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Club announcement:

This evening, Aston Villa can announce that Gareth Barry will be staying with the club following the interest from Liverpool over recent months.

During discussions in the past few days, a final deadline to conclude this episode was set that all parties were aware of and agreed to. This deadline has now passed and so Gareth will remain with Villa.

PHEW. Now lets build the team around him.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 30 2008

Time: 6:04PM

Your Comments

I knew it!!
Great, great, great news. Overjoyed.
The Fear
Good news. Martin O'Neill did superbly well throughout this saga, well done to him.
No he's not. If he'd signed a new deal I'd believe it, but even if Puddle are done, there is still a chance another club could have a crack!
Yes! Signing of the transfer window. Welcome back Gareth, now let's cement you as the Villa Park legend we know you can be.
Where is JohnDoe?
Well done. Martin O'Niel is definately the best manager in the league (other than Wenger and Ferguson, if you don't mind me saying so).
Great pics, Fear! I can't put my feelings into words, just so happy!
MON's known for his ****e transfer window activities. This is a sign of change. UTV
The ouzo's gonna flow tonight! Cheers, everyone!
Athens Villa
Well done Martin O'Neill and Randy Lerner. Never backed down in this whole saga and you have done business really well. Up the villa.
fantastic news, i said on a a different article i was expecting a statement in the next day or so, and here it is. great great news
Credit to M'ON and RL, plenty of clubs eventually end up selling there star players and at a cheaper price, but these two stood their ground and didnt allow themselves into getting bullied into selling a player who has been one of the best players in his position over the last few seasons and extremely consistent at a knock down price.
***** me boys i bet you never saw that coming??? I was hoping we might nick him from under the scousers noses ;-)
I would love join in the celbrations folks! But I am not convinced. here are the reasons. 1. it's only a deadline that has passed. 2. Barry hasn't said he wants to stay. 3. the statement say's nothing about next season. It just say he remains at the club... What does that mean? for how long? Until LFC find the cash?
I'm glad for you lads that Barry is staying and not going to the bin dippers,but its only because the thieves can't afford him,isn't it?
What a fantastic boost this will give to the rest of the players. Well done MON and RANDY now lets all move on and concentrate on getting more new faces through the doorand look forward to what should be an exciting new season. woder who will be captain next season
50 years a villan
So is Barry staying cause he wants to or he has to? Go ahead and build a team around him but if he really wanted to stay he would have signed the four year deal MON is offering him. So now you guys have a captain that doesn't want to be there and is refusing to sign a contract extansion. At least wait for Barry to come out and say he made a mistake and that he will be happy ending his career at Villa before you guys start jumping for joy.
I agree with that Barry needs to come clean, sign the new contract if not we'll know where his head is.
I think it's just a statement by the club to counter the claims of the tabloids....
Gappy 65 the statement says all parties aware and agreed to. ALL PARTIES that means Gareth his agent MOn and every one else involved. Chill out celebrate stop beig negative
50 years a villan
Do you not think that Barry is staying against his will???
The one thing it does do is puts the pressure on Barry and LFC to 1 stump up or **** off. Or put in the tranfer request... We'll see...
I dont believe it I still think he'll be gone.Get the little $hit to hand in a transfer request first,well done MoN and Mr Lerner.
All credit to MON for staying strong but if they end up selling him now its going to look really bad.
Just before all this news exploded out of nowhere, someone on another forum said he'd heard that Barry was signing 3 year deal. He sounded like he had actually heard it from the inside. Could this be coming? Would certainly put iceing on the cake.
I won't believe anything until September 1st.
I think so. If barry really wanted to stay then he would have been making some statments about it. his silence is saying alot
50 years; I would like it to be the case but I'm not convinced. The wording is vague at best!! It just say's remaining at Villa. It doesn't give any time frame. No next season, nothing!!!
I think this great news. Daily Mail - hahahahaha. LFC haven't shown any interest before this year so let's hope this is the end of it. Now let's get 3pts on 31/8 and get 4th place. We need some defenders though ...
have just spoken to a journalist friend of mine very well conected at VP. This person was tipped off yesterday that Gareth would be staying. Very reliable source have no doubts now that Gareth will be with us next season
50 years a villan
I hope your right 50 years!!
