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Villans - Have Faith In Martin O'Neill

It clearly is difficult to sign players, as despite the protestations of fans all over the country, managers, chairmen and board members all tell us that it is.

It's nice and easy to complain when you have the 'I hope I'm wrong' disclaimer, because you win either way, as fellow Vital poster Steff said. If you're right you can be smug about it, if not you can just gingerly get on with it and be satisfied that your miscalculations mean that the club that you support is stronger and well prepared, despite your claims that that would not be the case. Voicing a concern is one thing, but a lot here and elsewhere don't voice concern. There was (and will almost certainly be in the future) a massive defeatist section of support that was bemoaning the lack of action as if it were September the first. I expected nothing less, which is why I like to stay away, but there is still an issue there.

We all have a bit of a laugh about showing faith in our 'Messiah' and more of the same, but there is an element of truth behind it. There are powerful comparisons that could be evoked here, but even simply showing the parallels between a managers actions in the transfer market and that trust exercise where you fall backwards into another persons support will do. There is no guarantee that your partner will catch you, but once you start falling that's what you have to do. Randy Lerner started the fall when he appointed the man, and we will be perennially falling for as long as he's in charge. It shouldn't matter, because he's said on numerous occasions that he'll be there to catch us, and has proved that he will on just as many.

It is from here that my 'faith' stems, and as an extension of that, my disbelief at others lack thereof. Martin O'Neill is yet to steer us wrong. People moaned last summer and we were excellent, they moaned last January and we got 6th, they have moaned this summer and we've now signed 7 players at a cost of 30million. It's been proven that money speaks in the Premier League, will the doubters finally be hushed by this one? I'd like to think so, but if we suffer a dip of any sort, I fear we will be hearing from them again. I suppose we can only wait and see. All I will say is while there are a lot out there that are now finally satisfied, I am no more so than I was a month or two ago.

I expected nothing less, and knew I wouldn't be disappointed.


