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Tuesday's Villa Press Gossip & Transfer Talk

So what are the press talking about today Villa wise?

Well, The Guardian say that Villa are after Middlesbrough right-back Luke Young. They claim an approach has been made and Boro are 'reluctantly considering' whether to let the 29-year-old to leave despite only arriving from Charlton for £2.5million 12 months ago. The paper goes on to claim that Gareth Southgate would want considerably more fee wise for the former England international.

The Telegraph and The Sun claim that Gareth Barry might be able to make his Liverpool debut later this week as the transfer saga looks to be coming to an end. They say that Tom Jones Mini Me Rafa Benitez wants him in to be able to feature against Lazio on Friday. It all now hinges on whether co-owners and toast of the Kop Tom Hicks and George Gillett can stump up the £18million. The Telegraph still claim that Steve Finnan could be used as part of the deal although other reports yesterday claimed the defender wasn't keen on moving from Anfield.

The Independent, still on this boring Barry saga, say Gareth Barry appeared to be no closer to joining Liverpool last night, with the club still waiting for the green light on extra financial support needed from owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett to conclude the deal. However, the player remains hopeful of joining this week, in time for Friday's friendly against Lazio at Anfield. The key to raising the £18m needed to take the 27-year-old from Villa is Hicks and Gillett's willingness to provide the money as an advance, ahead of further sales which would see part of it repaid.

The Birmingham Post quote General Charles Krulak from the websites like ours he visits. Always find it cheeky when we have to quote our sources but they never bother paying our websites the same respect?!?! The latest quote and I'm not sure which site he said this on but has said similar in our 100% Villa forum (sticky thread at the top!) 'If Martin came to Randy and said 'I need £30 million for player 'X'...and this player would fit right into what we are trying to do and is the type of player that will take us where we want to go, then Randy would have his cheque out before Martin could get past the player's name! 'Additionally, he will be equally ready to fund the other players that Martin says we need. I have said it before, Randy has never said no.'

Other reports are linking Reading defender Nicky Shorey to Villa, Portsmouth and Sunderland. The reports claim the England international would cost around £3million.

The official site has seen a link to defender Matteo Ferrari (formerly of Internazionale, Palma, AS Roma and Everton on loan) who is a free agent. Not seen the report but will update this if I can find something!

And that appears to be all the rumours today, been a boring summer for 'real' links I must say!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 5 2008

