Aston Villa - David Bentley? Yes please!
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David Bentley? Yes please!

Following the confirmation of an offer being made to Blackburn for David Bentley I have asked Walker, probably best know to people as Hughes Da Man, from Vital Blackburn to do an interview, so ... well here it is!

1) So Paul Ince has confirmed that Villa have bid for Bentley, what do you make of the bid, surprised?

Obviously it's not acceptable or we would have accept it, but as much as I'm not surprised an offer has been made for Bentley I must admit that I am surprised the rumours of a bid being lodged turned out to be from Villa and not Tottenham, as he has been so strongly linked with Spurs in recent days. Most of the Spurs fans (and maybe myself included!) thought it was a done deal!!!

2) Do you think, as Blackburn have turned down the bid, that a price will be eventually agreed?

With all the speculation about clubs being interested and offering this and that for him, not to mention the fact that he has most importantly said he wants to go if an acceptable bid is lodged he will go, if not he'll stay at Ewood Park and carry on performing as he has, it's that simple really.

3) Will you be sorry to see him go?

Of course I will be, that is if (and I expect he will) he even goes before the end of August? ANY Rovers fan that told you differently would be a liar, as how could you not be sorry to see a player of his quality leave your club?!?! Much like your situation with Gareth Barry, we might be glad if/when it's sorted and he has finally gone so we can concentrate on other matters but we'll be gutted to see him go. No matter what people think of him (and Barry) we would all be thinking along the same lines with our thoughts about missing players of such quality and importance!

4) Before his comments on wanting to leave, what was your opinion of him?

They are the same as they are now, he's a superb footballer who has the ability to become one of England's finest in his position. He is the closest thing to David Beckham that this country has, and maybe will produce, and we all know that Beckham in his prime (and to be fair to a degree now) was as good as anyone. I wish he wouldn't talk to the press so much as he leaves himself open to attack, and adds to his "arrogant" tag that he has, which he isn't he's just extremely confident in his own ability and talent, and why not!!!

5) What sort of player would Villa be getting, just how good is he?

I've already mentioned similarities to Beckham, and you would be getting a player that could one day be as good as him as he is still developing as a player. His delivery is superb and you'll not find better in this country or throughout Europe. If he had extra pace then he would be in that undoubted "World Class" bracket, and wouldn't be at Ewood let alone be in Villa's thoughts, as he would still be with Arsenal if not playing abroad at a top European club.

6) Are his hair changes where the similarity with David Beckham end?!

I think I've likened him to Beckham enough, but again his delivery is the best this country has seen since Beckham. I don't think that it's overly fair to compare him to Beckham (even though I do!) but the similarities are there and quite plain to see so it's hard not to!

With thanks to Walker from Vital Blackburn.

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The Journalist

Writer: JP Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 15 2008

Time: 11:29AM

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Come on then lests get him signed up before Spurs offer silly money!
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15/07/2008 11:34:00

would be great if it happend, similar to that other chao who can ping a mean ball in, enter one mr ashley young! with those two on our flanks it could be interesting.
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15/07/2008 11:35:00

He obviously rates Bentley. He does sound like he's in love with David Beckham though. Watch out posh!
The Usual Suspect
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15/07/2008 11:35:00

I hope we're putting another bid in fast. Catch Spurs off guard.
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15/07/2008 11:40:00

I am almost sure that 17 million would land him for Villa, and we NEED to be signing players of his calibre!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:43:00

Well that's it then. 17,000,000 by this afternoon please Mr. Lerner:)
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:50:00

It's the personal terms where this is troublesome.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:51:00

they will except 18million for him but spurs will offer more so they get there man
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:51:00

I read on the Blackburn page that although Spurs can offer players like Lennon, Rovers will still have to pay a percentage of the players worth and cash to Arsenal. So in reality Rovers will end up with less cash than if they accept a pure cash deal of ourselves...Hope I havent confused you all with my mumblings lol
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:54:00

They've offered Robinson and Ince (not surprisingly doesn't want him. It's the same as the Liverpool scenario, they are not going to offer dcent players part ex
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:57:00

Randy's not scared of a bidding war. I recall him saying that he spent $150M on a new quarter-back for the Cleveland Browns and that the same money would be available for the Villa. I'd be willing to go as far as 20M for Bentley and give him 50-55k a week?
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:57:00

go to 20 mil if we have to.after all we want 18 for barry.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:10:00

Get him in before the home intertoto, then I can see him on his debut! Thats right I've got my ticket, can't wait to see european football at villa park! I was too young last time!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:14:00

make the most of it farmer dan
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:19:00

Tarzan is right the personal terms is where it will be won or lost, I thoroughly believe he would prefer to live in London than in Birmingham and as he is a spurs fan he will just be waiting for them to come in for him...I hope I am wrong though!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:23:00

He played for Arsenal. How do we know he's a Spurs fan?
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:29:00

I thought it was widely known, all my circle of friends beliave he is and a few are Rovers fans...lets hope I'm wrong then.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:35:00

He isn't s Spurs fan, whoever has made this up needs to check their facts
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:36:00