Next season is another season for us to worry about, i think for this season he will be staying. M'ON has said he wanted an end to the Barry saga so he can continue with his plans for the upcoming season. Plus he would also like Barry to stay for another year. so there you have it M'ON, Liverpool failed to meet the deadline, don't sell him during the January window and lets see how we have progressed and improved come next summer transfer window!
Barry does not want to be here he will be off has soon as he can . And it gives M.oN a chance to get us lot off is back about new player.We really are moving forward God sake its only one player and he wants out
one match ban
Where's JohnDoe????
How much longer has Barry got left on his contract???
Everybody seems to be assuming that Barry will be devestated to have to stay at Villa. I don't see it that way at all. OK, he would have preferred the move to Liverpool, no-one would argue with that, but he has been here 10 years, must still have a great deal of affection for the club so I don't think he will go into a sulk. Apart from anything else, there is a world cup coming up and Barry wants to be a regular member of the England team. The only way he cand do that now is to play consistently well for Villa.
The reported on SSN suggested that liverpool were claiming to have had everything in place that Villa had asked for but Villa were putting obsitcles in the way to delay matters. Seems a strange one. Maybe the way Barry played at the weekend has convinced MON that Barry will be professional and still be an asset.
the fact that benitez and liverpool have messed us about so much was really getting on my/everyone's nerves. so to tell 'em they can't have him is absolutely chuffing brilliant. we have stood up to the fourth biggest team in england, and one of the most unprofessional clubs. MON/Randy have stuck firm and have shown other clubs how to deal with these idiots. LEGENDS.
and how pathetic are the press by the way! discuss.
The thing that must puzzle Barry is this. Liverpool new the deadline was today. They had 20 million ready to splash and sign Keane. If thay wanted Barry so badly, why didn't they place the money for him first? They had no such deadline with Keane. Thats got to convince him, if nothing else.
Good point 31...where's JohnDoe?
Surely (and dont call me shirley) he will need to make a statement himself to say to the Fans (us and me) that he will be with us 100% fo each and every game!!!!! And that he is sorry for the whole episode???
I think that's a really good point, ThirtyOne. It shows up the nonsense from Barry in the News of the World article, i.e that Benitez has shown how much he values him. I think he'll realise now that he's been misled by Benitez or his agent.
good point 31, just need a contract extension from Barry now and we'll be laughimg. And even if he doesn't want to stay and would rather go elsewhere its no different to the likes of Ronaldo, lampard, drogba, adebayor etc. And I'd rather be in villa's position with Barry a key player the club wants to keep than liverpool who are now left with a p****d off Alonso nobody wants to buy.
Let me taste your tears, Rafa! Mm mm! Your tears are so yummy and sweet!
I'm here jonah, young_jonah, what's up?
ThirtyOne, Rafa would not go for Barry unless he was sure that Alonso will be sold. Buying Barry and keeping Alonso doesn't make sense. That's why he bought Keane before Barry, as we've sold Crouch and needed a replacment, not because we wanted him more than Barry.
JohnDoe ... I think it very arrogant to unsettle Barry if you only wanted to buy him if Alonso was to be sold.
sorry, should be just couldn't afford him.
in other words you mean you just couldn't him.
LOL you guys are funny. 1. Barry is staying against his will, thats like a girl dating you cause her first choice didnt pick her up. not a great accomplishment. 2. If he stays captain how *****ed of will some of your other players be cause they didn't get the chance or if his not captain will he sulk even more? You lot are laughing at Rafa for not getting his man, but so what? at worst we have Xabi (which most liverpool fans love and rate higher then Barry) or we sell him and buy a winger. you guys are stuck with a player that refuses to sign a contract extension or wants a loop hole so his able to leave Villa next season if signs a new contract...Great job MON? So keep laughing but at least 44% of Liverpool fans haven't lost faith in our transfer window with Rafa like your fans have with MON. O one more thing untill barry signs a new contract don't start partying cause he might still leave even if its not to Liverpool.
