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Gareth Barry Bid IN - OUT - IN - OUT

There are reports online right now that Villa have agreed a 19million fee with Liverpool for Gareth Barry.

NOTHING has been announced on either official site, therefore I would doubt the reports, especially having just read the Express & Star saying 'sources close to the club' as denying these reports.

I'll believe it as and when either official site announce it, other than that, the stand off remains!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 30 2008

Time: 3:31PM

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Classic tabloid crock of ****. To put it nicely.
After months of haggling over a fee for Gareth Barry, Liverpool and Aston Villa have reportedly agreed on 17.5m plus Steve Finnan. The Daily Mail website is claiming in an exclusive on Wednesday afternoon that the two clubs have come to an agreement on a deal worth 19m - which would be odd as the oft-quoted price tag was 18m. According to the report, although Liverpool do need to sell to buy Barry, they have offers on the table for both Jermaine Pennant and Yossi Benayoun while they are still hopeful of selling Andriy Voronin, Alvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso.
I'm going to stick my neck out and claim BS. 1) Why 19m all of a sudden when we're only asking for 18? 2) The report stems from the Daily Mail.
16mil plus Benayoun and Finnan. Thats my final offer, take it or leave it.
totally agree.... I actually hope its true though. He's giving me a head ache.
Barry Isn't going anywhere
When I read the article I was inclined to think it was supposed to now be 19m because of Arsenals interest. I didn't see any offers coming in from London...anyone else?
setanta have just repeated the daily mail report
Im expecting a statement from Villa in a day or two, like last time when supposedly we M'ON A agreed a 17million fee!
its obviously a slow news day at daily mail towers. I think its made up. Everyone who is covering the story is quoting the mail, yet they have no quotes or sources themselves. Think the spanish waiter will neeed 18m in readies before we part with Barry, especially after the Keane deal. And I say not a penny less. Though I'd take Finnan for 1m. Though would rather keep Barry anyway. Think its about time we set a deadline on this. Else I can see them stumping up the cash 1hr before the transfer window closes and we'll have no time to spend it on a replacement. then they'll just end up gloating about it.
He's off once we've secured a couple incoming players that's obvious.
I think its the other way around. We won't move till this is over because we need to know who we've got before we decide who we need.
Something is going on. I can feel it in my water.
yes the hacks are bored and making up stories. But I'm bored too and am waiting for the numerous links to right backs we'll have tomorrow and friday. Then it'll go back to links about left backs monday and tuesday, then.......
what u reckon JP
I can't see Liverpool have the money without selling a player now. It really is a baffling saga, just hope that at the very least they don't raise the money and bid when the season starts. If he is going lets hope it is done this week and we can all move on. Still hoping (naive) that the way he was treated at the odense game will mean something to him, especially as Liverpool have paid that much for Robbie Keane but wouldn't for him, surely that means they don't rate him quite as highly?!?
The Fear
I'm so bored.
I can't see it myself Fear, surely he would have known how much the Villa fans loved him before he decided to leave in the first place. I can't see him being that moved by the reception he got to go back on something he's obviously been scheming up with lil steavie for a while, especially when the same people chearing his name we're booing him just a few days before.
The Villa OS is saying that Barry is staying!!!!
pongo wearing
its not all doom and gloom he's staying,
Wow, that's quite something. You'd not have envisaged this kinda result under the previous helm. It's great how we've stood up to pool's advances. Who knows, maybe benitez didn't even want him, it could have just been a ploy to upset the balance in our squad. A clever ploy at that.
Apparently a deadline was agreed, which has now passed so Barry stays according to the OS.
"This evening Aston Villa can announce that Gareth Barry will be staying with the club following thr interest from Liverpool over recent months. During discussions in the past fwe days a final deadline to conclude this episode was set that all parties were aware of and agreed to. This deadline has now passed and so Gareth will remain with Villa." The actual OS quote
pongo wearing
I'm still unconvinced! If Barry said he wanted to stay would be a different kettle of fish entirely. But because a deadline was reached and passed doesn't mean Liverpool will come again to unsettle once more! Some how I don't think this is the end. As much as I would like it to be. One way or tother.
It might not be the end gappy but it does state that "all parties were aware of and agreed" and that must include Gareth Barry.
pongo wearing
It's a fairly bold statement to make if they thought that there was any doubt. I said all along that he was going no where!! :)
Adam Deuce
I hope it is Pongo but lI would like a statement from Barry himself. That would settle everything for me. I just hope he is not stopping just because of a deadline.
Wont make any difference that the deadline has passed once the jaffa recoups some money from outgoings he could still come back. Barry needs to sign a new contract, apologise and commit his future to villa publicly, i might believe it then..
It appears you were right Adam Deuce! But why is he stopping? Because LFC couldn't find the cash! I personally want players who want to play for the club not those who try to engineer a move for themselves only for the move to fall through! The question for me is where his loyaties are?
My head is hurting now. Contradicting story's all over the place. Think I'll go to bed and sleep through this.
Was initially excited that he's staying, but then saw it wasn't his decision, so now he's at Villa against his will...which is *****...
