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Barry In, Barry Out. Anyone Still Bothered?

Not sure anyone can make a clear comment on this as, following a statement the other day saying that Gareth Barry was staying at Villa, it appears the England midfielder is still playing his face up and wants out.

Martin O'Neill said on the radio, sounding very fed up, and later on the official site:

'We had a meeting last Monday with Gareth and his agent at which we all agreed we would have a 5pm deadline on Wednesday and if Liverpool had not proved they had the wherewithal to proceed with the transfer deal then we would all leave that aside and move on. I was hoping that would be the case and this was not a matter of Liverpool missing the deadline by 15 minutes, as seems to have been reported. Liverpool first showed their interest in signing Gareth Barry almost four months ago, so this is not a case of missing a deadline by 15 minutes. That's simply not true. The following morning we were very upbeat on the strength of what had happened on Wednesday evening. We were very buoyant and optimistic that everything could come back to normal again.'

'That wasn't to be though. On Thursday there was a meeting between Gareth's agent, myself and the player. Even though the deadline had passed they still felt Liverpool were going to come in and do the deal. Obviously I was disappointed to hear that. Gareth's head is a bit all over the place at the moment and they asked for some more time.'

O'Neill concluded that he has 'reluctantly' agreed to let them sort it and and there is now no deadline and what is surely in anger and frustration added:

'There will be no deadline and Liverpool have all the time in the world now to sign Gareth Barry. They've got up to the normal window, which is the 31st of this month.'

Adding: 'I have a football club to run and I really do want people who want to play for us. If Liverpool at the end of it all do not come up with the money, that's no-one else's fault but their own. I'd be delighted if that was the case and Gareth stayed. But I would doubt that very much. The ball is very much in their court.'

Was behind Barry all the way, but now this saga has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, obviously the support we all gave him the other day meant nothing and he should be forced by the club to put in a transfer request officially.

Must admit I can't see how he'll be accepted back now but then, football is a funny old game and remember, we are all fickle.

Fans were mixed at Reading today, if they'd all know this before the game, I think there wouldn't have been as much of a mix though, most were singing his name and cheering, I'm sure that would have turned to jeers!

Personally if I was Barry I'd see that Liverpool don't rate him that highly, otherwise his transfer would have happened before Robbie Keanes. The grass isn't always greener on the other side but I hope Barry enjoys life on the bench, at least it will give him a nice view.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 2 2008