I can't wait for Gerrard to moan in November when they are out the title race again because one thing for sure after spending 20m on Keane, the fat waiter will be down the job centre. Barry for Villa.
Klutch - yes, I agree that we rate him more highly than LFC fans and we know that he's been unsettled. However, didn't Gerrard almost leave for Chelsea a few years back? Things can change. He's been with us for 10 years already and I think most Villa fans will continue to support him.
chrisd4villa, I think Rafa was banking on selling Alonso to Juventus. When that deal fell through he had to slow down his interest in Barry and wait until someone else bought Alonso. It's not just to finance Barry's deal, our midfield would be too crowded with Gerrard, Mascherano, Alonso, Barry, and Lucas all vying for places.
Chrisd4villa - i'm happy for you guys, sersiously. I hope Barry stays and his loved agian by Villa fans but i don't get Villa fans laughing at Rafa and saying "Let me taste your tears, Rafa! Mm mm! Your tears are so yummy and sweet!" what the hell is that all about? I'm sure Rafa is not devasted over the matter, so i find it funny that Villa fans are laughing at us like some how where screwed over the matter.
klutch, dun bother those guys. theyre single and lonely...u know haha. anyway, this feels like a new signing. infact, it seems like that time when Gerrard made a U-turn from a chelsea move. and look wad happen? CPL medal. with Barry commitments settled, we are going to win things for sure. with the full backing of FANTASTIC villa fans (esp from Vital) things are looking ever so bright, even when u live millions of miles away in Singapore :D
I think Barry is desperate to leave the club that gave him the captain armband, made him a premiership player, selected him whenever he was fit, supported him in his pursuit of playing for England. Helped him get in the England squad. Must be horrible for him. And such a ***** club too, 6th in the league last year playing in Europe under the most highly rated british manager behind SAF, and a board with big plans for the future. Bless him he must be so desperate to leave. Get a grip boys yes he wants to be at Liverpool but dont fool yourself he doesnt love the club. Funny how we all forget that Olof left on a free for his similar dream of CL football and yet no one questions his love for the club. The statement from Barry will come, of that I am sure.
JohnDoe, I think you're probably right about that but I still think it was an arrogant way to treat our player (going back to before the Wigan game). By the way, always enjoyed watching LFC on European nights but this has left a bitter taste ...
young_jonah, Why did Barry slate O'Neill publicly then if he wasn't desperate to move to Liverpool?
He didn't slate MON as far I am concerned he spoke of a series of events between himself and the club which included an alleged lack of contact from MON and the club.
young_jonah, Here are Barry's quotes, ďMy mindís made up, I want to join Liverpool. Thereís no going back, itís time for me to move on. Iím DESPERATE to play Champions League football and thatís why I have to leave Villa. ď ďVilla kept saying they wanted me to stay but I have not heard from the manager for weeks. The last time we spoke was just after Englandís match in Trinidad at the start of June. And thatís it. It just made me think that he and the club were just saying one thing in public but were not really bothered at all about me in private. ďWhat other conclusion can you reach? Itís seven weeks now since the season finished but while the gafferís found time to be a pundit for the BBC at Euro 2008, he hasnít found the time to speak to me." ďThe club have contacted my advisor, Alex Black, a few times and told him that Martin OíNeill (right) had something important to tell me. They said that Martin was going to call me. ďBut every time I was told to expect the call it never materialised. I found that hurtful and disrespectful. All that told me was that I was being messed around by my club and by my manager. If you say you are going to call then you should call. ďAnd if you say you want me to stay then you should prove it. Unfortunately, itís now too late. Itís all pointless. I want to go." By the way, why was Barry banned from training and fined if he didn't slate O'Neill?
JohnDoe, he also said "But Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has shown how much he wants me at Anfield". I think that the events of the past couple of days have shown how badly he's been advised.
chrisd4villa, nobody is saying that he wasn't. He shouldn't have had a go at O'Neill until he was certain that he was going to move to Liverpool, not even then. By the way, not paying the inflated price that Villa asked for doesn't mean that Rafa doesn't want him.
