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Villa Fans - Lay Off Our Own Players

Lay off our own players.

We have been blessed in recent seasons of having many players who have supported the club as a fan and then had the drive and determination and ability to become a Villa player. If it were to happen
to you or I, it would be the stuff of dreams. However over recent months many fans (not all, but a considerable number) having been having a go at Zat Knight. The normal stuff, he is not fit to wear the shirt, he should bugger off to a.n.other club etc.

How about Villa fans stopping this stupid abuse? In my eyes only those not intelligent enough for reasonable debate would stoop as low as to ridicule one of our own. Knight didn't buy himself for the Villa. He doesn't put himself on the team sheet. He doesn't decide if he stays or joins another club.

What he does do is have obvious pride in playing for the shirt. If only the same could be said of some others we could name. He is not the best in most peoples eyes. He lacks the concentration and passing ability to be a real top quality centre half in my opinion. But he never lacks effort. As long as he does his best, it is irrelevant if it is good enough. That is the decision for the manager. If Knight plays and you are not happy then abuse Martin O'Neill not Knight.

How would you feel if you were picked and gave 110% only to be abused by the fans you once stood with. It certainly wouldn't make you a better player and most likely it would destroy your confidence and make you play worse. If we actually gave extra encouragement to him, it wouldn't make him a world beater, but it would improve his game in only a way that being confident can do.

We need strength in depth and Knight is good enough to play every week for some teams in the Premier League. He is more than adequate to be an important member of our squad, if not first choice. Let the boo boys hide back under the rocks from which they came. I for one will support and encourage any player wearing our shirt that gives 100%, whether they are good enough or not.

We still have a minority of fans who have no idea how to support a club and think that abusing something they are not happy with is the solution. It is long overdue for the silent majority to make their voices heard when this ridiculous abuse happens, whether that be at the game or online.


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The Journalist

Writer: voiceoftheholte Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 12 2008

Time: 3:19PM

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Here, Here. Totally agree.
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12/08/2008 15:33:00

great article, i wish everyone had the same common sense to support the shirt
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12/08/2008 15:36:00

I agree and what most people forget is although Curtis Davis is also a great defender, he has yet to play a match where we have kept a clean sheet. Zat was CB through some great games last season and his attitude is great. Has my support all the way. Nice article.
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12/08/2008 15:36:00

Agree whole heartedly VOTH. The opta stats speak for themselves as showing Zat to be a far better and efficient defender than his critics realise. The negativity that some villains come out with is incredible really. It makes you soften to what DOL said about our fickle fans.
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12/08/2008 15:44:00

I agree 100%. And if someone wants to boo him at the game, they needn't bother doing it round me. The lad is living his boyhood dream, some people are just ridiculous.
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12/08/2008 15:47:00

I dont think Zat has every let us down when its mattered, hes a top notch pro and an all round honest bunch of lads
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12/08/2008 15:48:00

The guy is Villa through and through. How many Villa fans get to score a goal against Chelsea at home? Great guy and should get our undying support and loyalty!
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12/08/2008 15:54:00

It's the way of the world I'm afraid. Rubbish players will get stick from the fans. Thats nothing new. And being a Villa fan won't shield him from it I'm afraid. Having said that, he might be bad but comments like "He's not fit to wear the shirt" and "Bugger off to another club" are a bit harsh. Then again I dont recall anyone on here saying those things. Just that he's pretty *****. Which he is.
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12/08/2008 15:54:00

I've heard people say that he's rubbish, but not heard a single person question the effort he puts in, or boo him at a match for that matter, I think this has gone over the top a bit. Yes knight does support the Villa and no he isn't (in my opinion) good enough, but I will be supporting him all the way as all of us should. Anyway I though Knight's passing was one of the better points of his game, I've seen him knock some lovely long range passes about, certainly better that Laursen's passing.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 15:56:00

Hes better than you
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12/08/2008 15:57:00

nice article,totally agree.I can't say as I've seen him have a mare but I would be of the opinion he is purely backup to Laursen and/or Davies.
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12/08/2008 16:00:00

You crack me up DO'L honest bunch of lads, on to Zat i personally think he is not the best center half we have but booing one player can be detrimental to the whole team me thinks and makes us fans who choose to support the team look bad.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:03:00

Agree VOTH. We need strength in depth - any strength in depth! He tries hard, never moans about contract or subs bench and has a model temperament! He may turn slower than the cross betwix Jaap Stam and a frigate but he's bloody awesome in the air. He's dependable and not outstanding. He's good but not great and he's mostly fit as a fiddle, who else you gonna get to mark Crouch in the air! No-one that's who. Of course he is gonna drop back a bit down the pecking order and there are loads of better defenders but he's here for Villa not for himself and you have to give hi extra marks for that. Word up.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:05:00

Agree, but still say the boo boys are a minority. Don't really care if a player is a Villa fan or not, we are the fans, that is the main thing! I HATE anyone booing a player whilst on the pitch though, used to be the same with DeLaCruz, people used to shout Useless at him. How would that motivate a player in our colours? BUT as said, this is a minority. Also I think it is fine for people to pass their opinions before and after games in the pubs, on the forums etc. Don't like it when it gets too personal as they are people not machines (apart from the Terminator but then he didn't play football!) Have anyone else heard much bad directed to the player whilst on the pitch though? Storm in a tea cup here? Agree if a player gives 100% then whether they are good enough or not is down to the managers decision.
The Fear
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:08:00

