Aston Villa - Bentley Bid Over & Barry Still Wants Out
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Bentley Bid Over & Barry Still Wants Out

Martin O'Neill has confirmed that Villa have bid for Blackburn Rovers and England midfielder David Bentley and that the club have rejected the bid.

He says that his interest in the 23-year-old is therefore over and he will move on. :o(

'I wouldn't normally respond to individual links but as Paul Ince rightly said, we did make a bid for David Bentley. That was some time ago and Blackburn rejected the bid - as is their prerogative. We do not intend revisiting that and we have switched out attentions to other transfer targets.'

He has also confirmed that he spoke with Gareth Barry and Barry still wants out. 'I've spoken to him this week and he reiterated a desire to join Liverpool. So the situation remains unchanged, we're still waiting to hear back from Liverpool.'

Not turning into the best of summers so far is it? Bentley is the sort of player I'd break the bank for, that said, I'm a) not the manager b) don't have a bank to break!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 18 2008

Time: 8:51PM

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Nothing changes does it? At least not where MON and transfer windows are concerned.
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18/07/2008 20:58:00

Is this Groundhog Day for us or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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18/07/2008 21:00:00

hugely disappointed to hear him give up so easily.
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18/07/2008 21:04:00

Did anyone really think we were going to sign him? same old story
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18/07/2008 21:04:00

He sounds confident of getting someone else in. I'd say there is a could chance that a deal for Milner will go through.
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18/07/2008 21:06:00

sorry, a good chance....
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18/07/2008 21:08:00

There's no way he's worth 17 mill though and MON is sending another signal that we won't too much over the odds just because he's got cash on the hip. Fat Rafa tried to do us with Carson. 10 Mill!! And he goes for 3.5?? MON said we offered what he was worth and bearing in mind he paid 8 mill for Young he's not afraid of paying what he thinks a player is worth.
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18/07/2008 21:15:00

There is an equal chance we will be sat here in August with the same amount of players. Hardly fills you with amibition reading stories like this does it...its already cost us Barry what else is it likely to cost us?
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18/07/2008 21:16:00

laursen,young,europe,top 6 finish.......god i'm depressed i hate the transfer window
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18/07/2008 21:26:00

Could not agree more Tez 86. How demoralising is this article. I'm starting to get worried about next season, sidwell only signin, Guzan who has no premier experience. When are we going to see players arriving instead of new stories made up by the papers and no actual action in the transfer market. I'm suprised we are no longer after bentley, i know he has an attitude problem, but MON can sort that out, and lennon has nothing except pace, Milner has good skill but no pace whereas bentley with the right coaching from the MON team could be a bit special for the Villa. I appreciate we are after quality players, not just anyone who is going to be a one season wounder, but us Fans need players arriving so we can see that we are going to maintain our assault on the top 4, cause at the moment I wounder which direction we are heading in. I keep reminding myself of the famous reo-coker quote "Rome was not built in a day and neither will villa" and that hopefully players will come to get excited about.
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18/07/2008 21:35:00

martin has stated he does not want to sign players for the sake of it,and that the type of players he wants to sign are those that their clubs do not necassarly want to when you bid for a player that you know a club doesnt want to sell and they reject the bid why give up on it????????no wonder we cant sign anyone....
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18/07/2008 21:46:00

I'm sorry but this is dead simple, if Barry wants to join Liverpool he must hand in a transfer request... end of. I don't rate Barry that highly anyway. The Bentley transfer appears like old news, I hear Blackburn want 19m for him, well is he worth that? If you ask me he's double the price to us.
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18/07/2008 21:58:00

he doesnt have to!he said he wants to go so mon wont keep an unhappy player at least we're playing hardball on the fee..of course players are double to us weve put ourselves in a position where we have no squad so we are desparate!!!!!!!!
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18/07/2008 22:08:00