JohnDoe, where did all those quotes from.I have read all that we have seen in the press.Are these from your neck of the woods after the crack pipe has been passed around!!...Should he stay as indicated by the club he can buy out the remaining year of his contract for 2million quid next summer..In the year run up to the world cup, so no great shakes for him.What this gives us is a year to try and give him the CL football he craves.LFC had the figure and the timescale within to do the deal and they bought Keane....FACT! Let's put the circus to bed and see if we can make the fat waiter cry in his paella!!....UTV
RAFA is a DISGRACE !!!!! He treateted Spurs disgracefully he treated Villa disgracefully He is losing the plot and has no respect Gillette and Hicks will be the ruin of a great football club !!!!
To be fair JohnDoe the quotes you have posted above are only a chain of events as i stated before, nowhere in that does he "slate" MON, he was banned for being unprofessional as was Berger when he did the same. Unauthorised interviews are not wanted at our club.
The one who said he can't go now is Villa not Barry. He didn't say anything. It is only because of a dateline set. But he's heart set on other club. Nevermind...keep your unhappy "legend".
I want to hear it from the horses mouth.
I don't think it was an unreasonable price - you've just paid over £20m for Keane! Just proves that Villa value him more ...
Now for some quality signings please so we can take 4th spot off that cheeky scouse bar stewards...get in there! Barry for villa! If you all hate scousers clap your hands...
Sky sports reporter out with Liverpool in Spain said it is not all over as far as they are concerned....this story I think still has a few pages to run. If GB hands in a transfer request (Which i suppose he could have done weeks ago) does that change things...we are not privvy to the negotiations the club have had with GB or his agent. It does seem that hardball has been played and for all of that I hope the player stays and realises that Villa is where he is best suited.
MON is now quoted on the OS that a meeting took place between him, Randy, Gareth and his agent on Monday and they agreed to give Liverpool a deadline of "tea time today" probably 5pm in real time and if they didn't meet the asking price Gareth would be staying this season. Arsenal have also signed their central midfielder today so all we need to do is finish in the top 4 next season and Gareth won't have to bother about moving to taste Champions League football. Simple really.
pongo wearing
i wonder what was said at the meeting on monday - M'ON says it was a very positive meeting,
OneloveVilla, that would be notw, you know, the paper Barry gave the interview to.
So LFC are going back on the deadline agreement??? Doesn't make sense for them to spend their limited cash on completing the Keane deal first which didn't have a deadline. Sounds like they're still trying to boss Villa around.
So does that mean he wants to sign a new contract should it be on offer? Will he still be captin next this season? Whats happening? I'm still not convinced. What is going to happen if they offer 18 million cash before window closes and when are we going to sign some more players?
Unfortuantly, I dont think this is over. Wish Barry either had the balls to either hand in transfer request or just come out and say his happy at Villa. Barry either sign the dam contract Villa have offerd you or hand in a transfer request you b**ch i'm tired of seeing your name associated with liverpool. the only thing keeping me ammused in this whole saga is watching Villa fans keep changing there opinion on Barry but even thats getting boring.
The OS states that he will be staying for the season. This was agreed with the player if LFC didn't come back before the deadline.
im looking at the last pic and it says lets build the team around him, we should of already built a team around him
Barry agreed to this deadline knowing liverpool couldn`t meet it,That tells me he didn`t like rafa finding 20 million for keane but leaving him in limbo,He has changed his mind after having a few things pointed out to him after saturday and found a clever way out.Welcome back barry.
Well done to O'Neill and Lerner. They have played it perfectly. Remember that Barry still has 2 years left on his present contract, which he was more than happy to sign 12 months ago. But despite this, O'Neill is prepared to increase his pay by more than £1mill pa for the next 4 years, plus a lucrative testimonial next year. On top of all that he has an opt-out next year if we don't qualify for The Champions League. Barry should feel extremely pleased and if he is anything like a man he should get down on his knees and show some appreciation to everyone at the Club who have fought to keep him for us!
i am so confused right now... what the hell are they trying to do to us? what is going on ffs!
just come across that article ric112 lol. dont know how much truth there is in that though, M'on has spoken to the OS site and said he was delighted that Barry is staying! Would be a bizarre outcome if it was true. Another reason wht it could be just paper talk, if M'ON was still talking to Liverpool about Barry moving then surely he wouldnt have come out and said how delighted he was at Barry staying.
