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Villa Bid for Rangers' Cuéllar

Aston Villa have confirmed that they have agreed a fee with Rangers (well The Gers' had no choice) for their Spanish centre-back Carlos Cuéllar.

The news late on Monday evening suggested that Villa have matched a release clause in Cuéllar`s contract, and the player, who I am reliably informed was SPL player of the year last season, is expected to sign for Villa if his statement to the Rangers Official website is anything to go by:

"I came to Rangers due to the professional manner of their officials and management and their promise of success. Everything I had been told about this fantastic Club has been true and last year's UEFA Cup run is something I will never forget.

"My ambition has always been to play for my national team and I believe that playing in the biggest league in the world for Aston Villa will help me realise that"

The 27-year old will now travel to Villa Park to sort out the formalities, as Martin O`Neill looks to add another piece of the defensive jigsaw puzzler of pre-season, alongside new signings Brad Friedel, Luke Young and Nicky Shorey, not to mention last years signing Curtis Davies.

Don`t forget the attackers Marty!

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The Journalist

Writer: Murph Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 11 2008

Time: 9:28PM

Your Comments

I'm a Rangers fan and I can assure you Villa fans you are getting a class centre half in Cuellar. I would also like to use this to thank him for what he has done for us in the past year and wish him all the best for the future in the premiership and I hope he lives his dream of playing for Spain in the future. All the best big man!
I had faith all summer that o`neill would get the players in,Perhaps people will hold fire a bit next time it is obvious he just likes to take his time.Davies,friedel,guzan,young,shorey,sidwell,cuellar is a good haul so far,Add that to a team that finished 6th last season and we are looking very good.If we could get in a good striker now to help the other lads out we are serious contenders for the top 4.
Nice one Greg, thanks for that.
F*** Me. I'm so moist I can not wait for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dead Souls
Is he cup tied for Uefa though? But apart from that, WHAT A ******** SIGNING!!!! I love MON!!!!!
Quality signing! I must admit a couple of weeks ago i did start to worry but i agree with lerneravfc maybe we should all be a bit more patient next time! Just some one to fill that number 8 shirt and we'll be sorted me thinks! Nice one Martin.
Yeah thanks Greg, always value peoples first hand opinions
yep cheers Greg and well said lerneravfc I agree, there was no need for all that negativity. We're in safe hands.
Am I right in thinking as Rangers were out in the qualifying rounds, he aint cup tied?
F'kin awesome!!
Adam Deuce
so with a fully fit defence anybody want to guess what our back 4 will be like?
Young Laursen Cuellar Bouma i'd go for ruddy.
Nice quick and quiet signing done in a professional manner. (ARE YOU LISTENING LIVERMOO). I'd love to think that we could also get Joe Cole but sadly I think he's out of our league at present. Maybe in a year or two but good to see we're aiming high. Well done MON.
GEEEET IN THERE MON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yh mattutv i would probably go for the same.. think our defence is sorted now with this signature
murph, i don't think he played the other day he had a calf injury. so he's not cup tied.
MON is on a shopping spree! Rangers website says 10m euros for Cuellar. Interesting days for Zat...
Cuellar is a fantastic signing
the famous calf injury, I think Barry feels one coming on just now!
I'm gutted but I wish the big man all the best. He is definitely not cup tied as he didn't play for Rangers against Kaunas.
Great signing havn't seen much of him but they were biggin him up on the radio today.Who else thinks Zat could be on his way out now?
Mr A Villa
Im stunned,fair play to the Gers fans coming on I hope yous get the Steve Davis deal done he's a top player.
A great signing. Why not Joe Cole next, he would fit in nicely with our present players, then just two more a RB and a striker to pressure our existing pair and we are away. Plus if we could get de la Red our ex-captain could go if the fat spaniard can find the money. then we will really push for the top four. I am looking forward to this season more than any in the last 25 years.
This is all so exciting!!!!! :D
Good signing. I second the finger-wagging at the moaners here (yes, I'm looking at you cyprus villan :)). No need for Zat to go anywhere; we'll need 4 good centre-backs this season for sure.
bloody hell, is MON feeling alright thats 12345 how many players i've lost count!
I was down Bodymoor today having my shirt signed and doing a bit of undercover work. You could tell something was going on, MON kept driving in and out, he seemed in quite a rush. I also recall telling some paparazzi bloke to p*ss off, he was waiting for Barry to come out and asking questions about what car he drives and stuff. Tossers.
I am now glad that we did not sign Kaboul. You can have Kaboul Portsmouth, we are getting a better player.