Most villains would say that Barry is worth more than Bentley, this is all this story really says to me. I don´t see any need to be too frustrated by this news, even though it is clearly not good. Also this could be part of a complicated negotiation given that we look to be trying to get Friedel too. No need to annoy Blackburn. Tez86 there has been no evidence that Barry is leaving due to any lack of ambition on villas part or transfer market inactivity.
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18/07/2008 22:24:00

You and me both Pksandell. Every player we want is going to cost us me because MON has put us in a osition where we have no squad and everyone knows it...we are going to have to play inflated prices to rebuild the squad I can see no way around it!
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18/07/2008 22:32:00

Barry has always said that he wanted to see us show some ambition and although he does want to play Champions League football if we could have shown him we are trying to mount a serious challenge with the top four I think he may well have/will stay to see us do it.
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18/07/2008 22:36:00

Martin O'Neill lacks aggression in the transfer market. Bentley will be a spurs player within a week and he was there for the taking. I sincerely hope these 'other targets' are either of an equal quality or better than Bentley. I'm starting to lose the faith. GOD DAMN IT GET SPENDING MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!
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18/07/2008 22:56:00

to late for barry now but players like laursen and reo are coming out saying that the big names will come,lets hope so because if not sounds like their going to be as dissapointed as us
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18/07/2008 22:57:00

totally agree cyprus but nothing in the pipeline apart from the 2 american keepers and poss milner; all our biggest transfers are played out in the press for weeks and there just aren't any about right now
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18/07/2008 23:01:00

I've had plenty of beer tonight, and am off on holiday for a week in the morning so may regret this discussion at a later date. I have major concerns about the regime at Aston Villa. The growing belief that perhaps the ownership isn't the Messiah we'd all hoped for is starting to pervade my vision. I firmly believe that David Bentley is a player Mr O'Neill wants (as per his bid). Tell me why we would have one bid rejected and then decide not to go any further please? Clearly the price was too high. I see no other logical explanation. Enlighten me by all means. My Home-Brew is powerful stuff, and perhaps I'm missing a major wing to my library, but money is the only barrier I can see. I'd have the faith if our bid was accepted and the player said "no thanks mate, I hate Villa". But no, all I see is one bid rejected and an "ok mate we'll not bother thanks, that price is too high". I put it to you that something at Villa, be it Mr O'Neill, Mr Lerner, or the Villa Park cat, has a measure of expenditure that limits our potential achievements. Hence Mr Bentley not being bid for at the higher price. __________________________________________________________________ Of course this brings into play my own personal opinion that Mr Bentley is quite probably the best right sided player this country has seen since Beckham, and one of the best I've ever seen. This isn't the forum for that argument. Mr O'Neill has the belief too (again, hence the bid). __________________________________________________________________ I go away for a relaxing beach holiday this week. I get back next Saturday after the 2nd leg. I'm going to remove my Villa shirt from my suitcase. Hard as it may be, I'm not going to read the newspapers in Turkey (as if they're even in English), nor will I trawl the web. I refuse to ask any other Brits I see to borrow their paper. I'm taking a holiday from Villa. When I come back we might be out of Europe with no more signings (or worse a bunch of ex-blues players), or we could be in the final qualifying round with a number of legend signings. I'll find out next week. __________________________________________________________________ We're all on the same side, and I hope we're all smiling soon.
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18/07/2008 23:16:00

I liked the idea of Bentley comimg to VP, but I don't believe MON is one for giving in or not trying, I think Bentley has made it clear that he wants to go south and with Spuds making an offer he's going to go there, that's why MON hasn't followed it up, Bentley had no desire or passion to play for the villa so he is of no interest to Mon. I still have faith in MON but can't deny I'm rapidly losing it.
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18/07/2008 23:25:00

Fear stop lying, we know you have a bank account to pay for his transfer, just get him signed up JP
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18/07/2008 23:53:00

