Aston Villa - Torn - Short Sharp Shock Needed For Villa?
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Torn - Short Sharp Shock Needed For Villa?

Torn, not the song by Natt Inbrulia but the match in the Intertoto Cup.

Aston Villa will undertake European football once again this evening with the emphasis on winning a two-leg tie against Odense BK hardly Inter Milan or Barcelona is it? Part of wants the team to go out and rip BK apart stick 6 goals past them and qualify tonight making the match at Villa Park next week a formality, bit of an Intertoto party but part of me wants the team to struggle.

Don't get me wrong I never ever want to see Villa lose a match I'm just afraid that if we do wallop BK it will send a message out that alls well and the team needs nothing more than a tweak before the start of the season. Personally if going out of the Intertoto and ultimately falling at the first hurdle shocks the club and manager into immediate action I wonder if it may just be worth it.

Currently we do not have a team capable of achieving what we did last season in the Premiership when we were fighting on one front the league, how will qualification for the UEFA Improve our chances of bettering last seasons 6th place or for that matter qualifying for the Champions League, lets face it that's where Aston Villa and the supporters want to be. What a season playing Europe's elite teams even if it's only the group stages and then the UEFA Cup.

I have no doubts the manager and chairman are working hard in the transfer market trying to bring in players its just the urgency that seems to be lacking, after last season competing without a recognised right back for the entire campaign I would have though that position would have been filled by now with two players (one as cover) as a matter of urgency, here we are first meaningful game hours away and nothing.

The game at Lincoln City I know was a friendly; Villa should have been out of sight by halftime but after the break enough said.

Playing a mishmash of what was available to see if anything worked proved the answer was NO. If that never sent a shiver down the managers spine then nothing will, if you have any doubts read Randy_Stands match report. As this season approaches you can stick European football where the sun don't shine if it means in the bigger picture we take a massive step backward, it cant be just me that thinks we are going to have another roller coaster season if things continue as they are.

I look around the other clubs who finished around us and apart from Happy Harry at Pompey no one seems to be setting the transfer market alight but that's little comfort after losing players hand over fist for the last two years whilst only bringing in one recognised midfielder. Just on the keeper front we will be playing tonight with Taylor we have who if he gets injured? I honestly have no idea.

As for the result tonight I have to say I'm torn into wanting Villa to progress into the UEFA and the need for the management of the club to receive a short sharp shock on the field of play. Then I suppose this is what supporting Aston Villa is all about.

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The Journalist

Writer: Col8 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 19 2008

Time: 11:07AM

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if taylor gets injured i think we have 19 y.o. elliott parish as back up. Not ideal situation for his debut. c'mon taylor give our defense an ear bashing if they start to loose it
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19/07/2008 11:18:00

Your not a blues fan trying to infultrate the mighty villa are you?
Mister Mick
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19/07/2008 11:28:00

col8 a blues fan lol...I always suspected that Col.
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19/07/2008 11:29:00

I want to see proof that Col8 has'nt been kidnapped. Maybe not by the other side, maybe it's the spuds who have got him. Don't give in Col8. Never give in!
Mister Mick
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19/07/2008 11:41:00

I can see his point, but it would be far too costly to have a short sharp shock tonight. Hopefully, they got that at Lincoln. If we go out of the Intertoto next week, attracting decent players will be boardering impossible and we're back to square one AND all of last season will have been for nothing AND I can't bear to listen to Spurs and Liverpool fans laughing at us. Come on you Villa boys!!
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19/07/2008 11:44:00

Exactley that Villan-in-Cyprus.
Mister Mick
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19/07/2008 11:46:00

You bluenose sausage you Col! No, something has to happen to shake O'Neill out of this seemingly lethargic attitude towards new signings. Already, with a mere five weeks to go before big kick-off day in the premiership, it looks like yet another case of same old, same old. We dont have a defence worthy of the name, we dont....well I could go on and on, we all know where we're short and in need of quality. The same old excuses will no doubt be rolled out come September 1st, the players weren't available, we'll try and do something in January etc etc. I find it unbelievable that here we are, about to begin our first competitive game of the new campaign, yet we find ourselves so unprepared in terms of numbers/quality. Its inexcusable. I find myself telling people that I'll be happy with a draw tonight. Happy with a draw? We should be capable of rolling this lot over without breaking sweat. We should be, but I dont think we are.
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19/07/2008 11:47:00