Time: 8:34PM

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Now if he was a Twenty-Twenty cricketer would he run out to the Clash and "Should I Stay Now or Should I Go Now?"
gone beyond a joke now, there are saga's and then there is this!
The Fear
We have had only two choices since May guys! sell for what ever we can get or bury him in the reserves, WE don't need the money and the guy has become such an arse the temptation is to bury him. I think however we should just keep talking, and playing our contracted employee until Liverpool make an offer we accept. If he's cuptied for europe who cares, if he breaks an ankle in a freak tackle, who cares? He is our employee and if he doesn't tow the line, fine him.
F**k him, he has had his olive branch and still wants to go. Oh and gareth if you want to go so bad hand in a transfer request, or are you not convinced stevie and rafa really want a 3 ball with you!
This is what Brian Reade wrote about the Barry saga in the Mirror, "When Martin O'Neill left school he studied law at Queen's University in Belfast. As a player under Brian Clough he majored in grinding more skilful opponents into irrelevance. As Leicester's manager he negotiated an eight-week summer window which allowed him to talk to other clubs, meaning the final game of every season saw teary-eyed fans sporting "Please Stay Martin" placards. And when the Soho suits interviewed him for the England job he refused to lick dead slugs off their Hush Puppies, so they gave the job to someone who would, Steve McClaren. O'Neill has always marched to the beat of his own drum. At times he comes across as eccentric (remember him using screenwriter William Goldman's quote "nobody knows anything" during the 2006 World Cup as fellow BBC pundits spouted drivel?) And many think it's his eccentricity which has forced the Gareth Barry transfer saga to fatigue us to the brink of suicide. In the modern era, cynics say, you can't hold a player when his heart is set on a move to a bigger club. And they are probably right. Which O'Neill knows. But out of pride and obstinacy, the wannabe lawyer has decided to filibuster. To take a stand. To invent a new strategy to fend off predators hovering over your star player. It goes like this: Publicly denigrate the reputation of the bigger club who are after your man, go on holiday (or on the telly) and ignore the player's pleas to be set free, demand an over-the-top transfer fee, stick rigidly to it, and set a deadline a month before the end of the transfer window. When the pursuers finally come up with the cash, change the rules at the last minute about how you want it paid so they miss that deadline, announce you're delighted the player is staying then pray you have so drained the life out of all parties that the deal is dead. It's called Boring A Transfer To Death. It may have Barry and Rafa Benitez tearing their hair out and it may backfire badly on O'Neill, but by refusing to yield to player power and Big Four power, he has done the game a favour. He knows he's lost Barry and probably lost him this summer. But he's throwing down the gauntlet to clubs who think that next time they'll lure away Ashley Young or Gabriel Agbonlahor. Take me on and I'll fight you all the way, screw up your summer and hopefully grind you into submission. Many Villa fans say he should accept the situation, take the money and get a few new faces in. But they overlook the point he's making about the size of their club. He's saying he's not at Leicester now. He doesn't need to sell to buy, and doesn't feel it's his duty to allow a player to move to a big club because they are already at one. Those Liverpool fans who think he's acting like a mad bag lady should ask themselves this: How would you have felt if Chelsea had followed up their interest in Fernando Torres and bid £50million, with the Spaniard (and the American board) being tempted? Would you have wanted Benitez to roll over and wave him goodbye? Or say OK, it's £70m, paid up front in cash, plus Shaun Wright-Phillips. Nothing less. Then brazened it out in the hope that Chelsea grew weary and looked somewhere else. I think we know the answer. Boring A Transfer To Death. Like garlic bread, it's the future. He's probably lost Barry, but O'Neill is throwing down the gauntlet to clubs who think they'll get Young or Agbonlahor." Judging by what happened in the past few days I agree with him.
***** off then you ungrateful *****er.
Are you single by any chance.
Im referring to JohnDoe.
Blimey, John Doe i beleive your pool fan?, however i like your way of thinking, if this is the case then fairplay to MON. I personally think Ash Young is a far more effective player than GB, and would be devasted to loose him. So for us to play hard ball and get what we want i agree will send out a message to the supposed big 4. When we rolled over and let man u steal yorkie of us was a dark day in villa history, its about time the villas, spurs, evertons stood up to the big 4, and made it a top 8.
I feel sorry for MON, as he has clearly been messed about by Barry, or more specifically Barry's agent! I think he now realises that Barry will be gone sometime soon, so now needs to concentrate on finding a replacement, which is easier said than done...
Eh? I cant quite belive this has happened. All this, after the joy of the other day. Barry you git, and I clapped you last Saturday, next time I'm going to boo your ass off the park. ****** him, that's it. I'm through, get rid of him, it's like a cancer eating away at our pre-season. ****** me, I hate Liverpool.