Spurs haven't got any money til they sell some players, so if we make a proper bid and land him quickly, then Spurs are not even in the picture!!!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:47:00

Good comments from my boss there. There is no way we would want Robinson when we have Friedel. And mark my words, Friedel will stay. Bentley should be transferred, I like him but if he wants to go that badly then let him leave for the right price. 17 million the board want.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:49:00

It was a rumour started by a spurs fan. Hey did you know Thierry Henry is a Villa fan?
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:50:00

ok I maybe wrong buts its just what I have heard, I dont think its crazy to suggest a boy from London supports a London team. Agbonlahor and Knight are Villa fans arent they or was that just made up by one of us?!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:07:00

we aint got no money u havin a laugh we spend it like its goin out of fashion
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:35:00

He isn't from London, he is from Peterborough
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:36:00

Superyids is right, they have loads of cash. I think they prefer the international bigger names though (better value with their manager)
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:50:00

do whatever get it done MON and Randy!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 14:23:00

I've heard from various places that spurs currently need to sell before they buy again - there again, we all know not to believe everything we read! lol Come on MON, bid again and land Bentley, he'll be worth every penny of 17 or 18 million!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 15:12:00

MickeyGamst obviously doesn't rate the rumours about us signing Friedel then! None of us can be sure what is really bid and for whom, but we obviously HAVE made a bid for Bentley, and I'm sure Spurs want him too. Most people would assume that Spurs will be his prefered choice, BUT unless I'm wrong didn't most people assume the same about Ashley Young and Curtis Davies? Oh by the way Mickey, I would like Brad Friedel as well please. He is quality.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 17:02:00

it'll be interesting to hear MON talk after lincoln match tonight,surely he will be asked about bentley after the match on SSN.
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 17:42:00

I haven't forgot Bentley And Gabby's England fiasco (unforgivable in my eyes!)........I think Bentley is overated and would more than likely upset what is a strong unit........Barry aside. Barry to Arsenal for 14.5Million with Hoyte signing the dotted line at VP.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 18:44:00

agreed bellywipes, Bentley is overrated and would be off again once he has ponced about in a Villa shirt for a season trying hollywood passes all blinged up. If we got him it would be good for the local fake tan and perm salesmen though.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 20:32:00

If we buy Freidal does that mean spuds have more chance of getting Bentley because they can offer Robinson in part ex? You have to be a whizz at chess these days to predict the transfer market.
Mister Mick
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 22:26:00

Ye, what about selling Barry to Arse and saying give us 12 mill and let Blackburn off the 40% for the Bentley sale? Could work. Someone call Randy
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 10:07:00

Now it's just getting complicated. And don't be silly Tez86, people from London support Manure.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 11:45:00

krfeskivilla, spurs wouldn't pay the fee wanted for Young so he never picked villa above us and we never bid for Davies. Of course Young is an absolute snip nowadays so he is a big (not in size!! lol) player that we missed out on and is easily worth 15 million now. As for having to sell before we buy, spurs have plenty of money to spend set aside so have no need to sell. If we want to sell some players we have some fringe ones we could get rid of but dont believe that we need to sell anyone as we are in the top 20 richest clubs in europe for a reason
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 13:49:00

True but do you think Young would have developed so much and so quickly if he was playing under either jol or oneday? I don't think he's fat enough or spanish enough to fit in with those guys.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 14:55:00

If I was spurs fan I'd be more concerned about selling my best player to man United, there's now way they can replace him. Barry can be replaced in my opinion.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 15:46:00

If Robbie Keane goes aswell, does this mean that Spuz are now a selling club after years of buying everyone that came on the market????
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 16:42:00

No ones buying at the moment
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 17:00:00

I'd love to see him at Villa Park, but to land him we're going to have to stump up big money to complete the transfer, plus pay him big bucks in salary. We have to do both of these things if we truly want to compete with the big boys.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 18:31:00

I cant blame Ince for not wanting Robinson from Spurs in part-exchange, but surely a straight cash deal would land him. Clearly we haven't offered enough, while Spurs obviously haven't so much as made a definite move yet. Sell Berbatov to Manchester United though, and Spurs will have cash to burn.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 18:34:00

If bazza makes an apology we could have a midfield of young / barry / sidwell (or Reo) / bentley. Sounds good to me.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 21:34:00

PTP, i think Ramos is a great coach and Young would have developed well under him. Of course it is all speculation as it never happended. As for Young not being spanish enough i think you have misunderstood the nationality of spurs signings. Not one of them is spanish
Report Abuse
17/07/2008 14:25:00

tarzan and Villian444, Berba is a class player but he has lots of negatives that go with him. I certainly wouldn't say he was our best player. That tag i leave for King (regardless of how injury prone he has been for 2 years). When Berba is sold he will be sold on our terms just as Barry will be sold on your terms as Berba has 4 years on his contract and we dont need money as we are in the top 20 richest teams in europe. If both Keane and Berba go it certainly doesn't make us a selling club, it just means the deal was right for us and we would have about 50 million from them both and Bent would get a chance to shine. I fully expect Berba to go but Keane to stay.
Report Abuse
17/07/2008 14:29:00


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