Aston Villa - Villa To Offer A Compromise Deal To Gareth Barry?
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Villa To Offer A Compromise Deal To Gareth Barry?

The Mirror have an article this morning, along with several other papers, saying that Martin O'Neill is willing to offer Gareth Barry a new four year deal which could double his wages AND give him the option to leave next summer if Villa don't break into the top four this season.

Sounds like a plan??!!

Barry has stated his desire to leave for Liverpool - which you'll know unless you've been on holiday on planet Jupiter for the last few months - but the clubs remain at loggerheads over the fee. Villa won't shift - quite rightly - from their valuation which has sent out a clear message to all clubs, we don't want to sell our top players and if we do it will be at the price we set, not them.

With Liverpool now buying Robbie Keane from Spurs it seems highly unlikely that the debt infested club will be able to afford a similar fee for Barry.

O'Neill told the Mirror, 'Everyone at Villa Park wants Gareth to stay. I would like him to stay and we could do an awful lot of things to try and ensure that. I will talk to Gareth first of all and we will do everything we can as he would be a terrible loss - very, very hard to replace.'

Adding, in what appears a compromise move, 'My own view is that Gareth should hang around another year - if we don't make the progress that he would want then he can move elsewhere.'

The Daily Star claim we'll offer '£70,000-a-week four-year deal with an informal escape clause thrown in.' He also has a dig at Liverpool who have dragged their heals on a fresh bid saying 'It’s very clear we value him more than Liverpool do – he’s a top European player.' Adding 'It’s not my job to pick up the phone to them. The player belongs to us and Liverpool know the situation. I’m not thinking about Liverpool. I would like him to stay. He saw the reaction from the fans. It was incredibly positive.'

'The clear message to Gareth is that everyone wants him to stay. We will do everything we can. Our position has not changed.'

John Carew said the other day, following the outstanding reception the Villa faithful gave Barry the other day (and Barry was clearly relieved as I could clearly see from where I sit just by the dug out) that the Villa fans had certainly done all they could to convince Barry to stay. Carew thinks it is 50/50 whether he'll stay or go.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 28 2008

Time: 8:43AM

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oneill is a legend. i still think barry needs to address the fans though.
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28/07/2008 08:52:00

Hmm intresting if this is true. I genuinely beleove if he stays he wont be going next season anyway as the bigger clubs will have new targets, if they are still after him will it mean he will go for our valuation or will it mean they can offer less because his contract will let him go?
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28/07/2008 08:55:00

Gareth needs to sign his new deal and stay at Villa for at least one more season. He doesn't owe the fans an apology, he's a professional footballer doing what's best for his career! He can thank us by lifting us up into fourth place and making Liverpool qualify for the UEFA Cup
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28/07/2008 09:03:00

I think they'll set a transfer value as part of a new contract - 15m probably at a guess!
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28/07/2008 09:03:00

personally i reckon that if we don't achieve what he wants in the next 12 months then the money won't really matter. the escape clause will be there and he'll go. sounds good to me, put our money where our mouth is and show our ambition
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28/07/2008 09:03:00

it does sound like a good plan, MON must have decent transfers lined up if he's confident of us breaking into the top 4!
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28/07/2008 09:10:00

He owes us fans nothing, he's been a great servant of the club for the last ten years. What do you want a grovelling apology? he's no journey man and i for one will welcome one more season with us from the great man. UTV
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28/07/2008 09:13:00

IF this is true, then great, said from the start I think Barry would much rather be in the Champions League with us than any other club including Liverpool, all this "dream" move nonsense, surely his dream is to be playing in the Champions League with us, its just Liverpool are already there, but we could be next season, if we continue to bring in the right players. Sidwell and Friedel are Top4 players IMO, cant wait to see who we sign next, just fear we wont sign anymore!!
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28/07/2008 09:17:00

Maybe we should try and unsettle Gerrard from Redscouse now. If him and Barry need to 'play with each' other so badly.... Start loads of rumours in the papers, make crappy bids of half his valuation and see how we go.
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28/07/2008 09:26:00