European football is also vital for current players development let alone attracting prospective players.
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19/07/2008 11:49:00

I agree with col8 something must be done to give a sense of urgency to our transfer dealings. The team is nowwhere near as strong as last season and it is stupid and irresponsible to expect the current team to perform well both in the Uefa cup a dn the league without serious additions to the side. By my reckoning we are light two GK's - hoping the two Brad's will fill those vacancies; two RB's - none in sight; at least one CB - Anton Fergy would do; one LB - to challenge for a place; two MF's - one a winger; and a good striker. By my reckoning that is nine new faces by season kickoff. I would not put a penny of anyone elses money on it happening let alone my own. I really think MON is a great manager but he does seem very weak in the tranfers zone. I do hope I am wrong in my assessments.
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19/07/2008 11:54:00

F***ing Glensider said what I was thinking in far few words, I will be less verbose innfuture, Mister Mick I will allow you the bluenose comment, needless to say "I wash, shave, never lived in a caravan or wittled pegs for a living" I just think we are not ready to take the next step with the team that will take the park tonight against who ever it is.... B.K. or KFC for that matter.
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19/07/2008 11:56:00

I feel like im jumping on the Drama Llama here, Col8, normally I agree with things you post, but today I'm going to have to vehemently disagree. How do any of you know what we are or arent doing in the transfer market? I honestly believe we are working on signings, but lets be honest, not many clubs have actually made transfers as yet, look at the facts, Portsmouth setting the league alight ? 2 players in - thats all - Crouch and Glen Little :,20367,11660,00.html and 1 on loan. We have had 2 in, Sidwell and Davies. Non of the big clubs have actually made that many important transfers - so just relax a bit. Please!
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19/07/2008 12:11:00

I see what you're saying here col8, albeit I think losing to Odense would be more than a short sharp shock. A short sharp shock would maybe see us going a goal down and realising how thin we are at the back, and how much more vulnerable we seem whenever Zat Knight plays. At worst, to lose tonight but pull it back at Villa Park. But get the quality of player we need for this season, we NEED to qualify for the UEFA cup - losing the tie over the next two games could be transfer suicide in my opinion. Hopefully, any potential targets will be more drawn to us by seeing we're playing in Europe next season. As for the other teams around us not setting the transfer window alight, surely that is EXACTLY the time that we should be at our busiest. I hold my faith with O'Neill, but time will tell. Up the Villa :)
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19/07/2008 12:25:00

xfranc, you're right in the fact that the transfer market is not quite going into meltdown as yet, however, the rest of the league have more than one goal keeper, they all have rightbacks etc etc. We need to be twice as busy as any other club and something tells me we'll be having a very similar conversation in 2 weeks. Other clubs don't let players go UNTIL they've been replaced. For some reason we don't apply this policy, it sounds like common sense to me???
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19/07/2008 12:51:00

A close draw and then beat them at home is enough of a shock for me, thanks. The thing is, it's perfectly reasonable that there are players out there who're waiting for us to get into the UEFA cup before signing. If our bid for Bentley had been on the back of beating Odense and getting drawn against 'Brick Lane under 12s' or something then I'm sure he'd have made a bit more of a fuss about coming to us too. With regards the defence, we desparatley need a right back or two, but isn't O'Halloran back in the near future? He's the ideal sort of level to provide back up for Bouma. With him and Davies in there it'd be a far rosier picture, needing only one or two extra there. Our midfield isn't far from OK in terms of numbers, although Gardner and Osbourne are relatively unproven at this level over the duration of a season. As far as I see it, a couple of right backs, one first team, one a 'prospect', a bit of creativity in midfield or up front, perhaps somebody who can play 'in the hole', and our pair of Brads to sign would see us with a fairly streamlined squad, but one that's got enough in the places that matter.
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19/07/2008 12:56:00

What i'd give for a Gary Cahill right now or a Steven Davis . . . :(
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19/07/2008 12:59:00

I have the fear about tonight (no pun intended). I completely agree with glensider about the fact that we don't have a single right-back inexcusable. It's complete insanity. I reckon we'll lose 1-2 tonight, then scrape a 1-0 at our place and squeeze through on away goals. Bleak...
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19/07/2008 13:20:00