No Pking, even if I was, I don't play for your team. ;-) roehe, If this endless saga was a deliberate ploy by O'Neill to throw the gauntlet to other clubs when they come for other Villa players then fair play to him, but you shouldn't blame Barry or Liverpool for this mess.
Would love to get Alonso now he's got to be available him and finnan. forget barry, I hope MON has got some aces up his sleeve to show the clubs ambition.
Any one got the phone number of the samaritans im feeling very down. Lets hope we can move on from this and enjoy the season ahead.
50 years a villan
i wish barry would just say something, not through his agent, out of his own mouth, if you wanna go hand in a written request you have given a verbal whats the difference?? oh yeah 3 mil, your a greedy tosser i hope rafa breaks your heart and you rot in the reserves. or if you do go i hope you realise sitting on the bench will not enhance your chances with england. if your just greedy come out and say it i would actually have more respect for you
Money talks & if they pay whta you want he goes & everyones happy.
John Doe, you often talk a lot of sense, and are very certain and clear about everything you write...but when you say don't blame Liverpool or Barry for this mess, i cannot accept that. Liverpool were told clearly a long time ago what the price for Barry was, and have been disrespecting our club ever since by offering far less than that. And Barry has refused to hand in a transfer request in writing whilst doing everything but behind closed doors, he's shown no respect to the club with that interview and now he's disrespected the agreement between the clubs of a deadline to draw the line under the transfer. What's more, Liverpool have paid in excess of our valuation to buy Keane, even though they begun tapping him up after Barry. How is this mess not to blamed on Liverpool or Barry...I'm Gary Linekar...I'm all ears.
Touche! JohnDoe
barry is gutless, thats why he is silent. i hear people talking about 'he deserves more respect after giving us ten years', but dont we deserve more respect for supporting him for so long. clearly he has none for us because he hasnt addressed the fans since this saga began back in MAY! i hope he rots on the bench in liverpool.
John Doe. The thrust of your argument is something that I hope others who post here regularly would come to understand. Among the managers of the leading clubs in the Premier league, with the possible exception of Wenger, O’Neill is the sharpest tool in the box. By a long way. Managers like Ferguson have prospered and won things because they’ve had relatively unlimited funds and were bullies. I hope the pessimists here realise that when O’Neill gets Villa into the top four, he is going to take people like Benitez to the cleaners. Martin O’Neill will trot up the M6 on a regular basis and eat Ferguson’s lunch. I wasn’t aware that O’Neill read law at Queens, Belfast; thank you Mr Doe for pointing that out. I do know that he played for and was trained by the greatest manager never to get the England job – Brian Clough (another interviewee who declined the invitation to grovel before the suits). Martin O’Neill now manages a wealthy club in the greatest league in the world. And guess what! It’s the Villa. Our club. Rejoice and be happy.
to answer the question in the title of this article, yes I am still bothered, bothered that a player under contract, who agreed to a deadline which then passed can then have the cheek to tell his manager that he wants the deal to go through. You know what Gareth, F@CK OFF to liverpool then you pr*ck, you are easily replaceable. You hardly light up the field with your trickery and wizardry do you? I hope you get everything you wish for in your career, I mean that without a hint of sarcasm because you will not be remembered fondly in these parts!!! Good bloody riddance.
F*ck off back to giroland JohnDope, bottomfeeder!
Stourbridge Villan
all the sad *****s who clapped him last week stil going to clap him now?
Barry is a **** he agreed to the ******** deadline and then went back on it.After the way the fans clapped him he still acts like a ****,******** complete****.This time in two years he will be moving to fulham for 6 million and we will be in the champions league,***** off and sit on liverpools bench.
AstonMartinOneill, It's what Reade says in his article, "Publicly denigrate the reputation of the bigger club who are after your man, go on holiday (or on the telly) and ignore the player's pleas to be set free, demand an over-the-top transfer fee, stick rigidly to it, and set a deadline a month before the end of the transfer window. When the pursuers finally come up with the cash, change the rules at the last minute about how you want it paid so they miss that deadline, announce you're delighted the player is staying then pray you have so drained the life out of all parties that the deal is dead." Barry gave the interview because of his frustration with O'Neill, and no player will hand in a transfer request if it means that he will lose three million pounds, I know I wouldn't if I was in his place. Liverpool not meeting Villa's valuation doesn't mean that we disrespected you. You didn't meet Blackburn's valuation for Bentley, does that mean you disrespected them? By the way, Liverpool only knew Villa's valuation since you've sent us a fax describing it about three weeks ago, the fax that O'Neill was constantly moaning that we didn't answer.
