont be cruel to him.
Hoop, we do indeed have Paul McGrath on our side.
Celtic remain, now and forever, a larger club that Villa. Fanbase about 100-times the amount, if not more, and, even with all the cash you have in England, more revenue per year. But it's not about that. It's about a player who made a mistake because of a manager who makes mistakes like they are going out of business. Trust me, Martin O'Neill isn't all that he thinks he is.
Hoop, no one has mentioned club size FFS, but your league is inferior, that is undesputible and the argument here. Squad for squad we would win your 2 bob division without so much as breaking sweat.
And after five years of English gold, we'd finish in the top-four. Nobody could really doubt that. We have more season ticket holders than you have seats. We have more fans around the globe than you have people living in Birmingham. Maloney is, sadly, a small kid lost in the middle of a blackhole - not wanted there or here.
Maloney arguably went to play in a better league, but didn't move to a better or bigger club than Celtic. I think he's realised his mistake and wants to make amends. When was the last time Villa played in the Champs League?
Hoop-so predictable. Are you weetim67 in disguise? we are more than happy with our support, with our club, the price of bread and everything else and i wouldnt swap a single player in your team with any of ours, including mcgeady if my life depended on it. By Christmas Maloney will be setting the SPL alight and you'll be telliing anybody who can be bothered to listen that he is better than Messi blah blah. Change the record your boring.
Ner ner na ner nerrrr, my clubs bigger than yours, my dad could beat up yours (sticks out tongue)!!!! WTF has the size of the club got to do with anything regarding this story you thick ****. You where all over this board last year telling us how crud Maloney was, how awful Villa where, how brilliant Celtic are. I used to have a lot of respect for Celtic as my familes Irish, but you lot have really turned me now. Like mackaavfc says, the Rangers fans have been brilliant that have been posting on here. Not one arrogant self righteous n0b amongst them, unlike the Celtic fans.
Maloney won't be setting the SPL alight, though. He had one good season out of seven. But that's not really the point. If I had my way, I'd never let him back. Average player, at any league level.
Hoop and tempest, sectarianism is not rife in Brum, so unfortunately we cant attract as many fans as you. 1981 was the last time tempest, the year we won it :-)
I watched Spurs vs Celtic a few weeks ago and yous got a hiding.And they wont even make the top 4.Im praying Maloney stays :-)
The Celtic fans always make me laugh. They are always so bitter about ex-players and managers. This particularly seems to apply to a man who was one of their best managers in recent years. According to them Maloney was a money grabbing b*****d when he left them, now he is going back it is because he is a good player and he made a mistake. The only mistake made was that Maloney thought he could cut it in the Premiership. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. As for MON, we spent 1m on him and he has been sold for the same amount he was a squad player last year and was going to be nothing more this year. I think he had potential but obviously wasn't prepared to work every week like he would need to in the Premiership and would prefer to return to the SPL and perfom 5-6 times per season.
Get your facts right Macka. Celtic have never been and never will be a sectarian club. Yes, we're proud of our roots and have a strong connection with Ireland, but there's nowt wrong with that. We have always signed players irrespective of colour, creed, nationality, or religious persuasion for that matter. And PBAVFC, yeah the Rangers fans are brilliant are they not? What a performance they put on for the good people of Manchester at the tail end of last season. I'm also not too sure what to make of Maloney at times. I feel he's got the talent, but lacks desire. So, I guess I'm in agreement with a lot of the Villa fans on that one. Enough said.
foreverhoopy, you know a club isn't a great club when they'r fans have to keep telling folk they are. are all celtic fans bitter? yep
he needs to grow a pair of balls, simple as that. Home sick, pathetic spoilt little man. He should go over to Iraq or Afgahnistan with the poor young soldiers being shot to bits and see what home sickness is. I'm sure he'll get a very mixed reception at Celtic judging by the comments I've read as well, their fans aren't the most forgiving and they perceived him as having screwed them when he moved to Villa. If he sorts his head out he'd be a decent player but at the moment he has been nothing but a sulk and a flop!
The Fear
we signed a great talent but he came as a boy and left as a boy...
Such a shame. His free kicks are excellent but I guess we've got Ash for that.
Adam Deuce
Couldn't agree more Jon absolutely pathetic. And even though i am a Celtic fan you monkeys who have come on here are a disgrace. You would take MON back at the drop of a hat you bitter ferrets
To all Celtic and water come to mind. Some of us are medium size fish (hoping to grow) in a big ocean, Others are massive whales commanding a PUDDLE!
Think he was a talented lad, best of luck to the guy, got the skills but think the Premiership was perhaps too much for him, if he had been given the chances Petrov received, who knows but as it was MON didn't ever see him as a major player. Good Bye Shaun, good luck.