villa for ever
i make that about 34 mill on transfers this season including davies, is that a new record? However we should be patient as this team is gonna need time to get going
Moaner? Meeee? Never :)
Great signing!! I wonder what will happen to Zat now...something tells me he wont be playing much this season at this rate.
a bit of wee just came out. is this happening to us? spending millions without blinking? i am disgusted with myself that i ever doubted oneill. god bless randy lerner - legend.
canny, shrewd operator MON, the defence is looking like one of our strong points now.... just shows what European football can do, I remember saying players maybe seeing where villa will be in europe, its an extra incentive.... seems to have done the trick
Villan in Cyprus - After he drove in and out did he shake it all about !!!!!! Top quality signing will make us much stronger in defence with Friedel,Shorey etc Another couple of signings and we will be a real force !!!
A few days ago I heard from a reliable source that Martin really wanted to sign 2, possiblt 3 quality "non-Prem" players. Couldn;t get names so maybe this is the first> I hope De La Red is the 2nd and Miguel of Valencia is the 3rd. Exciting times eh?
I didn't see him shake it about Scoops, but then I wasn't looking that closely. He may have been. Good point Krisvilla, the defence is starting to look like our strong point, after we've all been weeing ourselves about how weak it was. Can we have a striker pleeeeez Mr. O' Neill?
as a gers fan am gutted a fantastic player the main reason gers got to the uefa cup final last year good in the air and a brilliant tackler not much will get passed him not only a gd player but a top guy always a smile on his face fans will love him will b hugly missed up here but hope he goes on to get in spain squad which i felt he should of been in at euro 2008...all the best king carlos
I'm not one to usually look on the downside, cos this guy is supposedly quality...but why did he cost Rangers 2mil last year, and now is costing us 8mil? I actually don't care cos i like to see MON spending the cash at his disposal, because i trust he knows exactly what the right player is. Really glad we didn't get Kaboul, don't like the guy.
What did I say? UEFA qualification and the floodgates would open! Have it! I must say Friedel and Cuellar were two of my dream signings so I'm delighted. Hope he signs quickly!
The Usual Suspect
Cheers to the Glasgow lads for paying us a visit. I find it reassuring to know their opinion and that we're getting a good deal, coz to be honest I haven't seen much of him at all.
I think Kaboul was plan B this guy was plan A
am a celtic fan and i can assure you tht you have got someone better than melberg i this boy
steve bhoy
The brighton bumboy must be mad to leave us at this time the only way is up the good times are ahead striker next please MON
steve bhoy dont even go there melberg is our legend
Didn't see this until 10.30pm. I've made a mess in my pants. Thats the defense sorted out then. One more real top notch quality player upfront and I'll be happier than Mr Happy on a free day out at Happyland.
Excellant player! Rangers got so far in the UEFA cup because of thier awesome defence, and this man was the rock of it. Even against Fiorentina he looked unflappable.
I want a second opinion, HE'S NOT ENGLISH!!! this isn't MON's style!!, I wonder if his granny is english or he owns an english bull-terrior, great news though, I was a doubter and I apologise for that, I'm man enough to admit my mistake......I wonder if Gareth Barry is?
Great signing well done MON.Now if we got Cole and maybe Miguel and lets be greedy and say Santa Cruz then we're talking top 4 no doubt and look out the Arse we'll have you too!!!!!!!
Great news, defence will be looking in good shape if and when the transfer is completed!
There seem to be a couple of reports suggesting the fee is £8-9million, good to see the money being spent.
great signing for you guys
johnmurphy; i own an english bull terrier, am english, am 18 and have played centre half for a local team!!! I'm overqualified, maybe i'll apply...
ruddy am sorry i ment you have a player tht can fill his shoes!!!i loved melberg as a player fantastic on the deck and in the air!!!if he wasnt good juve wouldnt have took him i can only apoligize if tht comment upset any villa fan
steve bhoy
chuffed. at bloody last ay?! awesome news. much more like it MON. i had the misfortune to watch some of rangers' boring UEFA cup games, and cuellar was fantastic. defintely better than signing kaboul.
Hey we have all been a bit negative at some point this summer as we have judged MON on his past transfer windows that have come up short. Not this one though! Good on ya MON/Randy for going for it and strengthening the team. Not sure on the top four though as much as I would love it, that will take some time. Would be happy with an outside chance of CL footy but realistic would be 5th I think. Happy with Carlos and the fab comments from Gers and Bhoys fans. Now for Miguel and a striker in Huntelaar.
holte ender 1969
Far out this is heaps good hope it goes through, once Davies regains full fitness this will be great competition. Much better than Tabouli Kabouli