churchill, the greatest English manager never to get the England job is Paisley, not Clough.
Strange why Villa fans still clap Barry, when he clearly doesn't care about Aston Villa anymore, fine clap for his loyalty and for what he has done for us, but now he doesn't want anything to do with the club, and can not wait to get out of the club. IMO he now thinks he is bigger than the club and thinks he belongs with the top 4. NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB BARRY. Not leaving on a good note is he. Not like Olof Mellberg (the legend) who loved the club to bits. GET RID OF HIM, GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. Lets get that 18 million and Finnan for him. (Finnan good, as we need a right back.) Rumors have said that when Barry goes we will be going in for James Milner, that will be a GREAT buy, GET HIM MARTIN.
villa for ever
I'm sick of this. It's simple. If he wants to go, let him forgoe his 'loyalty bonus' (though after the last few weeks I don't think he's entitle to it) and hand in a transfer request. If he's willing to turn his back on the fans that cheered him last week then he no longer should be given the Villa shirt to wear, He should be proud of it rather than drag it through the mud.
I'm so fed up with this utter waste time with Barry. It's all thats come out of the club in the last few days. In case MON hasn't noticed we only have about 14 fit outfield players. When is this going to be addressed? If we are unlucky enough to get Laursen injured (and let's face it, with his history it isn't unlikely) we are screwed at the back. Let us all forget about Barry and move on. God knows the club needs to!!
Bobby Norman
JohnDoe, according to the OS your club made no bid on wednesday, late or not, therefore no "changing of the rules" occured, regarding Bentley we made a bid that far exceeded the reported amount, the fact that some people actualy quote newspaper waffle as facts still amazes me. I believe there is a bit of bias with the Paisley for England, but that's your opinion, most of England would say it's Clough.
And Barry! you're a tw*t, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, hopefully MON will sell him to Arse for 10 mill rather then the redscum
Bla bla bla....the boring Barry
steff_the_villan, According to various papers, including the Liverpool Echo that first reported our bid for Barry three months ago, Villa changed the payment schedule a day before the deadline. Liverpool asked for a further 48 hours to be able to put the necessary finance structure in place with their banks to meet the new demands but this request was refused. So if they're right you have changed the rules. Regardless of the amount of your Bentley's bid, it was rejected by Blackburn as it didn't meet their valuation for him. So if we disrespected you with our low bids for Barry, you did the same with Blackburn. By the way, England did vote on who's the best manager, and Paisley won that vote.
"I personally think Ash Young is a far more effective player than GB, and would be devasted to loose him. So for us to play hard ball and get what we want i agree will send out a message to the supposed big 4. When we rolled over and let man u steal yorkie of us was a dark day in villa history, its about time the villas, spurs, evertons stood up to the big 4, and made it a top 8." roehe mate that is spot on. I can not remember a time following AVFC that upset me more than the day Yorke left. Oh and I'm loving this quote from MON "I really do want people who want to play for us". I like the fact that he doesn't say I DON'T want people who DON'T want to play for us.
Adam Deuce
Was always a big fan of barry but the way he has tried to engineer a move with out handing in a transfer request is gutless and if the hubcap stealer can not afford him in my book he should not be given a testimonial.
chris the villan
Barry In, Barry Out. Anyone Still Bothered? Was I believe the origional question ladies and the answer in short is a big fat lonely NO.
Brian Reade is a Liverpool fan,parts of his article were so patronising and biased it`s untrue,pat on the head for the little Villa eh ? Well,you`ll be paying exactly what MON wanted by the looks and with the 20m spent on Keane lets hope the media start pushing back on Liverpool delivering better,as a Villa fan although i love MON to bits our transfer structure is very,very poor.
To answer your question Fear. Yes I am still bothered by this saga. the reason I am still bothered by this. I love my club and I hate being stiffed by anyone and we as a club are being shafted by Barry and Black and LFC alike. Gary Newbon on Talk Sport again this morning who seems to know a lot about this saga and it's intimate details. Says an agreement was reached by all parties including Barry and Black. However this changed on friday because Barry and Black u-turned on this agreement. The other thing that Newebon said is there has only been 1 offer from LFC and that was July 1st! There has been no offer since, not even a last minute offer on wednesday as published in the press. Newbon also said that he thinks Barry has been misguided by his advisors. He also says that the artical in the NOTW was out of character. Newbon appears to know Barry personally. I personally think there is no way back for Barry at VP and the sooner he goes the better. I just hope for Barry's sake that LFC make a bid because dispite what the papers!!!