Its the mail holding onto their "exclusive" from earlier today, despite overwhelming official evidence to the contrary. Ignore it, but I remain unconvinced this is truly over, just hope it is.
Two things: the deadline idea was the result of a meeting between Barry, his agent, MON, and Randy Lerner (ergo, Barry has agreed to this in light of Liverplop's waning interest by which I mean transfer funds). Barry never did hand in an official transfer request. Can we assume, then, that he isn't being held at gunpoint? I'm hoping he's along for the ride now. With some new players (shut it! They're coming!) and Barry back where he should be we'll be better than Liverplop's gang of unsettled mercinaries soon anyway. chrisd4Villa-don't you mean misled by Benitezor his agent or Gerrard? Klutch-Alonso doesn't bring out the best of Gerrard. Barry makes Gerrard a much more effective player-thats his worth.
I agree with lerneravfc, think the keane transfer has put Barry in his place. He knows he's not Rafa's top priority after all and that he's been lied to. Oh how he must feel betrayed. Erm, know how that feels.
Gareth Barry's transfer to Liverpool finally looks like going through after the Anfield club came up with the money to secure his move from Aston Villa. The longest-running saga of the summer has reached a confusing climax after an earlier statement that he was staying at Villa Park. Sportsmail understands that the mix-up was due to a deadline being missed by 20 minutes, and the transfer will finally be concluded on Thursday. Scroll down for more Finally on his way: Gareth Barry Makeweight: full-back Steve Finnan Villa will receive a £17.5million fee plus right back Steve Finnan in exchange for a midfielder who will fulfil his wish to play in the Champions League this season after all. To find the money, Liverpool needed to provide the bank with a guarantee that funds to cover the move will be raised during the remainder of the close season. The transfer has dragged on since May when Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez made it clear that Barry was his top priority. More... We're coming to get you, Fergie - Liverpool's new No 7 Keane is determined to break United's Premier League dominance FOR ALL THE LATEST LIVERPOOL NEWS FROM ACROSS THE WEB, CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE LATEST ASTON VILLA NEWS FROM ACROSS THE WEB, CLICK HERE Villa manager Martin O'Neill was angry with him for making details of his interest public, and a war of words raged between them for much of the early summer. Liverpool made four separate bids to sign Barry but none of them matched O'Neill's valuation of the player. Barry's outburst against O'Neill in a Sunday newspaper then appeared to signal the end of any chance of him remaining at Villa. He accused the manager of finding time to be a pundit at Euro 2008 but not to speak to him about his future and was disciplined and told to stay away from the club's training ground. Then Barry was booed by Villa fans at a pre-season friendly at Walsall last week, but that mood had mellowed when he appeared as a substitute in Saturday's InterToto Cup tie with Odense. Matters finally reached a head on Monday when O'Neill tried to force the Merseysiders into a corner by setting a deadline. That was passed at 5pm on Wednesday when Villa had still not received confirmation from Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry that funds were in place. Villa then put out a statement on their website confirming that Barry would be staying. It read: 'This evening, Aston Villa can announce that Gareth Barry will be staying with the club following the interest from Liverpool over recent months. 'During discussions in the past few days, a final deadline to conclude this episode was set that all parties were aware of and agreed to. This deadline has now passed and so Gareth will remain with Villa.' However, it soon transpired that the two clubs were still talking over the move. Barry had been due to play in a behind-closed-doors friendly against Notts County on Thursday - but his name was subsequently withdrawn. And it also appears that the England midfielder has already committed himself to renting a house in Cheshire. The transfer has dragged on but now Benitez has to act quickly by offloading players to keep Liverpool's part of the bargain with financiers. Those destined for the exit door include Andriy Voronin, Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Jermaine Pennant. Following David Bentley's defection to Spurs, Pennant will probably be the first to leave as Blackburn manager Paul Ince spends some of the transfer money he has received. Robbie Keane kicked off his Liverpool career against Villarreal in Spain, two days after completing his £19m move from Tottenham. The Republic of Ireland captain started up front alongside 19-year-old David Ngog, who cost £1.5m from Paris Saint-Germain
Hahahahahahaha... I had to register for this - too funny. I think that Liverpool have messed us about so much that MON and Mr Lerner will have on hesitation in closing the door on them now. No 'Oh, the bank didn't get the letter to us in time' or any other poor excuse - How long do you need, honestly. I agree with everyone saying that GB would have handed in a transfer request if he was that desperate, and obviosly agreeing to the deadline meant that he also wanted an end to this ridiculous transfer situation.... well, as Jim Morrison once said "This is the end" - Official statements are not made for fun
this is a shambles, what is going on at villa, this has gone on long enough, if he goes now we're going to be a laughing stock. just sort it villa because i think we're all sick of it now.