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The Journalist

Writer: Carlosio Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 13 2008

Time: 9:21AM

Your Comments

I`m happy to say i always had faith and never o`neill doubted for a second that he would get the players in,We have a top manager and i am still just as thrilled that martin o`neill came to villa as i was on the day he pulled up outside villa park.
I think people have every right to question the goings on, that is what football is about, we have a bad game we all moan, we have a good game we all smile but at the end of the day, opti or pessi, we all want the best for our mighty club.
The Fear
Nice article Carlosio, something good and uplifting to read first thing in the morning. As you said, I think a lot of the boo boys would have been silenced (for a while at least) by our last week or two of transfer activity - and with O'Neill himself saying there is more to come it can only get better. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little worried at our major lack of dealings up to the early part of this month, but MON has shown us the light - let's see if we can reach it.
Well said Carlosio, too many moaners on these boards over the summer, comparing our spending to Spurs, or suggesting there isn't any money, or that MON can't attract players, or doesn't want to buy people in. Hopefully they'll all crawl back under their rocks now and we can get on with the season with a bit of optimism and a bit of backing. As of today, compare our preparation with those of our immediate competitors, pompey, everton, blackburn, man city and spurs, would you swap with any of them? People might say Spurs but it's looking like they'll lose Berbatov and he and Keane are not going to be easy to replace, I'm still not sure who's going to score all their goals. And they still haven't signed Arshavin or Villa or any of the names mentioned. Trust in MON and Randy, and as you say, keep the faith. UTV.
well said carlosio. I always kept the faith with lerneravfc above and others. I just think the moaners are a bit more vocal than others. But at least they care. If only they could care in a more positive way though!
After last summer anyone who wanted too, had the right to question the manager. 6th was good, but it could have been better. Maybe we would be preparing for a match against Standard Liege tonight. As for the "I told you so" nonsense, it works both ways, case and point - THIS ARTICLE.
touched a nerve young jonah?
To be fair to most people on this site people haven't been that negative. When you look at previous transfer windows, there was an obvious concern for MON's transfer activity... Over on villa blog, the mood was really dark. The majority of people were really calling for MON's head and talking him down. There is definitely a minority out there who will not be pleased no matter what.
I agree with you there johnnyuk. I stopped reading the comments on the blog, they were just soooo depressing! It was like the end of the world on there.
At the end of the day Villa fans are no different to fans of other clubs, the passion rises and people panic or moan when things aren't right. Due to the nature of my job on this network, I police other sites article comments as well, they are all the same up when things are good, down when they aren't. Just read an article comment on the Arsenal site for instance telling Arsene Wenger to get his cheque book out and 'you are mugging us off'.
The Fear
Touched a nerve? What's that all about? Young_Jonah is as passionate as any other Villa fan and had the concerns that literally thousands of Villa fans had. I can see the smug grins on some people's faces from here...even though we all know that deep inside they were *****ting themselves until 2 weeks ago.
I think that's right Mr Fear, but i do think journalists such as yourself hold a big position over the rest of supporters in that you can dictate largely the mood that is amongst us through accurate perceptions and reporting or manipulating situations to suit your own agenda. Now while i like the villa blog still and they sometimes produce good articles, i do like doc's post match analyises, but on the whole i think things are far more positive and likely to display that extra bit of faith here, hence why i visit here more often.
Really positive article. 6th exceeded my expectations. If you set expectations around qualifying for the Champions League last season, with the squad we had - you will set yourself up for disappointment and moan on and on, you have to look at the season as a whole not the odd games. Just think back a few years and the position we were in. Also teams like Newcastle, Rangers and Blackburn - we've quickly passed those teams by, but spare a thought for the fans of those teams they can't be too happy. Europe has been a carrot we needed, I was cheered today when I read about Ceullar "He ignored interest from LIVERPOOL and SPURS to push for an agreement WITH VILLA after they submitted an offer which matched a release clause in the contract he signed when joining from Osasuna for 2.4m a year ago."
Who said that? Cueller chose us over others? Did it say that in the Sun or are there any direct quotes. At the end of the day, we all want Villa to be successful, if people dont like others being too negative or too positive then they dont have to come on the forum, do they?
hopefully every villa fan will have a smug grin on their faces after the dealings in this window so far. And there's still over 2 weeks to go. Can't wait for the usual last day shenanigans. There's a lot to be said about transfer windows but at least they spice things up during the summer. Especially after our no show in the euro finals.
Thanks johnny, nice to know you perceive the stuff here as mostly positive. Certainly try to be as optimistic as I can, also do try not to come out with any opinion as right or wrong, just what I'm thinking. I do hate it when people try to portray things as black and white in footie as they seldom are!
The Fear
Tonybrum no doubt the signings so far as to the standard we should expect as Villa fans, no more Djemba-Djembas and Michael Bouldings!!!! Come May we will all be stood together at Villa Park applauding the team and management following a great season, and at that point our arguements on here will be a distant memory.
I've just been consistently happy he's not O'Leary.
Well said, Carlosio! And equally well put ^ young_jonah!
Athens Villa
greggaiger, thats the spirit!!!
Djemba-Djemba was the best player on the pitch away to Odense :) As you say though Y_J, come May we will all be cheering for the effort put in this year...just remains to be seen how good a season we can have. Hopes are high yet again, good times for Villa fans. And tonybrum, my smug grin will be doublefold on Aug 31st if we can hand Liverpool their asses.
Mayo_12, Monday 1st September 2008, may be the greatest day, Vital Villa ever saw!!!! It will be buzzing if we beat Liverpool on the sunday!!!
Every Villa fan has the right to question whatever is going on at Villa. Showing concern is human nature, and I was one of those who was certainly showing concern at the earlier lack of transfer activity, and having been a Villa supporter for 38 years I have every right to do so. Even now, I tihnk my concern was justified, especially considering MONs lack of transfer activity last year, when we cold really have used a couple of new faces towards the end of the season to push us even higher than 6th. That said, MON has done a fantastic job at Villa so far, and he will always have my support, but I will always show concern when I feel concerned.
I was one of the doubters I admt that and did OVER worry about things, but thats the kind of person I am!!!! But so looking forward to Sunday, Manciteh wont know what hit them, whoooooooooooo
Hey hey, Yj. I suppose I'd have to agree with the "I told you so" nature of the post, but it isn't really what it's about. On the forums I later added a small disclaimer saying everyone has a right to question what is going on if they so desire.