Don't know why I expected better off the Celtic fans, should have learn't by now, no class (some of you are cool, you know who you are) or is it just a case that only the wee men who should have been tucked up in bed by their mommas hours ago come on here. Maloney is class and has the ability to shine, wish he had of had more of a chance, wish he could have been arsed to take the chances he did get.
What is wrong with Celtic fans with all this my clubs bigger than yours it reminds me of spurs fans down here, get a life your like ten year old children. millions of fans maybe but you have only won one European cup like us, and when your in the champions league for all of five minutes i bet the top clubs in Europe like Inter are *****ting bricks at the thought of playing you.
chris the villan
What's all this, 'Celtic have 100 times more of a fan base than Villa?' Don't make me laugh... fans clinging to the fact that it's a predominantly Catholic supported team in SCOTLAND does not a fan base make! I currently live in HK and I've seen far more Rangers shirts than Celtic, not only here, but all over Asia. In fact, I'm sure there is a Rangers supporters club here but no Celtic!! Those days of mass support are almost over... joining the Prem? Well, that could be a different story! [Edited by TheFear]
Bhoys, Villains - settle down. Here are the facts: the SPL is a pishy league. EPL is better. Villa are a big club. Celtic are bigger. With the current squad, Celtic would struggle to get into Europe if playing in the SPL. But given the fanbase, we'd be constant top six after a few years, and strengthening the squad. Maloney is a good player, but I too question his determination and will to succeed, and I'm not convinced about the wisdom of us taking him back. Then again, when he was our manager, MON never really rated him that highly, so it was always a bad move for Shaun. As a manager, MON did a great job for us, but he does have his limitations and faults. The team he left to Strachan was in a dire state. So I really hope Shaun does fulfill his potential with us, and that we win our pishy league playing good football, and make progress in Europe. To Villa, I genuinely wish you all the best - would love to see you make the top 4, and for Petrov to realise all his potential too. As for the comments that the Dark Side has a better quality of people follow-following them, take a look at their own fan sites. Scary stuff. FYI Rawlie - The HK CSC is going strong. Can only vouch for the countries in Asia where I've been, but in Japan, HK, Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Laos - always saw a lot more Celtic tops than Rangers ones.
Sorry, should read: ... Celtic would struggle to get into Europe if playing in the EPL.
Samibhoy - you're one of the most sensible people on here. I agreee with almost everything you said. I hope Shaun does well for you again.
Pity really he had a decent shot on him when we had free kicks outside the box.
He was only ever going to be a bit part player down here, so good luck to him. He's craved for a move back to Celtic since virtually day one, and is clearly more suited to the weaker SPL, so all things taken into account, its the perfect move for him. We shall move on.
Maloney, great player but played OUT OF POSITION for us. Homesickness in England ? Ok some places are awful but Birmingham is hardly the worst. How the ***** can you be homesick on all that money and live a better lifestyle than most of us on here ? I think wee Shaun was hoping MON would have a constant arm around him and mould the team around his abilities. Unfortunately we have the likes of Young to be moulding the team around....
what a f#ckin stupid comment about soldiers in iraq. if he's homesick, he's homesick there's nothing you can do about it. plus the fact that although he has talked about it he's never moaned and always got on with it. people seem to think that just cus footballers get a sh#t load of money that they should be happy with their lot but but they are prone to unhappiness and depression that can be brought on by feeling isolated from friends and family. Just cus you can go out and buy a ferrari doesnt make that any better. I hope that you eat every last bit of your dinner tonight and take time to think how lucky you are cus there's starving children in africa who would love that.
I liked him too. I am sure it was more not getting regular first team football and not the homesickness that led to this. I dont blame him for leaving, I also dont think he was given enough chances, but anyway, I wish him all the best with his move and his career at Celtic and with the national team!
Never rated him i'm afraid. Never felt he had quite enough power for the premier league.
Maloney has returned in SPL for a fee which could rise to Ј2.5million. Looks like good business to me.
mackaavfc when you talk about the better side of Glasgow I take it you must another sectarian****at heart
In maloney's interview today he had nothing but knd words for villa. He thanked fans & staff and hopes to see you break top 4 this season. Also looked ectsatic to be back at Celtic and admits he faces a fight to get in team.
All credit for his words of praise LARSSON*7*CFC. Likeable guy, but simply not up to the task. good luck to him, good to see a smile back on his face.
Yeah Rocky, i must admit to favouring the club that doesn't sing anti-English songs, strange that ey?
Thats rich, after 800 years of rape, murder and torture from your lot you pull us up for a couple of songs. Its just not cricket. How dare they.
My ancestor's were peasant's how vary dare you.
chris the villan
Mine too, they collected mud. But it was their mud.
They collecyed mud? Brings a whole new meaning to "soiling" yourself.
I believe they both mean the same in latin.

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