Time: 10:01AM

Your Comments

Boring! I want a new signing today please it will give us something new to talk about and lift the mood which is something that everybody wants at the minute.
Tez86 - MONs in spain so unless its a player over there (which would be nice) it aint going to happen today!
I dont think it will happen this week to be honest mate, I expect maybe 2 more on the last day of the window if we are lucky.
00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Krulak ended his posts: “I spoke with Randy at length about the strength of feeling and he understands too. Simply put, he has placed his faith in Martin. He has told him to get the players and not worry about money. “We all know we need more players. We all know it. We trust in Martin and believe he will do what needs to be done. He is the manager and we must trust him to know what the squad needs and go get them. Randy will pay the price, believe me.” 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 So all Randy wants is the players in and told MON not to worry about the money... if this is so why the hell didn't we stump up for bentley and why the hell are we not seeing bids for the likes of SWP or Milner in place, Why isn't RB covered yet ? I see Young as a bit of a panic buy really, he is the kind of player you need in your squad but not on your starting eleven.
Villa 4 Ever
Any RB would do me at the moment V 4 E. To be honest, any signing would do me at the moment. I'm fighting a losing battle with my temper to stay calm about our lack of activity at the moment...and as for us going to Spain when we're in the position we are regarding the squad, I think it's just f@*king ridiculous. O'Neill's going to have to turn into Houdini in the next fortnight to make this transfer window look useful.
I understand (and also feel) your frustration, Villa4Ever, but it simply isn't as easy as outbidding everyone else and having your new player gift-wrapped and sent to your training ground. And it isn't just MON/Villa who are struggling to sign players. Read the comments made by David Moyes only today, and by other Prem managers this close season. In the case of Bentley, he made it very clear right from the outset that he wanted to go to Spurs and, as I understand it, both SWP and Milner are wanted by their clubs. If you take a good, hard look at this transfer window, there are very few transfers taking place, and of those there are even fewer involving players that I would want in a Villa shirt. The simple fact: it is currently a sellers' market, as we know from the Barry saga ...
I can understand what you're saying Bob, but most other teams aren't as desperate for numbers as we are I don't think - we need to be in before these other teams. Everton especially have a decent squad size as demonstrated by their excellent Uefa Cup run and still being able to finsh 5th in the Prem. I just reckon O'Neill needs to realise he may have to spend a little bit over the odds for players to get our squad up to a size and standard we need to keep us stable, let alone to progress.
MON was quoted saying he wanted to hit the ground running this season, how are we supposed to do that with no full backs and no Sidwell or Barry?
Here's the link to Ferrari. Read it yesterday. He is not interested in coming to Prem but his agent says “There is a Premiership team that has been waiting for weeks for the player to make his choice." So sounds like us!
Bob i understand but put it this way if the signings don't come in Man City, Portsmouth, Spurs, Everton, will probably finish about us and they aren't even in the top 4 are they so do the maths and we'll be making 2-3 atleast back steps. I think we'll find it hard to compete if we don't get them in, what happens if Carew/Laursen and davies get injuried like we all know they can, for god sake Bouma is already out a good 4-6 months, I think we'll find it hard to replace Mellberg, And i think Sidwell will take time to settle in, then you have Knight making even Ridgewell look good, it's a bloody good job we got a good keeper otherwise we'd be pretty much ****ed. We have 4 odd weeks left and i do expect signings but i don't think we'll be splashing out into Double figures on one single player.
Villa 4 Ever
There are only so many quality players out there and short of doing a Liverpool and stealing players (which we can't anyway because we have no Champs League) we are stuck with other teams left overs. On the positive side we can now atract players that are not in the UEFA CUP draw and want out of their teams but these will be pricey and normally the said teams' best players so they will fight hard for them to stay (as we have with GB.) Our only other option is to take a chance on an unknown or bring players through the youth system which seems to be working well, just not that well. I know the youths won some things this year but we aren't really up to Arsene Wenger's level yet. Can people please stop going on about ******** Bentley (who is overrated anyway.) To lure him here we would have had to make him top earner by miles and that would have upset the whole team and no-one wants that.
Barry has signed apparently. Not sure if L'Pool or Arse. Most probably LFC. A guy who works with me was out with him on Saturday night. Apparently he gave all the guys he was out with £500 to spend in Selfridges so that they could get new clothes so that they could get into all the s*****y places he wanted to go to!!
Adam Deuce
OMG I can't believe it wouldn't allow "s w a n k y". Hilarious!
Adam Deuce
Same old boring boring boring, been the worst summer ever, at least under Doug we got linked but had no cash, and no chance of anything happening this week, as they are all abroad enjoying the sun, where we have the rain and no players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Villa 4 Ever. The bid put in for Bentley was good enough to match anyone elses, BUT if a player and his wife want to go to London, there is nothing any club outside London can do. The money was not the issue here.
The Fear