Which is why there was a deadline, to bring an end to this Barry saga. M'ON and Randy are pro's, they wouldnt have had a statement released on the OS saying Barry is staying if they were still in talks and a move could still be on!
eltoro, I agree with your concern and frustration but as JC'sCrew says MON and Mr Lerner are pro's and we have seen nothing other than that side of them... Just need Barry's statement now and it'll be onwards and upwards - Thank the lord we haven't got their owners at Villa - or their manager!
Staying for this season, then buying out of his contract and buggering off for a free next year?
Have to agree with Brad Friedel that LFC deal with things in an "obscure" way under their new owners ... reports this morning say that Liverpool missed the deadline by 20 minutes!!!
The Daily Telegraph quoted Barry's agent, Alex Black, as saying the deal was still happening. "It is still between the two clubs at the moment. It is still ongoing." What the hell is going on? as a Liverpool i dont want this deal to happen as much as Villa fans. We dont need Barry. Hope MON and Lerner stick to there word cause if they end up selling now Villa will for sure be the laughing stock
Looks like he is going. Have we taken for suckers here as part of a bid to force Liverpool to move quickly? Seems like we have. If so, are MON and RL agreed here or is there a split? This could be disastrous for us. What will the other players make of this if he goes? What an almighty mess - except for LFC. If this is true, they have screwed us up good and proper.
Fear, what's your opinion on this? Any inside news? Is he definitely staying or going?
In MON we trust!
I am dead chuffed, because I am sure that Barry can be instrumental this season in helping us continue to climb the premiership table, along with a few more signings! Welcome back Bazza!
The quote from Alex Black is from earlier yesterday afternoon.
By the sounds of o`neills comments barry has agreed to this give it one more season to see how we get on plan,I also suspect in that very positive meeting on the day keane signed for liverpool barry was offered *****loads of money by villa,And told look they said they didn`t have 18 million for you but they have got 20 for keane we value you more etc,Barry could not now come out and say i have changed my mind without looking very silly,So they came up with a deadline they new liverpool couldn`t meet as the day before rafa had said he needs to sell to buy.
It seems only the mail is running the story that he's still going after their "exclusive" yesterday claiming a fee had been agreed. From the comments from MON last night on the OS a line has been drawn under the whole thing and thats the end of the matter.
AMS78 - "Barry had been due to play in a behind-closed-doors friendly against Notts County on Thursday - but his name was subsequently withdrawn." even if the quote is from earlier yesterday afternoon that doesn't explain why his name was removed form the Notts county friendly or even more importantly why Barry is staying quite over the matter. When Gerrard made a U turn and decided to stay with Liverpool he made statments in the press the next day that he wish's to stay, How come Barry wont come out and say his happy to play at Villa for another year??
Hope you guys are right then both sets of fans will be happy. I never want to read anything else on the matter untill Barry either makes a statment that his happy at Villa or when his officially announced as a livepool player.
Klutch, it's just gone 9am on the morning after the announcement, how do you know that Barry wont be making such a statement sometime today? I can't believe some Villa fans are STILL questioning this, MON and Randy have stood firm all summer, they're not about to change their minds now.
