Aston Villa - Majority Would Welcome Barry Back
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Majority Would Welcome Barry Back

Looks like the majority of Villa fans are a forgiving lot according to our poll results!

We asked, in a poll suggested by johnmurphy3112,

Should Gareth Barry not move away from Villa, would you accept him back?

59% voted: Yes, he is quality and will still do a good job.

Another 8% would take him back as the captain and 1% said keep him until January and then sell.

That left 4% unsure and a not inconsiderable 28% who voted 'No, he has burnt his bridges'.

Our latest poll, suggested by los_angeles_villan asks for your predictions for this weekends Odense game.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 17 2008

Time: 1:33PM

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I hope Barry reads this, it shows that the majority of us would have him back, this may help he decide whether to come and publicly apologise or keep listening to his agent and demand he allowed to leave. Still hasnt handed in the transfer request, suggests he isnt all that desperate to leave.
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17/07/2008 13:41:00

Agree Y-J, shows the faith the fans have in him, whether he has been badly advised agent wise or not. He has a role at THIS club.
The Fear
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17/07/2008 13:42:00

pressed submit too quickly, meant to say he has a role at this club and should feel proud of that fact.
The Fear
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17/07/2008 13:42:00

Makes you wonder if he does know what fans think, Im sure those who dont want him back will one way or another let barry know about it. I hope he stays and we can carry on signing the sort of quality were after like bentley , looks like liverscum have screwed barry over tho
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17/07/2008 13:49:00

Barry knows that, he knows he can still be a big part of the team, all this rubbish that Barry is desperate to leave is a load of toss, how can he suddenly go from being our proud captain to being desperate to leave? The papers have got a few on here believing he will go, and perhaps he will. But so far he hasnt left, and unless he does he will still be at Villa next season, and if MON is stupid enough to allow our best player rot in the reserves, then we will have no chance of convincing him to stay even if we do make 4th. Barry is not as unhappy at Villa as most would lead us to believe, how can he be? He has been so important to the club for such a long time, he may want to leave, but I still think he would be happy to stay if the deal dont go through. Barry is a professional and one silly interview in a red top will never change that. Barry 4 Villa.
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17/07/2008 13:50:00

Only the word 'welcome' give me pause for thought. Most fans are pragmatists and would certainly 'accept' Barry back, with reservations as to his attitude and willingness to 'die for the shirt'. The 'welcome' might take a little longer ...
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17/07/2008 13:56:00

Hmm. You certainly know how to stick to your guns, YJ. Personally, I believe Barry's head was turned and the only thing that is stopping him from proving you wrong is LFC's inability or unwillingness to scrape the cash together. Had they done so, Gareth Barry would have been up the M6 like a shot, believe me.
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17/07/2008 13:59:00

he acted like a tw4t but like Dwain Chambers, we'd all like to see him at the Olympics. I wouldnt care if we signed Bellamy who I personally hate as long as he guaranteed us 20 goals a season!
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17/07/2008 14:01:00

While I partly agree with what you say YJ, No one at VP held Barry's arm up his back while he wrote his press release. So if he does stay he will have to apologise to the club and the fans if he wants to be accepted back into the fold. Like I said in a prvious post, loyalty only exists while you remain loyal. I liken Barry's situation to a married man/woman having a breif fling, while it can be forgiven because of loyalty, it also needs to punished, explained and forgiven which could take a while! Barry must take some reponsibility for this fiasco!
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17/07/2008 14:03:00

If we have to keep him i will not boo him but no more "barry for England" from me.
chris the villan
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17/07/2008 14:08:00

I agree Gappy, no loyalty shown by Barry on this one, he is going to lose the captaincy if he stays and will need to do some apologising to win most of the fans back round. Bob The Builder I have no doubt that he would have joined Liverpool had/if the bid comes in, but i dont think he is desperate to go, desperate to means you will do anything, that would include handed in the request through sheer desperation. Transfer Requests have a habit of speeding the process up abit. I think Barry is interested but dont think he will be too upset if has to play for a team in the UEFA Cup where he has been a big star for 10 years. As for the interview to the paper, i have a feeling that may have been down in some part to advice from his agent, who unlike Barry has no reason to be loyal to Villa.
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17/07/2008 14:22:00

