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Poll Results On The Transfer Window - Gulp!

Oh dear, the poll results will do nothing to lift the doom and gloom, can't wait for the season to start and the transfer window to end, then maybe we can focus on winning everything in sight!?!?

The last poll, suggested by John.Carews.Crew, asked:

Are you losing faith in this transfer window?

I guess it is no surprise that 71% voted yes.

That left 24% looking on the positive side voting 'no, only just starting', 3% 'panicking' and 2% unsure.

The latest poll asks how optimistic you are for the new season... !

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 4 2008

Time: 6:56PM

Your Comments

Only a month of the transfer window to go, we're all doomed, DOOMED!
pretty fed up at the minute. i'm sure we will sign some good players still, but day after day i check the news about 20 times - i'm addicted, i can't help it - but to no avail. barry can sod off, i'm sick to the ears of him now. if you don't want to play for my beloved club, you are not wanted. end of. just can't believe how many good players teams like spurs sign while we are standing still, if that. hurry the **** up MON (who incidentally is still a legend).
Yeah sick of the whole GB thing now. He obviously has no scruples so I suggest that VV now be a GB free zone until he buggers off or has his bubble burst!! I'm sure MON will come good with some signings. I have faith.
How I hate transfer windows...
Had enough of Barry saga. Now we have gone to spain on training trip, where are the new players that we so desperatley need. I think i still have faith in MON, I think, but abit worried if big name signings do not arrive, how will we fair this season??Worried very Worried.
MON`s transfer patern is the most frustrating ever hope it comes good theo it must but we all thought it would last year never ended up with RB did we..?
I'm concerned, worried, and somewhat disappointed, and I dont believe any Villan who says otherwise. It has that old familiar same old/same old ring about it.
71% say that they are losing faith. Thats a truly damning condemnation of the clubs efforts in the transfer window throughout the summer. 71%!!! Says it all really.
"I'm concerned, worried, and somewhat disappointed, and I dont believe any Villan who says otherwise" Fine then! (storms off in a huff)
problem is glensider that if we lose say the first 4/5 games then he will have just invited the pressure on himself,if he knows that he struggles to do business in the transfer windows why is he not talking to clubs about players earlier?getting all the negotiations done before the season ends......if we sign anyone now he wont play them till feb anyway saying they havent had a proper pre season.
It is almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need players in four key positions even now, ideally that is six more to come in, but there is no sign of it happening. MON surely cannot be planning to start a premiereship campaign with no backs, no fit left footed players and a weak right side and seriously expect to do well. It makes no sense. It is not as if there are no players available, unless, ALL THE PLAYERS AVAILABLE HAVE SAID THEY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR VILLA, so MON has not bid for any of them. I can think of no other reason why no more have come in. It makes you think!
Surely starting this season without a recognised right back is unthinkable. We need a good right winger to give us balance with young (i.e. not reo-coker). We need some fresh competition up top and need at least cover for Bouma. Its no good being a great man manager if you dont have the men to manage!
Maybe its time for a peter kenyon type figure to come and manage the transfers that o'neil identifies? (now putting on helmet ready for abuse).....
lol, steff, come back!! tylervilla, for some managers I think that would work but MON is 'old school' and I'm sure would hate the thought of a director of football type 'above' him??? I don't think ALL players have been saying they won't come to Villa, one like Bentley possibly as he wanted London for his own reasons but I don't believe that many players wouldn't jump at the chance of coming to Villa, most know we are a massive club and it is a major career move. Only ones above us are those in the CL and we could push for that in the next few years - chicken and egg time - IF we get the signings we need!
The Fear
what must the few players we have remaining at the club be thinking knowing hardly any fresh faces have arrived, and more have left! friedel said when he sat down with MON and mr.lerner he was completely sold on VP,and on what they were aiming to achieve . i just hope the savior MON has got a few aces up his sleeve
well to be honest, from the outside looking in, you can't help but feel something is not right. MON has a way of conducting himself which shows he is a very intelligent man - so I often think he MUST know what he is doing. He has said numerous times he is trying his hardest to get quite a few players in, but the fact of the matter is, we would be much better prepared for the new season if we had all of the 8-9 players we need, signed and sealed a month ago.
yeah but rhymez, how many times dow we say this. Every transfer window - its getting predictable. This ambition needs to materialise or we will be looking back at more missed opportunities.
And..not a director of football...just someone to take the list of players mon wants and go and do all the business side of things. Basically going and getting the checkbook out. Kenyon not director of football?
Perhaps the qualty of player he wants and we need isn`t available yet,No point in panic buying average players,Having said that we all know o`neill makes signings near the end of the window so i am not worried,It is amazing how fickle some people are instead Of waiting until the end of the window to see who we get in they panic and start to turn,Villa fans fickle,Didn`t someone else once say something along those lines?Perhaps he was right after all.One fact remains we have top quality people running our club and so far we have no reason not to trust them,so all this panicing will mean nothing in the long run when their actions unfold.