Your right jonah. RL and MON have been a rock, a corner stone in this sorry saga. They have stood fast against what scoucers laughingly think are one of footballs super powers. But without the statement from Barry it's kind of empty. We need Barry to make his statement to give it substance. Until then it appears he has been forced to stay....
it only seems to be the mail, well from what i have seen anyway, they either know something no one else does or are just presuming it happens so if it does eventually go through they can say "told you so". i think the fee was 17.5 plus Finnan. Villa must stand firm here and tell them it not happening. lets hope Barry keeps his trap shut and doesnt hand in the transfer request which will almost trigger it all off again.
I think this also shows the power of the fans after the positive chants last Saturday. Oh and by the way KISS MY A$$ MR FAT SPANISH WAITER AND YOUR IDIOT SCOUSE SIDEKICK GERRARD. Thank you.
klutch, why does Barry have to copy what Gerrard did and on the same timescale? Maybe he's mulling over a new contract and a statement could come if/when he signs that. Maybe he's waiting for more signings for villa to show their intent, who knows? He's a villa player so really it has nothing to do with you. Or does its still hurt because even though you say you don't want him you can't take the fact that your club has lost out on this one? As for the Notts County game I wouldn't necessarily expect Barry to play in a friendly thursday when he'll be playing for us against reading on saturday. And even if the report is true which I doubt, for christ sake it's a friendly, there's no time limit for pre-match selection and its certainly not set 3 days before ko! Its only a bloody run around. All your posts have the air of bad loser written over them. Is it possible for you to admit defeat gracefully and then go back to you own board?
Wow this is going to be a tough day. Its hard to cope when news now is constantly refreshing with new pages saying 2 different things every 5 min. I hope it doesn't stay like this all day. Where is Barry's statement?
I know it's been said but im not convinced. i spilt my pint all over myself when i got the text from my brother about this but I believe that if they still come in with the 18mil then he will go. We need to see him signing the extra money deal or September 1st, these are the two things that will convince the majority of us. I'm still getting over him saying he wants to leave, unsure of what Alex Black has up his sleave this time.
If Barry agreed to the deadline, then I can't see any reason to doubt he will go back on his word. I think he will accept a new deal, but with a clause, that will allow him out, if we don't get Champions league. Already there are stories coming out about Liverpool asking Barry to hand in a transfer request. That club has no integrity.
Barry hugely welcome if he gives it his all. I remember how consistently good George Boateng was for a few years, until he decided differently. We want a committed Barry. I have no way of knowing what we are gettting. MON has a better idea - but only Barry can give the answer on the pitch. Last Saturday was fine, but things were still up in the air then. This saga is still doing us no good. Hope we sign Finnan anyway. He will be a good addition.
haha love them fotos
BBC site appears to suggest he will still be on his way. Says there are more talks for later in the week. Why are we wasting so much time with this?? Get it sorted and bring some players in!!
Maybe we can now get on with the real business at hand, i.e., strengthening a seriously understaffed squad. The season proper starts in just over two weeks, and we are far from prepared.
Great news just hope that he's now not alienate the player because of the deadline. Barry expressed a clear wish to leave but MON has pulled the plug due to his deadline..... I appreciate that Liverpool agreed to the deadline but did Barry??
Yes MON said Barry, Mr Black, Mr Learner and himself set the deadline together and told Liverpool about it. We can't go back on our word now, unless of course they give us 24/25m, then they can take him.
That's okay then PTP. As long as Barry was aware. He should now give 100% at least until January when they may come back....
I hope that doesn't happen, as bad as MON is on transfer windows I don't think he even knows the January one exists.
yes, nottinghamvillain but he'll be cup tied by then so won't be able to play for them in the uefa cup!
oh and great news that curtis davies playe 60 mins this morning.
A DEADLINE is a DEADLINE, and Liverpool have missed it. I don't give a sh it what Barry wants to do now. It's entirely up to him whether he plays his heart out for Villa or sits on the bench and goes to waste. We absolutely should NOT give Liverpool so much as another sniff. Come on Martin and Randy, don't buckle now!!!! They're just trying to play mind games with you again. The answer should be "He's not for sale, get over it."