On the other hand, you can hear most other Prem managers taking their own good time to open the purse. Such as Roy "Prawn Sandwich" Keane only today saying "It's early doors yet" (yes, he really did say that ...) with reference to the transfer window. Let's face it, if we fans were controlling our transfer activity we would spend all of Randy's money and more in one huge mega-hit, and buy a load of mercenaries who couldn't give a crap about playing for Aston Villa. Get real guys. I for one hope the club takes a balanced approach and buys players who want to play for Aston Villa FC, have a good team attitude, and are available for the right price. I for one don't want Villa to become the new Chelski, thanks.
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guys, either you have faith or you don't. MON is the best manager we've had for years. Just wait and be patient. It sounds like he's working his **** off to get players in. But its not easy getting players when they are contracted to another club. Just ask the fat spanish waiter. He's not a loser and do you seriously think he'd still be around if Learner wasn't going to back up his promises to support him in the transfer market. I think you should fill up your half empty glasses with beer and be gratefull for what we've got. I bloody well am. Do you remember what it was like 2 years ago?
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19/07/2008 00:01:00

Nice to see some confidence from some Villa fans! M'ON is a clever manager and as frustrating as it is that players havent rolled in for the ITC game, he will deliver come the end of the season! He also said come the Man City game he would want to be in a position to compete...or something like that! I think the reason for the growing frustration is that our expectations have rapidly grown since Lerner and M'ON came in, and rightly so!
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19/07/2008 00:37:00

There also seems to be a lot of negativity regarding the Odense game, well the team which is most likely to start 2moro's game, with the exception of 3 players is similar to last season, and did a fantastic job so why cant they continue that? Likely line up for 2moro - TAYLOR, Gardner, Laursen, Knight, Bouma, ROUTLEDGE, SIDWELL, Reo-Coker, Young, Agobonlahor, Carew. The players in caps are the player who have changed compared to last season, Taylor - there seems to be a fair few who would like to see him given a chance and when called upon last season did well, Sidwell a quality player who the majority of fans were thrilled to have at the club, and Routledge another player still young, with bags of potential and with a bit of confidence flowing could be a massive asset to the team! So if you look at it, a team slightky different to last season but still bags of quality - so why can't they up their game against Odense? The FC Zurich and Lincoln defeat will have no bearings on the performace 2moro. No doubt M'ON will have the lads geared up and raring to get going on the night!
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19/07/2008 00:47:00

What a bunch of pessimisstic whingeing. Two seasons ago we signed hardly anybody and were in despair but managed a respectable 11th despite all the gloom and doom spread by some fans. This time last year the doom merchants were saying "no right back, Harewood, Carew is not good enough, so we are in for a season of struggle". Myself and others such as Glensider, JohH and Hoss tended to look on the positive side. Low and behold Carew was immense, Harewood became something of a cult hero and Mellberg did the job at rightback. And we finished 6th after a season of many highs and a few lows and a shed load of wonderful goals. Chelski, The Barcodes, The Dildo Salesmen. How soon we forget. This season will be much the same probably. Some highs and some lows and no doubt after a run of poor results the doom mongers will be back out in force again. Since the start of the Lerner/M'ON reign, they have come out of the woodwork at the first sign of anything remotely not to their liking, only to slink away again as they are consistently proved wrong. Why not just stay under your rock with your other 'the world is about to end' buddies and do us all a favour. As for Bentley, the bid was put in, the player has informed Villa apparently that he doesn't want to come to Villa as he only fancies a move to London. This may change, who knows? But if the player has intimated he doesn't want to come, why should M'ON persist? It is not a case of giving up. Ever since his arrival, transfers and the surrounding speculation has been handled tremendously with great respect to player and his current club. This is something we should all be proud of. We are moving forward both on and off the pitch. Maybe not to every fans liking or in the way that some believe we should be doing. But the doom and lack of faith spouted by some is embarrasing. The same old people are saying the same old things, depite being proved wrong on all fronts. Put as much energy in to supporting as you do moaning and we will be a stronger club for it.
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19/07/2008 01:04:00

