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O'Neill Still Wants Gareth Barry To Stay At Villa

Martin O'Neill has not ruled out playing Gareth Barry in the crunch Intertoto Cup game with Odense BK this Saturday.

He says if the player is mentally right then 'why not'?

Speaking to AVTV Online O'Neill told 'I think that in terms of fitness the game on Tuesday will have brought him on. So if he's mentally tuned in and he wants to go and play, why not? Why shouldn't he be in contention for the game? He's a quality player and that's what we're looking for.'

He also talks of one of the longest running transfer saga's in the history of mankind (well,you know what I mean!) and admits he would still love the player to stay.

'Deep down we would all love him to stay at the football club. We haven't heard back from Liverpool for some time and we're not exactly sure where we all stand. When people say people are in limbo, I don't think that applies to anybody more than ourselves. We don't know whether to move forward or not with it. It's a long running saga and I wouldn't mind it ending one way or another. My preference - and hopefully I'm speaking for a lot of Villa fans, if not all of them - is that we would like Gareth to stay at the football club. That would be great because it will be hard to place him.'

Vital Villa asked, were the fans right to boo Gareth Barry at the Walsall game? 62% voted no. 33% yes and 5% weren't fussed either way. Related article: Were Villa Fans Right To Boo Gareth Barry?

Maybe instead of booing we need to make our feelings known positively on Saturday and cheer him on and call for him to stay? Futile maybe but at least it would show the Villa fans in the right light in relation to this whole saga? Or am I just being naive?!

It appears the rules are such that Barry could play in the Inter and still be legible for the Champions League should he move clubs.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 24 2008