1, Moyes struggles cause everton are skint. 2, If MON wanted Young he should have got him 12mths ago (we were linked) and saved £2-3m. 3, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghh!!!!!!!!
Mister Mick
Mr Fear, He will be the most hated man in North london i wish him luck walking round london.
Villa 4 Ever
Manana, manana, pasado manana.
Mister Mick
I think our scouting has let down MON , because surely if we don't get our top targets , we should have contingency plans in place so we are not left scrapping for leftovers . The scouts job is not just to identify good players , but also there willingness to move to our great old club. The Bouma situation is a nightmare , but we knew for months about the right back problem , i can't believe we did not have up to five possible candidates lined up to fill that position so he went into the team straight away for friendlies and uefa Q games and so was playing regularly in a settled back four for the start of the season.
I am thankful that at least Bouma got injured like that where we have th e opportunity to bring someone in. If it happen after the window closed we would be ****ed! I was hoping the message got to MON that back up players are neccessary but so far we havent seen anything to show otherwise.
nick1 because there just aren't 5 quality RBs that would want to come to villa. There may be 5 RB journey men that would come but then you'd soon complain about lack of ambition. And so would I!!!! We have to earn the right to sign quality players and thats what we're doing. We're in a much better position than 2 years ago and as we progress we'll find it easier to sign quality players. I trust in MON, he knows what we need and I'm sure he's trying his best. And with regards to getting our targets in pre-season. Have man utd got in that one player they are after, have chelsea got in theirs? Have liverpool, or everton? No, and if they can't do it you can hardly blame MON, our scouts or the villa set in general. Buying players isn't like a trip to tescos. Its more like going shoe shopping with my misses. Now thats something you'd find frustrating!!!!
bored. wake me up on the morning of 01/09/08...and hopefully we'll have signed someone.
Maybe 5 right backs lined up to join us is a bit of an exaggeration! But we should have A rightback lined lined at least . i agree we are in a much better position than two years , and i think we have already earned the right to tempt these bigger names to VP , we are on the verge of europe , fantastic support , and brilliant facilities so lets bid for them . If your missus is anything like mine , it will be the first pair in the first shop she goes back and buys after a day of trudging round trying to find something better and cheaper , sounds very similar to our pursuit of luke young don't you think !
To clarify what I said, I'm not suggesting we don't need a fair number of players to come in before the start of the season - only that it isn't quite as easy as identifying players and signing them. You also need to obtain permission from their current club (just like LFC do, lol!), agree a fee with that club (IF they are willing to sell) AND have the player want to come to us over any other club. Bentley was always a non-starter in my opinion, because of his personal make-up, but MON/Villa are nevertheless slated for not signing him. It just isn't realistic.
problem is nick1 I think bosingwa was our first choice. Maybe we could get him on loan. But if there is a silver lining in the cloud (stuffed full of cash) of the barry transfer, we may get finnan. And with his experience, especially in europe, he'd be a great addition to the squad.
Villan444 agreed we should stop taing about Bentley, but it's hard to stop because that situation highlights the inconsistencies that worry me, you see on the one hand The General says MON can pay what he wants to bring in targets, and we know we put in a bid for Bentley, but correct me if I'm wrong the bid was believed to be £10M. On the other hand we have The Fear stating (above) that our bid matched any other bids - Bentley was sold to spuds for £17M+ wasn't he? Now it was Blackburn that rejected our bid not the player - so we couldn't have matched their valuation. I know he wanted to return to London etc etc, I'm not worried about that, I'm worried that we try and get everyone on the cheap and as soon as it's clear that's not going to happen we withdraw under a smoke-screen of inconsistencies.
***sorry that's... stop talking about Bentley...
Tonybrum, maybe while were asking for boswinga on loan we could have cashley cole for the other great big hole in our defence lol. You never know they might fancy it. Wouldn't mind seeing a loan bid for sheva either , he was quite good once . Yeah agree that finnan is a good short term option (due to age) lets hurry up and get it sorted , bored of all the barry rubbish now .
26.05.82, MON just put in a quick bid to test the waters. Feedback was that he wanted London and Spuz at that, nowhere else. No point in upping the bid when his chosen destination were known to be keen. This is the only transfer that I can recall that this has happened with this year but really think MON would have been wasting his time (although he hasn't done anything else with his time since apart from wasting it on begging GB to stay. )
BobTheBuilder - well said. Why can't all the rest of us see it like you. Like it or not we just have to be patient and support not criticises O'Neill. If players don't yet want to come to VP, we've just got to accepy it and get off O'Neill's back. If we don't we could lose him. Just stp[ for a moment and see what has been achieved in less than 2 years. It took Sir Alex at ManU 3 years to get success. O'Neill both needs and deserves our 100% support - signings this month or not!
Villan444 - I think O'Neill would now agree that he wasted his time trying to persuade Barry to stay. Personally, I would have done the same and I applaud him for trying. One the other hand I despise Barry for "welching" on the deal he made 2 days before the deadline. I hate to say this, but I do not wish him well for the future.