Well said JOHN.CAREWS.CREW I for one am still keeping the faith and expect us to be safely into the UEFA cup come the end of these matches.On the Barry saga I wish he would just **** off I'm sick of him,he has shown no remorse for his stroppy comments in the papers and it would be good to get shot of him if old garlic breath can cough the cash.To tell the truth I'm not sure about Bentley I'd rather see Milner come in and if he was bought along with Miguel we would all be a lot happier.So you see 2 more signings and all would seem pretty rosy in the Villa park garden.
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19/07/2008 01:21:00

I'm GUTTED about this. Bentley is goodenough to comr inside from the wing and start spraying the ball everywhere, some NRC and Petrov can't do. I only hope we sign Downing now...yes Downing...he is very good as his late season form showed and he clearly doesn't want ot be in goofy mullet cuts team regardless of the contract he's signed. H e would balance us out and Ash wouldn't need to keep checking back to deliver a cross. I would like Milner but don't believe there's much between him and a fit Routledge. I am still hopeful of Shorey and Belletti, more Shorey in truth as Belletti'll be off to sunny climates soon. Think we should get Hoyte and Shorey as soon as and relaunch a bid for Bentley too. Time to test Spurs for Bent and Man City for Petrov. He is better than Downing and would give same balance. I'd even take a chance of a double Green and Ferdinand signing now that Green wants out. Ferdinand is a good athelete and is young enough for MON to sort his head out. I trust in MON as always but fear a repeat of the January window. Fingers crossed, he's got us this far. MON is the man.
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19/07/2008 02:02:00

tonybrum & voiceoftheholte - well said. It's about time these whingers took a look at where we are these days as opposed to 2 years back. The fact that we're even bidding for Bentley suggests how far we've come in that time period. I understand the disappointment at not signing - potentially - one of England's best talents, but come on moaners. You've got to have faith in the guy who has taken us from near relegation to 6th in 2 years haven't you? Or would you like to see DOL back at the helm? We could go back to being fizzy pop league candidates, dazzling people with our s**t football along the way. Maybe we'll get Ellis in again as well just for good measure eh? Then he can take down the mosaic at the back of the Holte, rip out the 82 lounge that's just been finished, ditch Bodymoor Heath and get a multigym from Argos, undo the work to the changing rooms that's been done this summer, demand the £2m back from Acorns and get 'flybe' instead, jack in Nike and get Diadora - or KiaOra, and turn the Holte pub back into a s***hole. And don't forget the other little things that we wouldn't have, like free coaches, new club crest, new shirts etc etc. In fact yeah - I'm with you moaning b******s. Please take me back to those glorious days!!!!!!!!!!! MON comes from the Clough mold/regime - as does John Robertson - and, in my opinion, is trying to build a harmonious dressing room/club/team in the image of that Forest side that won 2 European cups which will be no bad thing for anyone who remembers them. My first trip to Villa Park in 1979 saw us get a hammering from them - JR was awesome as well if my memory serves me. It was all about the team with Cloughie, and I suspect it's no different with MON. So something tells me that there is a trait in Bentley's personality that he's not too keen on - we all know he fancies himself as the new Beckham, and so maybe he would upset the apple cart with his attitude. Maybe MON had a few doubts so has chosen not to bid any higher. Who knows? As far as I'm concerned he is the manager, and from what we've seen so far a very good one, and we should support him 100%. It may be that this season we take a step backwards after continuous leaps forward so I'm prepared for that too, but no doubt should that happen then the bad vibe merchants will be peddling their evil moans and groan to anyone who'll listen..............just don't come and sit near me eh? Up The Villa.
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19/07/2008 07:23:00

Football has moved on from Brian Clough,everyone respects MON but the fact remains we are woefully short for todays game and in previous transfer windows his fannying around has cost us,you can`t buy players by locking them in your office anymore.We need to get in the year 2008.
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19/07/2008 07:36:00