Voice I do email thanking you for articles but they get bounced back for some reason. Maybe I'm on your spam list?! Must admit you seem angry at the fans quite regularly, personally I think we are a cut above and a great bunch!
The Fear
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:13:00

I'm with DeanoVilla on this one - I don't recall Knight getting too much stick on this or other sites that I scour for news on a daily basis. Hence quite surprised to see an article like this pop out of the blue. I live in Singapore so can only watch games on TV, but have the crowd been vocally getting on his back too? I don't think he's *****, and yes - i'm sure he tries his best and gives 100%, but he definitely isn't the type of quality we're looking for if we want to be pushing for better than 6th place. I'd prefer us to get a young LB to learn from Shorey (Mattock or stick with O'Halloran?) and then move Bouma back into the centre as further cover if it's needed. I think we might see Zat moving on - probably not in this window, but maybe this time next year? Never booed him and never would. I'm sure i've groaned and spat out my beer a few times though!
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:21:00

With Laursen, Davies & Cuellar as probably our first 3 choice CB's it's going to be a tough year for Zat regardless I think.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:26:00

Yatesy: What beer is it in Singapore that you're spitting out; just out of interest? Can't believe you waste a drop tho..think you're fibbing! ;-)
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:36:00

Knight wouldn't have come to us if he wasn't a fan of the club. Concentration should be something that you can improve on because he plays well some of the time. MON obviously thought this was the case aswell. Maybe he will be amazing this year after a decent pre-season but I think MON is spending 8 mil for a reason....
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:45:00

Obviously he's a good player but not quite enough for where we want to go. Happy to have him in the squad, can any of our CBs plat RB?
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 16:52:00

YATESY, URE FROM SINGAPORE??? WHERE AT? anyway, some are forgetting that Knight is a Villa fan =/
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 17:19:00

totally agree - knight gives his all n although he may not be a world beater he isnt a bad squad player. Any player who does this and is in the team should be supported by villa fans!
azton villain
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 18:30:00

I know many will just say "oh yeah he's bound to say that because there is a front page article" but I have to state I have always thought Zat has done a good job for the Villa. He has the odd lapse of concentration but all in all he has let no one down...he had a dodgy game v Manure at VP and that is the only one I can recall. He fights for his place, he has been more consistent than at Fulham, he knows he in all likelihood will not be a starter but when called upon he has performed....good luck to him. Anyone think there maybe a few games where 3 centre halves (Laursen, Cueller and Davies) are played with two wingbacks (Young/Shorey) or is it just me?
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 18:41:00

all villa players deserve to be respected until they do something that disrespects the villa, anyone who boos their own players without reason are not villa fans just idiots that take seats away from real fans
Astonian Villan
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 18:47:00

i dont think anyone in particular boos Knight theres just a lot of groaning when he gets on the ball or makes the slightest mistake and I agree with you voth it shouldnt happen but should it really matter to knight as a proffessional whether a couple of stupid fans groan when he gets the ball.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 20:57:00

totally agree with this article at then end of the day MON picks the team and if Knight or any player wears the claret and blue of villa all the fans should get behind them and show them our support for the team.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 21:15:00

I dont think Zat will get much of a shout this season but i dont think Carson done him any favours last year with his inabilty to command his box.Would be intresting to see if his any better with Freidel behind him?
Mr A Villa
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 22:23:00

I do not boo my own, never have. I didnt boo Barry at Walsall, although I thought I would, I simply couldnt. That said, I feel that as a fan it is my right to express my view, as it for anyone too. If people want to boo our player then whatever it dont bother me, I just wont do it, they have paid their money like I and like me have earned their right to support the club however they see fit. But what this article above does is basically say you cant slag off a player but you can slag off other fans, come VOTH get a grip mate, you seem to take great delight in belittling your fellow supporters, not me in the instance, but still. Zat's career will not last forever, neither will any other player or manager for that matter, but the love of the supporters will, so how about you show us a little respect and not write things that belittle our support. Believe or not, we pay just as much as you to get to the games etc. So our opinions count to, whether you agree or not.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 22:27:00

I think the article was just another opportunity for VOTH to have moan about Villa fans, that's all the bloke does. I have NEVER heard Knight get booed.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 22:29:00

Lolz, Whilst i agree that none of our players should be boo'd, & personally i like Zat. (That goal against Chelski nearly made me come) but everytime he is near the ball i do get nervous.
Report Abuse
12/08/2008 23:53:00

He messes up sometimes, but he scored that goal, on his debut, against chelsea...ill always like him, and hes livin the dream so you know hes tryin his best
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 00:40:00

AussieVilla, you beat me to the point I was going to make: that debut goal! You could see in the lad's face how much that meant to him and you can't put a price on that sort of devotion to a club. Support one; support 'em all!
Athens Villa
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 04:02:00

Zat has done a good job for the Villa. He may not look that good only in comparison with Laursen and Davies, but he is ok.
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 08:51:00

Well said voiceoftheholte. This constant need to bicker and snipe at our players is absolutely ridiculous, and totally uncalled for. If it isn't Stilyan Petrov whose lined up in the sights of the boo-boy brigade, it's Zat Knight. Even Gabby is now getting it in the neck from some quarters. Its as though we have to have a scapegoat to target. Doesn't matter particularly who, as long as we can sink our teeth into one player. Its pathetic. At least Zat's abuse is holding off the jeer-mongers from directing their full venom at Gabby, but that of course is scant comfort for Zat himself.
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 16:37:00

Zat's performances last season were more than adequate. One or two below par offerings maybe, but several decent showings to counter balance the negatives. He wears the shirt with pride and never hides.
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 16:39:00


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