Nick- Our scouting system might let MON down but he has covered enough games for the bloody BBC to know who is hot and who is not hence why he brought in Salifou, but he just doesn't want to spend big cash even though now most clubs get 45m just from TV revenue the price of players goes up, We all know Milner/SWP/Finnan/Defoe/Lennon/Mertesacker/Santana/Pazzini Could do a job at Villa but we all know nothing would happen, you'll get your Young's, Bullards, Doyle's, The only time you'll see Villa take over the headlines in the papers is with this Barry saga.
Villa 4 Ever
MON has totally wasted the summer. FACT. I don't care how hard he is trying it simply is not good enough. In case he hasn't noticed our squad is paper thin!!! I mean, just how long have we needed a right back for?? a year? 18 months? It's utterly pathetic that we had to rely on Mellberg for a season!! Only injuries saved us last season. Now I have no problem with his man management and coaching (one of the best in the game) but if he can't put his hand in his pocket and spend a bit of money when it's needed then maybe the club should get in a director of football who is willing to take a risk on a player and spend big? Big Ron anyone? ;-) I think BR bought 8 players in his first month at the club!! Has MON done that in two years?? I'm not looking forward to the season one little bit at the moment (well apart from one or two UEFA away days).
Bobby Norman
Anyone notice another lie in the reporting of Liverdisease and Barry? If they made an offer 15 minutes too late, why are they now having to wait to line up the money from the owners? Surely they didn't bid money they didn't already have. One other lie. EVERY link in EVERY paper. I think it's foolish to get worked up over links we don't get. Links are lies concocted by agents to increase prices, and reporters to sell copy.
Villa 4 Ever - I thohght uou should have realised that O'Neill will never be tempted to buy "names" like some of the ones you suggest. He knows that football is a team game, where everyone plays at 110% for each other. Remember Ginola's spell at VP. Ron Saunders, arguab;y the best manager ever at VP, thought exactly the same. In fact he wouldn't buy anyone who was born south of Watford. And before you say the game has moved on since then. Yes it has, more money, greater fitness and speed. Some of the rules have changed but all that's required is not to lose possesson before you score. So what's the prpblem get the players super fit and to never stop moving, committed 110% to the cause, and finally have the ability to pass and shoot accurately. A Villa squad like this would really get me excited.
Express and Star say they are led to believe we are not in for Shorey!! : ( Would have thought he would fit the bill.
I don't care anymore ............ so bloody fed up!
Lies lies lies! How stupid do the board think villa fans are. randy willing to spend 30 mill on the right player mon wants. Just another empty statement like the "we will address the small squad" and " barry is staying after deadline passes". anything to get the season ticket sales up and when the window closes and the squad is even smaller than last year it will be " it was hard to find the quality we need". I am so angry my testicals are like a boil in the bag meatballs!!
holte ade
Lets forget players we have bid on and lost for whatever reason and look at the facts. MON continually states that we have a small squad and it needed addressing during the transfer window, has it happened?NO. We have lost even more of our players since the end of the season and have we replace them alone?NO. Is barry likely to stay after MON's deadline?NO(the quicker he goes the better). Are we REALLY likely to spend 30 million on 1 player?NO. So what is really going on at Aston Villa Football Club, what really is MON's transfer window policy, When are we going to at least see some signs of players starting sign for VILLA?
Villacross-- We had Milner for a bloody year i think i know how much of a team player he is, SWP will be a bit greedy from time to time but that's what you want from a Winger taking players on, Now Finnan has been in the game long enough for everyone to realise he is a team player, Defoe one of Englands best, he is greedy as well but what you see is what you get, i reckon if we brought him in Jan instead of Portsmouth we would of got auto European football, he scored like 8 goals in 9 games or something, he is like Agbonlahor but closer to the finished article, Lennon has something to prove he takes players on is one of the fastest in the premiership and could be very deadly under MON he is also very young for such a talented player he is going to waste at Spurs, Mertesacker great Defender and would be the ideal player to replace Melberg, Mario Santana was reported going to Spurs for 4m but then again it was only a rumour, he is an attacking midfielder highly skilled, fantastic foot control, dribbling, great vision and isn't scared of shooting long distance a player for 5m he is 26 and can also play on the right wing. Pazzini is 24 scored the first hat trick against England and the fastest goal ever scored at Wembley, Villacross these aren't just names they are fantastic players that Villa can attract, you think i said them players by random ? I
Villa 4 Ever
Just read this on birmingham post website Krulak said: “Randy’s intentions are that he is in this for the long term. Heck, he has an AVFC lion tattooed on his ain’t washable!" Is this really true or is this another lie to keep the fans quite, while we make a complete mess of this transfer window?
The Birmingham Evening Post scamming stories from supporters websites. What ever next.
Villa 4 Ever - Keegan has said publicly he will not release Milner. Defoe wanted to go back to "Harry". Scholari won't release SWP won't leave Chelsea for us. Finnan's not interested in Villa. I could go on and explain why your other names don't fit the O'Neill mould. So you'll just have to hope Martin is able to get the players we need and if he doesn't sympathise don't criticise. It's very easy for us armchair managers, we're not at the "sharp-end" in a business where only results count. So far O'Neill's results have been excellent so lets stick by him, eh?