So a bid gets rejected and thats that? No wonder we aren't fecking signing anyone! Try going back in with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th bid you muppet!
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 08:17:00

voice, you answer to everyones opinion other than your own is put your energy into supporting the club. What do you think all the fans are doing? As for better than 2 years ago, we are too right, but the first year under the much hated DOL we also finished 6th. We finished 6th under JG and into Europe with BL and we could go further. We need a squad, that isn't whinging and if we have to pay over the odds then so be it surely? Clough has nothing to do with the modern day game, he was a legend but they don't come along very often. Not that I'm panicking blind belief and optimism says we'll get players in, but I can understand the growing frustrations. Ok it was 6th last season which with the numbers we had was bloody brilliant, but imagine if we'd bought to the tune of the deep pockets of our owner last summer and in January? Hmmmm.
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 09:28:00

good post evoflash, I do honestly think you are wrong for one main reason, if Randy wasn't supplying the funds, MON would be the first to say he hasn't the budget without selling as it is MON's reputation on the line. HE has said quite the opposite, the money is there.
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 09:30:00

deanovilla, I personally feel MON didn't like Bentleys attitude thats why there is to be no more bids, Bentley is a very good player but players who will add to the teams morale as well as the quality are important to MON and I agree with that.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 09:57:00

just because MON has said he's not interested anymore doesn't mean he's not. I wouldn't at all be surprised if we put another bid in later, as dealings in the transfer window progress. Blackburn are not a rich club. They don't have a billionaire behind them and he'll need be sold this season to cash in on their asset as he's in the last year of his contract. I think we've got no chance of getting Downing can't see him being allowed to leave, a fair chance of getting SWP but I still wouldn't write off Bentley. Maybe MON has written off Bentley, but then again maybe he hasn't and he's just playing the transfer window game. How can you tell what he's thinking? I can't, but it doesn't worry me.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 10:48:00

Well said Fear. Personally, the last 2/3 years has been like a dream. Martin O'Neill and Randy Lerner!!! It just seemed like things couldn't get any better. The sky is the limit. Then the harsh light of reality dawned on me that maybe all of this really IS too good to be true. I still have a massive amount of belief that these two guys will take us where we should be, but after so many years of hurt, so many years of being NEARLY great and ALMOST brilliant, in the back of my mind it feels like it's happening all over again. Yes some of us whinge more than others, but that's because we've seen this before. Nevertheless, i'm Villa til I die and I will back Martin and Randy all the way, but I won't throw caution to the wind. If I complain about the lack of recruitment, it's only because I care. Up the Villa!
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19/07/2008 10:53:00

Sidwell is this years Reo-Coker, now i'm just waiting for the Salifou. And expect that to be as much business as we do. Same old, same old.
Mister Mick
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 10:54:00

Very disappointed about the David Bentley affair. If the player himself has specifically ruled out a move to B6, then there's little we can do I guess, except move on, withdraw gracefully, and look elsewhere, but if we have just refused to up our bid after the initial rejection, then I really do question where we're heading. Why we are so consistently lethargic every time a transfer window comes around is beyond me.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 11:01:00

Bentley - we bid for him, substantially more than Spurs according to the General and the player didn't want to come so MON has moved on. At the end of the day you can't force a player to sign for you if he doesn't want to and if he would rather be somewhere else then thank you and good luck. The point is though, we DID bid so obviously the money is there. Also Bentley is one player, he isn't a right back, a goalkeeper, a centre half, a back up left back or a striker. We need cover/first choice in all of these positions and if the reports are correct, by this time next week we shall have two new 'keepers at the very least. Things are going on, moves are being made and things will work out. By the way, we have Routledge for wide right and I am old enough to remember a young right winger for Crystal Palace tearing us apart a couple of years back. I have a sneaking feeling that he may surprise a few this season. Also Ash can switch to wide right if required with Maloney on the left. So it's not as if that position is the most pressing of our needs at the moment although Bentley would have been welcome all the same. The right back situation is dire and I must admit that I can't believe that two years down the line we are still without one but MON has proved to be single minded in his pursuit of who he considers to be the right players so I am hopeful he will get the quality he is after. All in all I don't think there is any need to panic just yet, we have a decent enough side to put out and do a job against Odense, players are coming in (slowly!!!) and we are still a club very much on the up!!!!!!
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 11:09:00