I think you guys have a very chilled out take on this, personally I feel that he has been completely and utterly unprofessional in how he chose to TRY and leave Villa. He shouldn't be captain, should be forced to train with the reserves for now and depending upon the personnel brought in I would even stick him in the reserves. i hope MON does not take him back with open arms as its under MON that he's got praised and got back into the England fold, but whilst we can not get MON to sign new players he will have a job at LB bouma at CB until Davies is back, I would keep Petrov, NRC and Sidwell in the middle of the park, 1 up and gabby with ashley either side of carew
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17/07/2008 14:32:00

Again YJ I partly agree with what you say. The question that I feel will never be answered. Is why has he not requested a transfer? Is it because he is not that desperate to leave. Or is it because he would loose to much money? That is the question that has puzzled me for a while. The answer would explain everything, it would enable the Villa faithful to accept him or not. Is Barry a mersonary???
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17/07/2008 14:40:00

Ronaldo and Barry are going to go on strike in order to win collective rights for all football slaves. He's going to chain himself to the Prada shop in Bond Street.
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17/07/2008 14:40:00

They all are mercenaries, Laursen and Carew the two big favourites would drop us like a sack of potatoes if Man Utd or Chelsea wanted them, difference is i reckon they would handle it better, which has been Barry's mistake with this saga IMO. As for Shady's idea of playing Bouma at centre back, come on mate, seriously? Cant see him playing there, unless we get real desperate.
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17/07/2008 15:20:00

I'm leaving this up to MON. Personally if I was MON I'd think **** him (actually I do think **** him) If MON don't want him then tough titties, Barry gets what he deserves.
Mister Mick
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17/07/2008 16:07:00

WHAT!!!! An article on Gareth Barry and JohnDoe hasn't quoted some random, incorrect, biased, untrue article from the Liverpool Echo yet!!!! TUBE
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17/07/2008 18:00:00

If he stays at Villa, so long as he knuckle's down and put as much effort into his performances as he has done for the last two years I will be happy!
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17/07/2008 18:05:00

I think Barry is a very good player, but i get ragged up when they try it on at the expence of the club there at. He has insulted everyone at the club and the fans in particular. He has dissapointed himself and others and i don't believe that his reception back at VP would as rapturous as many might think. I say lets move on and draw a line in the sand. See you Gareth, good luck and good riddance!!!!!!
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17/07/2008 18:36:00

Barry will need to apologize to the rest of the team as well as the fans. Its not exactly a vote of confindence in your teammates when you say you have to leave to achieve anything (especially in light of our progress in the last 2 seasons). Still, ostracizing him into oblivion would only compound the damage already done. I'm rightly *****ed with him, but, if he plays his cards right with AVFC and its fans and keeps playing good football I'm sure I'll get over his indescretions. If he doesn't, loan him to the scum!
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17/07/2008 21:21:00

I hope he stays, but I dont for one minute think he will. He'll be gone by September 1st. If, and its a big if, he stays, commits to the claret and blue cause, makes up with MON, then yes, I'd welcome him back into the fold with open arms. We'd be a much better team with Gareth in there, but there's so much water passed under the bridge now, I'm not sure things will ever be the same.
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17/07/2008 22:06:00

No captaincy role though. That's gone. But I suppose everyone would agree with that?
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17/07/2008 22:07:00

young_jonah, you seem to have convinced yourself that this press release was all the work of his agent. Gareth Barry is 27, he is an adult. He is responsible for his own actions and was perfectly aware of the content of the statement before HE released it to NOTW. He knew exactly what he was doing and anyone who believes otherwise is being incredibly naive. He tried to manipulate a move from the club, showing complete disrespect for the fans, the manager and Aston Villa. For me, he would have to play his heart out for an ENTIRE season on the same money and no captaincy before I even contemplate chanting his name again. He has to earn back some respect and learn that he is expendable, not the saviour of the club. For that reason, I hope his behaviour has at absolute least cost him his England place, if temporarilary.
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18/07/2008 08:59:00

as they say, a weeks a long time in football, if he scores the winner against man city on the opening day of the season then he'll be 75% back in favour. football fans hold a grudge against other teams for longer than they hold one against their own.
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18/07/2008 10:41:00

Are you saying we're fickle bobbyfett?
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18/07/2008 20:29:00


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