What's happened to O'Halloran? I know he had a really nasty injury last year, but is there any sign of him returning? He plays at left back doesn't he? The reason why I'm asking is that, sure Barry can play at left back, but if he stays for another season, essentially filling in for Bouma, then he's not going to be happy there for too long, plus we'll not see the best of him because he's far from influential when he plays there.
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28/07/2008 09:42:00

son_of_cher, I said similar a while back the scousers are skint, we should make a decent bid for gerrard, I don't think he would ever leave for us but it would show our intent.
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28/07/2008 10:06:00

Son_of_Cher... Brilliant idea! MON should come out and leak a bid for him and Barry should come out saying how Gerrard should join! Class idea!
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28/07/2008 10:11:00

This is absolute toff...he's already gonna get 3m from a testimonial isn't he...the a windfall of double your money from 12 months so he can still go if wedon't get in...what if we mess up and are way off come two months to go...everyone on the team'll hate him...GET REAL!!!!
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28/07/2008 10:22:00

I think what O'Neill is doing for football in England is fantastic. There is no doubt in my mind he is a great manager. By standing up to players and big clubs, it's given other clubs the strength to do the same. I bet it's had a bearing on SAF at man utd with the ronaldo saga, as well as Spurs trying to stand firm over berbatov. I think for the future of hte game it's important to not let the players and their agents be the ones to dictate the bearing of our game.
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28/07/2008 10:34:00

If MON wants Barry to stay, it is not a new contract that will do that, it is the sign of ambition that Villa is really going to challenge for the top 4 with more certainty than hope. A new contract on its own means nothing - except perhaps that we are running out of ideas and out of options. Make one or two top signings now to take advantage of the EUFA cup position and demonstrate real intent. That must the way to keep him and quell the doubts of some fans and perhaps other players.
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28/07/2008 10:42:00

mon must have some quality players lined up if he reckons were going to get 4th place . Should go and stump up for bentley, if he dow wanna come then it wont be because we wont pay
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28/07/2008 11:05:00

Gordonsleftboot - well said.
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28/07/2008 11:19:00

This is almost exactly what I suggested 3 months ago. Couldn't they have done it then. Still, this could work.
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28/07/2008 11:29:00

I'd think something along those lines probably was offered to be fair Carlosio!
The Fear
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28/07/2008 11:56:00

Barry is a class act and if offering a better deal persuades him to stay it could be a master stroke by MON.
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28/07/2008 12:08:00

Sounds good to me, it gives MON one year to get us into the top 4 (stuff dreams are made of unless we sign some fecking players!), plus Barry gives us at least one more fantastic season!!
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28/07/2008 12:23:00

Surely this deal has been on the table, but just recently made published..... after all we were told the club would do everything it could to keep him. The agreement to move on next year may well have been inserted but the wages could well have been negotiated long before this.Without seeming to put a downer on this I still think he will go in this window.,not that I would want this but it appears his mind is made up and the Scousers will find the money somehow.
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28/07/2008 12:40:00

They'll have to sell 4 or 5 more reserve players if they are going to even have half a chance of paying for Barry now their Keane deal looks like its going ahead. They have again this weekend been refused funding for a new stadium - now that is embarrassing. Liverpool FC are broke.
The Usual Suspect
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28/07/2008 12:42:00

Fatloser alot has happened since that article and him saying he still wanted to leave 2 weeks ago. Barry has since played for us, Walsall and Saturday gave him contrasting views as to how the fans feel about him at the moment, plus MON has shown as much support as he can, dont be surprised if the "I am sorry" interview pops up in time for the new season.
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28/07/2008 12:46:00

Sounds like a fair deal to me so long as a valuation is built into the get out clause, such as 15m or 20m if you are from the red side of scouseland
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28/07/2008 13:26:00

What no JohnDoe?
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28/07/2008 14:49:00

Top 4 you're having a giraffe!
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28/07/2008 14:57:00

Aye, we are.
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28/07/2008 15:12:00

Getting fed up with rumours and speculation........we want some transfer action MON come on you little imp!!!!!!!
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28/07/2008 16:00:00

storagematt, man utd and chelsea are the only ones to be scared of, liverpool aren't the team of old in my opinion and on a downward slope and arsenal have sold players so far and not strengthened, I'm not saying we are good enough for 3rd or 4th but saying that if MON carries on the improvements that the last 2 years have seen then we will be in-amongst it this season. (only if we buy some players though!!)
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28/07/2008 17:56:00