Too expensive, bad attitude, whatever. It doesn't matter waht reason we've given up on Bentley for, I just think its nice to be told we're no longer chasing him. I for one am fed up of rumours that come in and just linger like a bad fart, refusing to go away, then nothing comes of it anyway. Speculation is all good - it gives us hope, but when it just carries on and on and you can't look at anything Villa related without seeing it (i.e the Barry *****uation albeit its a transfer in the wrong direction), it really starts to pi$$ me off. So thanks Mr O'Neill, my patience is wearing thin as I'm desperate to see new blood, but it's nice to have have something cleared up. As for other gossip...I'd absolutely love to see him back at the Villa, but the Milner links have dried up completely. Theres been nothing linking us to SWP in a long time and hes always reiterated how happy he is to warm Chelsea's bench, and I honestly don't know what to think of Downing. I can't deny he's a decent player, but Ash prefers playing on the left, and whenever I've seen him switch to the right during a game I'm of the opinion that he seems to fade...Up the Villa :)
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 11:12:00

No sign of Eircol anywhere i see. Once again exposed as being full of s**t. excellent
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 13:30:00

The problem the whingers have, is that they can't accept players do not want to join us. It's happened on numerous occasions over the last few seasons. Defoe and a string of players who've joined Everton, Newcastle and Spurs. Just ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON, SOME PLAYERS DON'T WANT TO JOIN US. It's the same with Barry.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 13:32:00

It appears that everyone is assuming that Bentley didn't want to join us. MON doesn't say that. He DOES say our bid was rejected and we move on. Now, maybe he doesn't want to admit Bentley doesn't want to join us or we're not prepared to bid more I don't know but the quote does NOT say Bentley rejected us.
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 14:30:00

Report Abuse
19/07/2008 15:44:00

Defoe wasn't bid for, so not right to say he didn't want to come.
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:27:00

MON probably chatted with Bentley and realised that he has no ambition what so ever. Joining the Spuds suggests to me that he wants a celebrity lifesyle and loads more cash which he could probably invest in extending his rooms in his home to accomodate his Head!!!!
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 16:31:00

Aspinall & The Fear: Obviously Cloughie has nothing to do with the modern day game - he's dead for a start! God rest his soul. But what I was getting at was the fact that Clough wouldn't tolerate 'superstar' behaviour from his players - anyone who upset the apple cart would not be tolerated and the team came first before any individual. MON is cut from that same managerial cloth having played under him for all those years. It didn't do Forest any harm did it? And I don't think it will do us any either. Maybe that's why the Bentley bid is over.
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 14:00:00

Yes, take your point dryden, especially the part about being dead! lol. Just think, for those that want to break the top four, you have to put up with or have and deal with superstar behaviour. It is the nature of the beast, that was my point that the Cloughie era is over, he'd have ended up breaking the necks of the spoilt players or their agents!!
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 16:21:00

Yeah I suppose you're right Mr Fear. Maybe we DO need our own big-headed, self-centered, arrogant, obnoxious, flash, bigger-than-the-club superstar footballer to break the top four. Maybe our players are just too.....'nice'. What is MON doing? SORT IT OUT!! GO GET BENTLEY!!!;-)
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 16:47:00

lol, you've put me off my own argument now! Not all stars are gits though, Zola for example was a true gentleman and a great great man.
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 19:20:00

Terrible dress sense though by all accounts.
Report Abuse
20/07/2008 19:52:00

i really have NO CLUE wtf is going on? Why are hving one bid rejected and then giving up?? Are we not a club with ambition?? Do we not want the best players at VP??? Do we make our first bid the highest we are prepared to go?? WTF?? I am a big fan of MON, but I am sorely sorely disappointed and feeling very disillusioned right now.
Report Abuse
21/07/2008 09:20:00


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