Liverpool have had their chance to purchase Barry. A chance they manufactured by dubious means. Its their own fault if they are too broke to be able to afford him, or too incompetent to get a bid together in time. Let them rot.
The Usual Suspect
If Barry has an ounce of self respect left, he'll be feeling quite offended that the Scum (new name transferred from Bham city) were quite willing to cough up such an obscene amount for Keane, who frankly isn't a superstar. If Gareth truly does have ANY common sense whatsoever, he will have worked out from that how little he is worth to Liverpool. Most of their fans don't want him, Rafa can't really be bothered to spend much money on him and correct me if i'm wrong, but Alonso is still a Liverpool player? What is there to think about Gareth?
And WHY WHY WHY is it that everytime I come back to this country it starts raining? Apparently it was great yesterday? Just fits the mood.
what a farce, he dosen't want to stay, why are we still farting about with him, holding up needed tranfers
eltoro,We are not farting about anymore which was the whole point of the deadline.
just to let you know villian in cyprus , its absolutley boiling in cyprus today ! Barry must be feeling pretty p issed off that they have tied the keane deal up relatively quickly and spent more money on him ! Doesn't really send the message that he was a key first team player they were looking for , also everyone knows the scousers are skint and have to sell to buy so even if they bid 20 mins after the deadline , they would not have paid the full amount , and probably tried to do the deal in installments which is not acceptable in my eyes . Well done MON for jogging them on !
This I'm affraid brings us back to square one... Barry needs to make a satement of intent... But will he? he didn't after the Wigan game and I do expect him to now!
Sorry don't epect a statement from Barry.
Somehow gappy65, I dont think we'll see any comments from Barry. We ought to, admittedly, but I think we'll find that he'll be keeping his head down for a while.
So long as he does his talking on the pitch and puts in the same quality performances as he has done over the last two years, ill be happy.
and that, johncarewscrew, is what its all about. lets hope he gets the chance to earn his forgiveness.
If wants to keep his place in the England team then he'll have to play his guts out.Let's see how much of a class act he is now.He has brought all this on himself.
I reckon there is a final twist in the tail coming to this one. I think the fat waiter is still talking to Barry's agent and niggling away. This is not over yet and until Barry leaves, it never will be.
unless he signs a nice new 5 year contract that is!
He'll be gone next summer.
the fat**** can sod off
just read the independent article by ian herbert - seems to have a lot of detail that makes sense. Either they have a better class of storyteller on their books or it doesn't look good. But after MON's statement I'd rather he played for the reserves come september than let him go now. Christ, think I need another pint after reading that. Please let it be made up. Though if it isn't then liverpool are certainly letting out a **** lot of detail. They must be livid.
tonybrum - its amazing that you jump all over me for voiceing my concern about the Barry saga not being over and now that you have read an article from the independent "it doesn't look good". Like i said in my earlier post Barry should man up and either hand in a transfer request or just come out and make some sort of statment how his commited to the Villa cause. And yes it does concern me cause it concerns Liverpool.
With all due respect Klutch, I don't give a toss about LFC, I don't give a toss about Barry if i'm honest. I do however care what happens to Villa. The facts are this whole sorry saga could and should have been solved by now. But it hasn't I'm sorry to say! Due to Lfc and it's staff making statements to the press, then Barry himself being foolish and running to the press. Aston Villa in my opinion have rightly dug in there heels over this. I affraid LFC and staff, Barry and Black have created this monster. So the only way Barry will leave is if he slaps in a transfer request. He will then loose out finacially, LFC will pay less but will need to pay in 2 phases instead of dragging it out over 4 years or so. So LFC and Barry will lose out. Which in my opinion is great news because niether of which deserve to come out of this smelling of roses.
Everything that has come out since this story broke has been unsubstantiated speculation. It has all been caused by the fact that nobody, apart from Villa, has said anything. MON will stick to his guns now for sure. We can be sure of this at least.

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