Oh yeag i forgot we have already signed one of the top 3 keepers in the league and locked one of the best young english defenders down permanently add guzan and sidwell and compared to everton our closet rivals o`neill is flying lol.
We either need Shorley or Stephen Warnock from blackburn to cover LB, then we could do with David Wheater in CB and leave Knight firmly on the bench, for RB we need maybe a good creative, fast skillful player Nelson anyone ? RM we need either SWP or Milner it's as simple as that, As for strikers wehave Maloney, Harewod, Carew, Agbonlahor, Young and Delfouneso to choose from and i really think Delfouneso might suprise a few people on the impact he could make, he is unknown just like Young and Agbonlahor were and now he could give Defenders a new problem, Btw can someone tell the club that Salifou isn't a striker as they have stated in the first team list.
Villa 4 Ever
ric112....8 or 9 players????......seriously? The squad's not that small. MON is having a tough time trying to get his vision of quality players into our club, its obvious he's extremely cautious...but the transfer window is wide open fo a few more weeks, time for at least a RB and LB to come in. But it looks like my faith will be resting with the youth lads making the step up and putting pressure on the rest of the squad who I think, need to make their mark this season. Its a massive season for the likes of Maloney, Salifou and Routledge. All cheap MON signings who have had time, and a full pre season, and now have no excuses. I like the look of Salifou, I hope he gets a chance, same for Wayne, he has the required 'quality', we all saw it when he played for Palace, Spurs, Fulham and Portsmouth.... I know they are young, but we have some excellent talent in the squad too, Delfouneso has pace and a cool finish, Allbrighton crossed for Gabby's goal againt Reading and Stieber has been consistant for ages and is finally getting a look in too. Now we have a new look goalkeeping pecking order of Friedel, Guzan and Taylor, possibly our strongest for years. Guzan is unproven over here, but he's ready to learn, comes highly recommended and he'll have a great teacher in Friedel. As a squad we have the following, Friedel, Guzan, Taylor, Davies, Lausen, Bouma, O'Halloran, Knight, Gardener, Osbourne, Salifou, Routledge, Sidwell, ReoCoker, ,Petrov, Osbourne, Allbrighton, Stieber, Young, Carew, Agbonlahor, Maloney, Harewood, Delfouneso, Thats 24, ok 22 fit now Davies is back playing. A couple of Jose Bosingwa, Patrice Evra types wouldnt go a miss but they all want Champions League, and sadly our UEFA cup 2nd qualifying round tie isnt juicy enough right now. But if we can get to the group stages and hang around the top 6, come the xmas window we should look a better prospect. Nicky Shorey anyone?
Can someone call a doctor please? Quickly. I’ve just slashed my wrists and my life blood is flowing away down the khazi. The wife popped into the bathroom as I lay there and she said “What’s the matter, my little cherub?”. I explained to her that O’Neill had only signed two international keepers and a highly rated midfield player in the transfer window. “That’s disgraceful” she said, “no wonder you’re upset. Do try to keep your arms over the bowl dear, you’re messing up the floor” O God! Women; they have no idea. “Will you scatter my ashes over the Villa Park pitch” I pleaded. She said that St Andrews was closer – would that do? She comes from Hall Green. I was too weak to argue so I made her promise to go to O’Neill personally and beg him to sign some more players before the deadline. She looked at me; “When’s the deadline “. “August 31st”. Her lip curled in contempt and she started to laugh. “You’re taking the p@iss”.
I've been a Villa fan all my life and try to post/vent on these forums as little as possible as I don't think it rally helps (although reading about other people in the same boat with the same worries/concerns keeps me sane. I think tylervilla said it best regarding Kenyon (no not the runt himself). In todays world it all about the sale, selling yurself, selling yo product and closing the deal. I am a huge MON fan & the the job he does with the players and team is fantastic but he can't close the F****g deals. MON, pick your targets and let someone else do the negotiating. I'm not suggesting that he gets given the players and lumps it, but, makes his targets known and have someone else negotiating the contract, selling the club a closing the deals. Rumors are we have actually spoken to a lot of players but they've still gone elsewhere, bad sign. MON is the messiah but he couldn't close his eyes.
Also please, please please realise my fellow Villa nuts that we are only a "Top 6" side to ourselves. Yes, of course we finished there last season but anyone remember the couple before that? We talking to/about players in there mid 20's (Friedel exempt), who don't have a clue about the Villa sides of the the mid nighties and before because they were nippers, they just don't wear our rose tinted Villa goggles. Remember, these players consider Chelsea a "Big club" and not just a great team. Yes, we're a club that's trying to rebuild past sucsesses, but they just see a normal club fighting to improve, not exactly glamorous. Spurs win one league cup & their signing world beaters......aaaggghhhh. Yes MON, we don't want to bring in players for the sake of the bodies, ah hem, currently..., yes we bloody well do.
@churchill LOL. That's what I like to see Ashtonvilla, some positivity. MON will come good