pksandell - Whatever you might think about the present frustration with the lack of signings - do not accuse anyone at Villa of not telling the truth unless you can prove it. You said "is this another lie" implying that Krulak has lied to us before. I would be totally shocked if there was any substance in your assertion. I am sure "The Fear" would also be equally shocked. So unless you can substantiate your claim, imo, you owe Krulak an apology.
Villa 4 Ever, great summary of Mertesacker and Pazzini, the latter may well look to leave as the Viola have bought Gilardino, Santana too is class, and has played as a right winger in 4-3-3 all season. My only criticism is Santana isn't much faster than Barry!
You don't need to be fast if you have his ball control and dribbling skills lol, I just want players in mate and if we got someone like them from abroad it would show we have ambition, Also Villacross if we played in a 8-9m for Milner Newcastle would accept, Finnan hasn't came out and said he won't come to Villa it was the media or do you believe everything they tell you ? Defoe would of came to Villa if we shown an interest im sure, playing along side hid Internationals like Young, Agbonlahor, Barry, Carson at the time, Davies, and a lot of upcoming talent, the thing is we never shown an interest for him we never had that bid on the table, he never spoke to MON so to say he wouldn't of came is just your Opinion, and yes i would like for you to go on, yes MON has been excellent but DOL got us 6th aswell if you remember from 16th and after that he had a thin tight squad and failed in his 3rd season like a lot of Villa managers in the past.
Villa 4 Ever
pksandell. At no point have the board of Villa lied to us. The backing is there,it is down to the manager to spend it. RL does have a tattoo, 100% dead set fact. They are also good dignified people, so lets not go down the 'lie' route unless you see concrete info to the contrary! I do understand the transfer window frustration and anger is starting to flood over I think!
The Fear
Do we have in place a scouting system that is even remotely worthy of the name? Somehow I very much doubt it.
While I feel that General Krulak's 30m/one player quote could potentially do us more harm than good, I understand and appreciate where he's coming from. The money is there, I dont dispute that, nor have I doubted it for one minute, the problem lays fairly and squarely at the managers feet. I unashamedly admit to being a huge Martin O'Neill fan, yet I also have to shake my head and say that I don’t understand, nor can explain away, his lack of dealings in the transfer market this summer. This lack of activity is seeing supporter argue with supporter. On one side of the fence you're accused of blindly believing the hype that’s being fed, namely claims that we'll strengthen the squad with quality to enable us to challenge on all fronts this season, while if you're situated on the other side of the fence, unhappy with our dealings, you're accused of being negative and failing to support the MON/RL revolution. The latter is told that they are not a 'true fan', whatever a 'true fan' is. Well in my book we're all true fans on here, whichever side of the fence we're sitting. Overall we seem very happy with our lot. No one complains too long and loud about the transformation of the club, both on and off the pitch, since MON and Mr Lerner arrived at Brummagem B6. Its just this lack of activity in each and every transfer window that causes friction. Yes its great that we've progressed from sixteenth to sixth in two seasons under the expert guidance of Martin O'Neill, from relegation candidates to competitive european club football. Beyond our wildest dreams wasn't it? But imagine for just one minute just where we'd actually be if the genuine quality in numbers that we've often been promised, had actually arrived at the club. From sixteenth to sixth was the easy part. The hard work started this summer, with serious money needing to be spent to get our squad up to strength to really establish ourselves again as a genuine top six side. As far as I'm concerned, we've to date, failed miserably. I applaud the signings of Brad Friedel and Steve Sidwell, two excellent arrivals in my estimation. But where are the other quality arrivals that everyone connected to AVFC must surely have expected to arrive? Why are we not signing players? Why are we missing out? Why, when we are assured time and time again that the financial backing for the manager is in place, do we still possess one of the smallest squads in the premiership, lack both a right and left full back, a wide right player, another proven premiership striker to provide options and alternatives, and sufficient quality cover right throughout the squad. Why? There is obviously something very wrong, if as we are led to believe, finance is not a factor. Maybe MON doesn't agree with the prices being demanded by clubs for their star performers, but that is the name of the game, it’s the state of the current transfer market, and things aren't going to get more buyer friendly anytime soon. We either meet the asking price, pay the wages demanded, or we remain as we are, on the outside looking in. Arguably our best player, Gareth Barry is about to head out the door and depart for Anfield. Are we going to replace him? We surely are, because his departure will cause a huge void that needs to be filled with quality. Do we have a potential replacement lined up? A player of equal or better quality? I doubt it. We'll make do again. No, I'm not trying to be negative just for the sake of being negative. I'm concerned, confused, and disappointed. I really expected more. There's just over three weeks remaining in this summer window. Maybe we'll all be dancing in celebration at the arrival of four or five quality new signings before the month is out. Maybe MON's actions over the next few weeks will ram my questioning words back down my throat. I hope so, I sincerely do. But I'm not holding my breath.

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