Time: 12:54PM

Your Comments

Was Stevie G' out of picture below Gareth in that third photo????
I would play Barry in place of Petrov or Sidwell. However, if we do this what sort of message are we sending out to the players who want to stay?
In all seriousness, for the good of AVFC I am sure that deep down everyone would want him to stay. People say that he isn't irreplaceable but I beg to differ. Everyone is used to playing in a set way with him in the team and we are nowhere near as good without him. It would take half a season to get used to playing in a different formation effectively. Can't think of anyone worth under 20 mil who would be as good.
Over to you GB.
Mister Mick
Cant think of anyone of his ability that would want to join us.
Why wouldn`t we play him,Thats what we are paying him for.
I think Barry leaving for Champions league aspirations isnt 100% true. I think if he had the choice of playing for Arsenal or stay at Villa I actually think he'd stay. I think Gerrard has really manipulated him and thats whats made his mind up. Agree with Villan444 for under 20million there are no players that can replace him. I think we shud show give him a good ovation this wkend, I was impressed at the way he clapped the Villa fans despite the booing against Walsall, fairplay
I agree Mr Fear that we should get behind him. The booing last match made our feelings known to how he's behaved up to now, but if he were to feel like if we softened that approach he'd consider staying, then i'd say it's worth dropping our pride for. Either way if he stays, great, if he goes and we get 16m+ it's good business.
I want him to play on Saturday, and I want him to stay at Villa. No doubt about either things, he adds quality to our team, and thats what its all about!
LOL, Villan444 behave yourself!!!! 'look, no hands'!!!!
The Fear
Thats Bo!!ox, we will get a reploacement and you don't need to pay 20m for a player of Barry's quality. I'm all for him playing if MON thinks he can but as DO'L said, whats the point in playing someone who doesn't want to play for us when we have a squad half full of players who do want to play for us. A new signing in Sidwell who's obviously keen to crack on with things at the Villa who's not going to get a game on Saturday because of precious little Gareth.
Also, I think we all know that him playing on Saturday has nothing to do with him staying, he wants out and he will get it. As far as he's concerned it can go on till theres 2 days left and then, if Liverpool still haven't come up with the cash, he hands in the request.
I would like to see a Sidwell Barry in the centre together, that was always the plan before Fat Rafa came along. Barry is more defensive so I think it would work. Stick Routledge on the right Young on the left and we have a pretty good midfield there.
A transfer request is what it says though a 'request' if Liverpool dont match our value he still wont be going anywhere...although saying that we would probably accept a lower bid as we dont have to give him his loyalty bonus. If he stays he will be the upmost professional I am sure we let him know how we felt against Walsall it would be stupid to hold a grudge especially in such an important game, and 100% honestly I think we missed him last Saturday he has been so valuable to us over the recent seasons.
I'll be gutted if any Villa fans boo him on Saturday. I like all Villa fans have been hurt by Barry's actions this summer, but I definitely didn't enjoy watching him get booed at Walsall this week. Booing him again on Saturday's just gonna jeopardize our chances of qualifying for the UEFA cup. The Boo-boys better'd not f*@k this one up for us!
If Barry does play on saturday doesnt that mean he will be unable to play for another team in Europe this season??
wow short memories from other articles written straight after that interview..i think it sends a real smack in the face to whoever gets dropped to make way for someone WHO WANTS OUT OF OUR CLUB!!!
Andrew144, he wont be cup tied for any other European competition. So we could still demand 18mil from Liverpool/Arsenal if they want to use him in the CL.
Fair point avflell, but booing him on Saturday's gonna have an effect on the whole team, that I guarantee!
“It is a really awkward position and at some stage there will have to be a timescale on it because we cannot just keep going on. We have got our own plans to make and we shouldn’t be at the behest of Liverpool Football Club." MON is making all the right noises here.
Any of you folks on here that are going down Saturday and heading for the Holte Upper, you'll have a tough time but I'm hoping you can start some pro-Barry chants and hold off the boo-boys. I'd love him to realise that despite him being a complete tw*t we still want hiim here - that'd a relationship with the fans that even an £18m transfer can't buy.
dont play him then! he critisised our club tried to force his way out by making the manager and chairman look like liers, now cause mon cant get the players he wants he's back peddling, what happened to the stance of let him rot like soronsen?let him put in a request or play in the reserves simple!!!
dont get me wrong im not anti barry but mon said he tried to talk to him last week and he still wants out!so my opinion is if he doesnt want the villa we dont want him!thanks for the memories gb bye.
avflell, don't get ME wrong I'm not pro-Barry at the moment! But Villa qualifying for the Uefa cup this season is much more important than the future of one football player. It was clear to see that we missed his presence last Saturday, and it was clear to see that we benefited from his presence on Tuesday, so let's make use of him this weekend! What happens after that doesn't bother me, as long as we've not thrown away a UEFA cup run this season.
NO 'pro-Barry' chants UNTIL he apologises. Is that so difficult? He got the message on Monday night, no need to boo him again . . . but don't cheer him either.