John Doe, the difference being, we put in a bid that MON deemed fair, whether it was 10m or not is to be seen, and Ince rejected it, which is an entirely respectful transaction...where the scousers come in is when they are told what the fee is, and then continually return with fees lower than that asked, as if because we are a smaller club we should cave into the fact that you've managed to turn Barry's head into wanting to leave. That's the difference, we acknowledged we weren't prepared to pay the fee Blackburn wanted, and so we ended it there, instead of coming back with offers intended to unsettle the player without a hope of actually being right. And the idea that MON is to blame because he ignored Barry is ridiculous and is scape goating on Barry's part...he made it clear he wanted to leave, Liverpool made it clear they wanted him, until the price is met there's nothing to discuss, and O'Neill is entirely right in doing what he did. Sorry mate, but you're not convincing me on this one yet, which is unusual cos as i say, you usually talk a lot of sense.
AstonMartinOneill i think your wrong mate about john doe, every comment he has ever made is pro liverpool and now quoting the gutter press like it gospel, just pay up or feck off simple as.
chris the villan
Now take merlin on the other hand his comments are usually witty and unbiased.
chris the villan
I was going to add that tbh, everything he writes IS completely biased and he couldn't see the truth through his red painted glasses, BUT when he does make an argument, he's usually pretty hard to prove wrong...scousers have made an art out of arguing, you only have to turn on any talksport show and it's 10:1 ratio of scousers:everybody else.
Back page photo in the NOTW sums it up. GB is sticking two fingers up to Aston Villa; MON, RL and the fans.
Something that is even more boring than the Barry saga itself is the inane mutterings of JohnDoe. I hope that ends soon too when he realises that none of us give a flying ***** what he thinks.
I said a while back that i really didn't like what Barry is doing. He clearly doesn't want to be here so let him go. I fear this is going to upset our changing room with all this crap going on. Take what ever you must MON to get rid of this idiot.
Sorry i ranted, as you can see i don't care whether he stays or not but not would now be better.
im wondering if barry has had any conversations with MR Capello on this matter and if his "DREAM" of experiencing the bench on a champions league night is worth his starting place with the england 11 surly then the word "NIGHTMARE" would be more appropriate
Mr Doe How prescient you are. As I wrote those words about Clough, Bob Paisley – a great manager - kept springing to mind. I suppose the difference for me is that Clough fought his way up through the lower leagues and Paisley inherited a great team. O’Neill has done the same thing – he started in non-league. At the bottom. When Paisley was passed over for the England job he was interviewed and I remember how the interviewer kept inviting Paisley to slag off the suits on the interviewing panel. But he declined saying, in his deferential way, he thought that he was unsuited to the position because he wasn’t comfortable dealing with the media. I realised then, all those years ago, that England would never amount to anything internationally because the people who ran the team were tied to selection criteria that were, and are, ludicrous. Who was more intolerant of the media than Alf Ramsey? Look what he achieved. That’s why Clough was passed over and O’Neill himself. They wanted sycophants and back-passage lickers. When Paisley was passed over I lost interest in the National Team because I knew the suits would betray us. And they have. Who in their right mind would pick a journeyman manager who had never achieved anything? I refer, of course, to that paragon of mediocrity, Steve McClaren. To all you worriers out there: forget about losing Barry, worry about something far more serious – losing O’Neill. Barry’s replaceable, O’Neill is not.
Is the Barry saga trying to compete in longevity with the 'no right back' saga?
He wants to rob us of 1.8millon or so on his wayout (hand in a transfer gareth)
Excellent point churchill 'Barry's replaceable, O'Neill is not'. Let us put it behind us and get behind MON, Lerner and the players who actually want to play for Villa.
AstonMartinOneill, Like I said before, we weren't told what Villa want for Barry until three weeks ago, the fax that O'Neill sent to Liverpool. Before that you just rejected our bids. By the way, it's not disrespectful to start with a lower bid than the selling club asked for, it's just haggling, nothing else. Lastly, if you can't prove me wrong then I am seeing the truth, ain't I? chris the villan, I am no more biased than you Villa fans in this matter, you just can't see it. jonah, considering the number of posts that respond to me, there are quite a few who give a flying ***** what I think on here.
Had enough now. The **** can go. he definitely does not want to play for Aston Villa anymore. He's gone in to MON with his Agent and said i will not play for you anymore until on or after 31 august. ***** him the ****
Well said churchill...