I know there is just under a month left, so I am not throwing myself out of any tall buildings just yet but, I was saying the same last year, and look what i got..... NRC (good signing) Davies (who didnt get his chance for ages), Knight (oh dear), Harewood (effort is there, but isnt what i call a top six player), Carson (a good signing that let MON down) Salifou (who?). So we made 3 good signings last summer, and so far we have made 3. I hope there is more to come hopefully 4-5 more. I have feeling it will be 1-2 more and they will be of the Harewood/Knight mould. Man I hope I am wrong, I used to be so positive.
Roll on the season, and something MON is the best at, motivating and leading his team to victory!!!!
MONs main qualities are man management and his tactical side of things aren't too bad either. He can't do that to his best ability if he is trying (and failing) to acquire players all the time. As people keep saying, we need a cheque book salesman ala Peter Kenyon to round the players up and we needed him yesterday.
i can't believe we're supposedly in for luke young a year after we let him go to middlesbrough for 2.5M without making a bid
I'm just waiting for two lines to be said in a post game interview this season, along the lines of "we have the smallest squad in the Premier league and we'll look to address that in the transfer window", and "unfortunately we didn't get a full pre-season with the players we've bought in so it's taking a bit of time to gel"...It can be so frustrating being a Villa fan.
I bet Randy Lerner is laughing his head off, the club value is 20-30m more than he paid for it, and so far he hasn't had to stick his hand in his pocket, all the signing MON has made since he came have came out of the clubs profit, He has picked the perfect manager to run a club without having to fork stupid amounts of cash into the club, Even Hughes a manager that isn't used to big money is thinking about 12m signing etc etc, i hate Moaning and i know it isn't Lerners fault, but what the hell is going on, so far we have not had one top class known signing since he came, and that is something we was promised top class signings, Young was a very good signing but was unknown and a lot of people thought it was a big risk for Villa, but that's the only time he has taken a risk with money, i still don't see why we sold Cahill and brought in knight.
Villa 4 Ever
Amen on Cahill V 4 E...Knight's a Gimp.
villa4ever,Who do you think we are real madrid?We have only just got back into europe after 7 years who do you expect us to atract here?,give the "top class" signings time,And unless you have lived under a rock for the last 6 seasons brad friedel is a top class signing.But you keep flapping mate.What people want is not players who will make a strong TEAM in the long term but big money glamour signings to get them a bit excited,That is obvious because the vast improvement on the pitch is just being ignored.
I class SWP as a top class signing mate or even Defoe and i think we can attract them kind of players, and yes i think Friedel is a very good signing indeed getting on a bit but still one of the best in the premiership, but i'm on about out field players, I EXPECT MON to be getting in the David Wheater's, the Warnocks the Huddlestones, I mean i'm pretty sure we could fo got Bentley if we stumped up the money, i'm sorry but if Barry is worth 18m then Bentley is worth the 15m, Als what about Lennon or even Simpson or what about Ramsey we could of taken a risk on him but nothing BLOODY NOTHING !!!
Villa 4 Ever
this close season should have been a frenzy of activity and CAN STILL come on MON lets go for broke go for GOAL forget the distraction of gareth throwing his toys out the pram he's PATHETIC. Lets get the ball rolling and i'm sure more will follows. SWP YES PLEASE. LEFT AND RIGHT BACKS YES PLEASE + 1 other midfielder and 1 PROVEN GOAL SCORER. Come on you Lions
Well all i see on Newsnow is that Lerner wants MON to spend his money and that he can spend 30m on one player and he won't say no etc etc, so i think this will put MON under pressure to get the players in now, now everyone knows he has the money (Outside the club) he will have to get them in there is no excuses, and we all know what 30m players come with big wages so that must not be much of a problem either, Villa are in Europe, we have the best training ground in Britain, we have one of the best managers in the country and the club is running smoothly off the pitch, we are attractable to a certain extent, at the moment just mid table players like Bullard/Young/Shorley would be a bit of relief seeing them in.
Villa 4 Ever
I am sick to death of this transfer saga........MON will get it right, just like last season. We were all worried this time last year. Top 8 without doubt and a semi in one of the cups. That would do for me this season.
I keep seeing Knight getting slated for being a rubbish footballer...........thats not entirely true...........he is a f*****g absolutely s**t crap load of b******s.
lmao Bellwipes, i watched him against Obdense (or however you spell it) and the ball went over his head and he just stood there watching it in the air over his head and the other player is already running onto it, then he is like oh yeah I'm in the middle of a football game and starts running, only for the other player to smash it across the goal to hit the post, Taylor was beaten and we was so lucky, then i hear he was on against Reading for 29 Min's and made four massive mistakes, God bring back Cahill.
Villa 4 Ever
Thing is Cahill wants to be the first choice centre back, so unless we dropped Laursen or Davies, he would leave. People talk about it being him or Knight, not the case. It was Davies or Cahill, I think we got the right one.
No you need three great CB's if you want to survive in the premiership, Cahill was still learning and he would be able to fight Davies for a place for god sake look how long Davies was out for and Knight was playing, imagine how much time Cahill would of had to shine, he is now showing man of the match performances at Bolton, i don't believe we had to sell him, but if you noticed we always sold before we brought which is a strange way to go about things.
Villa 4 Ever

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