Gareth Barry was pure class on Saturday he made one sloppy pass late in the second half ,when he was obviously begining to tire. Given the fact that he was banned from Bodymoor Heath for two weeks and he had only played part of the game at Walsall, his performance was even more remarkable. Whatever it takes to keep him at Villa Park do it.
50 years a villan
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28/07/2008 20:19:00

yep I agree 50 years a villan. Even if its only for one more season. We can progress so much further with him in the team than without and hopefully will be able to attract better players this time next year. And if we've progressed enough he may jsut want to stay for good.
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28/07/2008 20:40:00

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28/07/2008 23:03:00

have the press got a chair in MON's office ??? how does anybody know whats going on ?
Report Abuse
28/07/2008 23:05:00

oh bugger astonmilan, do you mean those despicable press people have made the whole story up and I've fallen for it again?Oh ******** arse, i really am that stupid/gullible/desperate afteral!!!!!!
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29/07/2008 00:46:00

Barry will sign it if its true. He's not going anywhere now that Liverplop have broke the bank to get Robbie Keane.
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29/07/2008 02:36:00

Gordonsleftboot has nailed it in one. Forget talk of a new lucrative contract - show some ambition! Sign some quality. Bring some numbers in. Prove its not just hot air and empty promises.
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29/07/2008 09:20:00

I don't think he will, MON would have offered him all kinds of different options to make him stay and I don't see Gareth being so moved by a good reception at Villa Park that he's changed his mind over the whole thing and whether you like it or not if Liverpool want 18m from the bank to buy Gareth Barry they will get it.
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29/07/2008 09:27:00

Why wasn't this done to begin with? Maybe it was...boring.
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29/07/2008 09:51:00

PTP no they won't. Why have they been selling so much? With the exception of Keane they have only bought Bosman's. They are broke, and have admitted it too. The Alonso deal falling through has scuppered their ability to afford Barry.
The Usual Suspect
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29/07/2008 09:53:00

I think we're all grasping at straws here unfortunately - I hope people are right, but I still don't think we'll see Barry playing for the good guys at Villa Park again. Liverpool showed their intent today with the Keane signing, and so clearly the "they can't afford him" rumours are rubbish. We're still to make any kind of a statement in the transfer market. De La Red and Bentley would be a nice start, but we'd need a lot more of that calibre to get Barry's head turned back around methinks....
Report Abuse
29/07/2008 10:01:00

LFC have suprised a lot of people by having the 18mil for Keane, is there any chance that they have ANOTHER 18mil for Barry? I personally don't think so. great news for us. and anyway, If this news is true regarding the offer of one more year with a view to leave if we don't make progress then its a masterstroke and fair for all parties.
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29/07/2008 10:19:00

They might afford Barry but they'll struggle - as their last bid indicated, when they wanted to pay over 3 years. They need to sell to buy. Their owners have just had the funding for the new stadium refused for the second time. Believe it or not those yanks are not the wealthiest men around. They have only afforded Keane cause they got 4m for Riise and 11 for Crouch - who else will they have to sell to afford Barry?
The Usual Suspect
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29/07/2008 10:20:00

yep, I think the person who has the biggest impact on where Barry will be next season is Alonso. Unless they sell him I don't think they'll be able to buy Barry. And hopefully I can't see Alonso slipping off to some 2nd rate european team. Wasn't he linked to feranbace a weeks ago after the Juve talk fell through? Can't see him going there thankfully. Just hope he's wearing a red shirt come september because it'll mean we'll hopefully get to keep Barry.
Report Abuse
29/07/2008 10:54:00

I'm pretty sure I meant 11m for Crouch. At 11 we really should have been in for him!
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
29/07/2008 11:03:00

I don't think that Crouch is the kind of signing we need. Big John is a fabulous player, and if Gabby can play smarter, then both of them should be getting closer to 20 goals each next season/.
Report Abuse
29/07/2008 15:43:00


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