Interesting prediction olafthegreat, although I can see it happening!
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19/07/2008 13:40:00

Col8 as Villan-in-Cyprus said surely we got THE SHOCK at Lincoln. As you know we are only just entering the business end of the window. I've been on here voiceing my frustrations about MON transfer dealings but even i have to be honest enough to know this is when the seriuos stuff starts. If we lose tonight we can forget any great signings. COME ON THE VILLA! (v. nervous)
Mister Mick
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19/07/2008 14:12:00

I certainly can Villan-in-Cyprus, particularly after what I witnessed at Lincoln City. Col, this was a top notch article, one that I intend to use this afternoon at the pre-game barbecue I'll be attending. Be very interesting to see what others think, because I remain of the opinion that something has to be done to convey the matter of transfer market urgency to MON. By the way, a fellow bluenose of yours will be in attendance, if you want to come over and shoot the breeze with him.
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19/07/2008 14:12:00

Or shoot him :o !!
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19/07/2008 15:40:00

Report Abuse
19/07/2008 15:53:00

Well said Jinksy!
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19/07/2008 16:19:00

I worry that we will be unable to attract the so called big players to the club if we balls it up tonight. I think MON has lost the plot. Any half decent RB to give us a balance would do for now. Chimbonda to Sunderland would be a real kick in the teeth for us. If MON is haggling for every little penny then we aint gonna get anyone. Remember that Robbie Keene scenario when we wouldnt up the price by a paultry half a million? Shocking.......
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:23:00

Jinksy, welcome to Vital Villa, but please turn off CAPS lock. Cheers!
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:29:00

Yep, well said the Jinksy. *waits for the 'In MON we trust' brigade*
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:44:00

I'm not sure Jinksy would know what a caps lock looks like, Fear. But he may prove me wrong. It's fairly obvious he doesn't like MON, though, so I guess he succeeded in getting his point across ... :o)
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19/07/2008 16:46:00

'In MON we trust' LOL
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:46:00

Jinksy for Manager !! Or just chief buyer !!
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:57:00

Oh,and if we lose tonight i dread to think of the backlash.......
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19/07/2008 16:59:00

See the picture of O'Neill at the top of this page? The possibility of seeing that look tonight really deflates me. Come on Martin, we've had the talk of 'We're working on a few things' for three transfer windows, we need this to happen. Up the Villa, best wishes for tonights game...
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19/07/2008 17:01:00

We will not lose.............will we???? No we will win........erm........draw..........bloody hell are they good or what
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19/07/2008 17:23:00

It seems to me that we have heard it all this before regarding transfers, In deadly Doug's time we were going for this player and that player putting in stupid offers HAS WE ARE DOING NOW noing that they would never be excepted but giving the impression that we tryng our hardest and all we seem to end up with are other clubs cast off's.The club keep on saying that we have money to spend BUT WHERE IS IT,we are a bigger club than Spurs but look at the money they spend and look who they have bought. I think MON is a great manager BUT HE DON'T FOOL ME, HAVE WE SOLD ENOUGH SEASON TICKETS YET so all the bu** sh** can stop. we did'nt offer what Blackburn valuated Bentley so why bother now we are going for a 37 yr old goalkeeper for 2 mill ??????????? MON has got to produce something special next season with the squad we have at the moment, yes we finished 6th last season but we had no injuries and were very lucky.if we want to kick on from last season we have to buy BIG and show the top four clubs that we have them in our sights and we are going to kick ass
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 20:13:00

XFRANC QUOTE:"How do any of you know what we are or arent doing in the transfer market? I honestly believe we are working on signings, but lets be honest, not many clubs have actually made transfers as yet" Sorry dude you missed my point, irrespective of what anyone else has done in the transfer market Aston Villa are short of players before their first real match of the season. Tonight was the second shock in a week, how many shocks before MON realises we need layers and we need them NOW. I have faith in the manager I just wish he would reward my belief with a few quality players NOW.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 22:15:00

You're right col8 we do need layers. 20 July and I'm freezing. Had to put two extra layers on. Course when the villa do the business this season that will warm me up no end.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 11:12:00


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