My point was more to do with my own personal feelings about our manager and his technique. It does annoy me when people go on a diatribe about certain elements of Aston Villa, but my point was not to say "I told you so", more to point out that MON, Randy Lerner and Aston Villa are saying it. They're yet to steer us wrong.

I'm sorry if it came out as an attack, I'm sure some of our veterans will know that's not what I intended.
Who said that? Do you have any direct quotes.? That's the thing with the negativity, you produce evidence and certain people won't accept it. The same was true of the Bentley saga, we bid more than Spurs but he didn't want to join us, how do we know? Because the player said so. We beat off Man City for Friedel, it's all postive for me at the moment.
Carlosio, you know we never agree and have even spoke of our respect for each other via PM, I am just slightly annoyed how so many "positive" fans seem to now be making out the "negative" fans were not behind MON/Randy. That has never been the case, although one or two may feel like that, I think we "negative" fans have always spoke highly of MON's ability from August to May, its just the window time we get concerned. I realise this is not an attack on anybody as you are not that type of poster, but SOME are using the 6 signings as a kind of personal victory over others, when we all want the same thing - a successful club.
Tarzan, what evidence? There isnt any as far as I can see, I have been known to hold my hands up when proven wrong. Please do so.... Tell me the quote, word for word.
'Mayo_12, Monday 1st September 2008, may be the greatest day, Vital Villa ever saw!!!! It will be buzzing if we beat Liverpool on the sunday!!! young_jonah' Change the may be to will be and the if we to a when we, and I am behind you 100% they have just got to have it this season, home and away.
This is the big game this year. Forget Brum!!!
Evidence for the Bentley thing YJ? If so, I can categorically state we bid well for him but he wanted London and so did his wife (who I believe has an illness and is treated at a hospital in London) if not that issue, then I'll depart and mind my own business! LOL
The Fear
so moral of the story is that, the more you moan, the better the club becomes. LOL!
No! something obviously got lost in translation
If you pay your money to go down the villa on a saturday then that gives you the rite to voice what ever opinion you want positive or negative. Ps;Cant wait to do the scousers !!
Mr A Villa
No Fear, no. I wanted evidence for Cueller choosing us over Liverpool and Spurs as stated above by Tarzan I think it was (apologies if it wasnt). Someone stated that Cueller joined us over the scousers, but I have not heard, seen or read this anywhere else. I wanted quotes or a link to a quote. None as yet.......
I agree Mr Villa. And besides it'd be a bit of dull board if everyone thought and posted the same. Where would the banter be? Seven quality signings down and I reckon 2 or 3 more to come. Transfer windows don't get much better than this. Well not until next years windows anyway :)
Good article Carlosio. Typical upbeat piece of writing from your goodself. Cant, nor wont, say that I personally agree with all of it, but I know and understand where you're coming from.
young_jonah, if it helps clarify the matter, must say that I too heard that both Liverpool and Tottenham, along with Stoke City, were interested in Cuellar. Whether they were, or it was just media speculation, is of course another matter.
Thats fair enough GS, likewise to tarzan. Due the Barry stories (everyday) in the papers, i have grown weary of comments in articles that are not a direct quote from a player or club involved. Have of them are made up IMO.
And I wouldn't even begin to argue with you on that point y_j. You're probably spot on.
With all that MON has achieved here at B6 to date, a little bit of faith from the doubters is surely the least he can ask and expect?
We're going to experience the boo-boys and the doubters all throughout the season though, once the slightest hiccup occurs. Thats how the fickle few are, and sadly their opinions wont be changed by the overall picture.

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