Villa earlier released a statement suggesting the deal was off. However, SunSport understands negotiations are still ongoing. The statement read: "Aston Villa can announce that Gareth Barry will be staying with the club following the interest from Liverpool over recent months. "During discussions in the past few days, a final deadline to conclude this episode was set that all parties were aware of and agreed to. "This deadline has now passed and so Gareth will remain with Villa." If terms are finalised, 27-year-old Barry will finally be able to complete his dream move to Anfield. Midfielders Jermaine Pennant, Yossi Benayoun and Xabi Alonso could all be sold to finance the deal.
To be frank Gappy, i agree with you but i don't think that's going to be possible if we want to reach the top 4. To reach the top 4, we're going to need players of GB's quality, and players of that quality are always going to be in demand. Chelsea have always got players mouthing off, as is Ronaldo at man utd, berbatov all last season and still managed a good one. I don't like the situation but i still think if we can hang on to GB for a while we can still get some more out of him.
There is no way in hell that the new Aston Villa is going to put on OS that Barry is staying and then accept a bid. If the deadline was reached the deadline was reached, of course if they really want him they can come back but they won't get him this window, MON can't allow our name to be smeared in sh! t like that. The downside to all of this is that we all know Barry doesn't want to be here, appology or no, new contract or old. It hurts a little bit I have to say, I was hoping he would go and make us an earner after his comments. still UTV an all that
I don't care, he's staying. If he'd left do you think we'd get anybody better them him in. I don't, not this year anyway. hopefully he'll sign a new contract and then that'll be that! May even go to his testimonial if he signs up for another 5 years.
I can't believe the press are still trying to fill column inches with this transfer! The club has publically announced that he's staying! It's over!
Newsnow articles: Barry Staying, Barry Going, Barry Staying, Barry Going, Barry Staying, Barry Going, Barry Staying, Barry Going...
any about a right back olaf?
I guess we have to accept the OS statement. But I question the motive behind him staying.... Because lets be honest if LFC had the cash hed be wearing red now!
No tonybrum but it seems we have a new LB! He's called Gereth Barry... Anyone ever heard of him?????
Hold on a sec. Could this just force Barry to hand in his transfer request. He still hasn't played that card yet.
mixed feelings about this one, glad to an extent that he looks to be staying, but again, being aware of a deadline isn't the same as saying you want to stay. i think benitez does want him, however, he's used the publicity of all this to do a number on spurs to nick robbie keane on the quiet and out of the spotlight. that's my opinion anyway.
behind the dugout
Yeah loads tonybrum, but I'm bored of those right-back signing stories...I just can't get enough of the Barry ones, they're great.
I think this great news. Daily Mail - hahahahaha Now let's get 3pts on 31/8 and get 4th place. We need some defenders though ...
The BBC Premier League site is going with the OS statement: Barry to Stay! Tons of other sources are contradicting this and they're all recent news stories. I think it's going to be a late night keeping an eye on this one; I've got a bottle of bubbly on ice ready to crack open when GB himself confirms he's staying put...
Athens Villa
behind the dugout; There's nothing quiet about rafa's approach for Keane. He went down the exact same route to unsettle him as he did with us and Barry. the only difference we have a Chairman with a steely determination to not get stiffed by one of the so called big 4. Well done RL and MON!!!!
Speaking of Liverpool, What about the way they donated that money to charity , so they wouldn't get reported. I think Acorn may be in line for lump of cash, IF Liverpool get Barry. Dodgy dealers ain't they.
The more i think about this. The more I'm convinced It just seems like a statement to counter the claims by the tabloids that the clubs have agreed a deal...
Its been more intriguing than a Crossroads episode, certainly has kept us entertained throughout the summer. Is the whole sorry affair reaching a conclusion, or are there still more twists to come?
I certainly dont expect to witness too many deals with our scouse friends in the forseeable future. This whole affair will have left a sour taste in both camps.
Why are people happy if he's staying?Im delighted the club are playing hardball with Liverpool.But he stabbed us all in the back and that can never be undone.Im glad that the Villa fans behaved the way they did on Saturday it showed us all in a good light and left Barry without a leg to stand on but he basically spat on us all with his comments,his heart will never be in it and that is going to cause problems in the camp.
I am more than happy to cut of our nose to spite Liverpool though..
glensider; Are you convinced this statement is as it appears?
If I'm honest gappy65, I dont think that its all over and done with just yet. Hopefully we'll get to read a statement from Gareth Barry himself over the course of the next few days, and I would imagine that that will tell us a little more than the brief comment on the official site has ever done. I'm pleased, because I thought that the whole sorry affair had affected the team, something seemed to be lacking, but on the other hand, I only want him to stay, if he really and sincerely wants to be here.
I second your comments Pking. What's happend can't be undone, now I just want to take Liverpool to the cleaners. They have taken the p iss and continue to do so. Hopefully Barry isn't as stupid as he acts, and he's worked out which side his bread's buttered. It's time to stand up and be counted Gareth. You need to publicly condem Liverpool's actions and release a statement to the press (seeing as that's how you like to do business) saying how much they've messed everyone around with their incompetence.
all this is BORING. Lets leave Barry to do what he wants to do, hopefully he will pi*s off after stabbing every1 at the club in the back and SIGN SOME PLAYERS PLEASE!!!!
Yes the race to keep Barry moved into Adnausium

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