yes your right his class was obvious even half fit he is head and shoulders above everyone else and it is massively important to the fans that we get into the uefa cup proper;but do you think that the club are as concerened?why didnt we report back to pre season 10 days earlier?i remember west ham doing so a few years ago and they qualified and started the season on fire, top for a while if i remember correctly?
Villan-in-Cyprus is right. Maybe make a noise in between that of a cheer and a boo, a 'Choo' or a 'Beer' perhaps.
Can't argue with that Avflell, pre-season training should have started a bit earlier.
haha not quite what I meant astonguerilla. I think a 'Choo!' might sound too much like 'Shoot!', could be disasterous.
OK Holte End, listen in! You have to sing the chorus to the Elton John classic 'SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD'. What have I got to do to make you love me What have I got to do to make you care What do I do when lightning strikes me And I wake to find that you're not there What do I do to make you want me What have I got to do to be heard What do I say when it's all over And sorry seems to be the hardest word It's sad, so sad It's a sad, sad situation And it's getting more and more absurd It's sad, so sad Why can't we talk it over Oh it seems to me That sorry seems to be the hardest word
Go quiet, total silence while he's in possession would freak him out!
andrew144, it doesn't stop him playing in the CL if he plays in the intertwobob.
The Fear
I will be booing barry on saturday........unforgivable what mess hes caused in and around VP. The man is a disgrace........i would have had more respect if he had put in his transfer request and expressed his desire to play champions league and that would have been that. The sooner his gone the better.
bellywipes, have you read any of the above comments?? think about it!!! It's likely to put the whole team off if people like you keep booing every time he touches the ball. You can't seriously want to jepordise the teams chances of qualifying for europe this weekend!?
I'll be the only one booing........ probably but principals and morals are traits Barry has none of!!!!! No end of apologies could make me forget how easy Barry could be so insulting to the club whom gave him everything!
PS I'll probably get more boos than Barry!!!!!! LOL
What we need on Saturday is Total 100% commitment from the team and the fans. Forget for 90minutes whats happened during the summer and lets roar the lads on irrespective of who is chosen to play. Any negative actions from the fans will only serve to demoralise our players and raise the confidence of the Danes. Lets get the right result and let all other issues take care of themselves
50 years a villan
booooooooooooooooo!!! (@ bellywipes)
50 years a villan you are right.........and because i have respect for my edlers i shall now sit quietly and not express my feelings and emotions which is my right and privilege. Of course i shall be cheering on the lads but i will still be hard pressed not to say or do something to that deadbeat Barry. Sorry its my opinion on this issue!!!!
astonguerilla ............ hypocrite. LOL
PS ................... I will not be booing Barry, wanted a reaction and got it!!! Barry is a T I T and has been given the wrong advice from his so called mate, Gerrard. If anything i will be cheering Barry to make him remember where he needs to be. We made him so lets all make sure he knows that come saturday.........4-2 to the Villa by the way!!!!!!!
hissssssssssssssssssssssss (@bellywipes)
play Salifou - he can fill Barry's boots!
Sali Salifooooou
If any1 can convince barry to stay then i'm sure MON has the knowledge, drive and ability to do so, but as fans we need to support the team on saturday and should barry be part of that at any point it needs to be the same support for him. Whether he really wants to stay thats up to him, but i'm sure 99% of villa fans would love him to wear the claret and blue next season. The real question is does barry Really still have a future at the club? I tend to agree with the has been DOL why play a player if his heart is not in it.
Play the guy. We're paying him damn good money, he's the best midfielder on our books, and we need to play our strongest line-up to ensure we send Odense packing.
I won't be there Saturday, but, and I know this will sound controversial, I think we should give him a standing ovation he deserves for the service he has given to Villa, whether it's his last game for us or not. I think it's time we forgave and forgot the recent indiscretions and let him know we have appreciated his 10 years at the club.
Barry has been a great servant to your club. I understand the boos, however much I disagree with them. As a Chelsea fan many of us are having a tough time with the Lampard contract disputes. We can relate to your Barry saga, trust me.
Barry probably feels like a bit of a *****; Liverplop haven't exactly thrown themselves into negotiations, have they? Perhaps Gerrard doesn't have as much pull as he told Barry he did. So, let's show him he still has a place with us, despite the silliness. Don't get me wrong-I'm still *****ed with him, but to shut the door when it is becoming more apparent by the day that he isn't going anywhere would be stupid. He's quality and we need him.
See Gareth Southgate is now having his say, comparing Barry's situation to his own back in 2000, when he was denied an opportunity to move to Chelsea, and had to remain at Villa Park for a further twelve months, before 'furthering his career' at Middlesbrough.
Never liked Gareth one bit, there's only one reason he moved to Boro with Ugo and that was money. It's none of his business anyway.
apparently the bid was 13m! Over 3 years (although that is normal for alot of transfers). Well the problem is Alonso I think, he would have moved with a sweetener - didn't ask for transfer. Familiar pattern, we should not be at the behest of Liverpool football club!
if GB plays tomorrow, it could be a pivotal moment. As everyone is saying, a good reception might give him the wake up call he needs to realise that he'd never, ever be this well thought of anywhere else, or if he is adamant he's going, his parting gift can be helping us into the UEFA cup.
behind the dugout

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