Folks I have been aruing with JohnDoe for weeks and he never sees the real picture becuase his red tinted specs cloud the real vision he is faced with. He is like an eternal itch. Best way to deal with him is to ignore his nonesensical ramblings. You see he only argues the point when he feels he needs to spout his clubs rhetoric. when you have a point that counters him or you askhim anything with facts he disappears into the background only to emerge with yet more rhetoric. He's a fool ignore him!!!!
am of the opinion barry should go now,its quite clear that he was never going to abide by the deadline,or was it his agent,do you honestly believe his agent wasn,t frantically on the phone to girop[ool all wednesday night frantically trying to save his share of the deal,gareth go mate and take that arse of an agent with you think his name
super lionel martin
JohnDoe - excellent post. Personally I believe O'Neill and Lerner were just being professional and not trying to re-establish sanity into transfer dealings (which are very much oberdue to get away from these dutch-auction and "time wasters" like 'pool are proving to be. I feel sorry that two intelligent and honourable guys like O'Neiil and Lerner have to negotiate with outright £tos**rs like GB and his side-kick, "Black". Tighten up the rules so that offers can;t be made until funds, or proof of same have been deposited with the FA.
gappy65- How dare you call a fellow Villa fan a fool. Misinformed? perhaps. Spoken from the heart?-absolutely! Villa, thro' and thro'? undoubtedly. Foolish for expressing his opinion over dealings that his beloved club are having to endure with the latest crop of merseyside "chancers" -No way! I believe you should offer him an apology as one loyal Villa fanto another.
Did i miss something, gappy65 called John Doe, a scouser, a fool...which he is. Well said gappy, it will be best just to ignore JD as he's clearly blinkered and believes all he reads in the Scouse Echo. I'm gonna wait here for some bold facts about how the sun shines out of all the journos at the Liverpool Echo arse as well.
being called a fool by gappy65 is a compliment as he doesn't know a fact if it hits him on the face. AstonMartinOneill, in the comments in this article you said "you often talk a lot of sense, and are very certain and clear about everything you write" "BUT when he does make an argument, he's usually pretty hard to prove wrong" then you said "gappy65 called John Doe a scouser, a fool...which he is. Well said gappy, it will be best just to ignore JD as he's clearly blinkered and believes all he reads in the Scouse Echo" So which is it, do I talk a lot of sense or am I blinkered? You don't even have a clear opinion of me and you call me a fool!!!!!
Why dont JohnDoe and Gappy get a room theres a lot of love in this thread,,,,,,
The Daily Star is reporting"Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry's hopes of completing his £18m move to Liverpool now lie in the hands of the Anfield club's American owners". That's him stuffed then if it's up to those two clowns to sort out!!
its all ******** ********* and i'm sick to the back teeth of it all.
Get stuffed Barry...........put in your transfer request you rat!!!!!
JohnDoe, To backtrack just a little, I read Brian Reade's excellent article and came away with the more or less the same conclusion as you. O'Neill took a stand and that in itself should send a clear message out to anyone else who feels inclined to prise one of our many gifted young stars away from us. My best mate over here is an Aussie Liverpool fan, so I've never begrudged them their 'occasional' successes over the years! But I cannot pretend that my opinion of your present coach hasn't been soured by the way he has conducted this affair. Maybe his hands are tied due to the on-going money troubles of your wallet-watching American owners, something to which he himself had alluded, but we set our price from the outset and shouldn't be criticized for not being willing to negotiate; we don't need to, having, as we do, an owner willing to dip into his own pockets. Respect to you for putting forward your perspective on this and other matters - you seem a decent chap.
Athens Villa
Jog on barry ! i said this before on here , if he wants to go that badly for "footballing reasons" which i would presume to be champions league , england career etc etc hand your fxxking transfer request in and fxxk off ! If he thinks being rotated every week and playing out of position which he should know, will happen under rafa ,will improve his game he needs his head read.Look at crouch constantly in and out of the team and it affected his confidence and career , i bet he hammers the goals in this season at pompey as he will have a decent run in the team. John doe : if you think a player is not going to hand a transfer request in because he is due a loyalty bonus , maybe you would be happy to give it too him to ease his passage up north , Oh yeah you cant , because you cant even find the transfer fee .
this thread is almost as farcical as the Barry transfer itself! If this JohnDoe Bloke saved up his two cents he keeps kindly sharing with the people here, he could have raised the extra money for Liverpool to buy Barry by now! But seriously, the matter here is that at the end of the day Liverpool need to come up with £18 million and just settle this charade so everyone involved can go on with their lives. Barry just needs to leave now, there is no other alternative.
The longest running soap opera after Coronation Street I believe.

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