If we're lucky with injuries and get another striker/right winger, I see no reason why we can't match Liverpool. The row between Rafa and the board is flaring up again and this is the season they'll fall away. Everton seem to do nothing in transfer windows. I think Man City and Blackburn will struggle this season and should be pleased to finish in the top half. That leaves Pompey and Spurs. On their day both teams can beat anyone, although they have more bad days than good. Spurs are probably the most inconsistant club around. The 'top 4' have every reason to take us seriously. The media are also starting to take us seriously, instead of being linked to random Fulham players we're being linked to the likes of Joe Cole, Ruben De La Red etc... Martin and Randy are awaking the giant.
Where are all of the doubters now?
That's like saying where were all the optimists a year ago when we were starting the season with about 13 players? On the other hand, we should really spare a thought for Man City
Glad to see people are happy. Now go finish the job MON and get in Cole, De La Red, and a striker!
No bother guys I don't think he will be another Boumsong don't worry cos he has had a year in british football while boumsong left after 6 months. It's a pity yous still didnt have davis maybe we could have thrown him into the deal haha good luck in the new season hope King Carlos helps you break into the top 4 and get a champions league spot. Also he's defo not cup tied he never played for us against kaunas so yuu will have him for europe.
Nice one to all the Rangers boys who are praising him up, i do have reservations though buying anyone fom SPL after Petrov ( i thought he would be ace for us but..... ) Plus he`s not played for national team and he`s nearly 27 so how good is he ?? MON hasn`t bought many bad uns so gotta believe !
Another top signing. Nice on MON :D \o/ UTV
believe me,carlos is top top quality. martin's best signing yet by a distance. this man is an absolute rock just like laursen. if anyone still has any doubts i guarantee you's will have changed your minds after a game or two. UTV
Belfast Villain
Cheers Gers fans... you've definitely gone up in our estimations with your positive comments. Sorry such nice guys are losing their best player instead of scouse s*um. Cuella will be a great signing for us and you can't help but think perhaps MON is using this as a way to poach de la red further.
Man... villain in cyprus, thanks for posting that link. I smelled a rat with thaksin from day one and had a feeling it would end in tears. I hope for man city's sake all this press talk isn't true.
This is great news...apart from the fact I just brought Davies in my fantasy league auction!
I agree with MattUTV just a no.8 (joe cole, dela red) would be great now, from what is says in the article he WANTS to play for villa. could be an astute signing but whats going on ????? he's foreign? lol
As Rangers have always been my second team since I was a kid in the John Greig days I watched this guy several times for Rangers in Europe last season and kept shouting "sign him up" to the TV!!! He was tackling, heading, blocking everything - he really looked like a one man defence at times. I don't think he'll have the same "settling in" issues as Petrov as the guy is just a rock, he reminds me of a cross between Mellberg and Southgate. He has Melly's stature and Southgates uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time to get in a block, tackle, etc. Well done MON!!!
Man - I'm so chuffed. And it's Aston Villa...Aston Villa FC! We're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.
HOPE this goes through. Not trying to be negative but the guy hasn't signed yet. What a defensive line-up and Keeper we will have. UTV
GregE nice to seee Vital use for what it was intended, decent football supporters exchanging Views. Thanks dude.
No bother guys thanks for the comments back it's appreciated. I agree and thank Pking Davis is a top player I really hope we get him it would soften the blow of losing Cuellar a bit and being knocked out of the Champions League qualifiers last week too and as much as I was dissapointed to lose Carlos at least it will allow him to show yous his quality and hopefully help you break into the top 4. You are a club going places and i look forward to watching Cuellar on Match of the Day haha all the best villa fans.
Glad to see that Martin has taken my advice. (See Vital Villa transfer thread number 1). Must be because Martin and I went to the same school!
chocolate teapot
Sounds as if we've landed ourselves another genuine quality central defender. Good piece of business by MON. Things are very definitely looking up. A decent team is taking shape.
You get guys on here like GregE1873 and it really helps restore faith in the belief that supporters are all really the same. Nice of you to stop by Greg, interesting to read your observations, and very good luck for the SPL season ahead.
thanks a lot glensider mate it's good to stop by and talk to decent and proper football supporters. I will be cheering yous on in the future and I always like to see ex rangers players do well and the clubs they are playing for too. All the best in the future guys.

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